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Just make damned sure of the friendship before walking in the dark with him or her or whatever.

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Clinton, Clinton and more Clinton, all the time and everywhere!

For the entire length of both of President Obama’s Administrations all I have heard from both the Right and the Left has been a constant barrage of “Obama this” and “Obama that” and “Obama the other” —– and I have to confess —– I am god damned sick and tired of hearing every pundit and seeing every headline on every newspaper, magazine and toilet roll emblazoned with “Obama, Obama, Obama!” —– I am weary and fatigued by a constant media diet about “Obama.” —– Everywhere I look or wherever my ears turn there is something about “Obama is a fraud,” “Obama is involved in a scandal,” “Nobody knows who Obama really is,” —– blah, blah, blah, blah, ad-infinitus! —– Damn, people —- Give me a break, will ya?

Now that it is time to parade the candidates for the 2016 election cycle I am starting to see Hillary Clinton’s name everywhere as the faithful Left Wingers seem to me to be trying to giver her a “Coronation” rather than an election. —– “Hillary this,” or “Hillary that,” or “Hillary the other!” —– Both the Anti-Clinton publicity machines are roaring in fairly high gear now: “Hillary, Benghazi, Hillary E-mails, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary —–” Dam, folks! — Give me a break already!

I have news for somebody and if YOU are somebody who is involved with selling advertising to television or radio or newspaper or magazine let me warn you right now —– I am not going to put up with being bombarded every waking minute of my life this election season with fucking negative political advertising! —– Be forewarned that the first time I even suspect some commercial pushing some political candidate is going to be printed or aired, that print product is going straight into the trash can until after the elections and that television or radio is going to be turned off —- or at best, I will turn the electronics off the stations airing the most political bullshit and if I watch at all I will be watching the stations I think have the least of it! —– I went through all this shit ever since 2000 and I am tired of it!

Last word: “I know how damned deceiving and treacherous some political candidates can be (Most of them if you want my opinion) but for my money some (not all) of the most and worst treacherous and lying and deceiving of the bunch are some of those who take great pains to stress their religion or their “Family and Moral Values” in their political campaigns and who come off as obviously cheap, phony or weak in their presentations! (You can sense it because the camera enhances dishonesty.) The first time I hear any candidate talk about his or her obviously inflated or enhanced bullshit “Family and Moral Values” that candidate has gained an automatic rejection from me because in my experience it has always been some of the most religious-sounding of the politicians who have been the worst assholes once they get elected and I am tired of that old song and dance too.

Leave your Bibles at home when you go on the campaign trail, guys because you ain’t fooling nobody! —– If you are one of those then be advised that the backwoodsers will vote for you just because you appear to them to be one of the “Good Old Fellers” and you won’t need to tickle their religious funny bones. —– Talk about money, jobs, kids, family picnics and welfare checks and you will be flooded with votes from that demographic — trust me! —– Cater well enough to the masses of “What’s in your campaign for me?” voters and you can almost be assured of getting your share of the “populist” vote.

But keep in mind also —- individual votes aren’t shit in America anymore —– It is the decision of either the “Electoral College” or “The Supreme Court” that is going to crown the next president —- so if you are seriously in the running this time around you are going to have to suck up to them big time! —– Hint of the day: “Mammon’s worshippers will have an easier time of it.” —– So if you are a candidate and you want serious recognition on the campaign trail you are going to have to do at least a little whoring of one kind or another for the “Big-Bucks” crowd. —– Get used to that! —– That’s the American Way in the 21st Century here.

There you have it, folks —- cut and dried, black and white!

I am wondering when they are going to trot out the “Abortion” issue? —– They always harp on abortion during election campaigns and then once the campaigns are over you barely hear the word, “Abortion” again until the next election cycle rolls around.

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The first time I ever tasted rum in a drink

The year was 1961 and I had just gotten married and my wife and I were on our honeymoon in —– of all places —– Miami Beach, Florida. —– We had rented a suite in a beach-side hotel on Collins Avenue — very swanky back then — and we were planning to spend two weeks having fun in the sun —– in July! —– Hint: July is hotter than all get out — or it was back then for sure! —– In fact, it was so hot outside that all I could do was put a sheet from my bed over the window-mounted air conditioner and make a tent and sleep under it while my new wife went and swam in the ocean.

I think I scared the Maid once because she came in to change the bed linens and discovered my feet sticking out from underneath the sheet I had made the tent over the air conditioner with. —– That was before I learned to use the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Anyway —– one evening, My Wife (Sandy) and me went down to the dining room because they were having some entertainment for the hotel guests. —– The entertainment was “Louie” the young Cuban guy who also doubled as bell hop. —– Louie was doing a fire dance for us and while all this was going on, I decided to order a couple of drinks for my wife and myself.

My eye was drawn to an item on the drink menu called, “Romboo”. —– “Romboo” was a tall, well-chilled glass filled with fruit punch and rum with a couple of maraschino cherries and some other bits of fruit floating in it. The drink was a pleasant reddish color and was strong enough to satisfy the aspiring alcoholic’s appetite for epicurean intrigue. —- Because the drink was out-sized, one was quite enough! —– After the drink and the steak dinner, the entertainment was quite adequate. —– Louie did a swell job and my wife couldn’t resist sticking a $5-dollar bill into the waistband of his relatively skimpy Pre-Columbian loincloth —– also red in color as I recall.

I still wonder why “Louie” was not censored for the rather much-too-authentic costuming —– showing far too much leg and thigh and bared buttock for my tastes —- but the women in the audience seemed to eat it up and after all we were on a honeymoon so — what the hell, eh?

Today such authentic costumery is “Run of the mill mundane” in movies and so on and so forth and no one seems to give it a second thought. —– But back in 1961 this sort of thing was still considered as Risque. —– But I really had nothing to complain about because even then I was a consummate and devoted customer of the local burlesque theater. —– I do not wish to appear to be too much of a hypocrite about these matters after all. —– If I could dig “Miss Body Beautiful” at the burley-que then who was I to question my wife’s entertainment by . . . . “Louie.” —– My wife and I shared many things over the 33 years of our wedded bliss —– need I say more?

I believe that was the same evening of the day when I caught the sand crab down by the hotel swimming pool ….. on a terrace just short of the beach and the ocean. —– I thought the sand crab was cute and I wanted to keep it as a pet. —– I put it in an Air Force-style bag and zipped it up and headed back toward the hotel room. —– But I didn’t get far before the little crab began to scratch at the inside of the canvas bag and so I opened the bag and released the little fellow again so he could be free. —– The last thing I remember about the sand crab was that as he was loping off toward the sea, he seemed to turn and raise a claw to me in farewell before dashing off into the water.

I was touched!

Later on I was —– drunk! —– On Romboos of course!


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I love some of the spam comments I get!

Somebody out there must think they are damned clever because I get some really obvious spam comments —– which, by the way, I delete as soon as I discover what they are up to.

I like the ones that come on like a three-dollar prostitute telling me how much they appreciate my blog and how much useful information they get from reading my stuff and how well I write and every conceivable cock and bull complimentary bullshit they can pull out of their hat —– and I think some of these idiots actually believe I am going to swallow their line hook, line and sinker! —– Wrong!

After they compliment the hell out of me they casually ask, “Can I ask you an important question?” —– I know almost instinctively what is going to follow. —– But I give them the benefit of the doubt and go ahead and let them rant.

This one spammer wanted to know, “How do you “center” yourself and clear your thoughts before you begin to write?”

Is this individual serious? —– Who even talks like that? —– That sounds like something copied straight out of a textbook on writing technique or something. —– I mean, “Jesus dude . . . give me a break!”

Then the spammer tells me that he has experienced problems trying to center himself and clear his thoughts before he begins writing.

It soon becomes obvious enough that writing is not his thing but selling Internet Services is his thing. —– Shame on the spammer/scammer!

If you look at the url that comes along with the comments this kind of person is making, you invariably find a website totally devoted to selling something or the other.

So the guy is just trying to get a hook into my blog so I will post his comment and lead people to some of his free advertising, right?

Wrong, a-wad —– wrong because I manually check the source of every comment that is left in my box and I never fail to catch the ones looking for a free ride.

The last words out of this kind of spammer’s mouth is usually asking me for some kind of advice on how to deal with the problem mentioned in the “Come On.”

Well, I do have some advice:

Attention all bloggers:  Be sure and know where your comments are coming from and always check their avatars or their url because you might find that a lot of them —– too many of them, in fact, come from blogs selling something or wanting to sell something and all they are looking for is for you to publish their comment along with their url and voila! A free advertisement for them! —– assholes par excellence!

Be very careful, folks because they are everywhere and they are probably all sleazy because an honest person does not try to use deception to gain a favor or to ask a legitimate question.

Check your spam and clear it regularly. —– It build up lightning fast if you don’t keep an eye on it!


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Somebody conned a few celebs into saying “The Long National Nightmare Is Over” when David Letterman left the stage at the end of his final performance. —– I tend to disagree. —– I think our long national nightmare will not be over until sometime after the 2016 elections — and, depending on who gets the reins of power in D.C., —- it may go on for quite some time after that. —– Actually it has been going on for a long time already —- I am just not sure whether anybody realizes it or not.

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ISIS may have some really scary plans! Is anybody watching or listening?

I have read claims on the Internet that The Obama Administration knew that The Islamic State (ISIS) —– The “Islamic” state that has nothing at all to do with Islam — (according to some of our leaders in Washington, D.C.,) —– The “Islamic State” that is nothing but a rag-tag bunch of terrorists who would probably not be terrorists if only we would show them a little “Empathy” and maybe help them get good-paying jobs to raise their standard of living and relieve their misery and agony —–

The claims I read said the “Administration” knew three months before the November, 2012 American Presidential election of the ISIS — (ASS-ISS) — plans to establish part of their hoped-for world-wide caliphate in Iraq. —– Do tell! —– Isn’t that a hoot?

What I am wondering is how long the “Administration” has known of Ass-Iss’s plans to establish another part of their hoped-for world caliphate by raising their evil black flag over the White House? —– That is what one of their little terrorist soldiers said once if I recall. —– By the way — Didn’t I hear some Washington big wig tell somebody that he — (or she) — thought that Ass-Iss might have as many as 70,000 of their terrorist-trained, blood-thirsty robotons spread all over the United States even now? — I thought I heard that somewhere. —- I might be wrong.

So what’s going on in those basements next door? — What’s really happening in Dearbornistan? — Islamaberg? —- We hear a lot of theories . . . some good and some frightening …. but does anybody really know —– or care?



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The computer is still as whacked as I am but it is doing a little more work now than it has been!

Well —– madder than unusual anyway.
I took a break from worrying about it and went to the local cemetery and placed a cross and flowers and a flag on Cousin Gene’s grave — he is (was) a Veteran. —– I am still trying to decide whether to go back to my home town to visit my parent’s graves —– I haven’t been there in some years — I don’t really know anybody who is still alive there.

After returning from the cemetery, I stopped at Walmart and got some frozen Mexican dinners that I love so well — enchiladas, rice and beans — my favorite Mexican meal and some more Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls with the sausage, eggs and potatoes.

By law I am now required to mention that I am not affiliated in any way with either the Jimmy Dean Company or Walmart and I am not being compensated for mentioning their brand on this blog. — It is a law that I say this and I think it is a silly law but the law is the law and I am law abiding so there ….. I f**king said it!

Speaking of Laws — I read in the newspaper where some bunch of individuals are bitching and moaning in one state — Ohio, I think — about trying to get laws passed to make people who want to get a CCW permit to have to take more training than they are taking at present. —– I think such a law would be shit because I believe that if we are going to have a Second Amendment there should be no damned licenses, permits or registrations — or mandatory training — (Training that costs a shit load of money, by the way) — and whoever want s gun ought to be able to go out and buy it and carry it without anybody sticking their nose in. —- I believe the Constitution mentions that everybody has the right to “Bear Arms” and I don’t see a cotton picking word in the entire Constitution where it talks about a mandatory training period or a license or a permit or any other damned thing such as that.

There is the argument that the licensing system will help prevent dangerous crazies and wackos from getting guns —- an argument I think is total crap —- because just like criminals if a crazy or a wacko wants a gun they are going to find a way to get one by hook or by crook and that’s that as far as I am concerned. —- There isn’t a law of any kind on the books anywhere that is going to prevent a criminal from committing criminal acts if the criminal wants to commit criminal acts bad enough —- and I guess — from the looks of things — there are plenty of asshole criminals who want to take the risks associated with being criminals and that is why we have “The Law” — to catch their asses and throw them in the slammer when they do get around to acting on their criminal impulses. —– I have to mention at this point that vaccines do not prevent diseases but they sure as heck can help prevent some of the some of the time and if properly used can go a long way to help in preventing the spread of horrid afflictions among the clueless horde we know as “The Population.”

Of course STDs are another study entirely, I guess — I guess those damned things are going to spread with or without vaccines — (Better ask your doctor about this one because I am just guessing here and I haven’t a clue as to what the truth of the matter is) — because people are going to . . . “Do It” . . . no matter what, I guess — They have been . . . “Doing It” . . . ever since I can remember — and I have to admit that I have had my share of . . . “Doing It” . . . my own self —– but that isn’t something a grown man talks about in public —– or is it? —– My how times have changed!

Been lucky though —– never got any STDs of my own. —– Is that something I should be bragging about or is that too damned much information? —– Well, I am old enough: I guess I can say it and get away with it because as everybody knows — or as everybody should know . . . if they don’t . . . us old farts say the strangest things sometimes and we can be overlooked —– right?

I am ranting again — I guess I had better shut up for right now and go do something else before I turn the entire blog audience off entirely.

Remember who loves you —- Until we meet again —- if this damned computer allows us to meet again — God Bless!

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Oil spill threatens scenic California Coast among other things!

The oil company has sent it’s spokes person to stand in front of the television cameras and make apologies for an oil spill along the California Coast — a spill estimated to exceed about 105,000 gallons and the “Cleanup” is underway. —– The oil soaked sea birds are walking around in a daze and the 9-mile “Scenic Stretch” of the seashore is probably more on the order of “Scenic Stench” right about now.

Did I mention that the “Federal Regulators” are on the job trying to determine how the pipeline leaked? —– I think I can answer the question: “I think the pipeline leaked through some opening in the pipe — maybe a hole — maybe a not-too-tight seal in the joints — maybe something to do with cheap steel and shoddy workmanship — (Where did the steel to construct the pipeline come from anyway?) — I am sure the Feds will find out what caused the leak as time goes on, aren’t you? — (If there are enough of them to get the job done.  We all know that there sometimes aren’t enough “Regulators” to “Regulate” much of anything because some of the right wads in Congress hate “Gubmint Regulation” of Free Industry and usually have been known to cut funding for “Regulators” of all kinds and varieties.

According to reports I have read there is no estimate on the cost of the cleanup — which I am sure the owners of the pipeline will take care of — yeah,right — but maybe — you never can tell –and there is no estimate of how long the cleanup might take either.

Seems to me like I heard a lot of talk about how safe these pipelines are when they were trying to get the Keystone Pipeline built above one of the largest fresh water aquifers in the Western United States —- and it seems to me like there are an awfully lot of these spills —- and I am wondering just how much more the ocean and our “Scenic” seashores can take?

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I think I got the computer working again for the time being

Like I know the whole world is interested in whether or not I get the computer working or not. —– But I gotta tell you the telephone and checkbook are some great things in the hands of a fool like me. —– I called my Internet Technician guy and he agreed to come at midnight and completely replace my browser program and a few other tweaks —– He is a little richer now and I am a lot happier until something else happens. —– Did I also mention that we had to restore the system? —– The system restore went a long way toward fixing what ever the problem was. —- It’s One a.m. here now so I am going to hit the sack and hope tomorrow is better.

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Conservatives Fear UN Going After Free Speech! —– And Who Knows, Maybe They Are!

The concept of “Hate Speech” seems to be getting a lot of attention in political circles around the globe these days. —– Here is an article on a conservative website that claims some in the United Nations are suggesting laws against so-called “Hate Speech” because —- as some of them have reportedly put it, “Dignitaries and politicians should be free to do their work of governing with being criticized.” —– I am looking for the day when it will be illegal to publish any kind of dissenting opinion online or anywhere else and that if someone does disagree with somebody else and talk about it publicly then there might be real hell to pay for the crime of “Hate Speech.”

You are going to have to read this to even begin to believe that some of the world’s big wigs are thinking about moving against free speech and I bet it will start over something that somebody says on the Internet. —– What do you want to bet? —– HERE’S MORE.

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Sometime today this damned expensive computer started to refuse access to certain web pages for some things and I started to think, “Virus” —– “Hackers” —– Computer Repairs —– but then I re-installed the browser I was using and for the time being it looks like it might work. —– I mean I have only had this thing for about Five (5) years now and I have worked it very hard over those years —– so maybe it is time to start thinking about it beginning to show the wear and tear. —– I will just have to wait and see how it all works out. —– I am trying all the pages I normally use right now and this very post you are reading is a test of whether or not I can still publish the blog.

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I have been told that I need to be more “Substantive” when I blog. — Sorry everybody, that isn’t me! — I don’t roll that way because I am not smart enough to roll that way. —– I write opinionated crap! —– There is no getting away from that! —– But maybe somebody can be entertained and maybe I can successfully piss some of the nut wads off. —– If I can do any of that then I am happy!

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