Some Right Wingers are fear mongering about “Terrorists” crossing the borders!

I think we can safely discount all the scare stories being spread on the Internet by some radical righties about “dangerous criminals” and “terrorists” coming across the Southern Border of The United States because of President Obama and the Administration in Washington.

First of all I do not believe for an instant that the wave of immigrants at the U.S./Mexican Border is anywhere near being “caused” by the President.

Those kinds of claims are . . . to me . . . nothing but low-life propaganda from some very angry or very paranoid people who despise our President.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas is reported by some news sources to be activating a considerable number of National Guard Troops to be sent to the border situation and I will not be surprised to learn that many others may follow the governor’s lead.  I am sure the National Guard is equal to the task so I think we can just give the old “pooh pooh” to some of the scare mongering being done by some of the radical righties on this one.

I read the story about Governor Perry calling up The National Guard to send troops to the border on the CBS News website which I do not have permission to link to but which my readers can probably look up if they want to do so.

So even if it is true that some “dangerous criminals” or even “terrorists” have managed to slip over here along with all the children who have been fleeing oppression in their home countries, I am totally confident that any military resources that might be called to meet the challenges presented will be more than adequate to handle whatever comes their way.

Let’s not join the paranoids on this one, shall we?

Republicans once more demonstrate their undying love for the neediest Americans!



I hope if this judicial fiasco succeeds that the millions of people who will have their health insurance subsidies shit canned because of it will remember that is was Right Wingers that took away their only chance for decent and adequate affordable health care.  That’s about all I have to say about this ridiculous callous, uncaring, dehumanizing right wing bull manure. The very thought of what “They” are trying to do to hurt millions of American families is beyond reprehensible in my opinion and I hope the chickens come home to roost someday if this damnable thing actually succeeds in defunding Obamacare for millions of the neediest of my Fellow Americans. I want so badly to say the “F” word here but I feel it would be better if I refrained – - even though that’s where my attitude toward radical righties is over this issue. – - – PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Here is another link that I feel is important to this developing story – - – RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

Please, Dear Readers . . . please read the link I have just provided because I think some of you will find it far more than stomach turning.  The very nastiness of some of these people – - how very obvious their lack of concern for the needs of The American People!

I think Americans need to raise a little noise about this one . . . actually I think America needs to get “Mad as Hell” on this one and let their Senators and Representatives know that their health care subsidies are not to be trifled with because of some politicized agenda crap.

Message to the Radical Right Wingers of America:  Please, for God’s Sake, do not punish The American People just because you have it on for the President or the Liberals.

God is watching!

America is watching!

UPDATE: 7/22/2014 at 1:05 PM

It seems that a major news network has just broke the news that the 4th District Court of Appeals has now issued an opinion about the Obamacare subsidies that conflicts with the earlier one by another court that attempted to make the subsidies illegal.  So for the time being it looks like the Obamacare Haters are stalled in the water on their attacks against health care.

I think this would be an ideal time for Americans everywhere to pipe up and let their Congress People know just where they stand . . . are Americans going to have affordable health care or are they not?

Hearsay and circumstance form the substance of many right wing “facts.”

Did you ever notice how a lot of radical right wing media . . . desperate for something sensible to talk about . . . often rely on hearsay and circumstance to “prove” their points when they want to paint somebody or something in a bad light?  I think many of them will grasp at any straw that comes their way when they are struggling to cast aspersions on someone or something and I think that is why most of the bull manure they present for Public consumption is all too often nothing but the proverbial “Verbal House Built On Straw.”  The rightie propaganda bullshit always flames like gasoline when the hot match head of reality is applied to it.  It always falls to the floor of the public consciousness in a heap of dead ashes.

Border Patrol agents reportedly under fire at Rio Grande immigrant crossing point!

A website that looks to me like The Fox News website has an article on it that claims U.S. Border Patrol Agents at the Rio Grand River  have been forced to run for cover from what appeared to be 50-caliber rifle fire coming at them from somewhere across the river.

The article I was reading suggested that those present at the event thought the high-caliber rifle fire might have come from Mexican drug cartel members trying to lay down suppressing fire so a group of people could cross the river illegally into The United States.  That is the kind of weapons fire we used to call “Diversionary Fire” when I was in the Military some years back.

On reading this article I immediately went looking around the Internet to see if the incident was being talked about on other major news websites and I was unable to find any other coverages than that which I found on the website that looks like the Fox News site.

Now whether this report that U.S. Agents . . . and apparently a few private citizens . . . have been fired on at the U.S./Mexican Border is true or not my opinion is that any firing of weapons at U.S. Citizens or Agents by anyone at that border down there constitutes unwarranted aggression, is an act of war and if this stuff I am talking about is true then The United States needs to get troops on the border as soon as possible to with capability to return any such gunfire in enough force to insure that the other side is discouraged from continuing their aggressive and potentially life-threatening behavior.

Remember: what I just wrote is entirely my personal opinion!

If it is not feasible to send troops at this juncture then it is my further opinion that the Border patrol should receive any and all equipment, weapons and protective gear necessary to insure their safety.

I have been suggesting from time to time that what we need down there is some armed helicopters – - – and I mean a lot of them – - – to help patrol that border area.  I call the helicopter idea, “The Flying Fence.”

If it is not feasible to get helicopters in significant numbers to patrol the border then how about a few hundred well-armed drones?

Americans should never settle for our own Border Agents and Fellow Citizens to be taking gunfire of any kind from some bunch of criminal assholes on the other side of that river down there and I think if it is happening the way I have been reading about it then Americans ought to get riled up enough about it that they start communicating with their elected officials and demanding that something more be done to protect the lives of Americans on that god-d***ned far-too-open border area.

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To read what I have been reading just put the following words into the search window of your computer and follow the leads that appear: “CARTELS GUNFIRE BORDER PATROL RIO GRANDE.”

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The greed barons of industry seem to be in love with “Right-To-Work” laws!

Some right wing idiots preach about why all American businesses ought to be situated in so-called “Right To Work” states – - – a euphemism for the right to work for a lot less of everything.

You see,folks, when a business operates in a “Right To Work” ( for less ) state the business can be freed from “Union Thuggery” ( The right to form a union and obtain better wages and benefits – - an American Tradition that built the Middle Class).

You see,folks, when a business operates in a “Right To Work” ( for less ) state the business can make even more billions of dollars in profits than it probably had been making before moving to the “Right To Work” ( for less ) state because in a “Right To Work” (for less) state businesses can pay lower wages ( much lower wages . . . even slightly above poverty level wages in some cases.

And forget about benefits such as insurance coverages ( unless there is a union that has survived the incursions of “Right To Work” ( for less laws) . . . and of course let us not forget that in a “Right To Work” ( for less ) state, “Scab” labor can work right alongside the dues-paying members of unions ( where unions have been able to survive under “Right To Work” ( for less) laws while getting the same representation by the union and the same negotiated benefits of their union contract . . . and the “Scabs” don’t have to pay a dime in union dues if they choose not to do so.

Now I have to agree that “Right To Work” ( for less) laws are not necessarily “Jobs Killers” but why worry about a “Job Killer” when the once good American Job that actually paid a living wage becomes just another humdrum “Work at the employers’ will for whatever pittance the employer is willing to part with kind of daily drudgery. . . which I am sure will be a smaller and smaller pittance as time goes by in the “Right To Work ( for less ) states.

Yes folks, let’s all go work under a “Right To Work” ( for less) law somewhere and settle for what little wages we might be able to wangle from the greed mongers and maybe someday in the future we can wake up and discover that in our “Right To Work” ( for less) job we are making just barely minimum wage or slightly above or we are competing with the 50-cents-an-hour exploitees in foreign lands somewhere.

If you want to get a picture of what “Fraud” really is then take a close look at some of the Right Wing ideas about how “Right To Work” ( for less) laws are “Good for the economy” and see whose “Economy” they are talking about. If you are the one punching the time clock I think I can guarantee it is not YOUR economy they are talking about when they praise “Right To Work” ( for less ) legislations.

But I guess some of the “Serfs” are happy to adjust their baseball caps and mutter under their breath, “But it’s a job, ain’t it?”

Not really, Bubba . . . not really!  A “Real” job pays a living wage, allows a person to support their family at a comfortable level, allows the worker to save some money for future needs, allows for a worker to provide a college education for his kids, allows the worker enough money for emergencies, allows a worker to take his or her family on a vacation once in a while, allows a worker to realize the dream of owning their own home . . . you know . . . the old “Slice of The American Pie” that Middle Class workers used to take for granted and which the right wing greed mongers have worked steadily to erode and destroy over the years.

The so-called “Right To Work” laws are just one of “Their” weapons to undo all the good that the American Labor Movement has done so that more and more of the national wealth can flow to the top 1% and less and less of it “Trickles Down” to the workers at the bottom of the economic heap.

The right-cobbers can dispute what I am saying here but if you want to know the truth ask someone who has lost their standard of living to one of these “Right To Work” schemes and I think you will get an earful if you are asking someone who is not afraid their employer will find out they are blowing the whistle and fire them to opening their ungrateful mouths.

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