If I run as a Republican in the next big election ….

I have heard enough about the need for voters to present valid forms of personal identification before casting their ballots so maybe I will run for office as a Republican and push for a law that would require all the following forms of identification before anyone is ever allowed to cast a ballot in American elections:  (Note:  The applicant for the ballot needs to present each and everyone of the following.  If one single item is missing then the ballot will not be allowed.):

1.  Valid birth certificate.

2.  Certificate of authenticity of the birth certificate witnessed by at least three separate individuals — (A) Notary Public, (B) Practicing Attorney, (C) Local Police Chief or other elected official.

3.  Certificate verifying the authenticity of the Certificate in item 2 above — signed by at least three seperate individuals — (A) A District Court Judge, (B) Auditor of a state or county and (C) verified physician who has attended the applicant,.

4.  Valid Driver License

5.  Certificate of authenticity that the driver license is real.

6.  Lie detector test administered by legally appointed or elected authority.

7.  Back up lie detector test with which to compare the results of the first.

8.  DNA test.

9.  Authenticated passport

10.  Utility Bill in the name of the applicant

11.  Statement from Landlord or real estate agent.

12.  High school diploma or college degree.

13.  Fingerprint test

14.  Valid credit card

15.  Current bank statement

16.  sworn statement of identity by three neighbors

17.  sworn statement of identity by three relatives

18.  Military or school ID card

Now it shouldn’t be difficult for an authentic citizen to produce all these documents and it shouldn’t be a hassle to ask the prospective voter for all these items because there are plenty of things other than voting the person would need these items for.

An authentic real citizen should be more than happy to comply with a request to protect the sanctity of the vote by producing these 18 documents before being allowed to vote.

Yes …. when I become a Right Winger and get elected to a high office I promise I will work very hard to get these 18 items above required before anybody …… no matter who they might be or who they might pretend to be ….casts any vote in any American election!






“I have been to the deserts …… I have been to the valleys ……. I have been to the mountaintops …… and one of the most obvious things about most of the Radical Right Wingers that I have noticed in all my extensive travels is that they … (The Right Wingers) …. don’t ‘grow’  on trees ….. but there sure as Hell are enough of them that ‘swing’ on trees.”
(The Outrageous Liberal Pundit)

Friday morning, October 31, 2014

The morning has been fraught with anxiety and tension but I think I am going to survive.

The Broadband company that provides me with the power for “American Liberal Times” got a notice from their “Upline” provider yesterday that the upline provider was cancelling all their service commitments as well as all accounts like mine ….. and so now I am awaiting activation of a new account with a different broadband biggie …. and I am not sure how much time that will take. ….. So, in the intervening time, I have taken on the services of yet another wireless provider to fill the gaps in time between activations ….. so this new provider I am using right now is temporary but it seems to be getting the job done although it is vastly more expensive to maintain.

It is getting continuously more difficult for American users of wireless broadband to find dependable service at an affordable price.  I understand it is not impossible for an individual Internet user to end up paying $300 or more per month just for wireless broadband access ….. and I also understand the same level of access in countries such as some of the Asian countries runs somewhere in the neighborhood of $35.00 total.

I dare say cable might be a workable alternative but then cable companies tend to have their own problems, don’t they?  I do not sit in some employer’s office somewhere where it is easy to steal Internet time while on the virtual time clock …… like some that I have heard of …… and I have to shell out for every second of computer time I use ….. and as time goes on the bite seems to be getting heftier. …… I am just glad that I have the resources to go ahead …… and there is no question I have the resources …… the real question is, “Do I have the will?”

I love blogging because of all the wonderful friends I have made while doing it ….. but if push comes to shove ….. I would probably not hesitate to take all this super-expensive electronic crap and hire a bulldozer to shove it into a hole somewhere. …… I know some snot sniffers on the intellectually bereft radical right who would virtually soil their diapers ….. and inhale deeply ……  if I were to do something like that …… but right now I don’t want to give them the satisfaction.

My cook is preparing baked chicken for lunch ….. I am looking forward to that.

This morning was spent hassling about the Internet Service and taking a few minutes to drive to a distant shopping mall to get my glasses adjusted.

So that is what is happening right now ….. If anything I think is interesting happens later on in the day I will report about it here.

In the meantime let me leave you all with a thought ……. I am sure some of you have thought of it before …… The thought is this:  “If a Radical Right Winger’s lips are moving you can be sure he or she …. as the case may be …. and maybe it would be a combination of the two …. Life is strange sometimes …..If their lips are moving you can probably be very safe in assuming they are ….. Lying their a**es off about one thing or another.


Gasoline prices have fallen dramatically under Obama’s administration!

Outrageous Liberal Pundit

Outrageous Liberal Pundit

My Political Opinions
by John Liming
The Outrageous Liberal Pundit

While I am waiting for the electronic ax to fall and cause “American Liberal Times” to go dark for a few days ……. while I negotiate for a new Internet Provider ……. I want to remind people of how paranoid the Obama-Hating Radicals on the American Right Wing have been about gasoline prices …… at the pump ….. and how they have twisted every available noun, verb and adjective in the English Language to try to make it look like The President ……. (Obama) ……. has been personally responsible for what appears to have been never-ending escalations in the price of gasoline at America’s gas stations.

Yes …… blaming Obama for escalating gasoline prices has been a favorite pastime of a lot of rightscum over the past few years …… but there is something a lot of them are missing ….. forgetting …… or simply refusing to admit.  And what would that little detail be?

It would be this little detail:  “By July 7, 2008 the price of a gallon of gasoline had risen to $4.11 in some areas of the country …… (“It’s all Obama’s doing,” the righties squawked) ……but today, Friday, October 31, 2014 the average price of a gallon of gas at various stations in Dayton, Ohio is …… $2.74! ……. That would be Two Dollars and Seventy-Four Cents for the righties who can’t read numbers.

As a little aside for the education of those who don’t know or those who don’t remember or those who don’t understand …..or those who would rather forget ….. Talking about Right Wingnuts here folks …… . When gas prices had hit that high of $4.11 it was still another 6 months until Obama would be sworn in to become President. ……. So if gas prices hit the high of $4.11 six months before Obama became President, guess who the President was when gas hit its high price of $4.11?  Hmmmmm? ……. Could it have been somebody from the Right Wing? ……. President George W. Bush perhaps?

Geeze ….. I guess we can’t blame Obama for the high price of gas ($4.11 on July 7, 2008) because he wasn’t even president yet! ….. Wow!

So what I am waiting for now is to see some Rightscum come onto the Internet and give President Obama a little credit for the …. “Falling” gasoline prices.

How long do you expect we might have to hold our breath before that happens?

I do not expect any stubborn Rightscum to come on and give President Obama any credit for falling gas prices …… but I do expect one or two …… (maybe more) …… of them to come one and tell us all what a dumb-assed pile of Liberal ass I am!  ……. Yes I expect something like that because I have discovered that when one or more of their fantasies is exposed as a lie …. or as a twist of truth …. or as a fabrication ….. or as a convenient ignoring of reality ….. they are often more than pleased to rail at me with the most vicious and demeaning verbage they can muster from their limited intellectual resources.

Oh well …. what the Hell?

They are never going to change, are they?

Added Note:  This has nothing to do with the post I just wrote but I would like to remind my friends that “American Liberal Times” might go off the air without warning …. because there is some problem being worked out with an Internet Provider ……but I expect that difficulty to be resolved in fairly short order …. a few days at most …..We have gone through this before and I am sure we will go through it again in the future ….So if it happens, please keep your bookmarks active because I am sure we will be back up and running in very short order and in the meantime, thank you all for your patience and forebearance.

Posted by John at 7:33 AM on 10/31/2014



It seems the major Internet Provider who has been supplying the company from which I have been purchasing the wireless internet service needed to bring you “American Liberal Times” has suddenly cancelled all their contracts …… with only a one-day notice ……

At the present time I am in the process of negotiating a new service with another IP so in the meantime there may be gaps in bringing you American Liberal Times ….. or there may be a period when I will be unable to bring it to you at all …. but I am sure the situation is temporary and will be resolved before too much longer.

I can fill in the gaps with one of those smaller wireless cards if I can find one that is still offering wireless to their customers …. a couple of these have folded their internet offerings recently but I am sure there is still one or two out there that I might be able to hook up with.

I have been informed that my original supplier is shipping me some new equipment to re-start the blog and I expect to receive that in about a week or so …. maybe less if I get lucky.

In the meantime I am terribly sorry for the temporary darkness on “American Liberal Times” but I feel confident we will come roaring back in just a little while now and I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter that is completely beyond my control.

Thanks again,

Your friend,



If you read nothing else today . . .



Dear Friends:

If you read nothing else on the Internet or anywhere else today please take a moment of your time and read this:


What is at stake in this mid-term election is just about everything we all hold dear and if ever there was a reason to get out and vote in the mid-terms this year …… just a few short days from now …..there never was one!

Please!  If you love your country ….. if your love your family ….. If you love Freedom ….. please read the article I have referenced here.

Respectfully your friend,

The Outrageous Liberal Pundit

Things the Right Wing will never understand until they become desperate for help with something!

quote-this-is-democratic-bedrock-we-don-t-let-people-lie-in-the-ditch-and-drive-past-and-pretend-not-to-garrison-keillor-345683And you can take this to the bank, folks …… If a Rightie finds himself or herself in need of something you can bet your sacred rear end they will forsake all their self-reliance bullcrap in the blink of an eye and run …… as fast as their legs can take them …… their hands outstretched ……. to receive the very government benefits they may have spent many years complaining about and arguing against …… and when they run to receive their share you can bet your bottom dollar they will probably shove as many other people out of their way as possible so they can be first in line …… because I think they believe with all their heartlessness and mindlessness …… (It is the “Christian” thing to do)!

So then ……. what is a true Patriot?

A true Patriot is one who is always ready to defend his or her country and its government against any mis-guided idiot(s) who may have designs on overthrowing it …… And I have to say that in my opinion …….this also includes many of the radical right wingers who seem to hate and detest our government so much and who constantly prattle and rattle about how they hate it and some of which have even suggested we need to completely replace our system of government with something else …… and there has been more than plenty of that kind of talk in the last few years.

What is a “True American?”

A True American is one who is a true patriot and who takes to heart the words contained in the quote by Mr. Keillor above ……. words I expect go completely over the heads of most Right Wing Wingnuts in America today.