O.K., what happens if U.S. fires on an Iranian ship? – – Anyone?

What is the possibility that the Iranian Naval Convoy reported to be heading toward Yemen is only out for a little fishing? —– What then? —- Is this a LOL moment or is this something scary happening out there on those seas?

The article on “The Hill” says that America is not yet involved in hostilities in the region but other articles in other publications are saying that The U.S. has already sent ships to the area near Yemen to possibly “Interdict” arms shipments to rebels on land. —– If you want to read about the U.S. Naval buildup in the region then just put the following words into your search window, click on them and follow the yellow brick road. — The words to search are: “Warning Iran, U.S. Sends Two More Ships To Yemen.”

Freddie Gray died of his injuries! – – No one seems to know what happened! – – What else is new?

The Mystery of What Happened To Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray was healthy and whole when he was arrested by police in Baltimore, Md., recently —- but when he departed the police van transporting him to jail he had somehow acquired massive injuries to his spinal cord, his brain, his voice box and the vertebrae in his back. —– Interesting! —– He died of his injuries he acquired while in police custody by the way —– that’s what has been reported widely in the Media.

Let me assure you of one thing even though what I am about to say is only my unqualified opinion —– My opinion is that Mr. Gray did not die from self-inflicted injuries. —– That’s my opinion. —– You want another opinion? —– My other opinion is that this will eventually blow over and nothing will ever be done because of it. —- I am pretty sure the Right Wing will sell this tragic event as “Just another isolated incident.”


Monday slugs along

O.K., so you’re not supposed to blog about your pets or your ingrown toenails if you are a blogger. —– I know a lot of people who blog about their pets and their blogs are quite delightful to read so I know that part of the “Experts'” advice is bullshit!

By the same token, you are not supposed to blog about the mundane details of your personal life because it is bound to be boring to everyone who reads it and you will either lose the readers you have or you will not gain new ones.

I know people who blog about nothing but their daily lives and they get hundreds of “hits” and “likes” on almost every blog post they write — so I know that advice from “The Experts” is bullshit too.

You’re not supposed to use profanity on your blog because the “Bots” that crawl the web will find it and mark your blog as spam and after that nobody will ever be able to see your blog ever again. —– I know of at least one blogger whose every third word seems to be profane and I understand he has tens of thousands of readers each and every week. —– So guess what I think about that advice from “The Experts.”

I am not supposed to mention that I had home-made green pea soup with croutons for lunch today because the “Experts” tell me that if I mention it hundreds of potential readers will quickly turn their attentions elsewhere. —– O.K., so I will not mention that my friend Jim made green pea soup today or that I bought the croutons from the local chain super market or that it was damned good soup — I will not mention any of that and see if I attract a few hundred readers because I refused to talk about it.

Maybe I should not mention that Jim and I went to the local Arboretum a few days ago where we saw these cute turtles sunning themselves on a rock in the lake.

Turtles I Saw At The Arboretum Recently

Turtles I Saw At The Arboretum Recently

Well no matter what I have now broken every rule of blogging that I can think of to break so now I am going to go and have another bowl of that soup.

This is the kind of stuff you write about when there is nothing going on in the political world to piss you off enough to bitch about it. —– I usually do pithy and sometimes hateful-sounding little commentaries about politics but right now — other than for ISIS killing Christians again —- there doesn’t seem to be much going on. —– ISIS? —– You remember ISIS, don’t you? —- ISIS is that Islamic State that a lot of our politicians and leaders say has nothing at all to do with Islam whatsoever —- Surely you remember that! —– You remember we are supposed to empathize with ISIS because when they get their butcher knives out to cut off heads all they are really doing is acting out their frustrations and venting because they have been short-changed on economic opportunities and if they had good-paying jobs they probably would not be doing such things. —- You surely remember one of our politicos saying that a few weeks back, don’t you?

Green pea soup is relatively low in calories I am told.

University students running at break-neck speed to enroll in “Marijuana Reform Law” classes!

“Doobie or not doobie”, that is the question!

Everywhere I look there is some kind of article to read about how university students are flocking to sign up for courses in “Marijuana Law Reform.” —– Well, no shit! —– When I was younger there were a whole generation of folks wanting to “get high” and they moved heaven and earth to get their hands on pot or on dried banana leaves or what the hell ever else they thought would zonk them out of their brains for awhile. —– It isn’t any news to me that “Pot Law” would be an obsession with today’s generation.

I think some pew jumper with a Bible stuck up their rear end ought to get on the band wagon and start bitching and moaning about the dangers of second-hand pot smoke. —— That’s what I am waiting for. —– That and some involvement from The Surgeon General would put the shit to the “Pot Legalization” efforts post-haste!

Trouble with that is Religious Right-Wads like to get high too! —– They also like to copulate too ….. They are as human as anyone else despite their hypocrite factor. —– Guess what, folks? —– Even right wing Christian prudes take their clothes off and get stark, raving naked to take showers — believe it or not! — I have caught some of them doing it back when I was in the military.

Define “Doobie.” —– “The definition of “doobie” is “Joint – roach – marijuana cigarette.” It was slang for a pot cigarette back in the 60s and 70s.

Is this blog post short and pithy enough?

Short and pithy blog post

The experts tell me, “If you want to gain readers to your blog then be sure and write “short and pithy” posts. —– Alright then, how about this for a short and pithy post:

I keep reading about Islamic State assholes killing Christians in places like Ethiopia and elsewhere — you know, the ASS-US (ISIS) that would probably stop their terroristic ways if only someone would “empathize” with them or offer them jobs and a better way of life?” —– Remember that bullshit? —– I have another solution that might work: “Take away their gun permits and deny them their Secund Mendmunt rights. —- If they ain’t got no guns they sure as hell ain’t gonna be shootin’ people now are they?”

How’s that for “short and pithy?” —- I am now awaiting evidence of the thousands of people who read this. —– Yup! —– waiting!

Monday begins the week once again

Random thoughts for a monday morning in the good old U.S.A!

The weather is rainy because it is April and that is what April does in a temperate climate such as ours here in the United States. —– There is this old song and dance about “April showers bring the flowers that bloom in May . . . ”

But the weather is warm too and that is a blessing considering the awful cold and distasteful Winter we just went through.

So this morning I am focused on the modern requirements of reaching a blog audience with a blog. —– It is getting harder all the time because the blogging platform — the search engines, if you will — keep on “Improving” their “algorithms” making it ever more difficult with each passing day to pass muster of these mechanical (electronic) censor dogs called “Bots” by those in the know.

The “Bots” — little electrical impulses with the artificial intelligence to sniff at a blog post and determine whether or not it meets the standards of the Bot Masters are forever and always snooping around trying to see if what you write is “Hastily” produced, repetitive, mundane, not interesting enough, not professional enough, blah! blah! blah! —– I am beginning to think if a person isn’t an absolute “Brain” in their chosen niche they might just as well not try to get their ideas “Crawled” by the “Bots” at all.

But then it occurs to me, “I am not a genius of any kind and it looks like the Bots are crawling my stuff and on a quite regular basis too —– but I still have to be content that whatever I am saying is well-hidden on the reference pages from the search engine because I get lucky if my stuff appears 10-20 pages deep on the searches — but I guess 10-20 is better than 100-200 or 1,000-2,000.

There are, after all, more than Thirty-Million blogs of every kind and description of political nuance floating around in the ether so I feel rather fortunate to have at least made the grade where sophisticated Bots will at least give me the time of day.

For those wonderful Readers — and all my Readers are wonderful — never ever forget that! —– For those of you who are interested in the mundane aspects of my life, you should know that I had a quarter-pound hamburger sandwich on a toasted bun with onion, mustard and ketchup for breakfast this morning and that the total calories consumed via the sandwich were a neat, compact 410 — which is fine with me because my daily calorie allowance is between 1,800 and 1,900.

It might be well to mention that I am not a billionaire yet.

I read on the New York Times website that April 20th is National Weed Day for those who may be interested in the earthly journey of interest in marijuana. —– Just thought I would throw that in there!

I was kind of tossing an idea around: “How about if we start a new charity aimed at providing low-cost or even free dental work to squirrels who do not have health insurance? — swimming gear for needy ducks? —– bifocal glasses for near-sighted owls? —– anti-gas medication for skunks? —– I wonder how many gullible fools would send money in to such campaigns? —– Personally I do not wish to risk going to jail in order to find out the answer to that question because as sure as somebody starts something like one of these somebody else will decide it is a scam and there will be hell to pay.

I find it hard to believe all these illegal aliens – – (immigrunts) — sneaking across our borders but I guess the cameras don’t lie —– (Click on this link to read about it.)

Well, folks, I haven’t read the morning newspaper yet  —– The house boy is out there somewhere ironing it —– newspapers are so much more easily read if gone over with a hot iron to remove the wrinkles. —– Besides which, excellent grades of coffee and home-baked cheese Danish rolls and fresh-squeezed orange juice demand the respect of being accompanied by a proper-looking and properly prepared newspaper, doncha think? —– Is old John a flaming snob or what? —– Snark, LOL! Gotcha!

As soon as I hear something worth bitching about —– Maybe after I glance at the newspaper —– or maybe after I get tired of listening to all the foreign drivel on my public radio station —– I will be back on here sharing my own infinitesimally magnificent personal arrogance in analyzing things and in rendering some more of my often-fiery little barbs about crap that rubs me the wrong way — eccentric bastard that I am!

But I am also fuzzy and loving if people don’t get up my nose or something.

Later, then!

Heroin-like “Fentanyl” caused record number of deaths in 2014 according to reports!

Random thoughts for the end of a day!

There is a new drug out there killing people in record numbers.  It is called “fentanyl” and it is being used as a substitute for heroin but it is reported to be 50 times as strong as heroin and according to most reports I have read, 2014 was the deadliest year ever for the drug.  Users apparently don’t always know they are getting fentanyl because according to some reports it is being sold as heroin to unsuspecting users.  It is enough to give a person nightmares!

Somebody ought to be shouting this from the housetops in my opinion —– from the housetops!

About the new U.S. diplomacy with the island nation, Cuba – – just 90 miles off our Southernmost border.

In a time long ago Americans made millions of dollars off their tourism and gambling casinos on the Cuban mainland and Cuba was a “Go To” place for millions of tourists from all over the world. —– Back in the days of an oppressive regime we now remember as “The Batista Era.” —– Yes, the Cubans were reportedly heavily oppressed under that regime.

Enter Fidel Castro —– and his “Regime.”

Under Castro Cuba shut its doors to America, declared itself to be an experiment in Communist rule and immediately incurred sanctions from the United States and Cuba suddenly was recognized by many in America as —– an enemy.

According to most of the reports I have read, the contemporary regime/administration/government  in Cuba also allegedly /reportedly practices a certain amount of repression toward Cubans and some Americans have been flabbergasted and outraged because they think —– for whatever the reason —– (and I have no idea of what the reasoning is) —– that Cuba supports terrorism somehow.

Anyway —– whatever the story is, it seems that President Obama has now managed to get Cuba taken off the “Terror” list and has somehow gotten the process of re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba — and The Castro Regime — going once again and once again there is a lot of consternation among some Americans over what they see as America re-establishing diplomatic relations with a nation that supports — Terror.

But maybe — just maybe — once America gets an embassy opened again in Cuba, the “Regime” will start lightening up on some of their alleged repressive civil policies and a greater atmosphere of freedom will blossom. — One can always hope! —– Of course this paragraph rests solely on whether or not there is, indeed, any lack of freedoms in Cuba at the present moment —- and I don’t have a clue as to how much freedom Cuban Citizens enjoy or are deprived of because all I have to go on is what I hear and what I read —– and it is getting harder every day that passes to believe all the stuff we hear or read.

In the meantime — I hope nobody is going to try to convince me that some of the right wingers who are now screaming about Obama normalizing relations with Cuba won’t grab every opportunity they can dream up, invent or find to make a buck on the situation. —– I can almost smell the fresh-turned earth as American Money pours in down there in Havana to give the city a face-lift and to build whatever enterprises are needed to make a few more American Investors more filthy rich than they already are and to carry some of their Cuban compatriots along with them on the new ride to riches — compliments of — The dreaded and much-despised Obama Administration.

I can hear some of the radical assholes now, can’t you? — I can almost hear them complaining, “I hate the fact that Obama normalized relations with a terror-supporting nation but I am not going to complain about the new millions I have been investing in my bank account because of it — Damn the Obama Administration anyway!  I was doing just fine before all this new opportunity opened up in Havana and now, because of Obama and his meddling with International relationships I am going to have to find ways to make use of all this money I am making down there!”

I know how radicals think! — You ain’t fooling me! — They will bitch and moan and scream and gripe and complain about The United States opening up new relations with Cuba but then they will jump full-boot on every opportunity to profit because of it and they will bitch because “Obama” didn’t fix the deal so they could make even more!

I know how shit rolls, folks!

It’s kind of like when some of the radical right wingers used to bitch and complain that there were too many “Takers” receiving social security benefits and medicaid and medicare and then tell us all that “We need to make drastic cut backs in those ‘entitlement programs’ before the whole country goes bankrupt.

I would challenge some of those loud mouths with something like, “So how about yourself?  Are you on social security or have you used medicaid or medicare for yourself or your family?  Are you benefiting from the very ‘entitlements’ you want to cut back for everybody else?

Invariably I would get a response similar to this: “But I spent my lifetime working for my social security so I am entitled to receive it!  I sure as hell will take the benefits when the time comes to collect them and when that time comes I want all I have coming and not a cent less!

In other words folks, radical righties believe in the doctrine, “Cut the government programs that benefit people who need a little help for everybody else except for ….. me!” — “Yeah, cut them for everybody but me! — I’ve earned mine! — I want mine regardless of whether anybody else gets anything or not!”

I think the same attitudes will be on full display as this thing about Cuba moves forward: The radicals will curse the president and the administration for getting it done but once it is underway they will be there, front and center, with their mitts out to get their share of the goodies — I think you can count on that!

Maybe it’s a good thing the economic “Stimulus” bill of 2009 passed when it did!

The economic “Stimulus Bill” that the radical right wing hated so much passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 244-188 back in 2009 —– As I recall not a single Republican voted for it but I will almost be willing to bet that there are a lot of Republicans who are laughing all the way to the bank in 2015 because of it —– whadda ya wanna bet? —– I will wager a friendly no-cash wager that most Right Wingers who stood solidly against the stimulus package passed back in 2009 are more than glad the big banks were saved and not allowed to fail. —– Is this a “Told You So” moment or what?

I remember when some of the really arrogant-assed radical righties were telling people on their nothing and nowhere blogs that It may be a little agonizing for some of them to watch someone like me lose what is left of my ability to reason and to use or understand common sense to the effects of some kind of self-induced hysteria, paranoia or mania when I first challenged them on these issues — and others like them —– but I gotta tell you folks, it sure does feel good to be able to go back to some of those (expletives deleted) and rub their noses in it.

Do I gloat when I prove the under informed or the intellectually-challenged wrong? —– You betcha! —— I do it often and I do it with great glee!