If Hillary Runs

If Hillary runs for the office of The Presidency of The United States I have no doubt the Republicans and their friends on the Right and the Far Right will do another entire scene much the same as the one they played out for Obama.

I am so sure of it, in fact, that I almost cringe at the thought of having to run a blog through that period of time.

I think it will be a lot of regurgitation of the same old crap that someone on the Right will try to wrap up in new clothes in order to make it all look fresh.

But as I have gone along, I have noticed the Right Wing usually always re-plays everything and hardly – – if ever – – comes up with anything that is truly new.

I might be wrong but somehow I doubt it.

There are two sides to every story I guess!



I have read all kinds of arguments “Pro” and “Con” on some of these issues.

Now here is another article I found that I thought was interesting but do not get the idea just because I am linking to the article here that I either agree or disagree with it. I am still in the learning process on some of these often contentious issues.

I do have a question however and the question is this: “If there are more than 300 different religious denominations and sects in the United States what would the effect on the national budget and individual taxpayers be if every one of those religions demanded and got their own kind of food placed on school menus or on menus that serve a large portion of the general public?

You really have to read this to have an idea of what is being discussed here – – – ( READ IT HERE.)

Some days are better than others, I guess.

This has not been one of the better ones.

I can’t think of anything to blog about.

The world is still as screwed up as it was yesterday – – and the day before.

The same old people are fighting the same old battles.

The problems haven’t changed and nobody seems to have any real answers.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I hope the Hell so!