When the “Golden” years turn to brass and shove Life up your —

The one thing I detest is when people try to assure me that I am now living in the “Golden” years of my life.

I can assure you that life after 70 is more brass or rust than it is gold but the challenge becomes trying to make the most of whatever time you have left.

I get up in the mornings and I remember the days —- a lot of years ago —- when I would bitch and gripe at my kids because they would play in the grass on our front lawn and leave tracks and make bare patches.

Now sometimes I go to the window and look out that same lawn —- with a tear in my eye—- and wish I could see my kids playing out there one more time.

Oh I have been blessed physically and mentally —- although there are a lot of people who would argue about “Mentally.” At 77 I can still get on a hybrid 24-speed bicycle and ride 12 miles on warm mornings without suffering total respiratory failure or cardiac arrest. I think that is a plus.

At this advanced age I still have occasional sexy dream and I wake up in the middle of the night with a woody and I pray to God, “Oh God, please do not let this horrible state of affairs sap all my strength and leave me here dead in this bed for somebody to discover in the morning —- or a month from now.”

I guess that is too much information for the faint of heart so I will get off the subject because in all reality there is nothing I find more disgusting on the face of God’s Green Earth than a discussion of geriatric libido.

Most of my so-called “Friends” are either dead now or in nursing homes or are so bent and old and gray they can barely remember who they are. These are the very same assholes who used to chide me because I spent so much time on exercise, gym memberships, proper diet and vitamins and minerals … wheat germ oil … and all the other health food shit they used to say to me, “Why do you want to waste your money and time on all that stuff for?”

Today when I see one of those kinds of folks hobbling along on their walkers or their canes I am tempted to say, “Now you know why I spent all that money and time on those health supplements and that exercise and those gyms. I did it so that now when I am 77 years old I can still run circles around you. Note that I said “I am tempted to say these things” —- but I feel such pity for such under-informed fools that I am at a loss to explain and I am just happy that I have been so blessed. (Cross your fingers because it could all change on a dime tomorrow — or even in the next minute.).

When I was 25-years-old I was climbing a road up the side of a mountain in the State of Washington and the day was clear as a bell and it was mid-summer and the mountain air was so invigorating and I felt so young and so alive that I looked into the heavens and proclaimed aloud, “I could live to be 300-years-old if I willed to do it.”

Within just a few minutes from that victory cry I had been bitten by a strange dog and started 8 weeks of therapy — taking a very painful shot in the stomach every morning for weeks on end — to prevent (To try to prevent) getting a case of rabies from the damned dog.

Life went from total assurance of my testosterone’s ability to sustain my youth on that mountainside to total fear of impending death —- in just a few split seconds as the dog’s fangs bit into my leg and I limped fearful and helpless to a convent in the woods and some nuns called for help and got me to the hospital.

That was one of the challenges of my youth. Now that I am older the challenges have changed a little — have changed a lot —- have changed a hell of a lot!

My Son promised to take me to an amusement park this summer. I looked forward to that excursion with the same kind of enthusiasm a small child has when it looks forward with anticipation to doing something wonderful with someone he loves.

When I was really little this excitement came when my Dad would take me to Coney Island for a day.

So when my own Son promised that he would take me to the amusement park that same childish anticipation returned and I looked forward with bated breath to the day when he could call me and tell me the date when we would go on the adventure together.

But my Son is a big-time executive in a big-time Business and for one reason or another the day to go to the amusement park never quite arrived. Like a lot of kids who grow up and leave the nest, my Son got “Busy.” — He got so god damned busy he must have forgotten all about old Dad.

I can excuse it but it still hurts.

I can understand it and I must have been a total fucking fool to expect that something like that might ever have really happened for me.

Tonight as I sat in the semi-darkness of a room here in thisĀ tombĀ  mansion, a tear slid down my cheek and I caught myself becoming emotional — just like a spoiled child who had been denied some instant gratification — and I said to myself, “STFU, you f**king fool! How dare you expect any respect or courtesy from your big shot son who is so damned important at the Corporate maze where he spends his days earning the big bucks playing with f**king computers all day long. He has his life and how can you even dare hope for anything more than the occasional greeting that is bestowed upon you?

Do I hold it against him? I don’t want to. Part of me wants me to but the real me doesn’t want to hold it against him. If he is like most kids he won’t understand a f**king thing about how I feel until he is looking down on my dead body in a casket someday.

It was like me with my own Dad. From the time I could walk I had thought my Dad was dumber than a box of rocks. But by the time I had reached the age of 21, I was totally surprised by how much my Dad had learned in just a few short years.

Alright now — enough of the pity party!

The fact is that we live in a culture of youth and the whole culture is youth oriented and when you reach a certain age you are tolerated but you really are not part of the culture anymore and you get the feeling that most of the people around you are just waiting for you to cash it in and get the hell out of their way so they can grow old in the same way that you have.

These are things that most people do not want to think about.

America is a great place for people who love to stick their heads in the sand or up their own asses to live. America is a great place for people who love to ignore the inevitable because there are enough distractions and diversions to keep them busy until it is time for the body bag and the flowers in the dimly lit room with the soft music playing and all the idiots standing around totally ignoring the figure laid out in the coffin as they make their stupid jokes and laugh at stupid jokes and pretend they never knew you even existed. — I have seen this kind of disrespect at a lot of funerals lately.

You want lessons in living? I am f**king giving you a lesson in living.

Do you know how valuable you really are?

All you have to do to find out how valuable you are is to attend a few funerals and see how the “Bereaved” act in the presence of their “Loved Ones” who have gone on before.

Is this a depressing f**king blog post or what??

I guess it is and I guess I intended for it to be!

Maybe somebody will find some of the answers they are looking for in their own miserable existences and maybe some folks who have a truly happy and fulfilled life will find a reason to rejoice in the fact they are not as forgotten as so many people eventually become.

I have written it now. I don’t know why. But I have written it now and I hope it does some good for somebody somewhere. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Get Violence Off The TV Sets, Off The Radio And Out Of The Newspapers!

Americans suck up violence on their TV screens and in their movie theaters like sponges and regardless of how violent the violence gets America stays glued until the last bit of news interest has been squeezed out of it. That’s how desensitized we have become in America to acts of horrendous violence and killing and mayhem and murder and gore.

I have never been in favor of making celebrities out of nut cases who kill other people on purpose but I think that is exactly what so much exposure on TV and in the other media accomplish —- They turn ordinary, everyday rubber-room candidates into instant media stars ….. for awhile anyway —– and I think all that accomplishes is to encourage other nut cases to copycat so they might stand a chance of getting their own mugs in front of a camera and stir up the buzz for a little while.

Dis-fucking-Gusting if you ask me! It should stop!

I am willing to bet that every psychopath with a gun in America just watches these things obsessively and intently on the evening news while fondling themselves and wondering in their own minds when their opportunity to waste somebody and get to be on the news will come.

If the Media could restrain themselves from catering to this morbid curiosity there might be less reason for a potential mass murderer to translate his or here fantasies into deadly action.

O.K., —– Sunday and I have 8 views on the blog. —– That’s cool! —– Better than none! I went to a Chinese Restaurant where they serve you at the table with gourmet food straight out of the wok, served by waiters and waitresses — all prepared by a chef in white –loved it! —– More later if the mood strikes.

Opinion In A Minute (No.l)

Subject: Migrants Swarming The Shores of Europe And The United States.

My Opinion: If Europe and The United States are having half the difficulties with swarms of migrants the news suggests they are then my suggestion is that these nations need to get themselves a bigger fly swatter.

If the economies of The U.S. and Europe are half as bad as they let on like they are then they are going to have to do something significant to address the swarming hordes before they go bankrupt because of some vague sense of humanitarian responsibility.

I hate to be a dick but facts are facts!

This “Immigration” shit could quickly turn into a matter of survival for the “Host” nations.

There is a point, folks where simple “Immigration” turns into overt “Invasion” and that is when the problems begin. It is a very thin line between the concept of “Migrant” and “Invader.” When Immigration becomes an uncontrolled swarm then I think it is “Invasion.”

And as to people “Fleeing” invading armies in fear for their lives, let me say this: I think rather than running from a threat somebody in the involved countries ought to get organized and fight for what they believe in rather than running off to let some other country take them in and take care of them.

Either that or the world ought to band their military forces together and go in and utterly squash all the belligerents who want to kill, maim and destroy other people just for the sake of some fanatic ideology that don’t amount to a turd in a sand storm. — The world has the combined power to put assholes out of business if they wanted to. There is no excuse for some of the shit that goes on.

This premise that I just made was well proven in the Second World War. — The World combined their resources and put the quash to the horror that threatened to take over the globe. If we did it then we sure as hell can do an even better job now because our weapons and tactics are ever so much improved over those primitive days of sweat, blood, bullet and bayonet.

Instead of worrying about taking in refugees and wasting our national and international resources trying to take care of them, let’s form a coalition of the willing and go kick some bad guy ass and clean up the mess so the migrants won’t have to fear for their lives anymore.

OMG! Saturday Morning Again!

My wireless broadband account has rolled over again and so I have 13,000 new millibytes with which to blog and raise hell with the politicians. I usually only use up about 6,000 so I do not have to worry much about running out.

Today is “Jeanette” Day here at the mansion. This means that Cousin Jeanette and here entourage will be arriving for a visit at around 10 AM. Jeanette is a wonderful Cousin and we haven’t seen her in more than a year now.

There will be talking and reminiscing and going out to the Chinese Restaurant for dinner and over to the Cemetery to visit with family graves and perhaps a little running around to do some shopping here and there and then quicker than the visit began it will be all over again,

Since we are going to a 5-star reservations-only restaurant it means that I will have to do a very sparse breakfast so that I don’t overload myself with calories today. I have a continuing weight problem — as most everybody knows by now — and I have to be careful. So breakfast today will be a plain egg-white omelette and some coffee.

This is my first blog post of the day and those who know me well know that I am a prolific blogger and probably will be making multiple entries today.

So to all my wonderful friends on the Internet let me say, “Good Morning, everybody!” I hope everyone of you has the best possible day and that you will come and visit with me again throughout the day and I promise that if anything breaks in the news, I will be back on here to do my usual ranting about whatever it might be.

I cannot believe I have made more than 4,700 posts to this blog in the short time I have been writing it but I have. I find that incredible!

Love you all,

Your friend,


Some Varied And General Observations

The battle over legalizing marijuana is heating up in some locales and I cannot help but wonder what all the buzz is about. (Pun Intended.). — It hasn’t been that long ago since a lot of purists and moralists were attacking the tobacco industry as being bad for health and morals and now they are wanting to legalize something that might be worse? — I will never understand the American psyche if I live to be a hundred years old!

The latest gun-related tragedy took the lives of two innocent news reporters while they were on the air with their broadcast and now the call has gone out for tighter laws to regulate guns —- again. It seems to me like every time there is a senseless killing by somebody with a gun that the cry goes up for more gun legislation but I think I can pretty well guarantee anyone reading this article here that nothing like that is ever going to happen. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever!

Democrat leadership and Hillary Clinton supporters are reportedly getting some ants in their pants over when, where and how the candidate will put the questions about the e-mails to rest because if nothing else it is reported that if she were to do this adequately it would quell some unrest and reportedly growing doubts among some potential voters. I have read at least one report that suggests some voters are being plagued by growing doubts about the candidate’s honesty and trustworthiness. —- I got that from reading an article reported to be from the New York Times by Patrick Healy, Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman and which appeared in “The Dayton Daily News” on page 1 of the edition dated Friday, August 28, 2015 (For those who wish to look it up and read it for themselves.).

I guess those are my big Three political comments for the day but if anything else should come up that I think is packed with punch I will hurry up and get back on here and write about it.