Conservative Blog Settles The Argument As Far As I Am Concerned!

A while back, I wrote an article and posted several links to sources that report about a new Texas law being considered by The Texas State Lawmakers – – – a proposed law that would allow school teachers in The Lone Star State to use deadly force against school students in the event the teachers felt threatened or felt that school property was being threatened.

The article I posted is – – – HERE.

Shortly after publishing that post on this blog, the radical right wing blog universe went ballistic with often fiery rebuttals of my post complete with calling me all kinds of the kind of nasty names only radical conservatives are prone to call me – – -

Now I have discovered that one of the leading CONSERVATIVE blogs has said essentially the same things about this new law that I originally said.

In my mind that closes the books on this argument!

Hey folks, it’s as simple as simple can be . . .

If Big Business can wangle a way to put the screws to The American Worker and the Middle Class by using our Congress to pass their job-killing trade bills, then you can bet your ass and the farm that is exactly what they will do and the “Little Guy” won’t have a damned thing to say about it because most of it is being done in secret. – – – – – What bothers me most, personally, about this particular “TPP” bill is that our President seems to be “On Board” with it and I always thought his priorities were in protecting American Interests. – – – – – Either there is something that I do not know here . . . . which is a distinct possibility because I do not possess the God-like Omniscience of the Radical Right who seem to know everything about everything . . . . . or something is screwy. . . . . . I am not particularly happy about the great amount of secrecy surrounding these TPP negotiations and I am wondering what it might be that somebody is afraid The American People might find out about all that is going on behind those closed doors. – – – ( READ HERE AND ASK YOUR OWN QUESTIONS )

What do these protesters know that we don’t?  Or is the reason for the protests that nobody is telling them anything?  . . . . I don’t know about anybody else but I get a little uncomfortable when something is done – – something that surely will affect me one way or the other – – is done without me having a clue as to what the Hell is happening. – – – – – What about you?


The Right Wing still hasn’t learned how to govern anything!

My Political Opinion
by John Liming

According to all the figures I can find, Republicans did not actually “Win” much of an election in the mid-terms because only about a third of eligible voters actually went to the polls.

Some of the Right Flakes brag about how they “Won” the elections . . . but in all reality if someone is going to win something there has to be a contest to begin with and I think this last election was a farce where most of the voters just shrugged their shoulders, said “To Hell With It” and stayed home.

So I guess what I am saying is, “Republicans didn’t actually ‘win’ anything – – they just kind of cake-walked their way into the political hogpen after somebody else had left the gate open for them.

There is no way I am ever going to believe that any Right Wing group could actually win an election in a hotly contested situation where masses of people actually got out and voted because ever since the great fiascos of 2000-2008 there haven’t been any right wingers – – – – – at least there haven’t been any that I can see – – – – – who are actually smart enough to hold such offices as The Presidency of The United States and other such like high offices.

The Right has been great on doing nothing at all for as long as possible.  They have also done pretty well on complaining about most everything without offering any tangible, workable solutions in place of the things they say they don’t like.  I have watched them for the past six years and I have discovered they can bitch and moan about flies swarming around but I haven’t seen one of them yet who has the gumption to actually pick up a fly swatter.

So now, thanks to the inattention or apathy of a big swath of American Voters, we have Righties running things again in the Congress.

So what can we expect?

I expect we shall see a lot more attempts to take affordable health care away from a few million people and replace it with absolutely nothing at all leaving those who lose their coverage to scratch and scrape on their own for whatever they probably can’t afford.  I think the Right Wing “Plan B” for affordable health care coverage is to ignore it completely and leave people to try to make do with whatever the regular insurance market has to offer – – – at the prices they offer it for – – – – which means – – as far as I am concerned – – there will be millions of American Citizens who will not be able to afford any kind of health care coverage.  But surely the People knew all this when they gave the keys to the henhouse back to the foxes again, didn’t they?

I expect we will see Americans building a multi-billion-dollar Keystone XL oil sludge Pipeline that will cross the Ogallala Aquifer in the Agricultural West – – – grabbing private property from property owners by eminent domain . . . for the bottom line profits of a totally foreign corporation.  I never thought I would see the day when American Land Owners might be dispossessed by a Foreign Government but I guess we are living in the age when it is now possible because of some law giving foreigners the right to kick Americans off their lands. And yes, there is such a law and I believe it is something Nebraska passed a few years ago.  Can you believe that shit?

I expect somewhere along the line we will see more wage depression and more “Right to Work” Laws being passed so that workers in those states where they are passed can lose their rights to bargain with employers through unions and where non-union workers can work right along side of dues paying union members and get the same protections and benefits as the union members without having to join the union or pay any union dues – – – and I am sure employers in such states will be playing that little ace in the hole for all it is worth to them – – – at the expense of the workers, of course.

I expect we will see a lot more “Trade Deals” like the Trans Pacific Partnership that will let more employers ship more American jobs overseas – – – – much like the NAFTA mess . . . and the worst part of that crap is that I hear that our President actually favors these kinds of job-killing trade agreements.  I haven’t figured that one out yet because I always thought the President was in favor of doing the right thing for the American Middle Class.  I am going to have to wait and see how that mess works itself out.  But I am not feeling too encouraged by what I have been hearing lately and what I have been hearing is that the President might actually approve some such trade deals that that for whatever the reason.  It is all so crazy from where I sit.

I expect that somewhere along the way we will see the start of another Republican Recession like the one that got going under the George W. Bush Administration and which we still are just barely squirming our way out of right now . . . slowly but surely.  It has been a long hard row to hoe but I think the economy is generally seen as being on the rebound right now . . . . although I am not so sure many of the Obama Hating Right Wingers are ever going to agree that things are on the up and up now.

The really good thing – – as I see it – – is that the Righties are doing what I had hoped they would do and what I hope they keep on doing:  They are fighting among themselves about who is conservative and who is not and who is going to be the next big clown at the head of the wagon for their upcoming 2016 Presidential Campaigns.  I don’t remember a time in my life when I can remember so many different right wingers giving suggestions or indications that they might be running for President this time.  Usually that bunch comes together and chooses a favored candidate and gets behind that candidate and promotes them.  But this time around what I am seeing is a score or different conservatives all seemingly planning their run at the Presidency and nobody being sure about much of anybody or what anybody stands for.

That is one fog that I do not wish to see lifted anytime soon.

Well folks, I do not have a crystal ball but I think I would be safe if I were to suggest that the Big Money People have probably chosen their entries for the 2016 race and that they probably will spend billions to try to get their fair-haired people elected.  I think we can count on that much for sure.  Money will be out there with its mouth running and the airwaves are sure to be filled with all the rhetoric and stuff that money can buy – – again.

But I won’t be worrying too much about the elections of 2016 because there isn’t a damned thing I can do to make a difference anyway.  I have one vote and that is about it!  But I will go out and cast that vote even if it gets its ass kicked in the process.

Since the Democrats have recently pissed me off by seeming to me to be wishy-washy in their response to the right wing insanity and since 9 Democrats caved in and voted for that worthless damned pipeline, I am changing my politics this next time to Independent.  In light of some of the things the Liberals have done – – and in light of some of the things they have failed to do lately, I am not altogether sold on the idea they are the party of the Middle and Working Classes of America anymore.

I guess I am just going to have to watch as things develop and see where the ashes from the current fires fall and I guess my next vote will depend on just how much or how badly I get burned trying to deal with some of these people.

I guess that is enough of a rant on this subject so I will shut up for a little bit until something else comes along to tickle my petunia, as it were.

Lawmakers Debate Bill To Give Texas Teachers Power Of Life and Death Over School Kids!

UPDATED . . . . . .

Re:  My previous post entitled, “Article Says School Teachers In Texas May Soon Be Able To Kill Students Legally!

Shortly after I posted this article about a proposed bill reportedly being considered by the Texas Legislature – – – some Right Wing Websites went into overdrive calling me “Dip Shit” and “Liberal Liar” and doing their best to discredit everything I had posted about this draconian measure widely reported to be under consideration in the Lone Star State.

Following are excerpts taken directly from one Conservative blog site: – – -

(Excerpt) – – – “Dear readers, this is the perfect example of just how sick the bastards are who inhabit the Twilight Zone of the left. There is nothing in the bill which has anything to do with a teacher killing a student. This example is why liberals disgust me. They are liars and hate everything that’s good and decent. They are sick perverts who rejoice in the destruction of the unborn. They defend Islam which in reality is everything they claim to despise … anti-gay, anti-women, anti-tolerance, anti-education and on and on. . . .” (End of excerpt).

Well I hate to break the bad news to Righties, but the article is based on lots of credible information sources and here are a few of those:

TAKE NOTE:  “The bill was filed just days before a video of a New Jersey physics teacher being body slammed by his 9th grade student went viral.”

The list goes on.

And so we get another insight into how some of the radicals on the right wing roll.

Now they seem to have disorderly children in the sights of their precious gunz and will obviously go ballistic when their plans are exposed.

I think it is disgusting to think that there are some Radical Right Wing scumbags who would dance in the streets with joy over the thought that they could be empowered by Law to pull the trigger on a child guilty of misbehaving in school or on a child whom any teacher can legally shoot and later defend their deadly actions by simply uttering something on the order of “I was in fear for my life” and get completely off the hook!

Try to remember, as you read this, a 9th Grade School student is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 14-years-old so I guess what I am hearing now is that if this law gets passed it will be alright to put a bullet into a 14-year-old kid if the kid is perceived by the assailant to be a threat.

Somehow that does not press the high priority button on my moral compass.

As I was reading this article the thought occurred to me, “Instead of shooting the kids, why doesn’t someone simply have offenders taken into custody by Juvenile Authorities and let the courts sort the situation out?  Why is there suddenly a need for deadly force against mere children in a school setting?”

Come on, Righwads!  I know you are lurking out there waiting to make a “Come Back” at me on this one – – – come on and show me your character by justifying the killing of children . . . I know you are tempted . . . . just go ahead and show us your true colors.  Defend this egregious idea if you think you can and tell me, while you are in the process of defending it, how Gee-Zuss would handle the situation?

Article Says School Teachers In Texas May Soon Be Able To Kill Students Legally!



I think the limits of “Stand Your Ground” laws are fast being reached and I think the outer limits of sanity are being tested by the Radical Right Wing in The United States.

Now I am hearing reports that the Texas Legislature may be about to consider  a bill that would give school teachers the legal power to actually draw a gun and kill a school child if the teacher feels the child is a threat.

How many times am I going to have to endure some right wing radical assholes bragging about people who think the way they think being the “Real Americans” and everybody else . . . especially Liberals and Progressives . . . being the dumb asses?

I think the following is absolutely “Must” reading for anybody with any modicum of humanity or common sense about them. – – – HERE

And then when you get done reading that one, try THIS ONE OUT HERE!

The Essentials:

1.  The proposed bill has not been passed yet but is under consideration.  Even considering such a thing seems outrageous to me and I am waiting for the firestorm of outrage that should accompany such news.

2.  The bill seems to allow a teacher to kill a kid on nothing more than a “Belief” that the victim would be a threat.  – – – See paragraph two of the accompanying article.

3.  If I am reading this thing correctly the proposed bill would let a teacher who kills a kid on the “Belief” the kid is a threat to persons or school property get off scott free without any fear of prosecution at all.

4.  If such a thing is actually happening down in Texas – – – I think it is beyond reprehensible because if such ideas are allowed to take hold in the Law down there they might spread to some of the other states as well . . . . maybe even yours or mine!

I think I am getting a clearer idea now of why some Right Wingers are so hard-core when it comes to protecting children in the womb.  It looks to me like they would rather deal with problem children in a different manner much later in life.

I am wondering if this proposed legislation is something they have found suggested by some Bible reference or something?  Wouldn’t the “Christian” thing tend more toward publicly stoning the offenders than shooting them?





















Right Wing Devalues Property and Increases Taxes




I don’t know if you live in a heavily Republican (Or other right wing-dominated) place or not but I can almost predict that if you do live under the thumb of the greed-mongering right (Regardless of stripe, variety or nuance) you probably have similar circumstances to contend with.

Property owners in some areas of the country are learning some hard lessons about the loyalty they gave to the Right Wingers during some elections in times past – – – and some very recently.

The Righties always come on to the electorate with all their flamboyant bragging about how they will lower taxes (For everybody mind you) and decrease spending if only you will elect them to this office or that office or the other office.

And once they lie their way into power and actually get elected, what do they do?

It has been my experience that they usually forget every word they said in front of microphones and cameras on the campaign trail and start enjoying their cocktail parties and plush gourmet dinners at taxpayer expense and start finding ways to pocket more money for themselves or their loyalists . . . . particularly their loyalists with the deepest pockets.  You see, folks, I have never known a rightie to do a favor of any kind for anybody unless there were conditions attached; a price to pay if you will.

Some of them actually do save money for their state or their city or their county – – – or so they make it seem sometimes!

Righties are very good at fiscal sleight of hand. “Now you see it, now you don’t!”

One of their favorite tricks is to take taxpayer money that is normally scheduled to be spent on certain items . . . . take street maintenance for example – – or police protection – – or schools . . . especially schools.  The Righties seem to love to put the screws to Public Education and to lock that money away in some kind of so-called “Rainy Day Fund” so that it is not actually sent out to the places where it can be spent on what it was intended to be spent for.

So when this happens – – as it invariably does when a “I’m gonna save the taxpayers some money” type of right wing liar gets elected to some high office, some services that citizens have gotten used to receiving because of their taxes gets curtailed “For lack of operating funds.”

The next step in this process is for the local municipality or the city fathers or village administrators or whoever to start screaming about putting a “Levy” on the ballot to cover the shortfalls created by the Right Wingers who locked the funds away in a box somewhere and before it is over there are several new “Levys” passed so that the locals who got their funding cut off by the righties can pay the bills for their street maintenance or their schools or whatever.

As anyone who can think beyond a Hootin’Holler degree in finance can see, this Right Wing manipulation actually results in another tax on residents who need services but the name of what has happened to them is not “Tax” but is now a more acceptable, “Levy” – – – but in the final analysis it is still right wing bullshit.

The thing is that it is usually so skillfully presented in a flurry of high-sounding words that it is easy for the victims to accept it as “Ordinary Business.”  And when it is not presented in pretty packages of nice-sounding words (Words intended to take the sting out for the taxpayers) then it is done with meetings that are closed to the public or during special sessions of governing bodies that take place at ungodly hours of the night – – behind closed doors – – when there is little or no possibility of any citizens being present to challenge the enforced extra burden on the targeted taxpayers.

This is one of the ways the slickest of the Righties can legitimately make the claim, “In my entire term in office I have never once raised taxes.”

No, they have not!  They are telling the truth.  They have not raised taxes but by hiding the money normally allocated to one purpose or another and causing local authorities to have to beg more money from their citizens to cover the shortages thus created, they sure as hell have been the cause of the extra taxes that nobody wants to call “Taxes. Remember, folks these are “Levys” and not taxes.

Anyway if you happen to live in one of these areas where the voters have gone nuts and let the righties take everything over there is a possibility that you get your property “Re-Evaluated” every few years so that your property values can be “Re-adjusted.”

Lately, in case anyone has failed to notice, property values in some parts of the country have been going through the floor as property values decline for one reason or another.

property owners in those areas would naturally expect to see their property tax bills going down right along with the valuations on their real estate, wouldn’t you imagine?

Well hold on a minute folks – – – the righties have found a new scam to play with.

The falling property values don’t mean a damned thing to some of these Righties because they will jack your tax bill up anyway and remind you of all the “Levys” you voted for when they cut off the funds and socked them away in the “Rainy Day” fund.  Remember those?

And guess what else?  The “Rainy Day” never comes around, does it?

When is the last time you heard of some local, state, national or regional right wing elected official with any clout over property taxes tell you, “Hey!  We are tapping the Rainy Day fund to give you taxpayers a little break here.?”

You haven’t heard it, have you?  The Rainy Day never seems to materialize, does it?

I suspect it is designed that way?

So where does the money in the “Right Wing Rainy Day Fund” actually go?

I will bet a dollar to a donut that wherever it goes, the information is sealed away safely behind a “Non-disclosure” shield of some kind and God Himself could not obtain the key to unlock it.

Wherever this kind of shenanigan goes on there is usually some bogus provision on the books that allows the victim property owner to “Appeal” their increased taxes or their property evaluations but “Appeals” can take years and thousands of dollars in legal expenses to pursue and of course, they are very easily declined.

So if this kind of thing has happened to you lately – – or at all for that matter – – I just wanted you to be aware that it is probably just another one of those wonderful little hidden benefits of being loyal to the Right Wing wherever you live.

They definitely do not raise taxes but they sure as hell have the cunning to know how to make you end up paying a lot more anyway, don’t they?

So how are things in the area where you live?

If you want to share your own circumstances and experiences, go ahead and leave a comment on the blog.