Yes! Choices Matter!

So this has been a sad couple of months.

First we have a spate of police shootings that spark demonstrations all over the country.

Then we have policemen gunned down and everybody becomes angry at the demonstrators accusing them of inciting violence against law enforcement.

Let me just say here that my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones because of gun violence.

My prayers are with all victims of gun violence.

Death by gun is an awful thing – – a tragic thing – – a senseless and needless thing.

I am always saddened when someone dies by gunfire.  No one should have to endure such pain and anguish!

But there goes the Right Wing again – – – bitching and moaning about all the tragedy of late.

Most of the bitching seems to be coming from the political Right.

Most of the bitching about everything always seems to me to come from the Right.

I note that the Right never offers any solutions but they do bitch a lot, don’t they”

If they could put half the effort into problem solving that they put into complaining they might become a lot more than what they are right now.

But I don’t think we are going to hold our breath waiting for that one, are we?

I think Hell will freeze over before the Right Wing ever gets its act together enough to actually solve a problem.

In the meantime I believe they try to cover their tracks through the fog of anti-intellectualism by making noise – – by seeing who can bitch and moan the loudest and the longest about the most trivial of things.

My challenge to the Righties is: “Redeem your justification . . . solve a f**king problem once instead of bitching about it.

And do not go around telling people you don’t hold hate in your heart when you and everybody else knows you are eaten alive with it.

I am not being specific here but if the shoe fits, then damn well wear it – – – hypocrites!

Wasn’t it this same Right Wing bunch who was accusing law enforcement of being a pawn in some supposed fictitious conspiracy theory and saying that it would be police controlled by government who would enforce a coming tyranny at the hands of The President?

Either the Right Wing wants to defend the police and their methods or they don’t.  They can’t have it both ways.

I know far too many people who claim to be right wing conservatives are double minded and unstable in all their ways.

They have proven that time and again.

First they deny they hate Liberals and almost immediately they say they do hate Liberals and go on to list the reasons why.

Double minded and unstable in all their ways.

O.K., here is my “take” on all the killing going on between police and civilians and vice versa:

The answer is pretty clearly laid out in Scripture where it says “Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52 to start the search)

Let me rephrase that . . . paraphrase that:  “Those who live by the gun shall perish by the gun.”

A weapon is a weapon as far as I can tell . . . sword or gun . . . what difference?

I think what is needed in America today is not a blame game accusing first the police and then the demonstrators for tragic occurrences.

The blame game solves nothing and it sure as hell does not restore life to those who have lost theirs so tragically and so senselessly.

What I think America needs desperately is the beginning of a beating of those swords into plowshares.

And that kind of task must begin with the elected representatives of The People of The United States.

Not gonna hold my breath on that one either, folks, are you?

Nothing will change til the gun lobbies and big money no longer control the national dialogue.

Don’t see that change happening anyways soon either, do you?

The Obama/Cuba Actions

December 20, 2014

My Opinion
by John

CUBA:  A lot of the right nothings are running around raising hell about Obama’s actions to try to get some normalized relationships with Cuba again after 50 effing years – – fifty years of a sanction that never worked – – and what the hell are we supposed to expect from some of the Right know-nothings?

Isn’t their “Thing” to say whatever kind of nasty sh*t they can say about President Obama and to try to get in his face and prevent anything happening that he ever thought about wanting to happen?  That’s what a lot of those sh*twads in D.C., are about and I don’t think there is much of a question about it at this point – – – after they have been busting their balls for more than 6 years now trying to decimate the President’s total legacy and agenda.

O.K., I have an opinion about the Obama/Cuba move:

I think it is probably one helluva lot better to have normal relations with Cuba than it is to have Russian or Chinese oil wells and missiles just 90 miles off our southernmost coast.

Christ, folks – – when are some of these right-leaning idiots up in D.C., going to get their heads out of their a**es about the security and best interests of The United States of America?

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting much here lately and there is a reason for that – – maybe more than one reason.

I have gotten so damned tired of reading all the insane, asinine, garbage that comes out of a great many right wing radical websites and other media and I have gotten so damned weary of watching them defend their failed policies and a$$hole positions on issues – – especially when their rants and raves are proven to be faulted or false – – I am getting to the point where I might have to get some duct tape to keep my head from exploding.

For example:  It hasn’t been all that long ago since some of the rightist basstids were all over Obama because they were accusing him of causing high gasoline prices at the pump because of some “conspiracy” he was supposed ( alleged by the right azzoles) to have cooked up to put the American People under a tyrannical thumb – – (or some such horse shitowski as that ) – – but now that those gas prices are on the skids, I don’t hear one God-(expletive) word of gratitude or praise for the President’s part in bringing them down again.  I ask myself the question, “What’s up with that, righties?”

I suppose after spending years of accusing Obama of being the “High Gas Price” culprit they are now going rub salt up their anal cavaties and  try to deny he had a damned thing to do with getting those prices down again – – which, in all reality he probably didn’t have a direct influence because gas prices are always dependent on the available supply of oil and not necessarily on something the President does or doesn’t do.  And the sad part is that every second or third grader in elementary school knows this stuff – – except perhaps in some of those states where the school textbook publishers have revised History to pump up the effing right wing fantasy about things.

I don’t even read right wing verbal defecation anymore because it never seems to change and it sure as hell never has anything worth listening to.  I know some of them will immediately jump my hump over what I am writing here but that is alright – – I will never see it because I don’t intend to dirty my eyes by looking at their journalistic obscenities anymore.

Sure, they have wormed their way into power again and I just can’t wait to see who they will put the ultimate “F” to once they are seated in their new offices after January.  I am sure they are hard at work getting some pretty big physical evidences of libidinous stimulation – –  thinking of the crap they plan to lay on the middle class and the working classes of this country and I can almost certainly predict that whatever they are cooking up as their legislative agenda will amount to little more than a manure sundae for the rest of us.

That’s enough ranting for today.

If I get a worm up my rear end about something I might do some more later today or tomorrow – – or maybe not!

I just do not feel driven any more!

So once again the bywords become, “Cuba Libre!”

Righties went on the rampage against President Obama again yesterday after the President showed signs of being favorable to normalizing relations with the Island Nation of Cuba once again – – after decades of sanctions and other measures taken since the 1960s.

I found a blogger who offers three shining examples of words that I think every American should memorize – – keep on their refrigerators – – paste on the side of their land-line telephones – – write on a label and stick it to the back of their smart phones – – write the words on their foreheads and tee-shirts – – -

And what are those three words that should remind us of how positively we should respond to any hint of normalization in Cuban/American relations:

The three magic words to remember as a buffer against Right Wing objections to normalizing relationships with Cuba are . . . “MADE IN CHINA!”

And are there other words we should be thinking about when considering any possibility of normalizing these relationships?

How about this string of words: “Russia may be showing a desire to drill for oil right off the Cuban Coast.” – – ( 90 miles from our own shores here in The U.S.)

How about if we normalize relations with Cuba and get a deal of our own to drill for oil right off The Cuban Coast? 

Wouldn’t that be a tad better?

Read more about it – – – ( RIGHT HERE FOLKS )

Families Of Newtown School Shooting Victims File Lawsuit

Reference Article –  (Suit Filed In Newtown School Shooting Tragedy)

According to reports I have read some of the people who reportedly filed the suit are saying the gun used in the Newtown School Shooting tragedy should never have been sold for use by civilians because of its firepower.

“Wrongful death and negligence” are listed as two of the factors in the suit as well according to some sources.

My question:  “Why has so much time passed from the time of the shooting until the time of the filing of the lawsuit?

Another question:  Why hasn’t there been any significant legislation passed in Congress to try and put a lid on gun violence in The United States?

Another question:  “Does anybody in their right mind believe there will ever be any significant legislation passed in this country to protect citizens against gun violence?”

Last question: “Is it even possible to pass gun-violence-protection laws in The United States without somehow infringing on those who are strong advocates of Second Amendment Rights?”

I dont have the answer!

It looks to me like the law makers didn’t have the answer either!

Unless there is something I have missed somewhere along the way.

What do YOU think?

Does it really matter anymore what any of us thinks about this thing?

Is even discussing this issue anything more than wasting a lot of breath and time?

Not too much going on right now

Ever since that fiasco with the government spending bill I haven’t been much in the mood to talk about politics.

I know one damned thing:  I am finished supporting Democrats and Republicans don’t look to me to be all that much good for anything right now either so I guess I am stuck in “Independent” Land or “Centrist” Land or somewhere.

We will have to wait and see if anything interesting happens.  I haven’t even had the heart to watch the talking heads on television.

I don’t know what’s happening but maybe sooner or later we will see.

How Right Wingers Show Their Love For Our Veterans

I know it is a little Liberal in tone and temperament but I think the question needs to be asked anyway:

I may be on the verge of changing horses in the middle of the stream . . . . .


Now that America has watched their elected representatives pass the so-called “Cromnibus” spending bill – – – – – the bill designed to keep the government up and running for a period of time – – – – –

And now that the Congress has given the largest corporately-controlled and owned economy on the face of the planet – – (Ours) – – – – another shot in the arm – – – – – (Temporarily anyway) – – – – –

And now that America no longer bears much – – – – – (if any) – – – – – resemblance to the social experiment left to us by The Founding Fathers – – – – -

And now that I have come to the conclusion that the real power in this country no longer resides in the “Will Of The People” but rather resides in the hands of a very rich and exclusive group of political and economic elites – – – – –

And feeling really badly betrayed by my own traditional Democrat Party because of their part in bringing this new “Cromnibus” Bill to pass – – – – – – – a bill which I feel will do nothing more than screw around with Senior Citizens and Retired People’s mortgages, pensions and standard of living as it heaps more economic goodies onto the treasure heaps of the already much-too-wealthy reigning Oligarchy – – – – I am changing directions with “American Liberal Times.”

I am also re-registering as an “Independent” voter at the first available opportunity!

For better or for worse – – – – for richer or poorer – – – –  til death do us part – – – – “American Liberal Times” will now and forevermore henceforth strive to present a far more “Centrist” – – – – (Middle of The Road Independent) – – – – – view than ever before on the issues that I feel matter the most to us.

This decision has been a long time coming and has been very difficult for an old codger like myself but once in a while even people like me have to wake up and smell the roses and understanding that as time goes forward things have a habit of changing.

I cannot believe there are people in my own political party who would start wearing the robes of the radical right and betray the working class – – – the middle class – – – seniors – – – home makers – – – workers at all income levels – – –  by signing onto a bill that brings so much negative potential to the table for all Americans – – – – who, in my personal opinion, deserve one helluva lot better than they have been getting at the hands of our elected officials over the past few years.

No, folks – – – I am not going to kiss the virtual asses of either the Right or the Left from this point forward.  I may kiss a little of each of them from time to time if I decide either of them are making any sense – – – – but for the most part I am going to try to walk a middle road – – – – a sensible road – – – – a road lined with the trees of wisdom – – – – – if at all possible.

I know this decision is going to cause some folks to turn off of me and my blog but I cannot face supporting something that has become a lie in my face over the past few years since 2000.  I am a really old fart now . . . . I am f**king 76-years-old for Christ’s sake and I can see clearly that the America I knew and loved as a child and as a young man no longer exists anywhere except in the shadowy recesses of some dusty old History book somewhere.

I cannot believe President Obama would actually consider signing such a piece of sh*t as that “Cromnibus” Bill . . . . . and I hope when the rubber meets the road he will not sign it into law as written (without some kind of reasonable revisions to give some breaks to the “Little Guy.)  Because if the President does allow this obscenity – – – – this slap in the face of Ordinary America – – – – I am finished supporting his agenda too.

As far as I know I am allowed to say these things – – – – (Freedom of Speech and all that malarkey) – – – – God only knows how long it will be before some government Nimrod decides to “Modify” freedom of speech as well – – “For the good of the nation” – – – or some such sh*t as that.

I have always considered the Right Wing Christian Conservatives to be a little “Off-The-Wall” in their contemporary manifestation as an ideology (Idiotology) but the more I study on things and the more I think about things I think I am getting to the point where a lot of them are not always as damned crazy as I once supposed.

One thing I do know:  From now on I am going to have to try to be a little less partisan about things or I won’t be able to look at myself in a mirror.

I do hope some of you will remain here with me as this metamorphosis begins – – – – I think I can count on faithful readers to keep me straight as we go forward here.  My opinions are not always set in stone and I am still not too old to learn a few things.

Maybe I should find something else besides “Politics” to write about.  Politics is becoming a little too erotic for me these days and I am getting to the point where I do not really relish the idea of bending over so much to please some political faction.

Or maybe I should keep on keeping on so that I might touch a nerve somewhere and inadvertently do something good.

Let’s see how this all works out.

Soooo!  Is the old fart finished venting now?

Sandy Hook Parents Plan Lawsuit Against Gun Maker

If you can remember the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook, Connecticut back in 2012 – – – – – a shooting that took the lives of  20 young children and an event that set the American Public aflame with intense controversy over whether or not to get congress to adopt more stringent gun laws in The United States – – – If you can remember that incident then maybe you might be interested to know that some of the parents of victims of that shooting are planning a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the gun that was used by the assailant during that terrible event – – – – – that terribly tragic event!

To which I say, “Good luck with that!”

Here is the background story – – – (Parents of Sandy Hook Shooting Victims Plan Lawsuit.)

Day’s End

Dear Friends,

It has been an interesting day.

We went to the shopping mall and looked into a pet store window at some really cute little kittens.

We had hot pretzels at one place and a slice of New York-style pizza at another.

The mall was crowded with people – – – which is kind of unusual for that particular mall – – – but I guess it is all about Christmas now.

It is getting harder and harder to decide what gifts to buy for people any more because all the folks I know already have almost everything that anybody could ever want.

The charity folks are out in front of the stores again and I am still fighting the impulse to give each of them a piece of my mind – – but I refrain from showing my anger; anger that has a story behind it. – – – – Back in 1978 when I had gone bankrupt and lost everything and my family had left me in Michigan and moved back to Ohio I went to a few of those big “Charity” places that I had given to faithfully each year when I had my big-paying job that I lost and I asked them for some help.  I would have settled for anything at all because I was desperate and had been living on the streets for a few days.

I sat for hours telling my story to some of the big wigs at a couple of these places and they showed a lot of interest in my story but in the end they all informed me they had nothing to offer to me – – – nothing – – – not a night’s shelter – – – not a little food – – – nothing!

I did finally manage to find all the churches in the area that served a weekly meal to the down and out like myself at the time and between those churches and the dumpsters behind the fast food sandwich places I made out alright for a while.

But for the longest time – – after I got back on my feet and got established in a new job – – a much better job than I had ever had – – the job that served as the springboard to an eventually seriously abundant independent life style – – for the longest time during that period I absolutely fumed every time I saw one of those people soliciting money from people to fund their “Charities” with and I refused to give them a dime.

Since that time I have repented of my original anger and have started giving to them again. I know that they do help a few folks now and then so I have made peace with God about my past experiences and I am giving to them once again – – – even though I know that a lot of them give very little help to the needy after they pay the salaries of their administrators and the costs of their advertising and all the rest of that kind of stuff.

But I guess everybody has their own story to tell and some stories are probably not as negative as mine.  I am sure some of the bigger charities do a lot of good for a lot of people but for some reason I was not among those who were lucky enough to qualify for help when I needed it the worst.  I do most of my charitable giving through a foundation now and all the ghosts of the past have faded into oblivion.

Anyway – – while shopping today I found this really nice topcoat – – double-breasted – – very English – – or Continental in appeal – – and it had been marked down from $229 to $89 because I guess it is slightly out of style but I liked it so much I snapped it up immediately.

Bought another $122 worth of colognes from the little guy that runs the kiosk in the mall.  I have been doing business with him for years now and he always gives me a really good deal on everything.  Today he gave me a “Two-for-One” deal on a fragrance that I absolutely adored and I thought that was super!  The dude is from Bangladesh and some of the people that work with him are from Ethiopia and when we meet at the mall we always end up laughing and joking and trading stories about our cultures and our experiences and it is just rejuvenating for me.

Came home from the mall to a dinner at home consisting of Dover Sole and all the things that go with it.  I do love fish and this sole is flown in fresh everyday and I get it at an upscale grocery in the area – – – cooks to perfection in about three minutes as I recall.  I am also fond of Tilapia and . . . . plain old cod loin.  Fish and home made vegetable/beef soup are excellent diet dishes – – for me anyway.  I can’t speak for other people.

Other than what I have already talked about the day was relatively uneventful.

O.K., friends, have a wonderful evening and if The Lord wills, I will be back on here again tomorrow.

God bless you all and good night.



Which Americans Are Illegal Aliens?

Some rightwads got their twillies in a twit recently when I suggested – – on a blog post – – that Illegal Aliens are Americans.  That’s not what I actually said but that is how the right wingnutwads spun it.  Some of them simply cannot seem to understand sentence structure.  O.K., even if I had actually said that Illegal Aliens were “Americans” I would not have been too far off the mark, would I?  If you don’t know what I am talking about then ask any Indigenous Native American who knows his/her history who the real “Illegal Aliens” to this North American Continent are.

You want to know how smart ( Intelligent) some right wing radicals can be?  I once worked for a rabid rightie who absolutely believed beyond a shadow of doubt that no human lived on the area now known as The United States before Christopher Columbus set foot on the soil here because, as he explained it to me – – – – “They wasn’t no people here before C’lumbus discovered America because to “Discover” something means “To Find ” something so C’lumbus discovered America and that means there weren’t no people living here before he ( C’lumbus” ) got here.”

Budget Bill Seen By Some As Regressive Betrayal

Who is going to act surprised about how the new government spending bill ( “Cromnibus” )  now winding its way on the trail to becoming the law of the land opens the doors for all kinds of unfortunate developments in The United States Economy?

Some people – – – – – myself included – – – – – are seeing this as a “Here we go again” moment!

Who is going to do anything about the complaint that this new budget measure favors Wall Street’s interests over the interests of Main Street America?  

Does any of this sound the least bit familiar?  

Is there any sane person out there in Blog Land who does not believe that now that the Republicans have seized virtually complete control of the government again the “Good Old Days” of unregulated Wall Street speculation is going to return with a vengeance and set the stage for an even worse recession than they caused the last time – – – – with every assurance that if their investments go south they can depend on the American Taxpayer to bail their asses out again – – – – – because somebody got some part of the Dodd/Frank Law rolled back in this latest budget maneuver?

So tell me – – – – Mr. and Mrs. American Voter – – – – – are you ready to see your mortgage go down the drain again as you pack up your belongings onto the rented moving van and set off for new adventures into the land of “We had some dreams once but they are all gone now – – – up in smoke – – – – turned to dust in our hands – – – because we voted for the wrong bunch in Washington”

Are you really ready for that?  Keep in mind the Right Wing now has at least two years to screw with your lives – – – and make no mistake about it . . . . I believe with all my heart and soul that is exactly what they intend to do!

Oh!  You don’t believe it?  Well mark this page and we will come back again in a couple of years and talk about it again.

A little reading if you are interested – – – – ( RIGHT HERE FOLKS )

I Predict: Nothing Further Will Happen!

If History is any indicator then I believe this incident will soon be closed everywhere except in the memories of those involved:

Read the awful sad story – – – – ( Gunshot Victim Ruled “Homicide” )

Discussion anyone? – – – – Hello? – – – – Anyone?

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