I have just been reading somewhere that it really doesn’t do much good to blog about politics because everybody usually has their minds made up on where they stand on issues and no amount of blogging is going to change a lot of people’s mind-set.

At the same time —– and by the same token —– it is also my understanding — from people who are supposed to be in the know — that politics is a popular blogging niche because so many people are really interested in the subject matter.

I like to blog about politics and a lot of my Internet friends have some really great blogs about politics but my question remains the same, “Is politics really the way to go when writing a blog?”

I Believe The Right Wing Has Totally Failed At Governing America!

I find it hard to swallow some of the arrogant pride shown by some members of The American Conservative-Oriented Right Wing these days.

They are quick to demean, defame and criticize the Left, the Liberals and the Democrats and they do a lot of it in their blogs and online media presence.

In fact, sometimes they can get downright nasty about it!

But there is something I wish somebody could tell me—–

The Republicans have been in control of both houses of The American Congress for quite a while now and they still haven’t managed to get anything done that really benefits The American People.

They have managed to do a lot of fighting among themselves about who is more conservative or who is a better conservative or in some cases who is conservative at all but as to actually getting anything done for The American People — (and I am not talking about the rich and the super rich here because Republicans always manage to serve the interests of that element of society) —-

Where is their list of accomplishments?

Lots of right wingers are always moaning, bitching, griping and complaining and wanting to see Hillary Clinton’s list of accomplishments.

What I want to see is a list of some of the worth while accomplishments of The Right Wing —- Other than the accomplishment of maintaining and expanding the gun nut culture and a few other such like things, that is.

If some Rightie decides to answer this question I cannot wait to see the kind of crazy-assed self-justifying crap they post here to prove that my premise is wrong. —– Whatever it is I am sure it will be mind-bogglingly complex and will be filled with all kinds of phony contrived statistics and figures —- and half truths —– and low informational perspectives and opinions designed to baffle and control their own base and maybe to try to confuse some of the rest of us.

If I had wanted to be a foreigner I would have long since packed my bags and moved to another country —- but I do not want to be a foreigner in a foreign country and I sure as Hell don’t want to be a foreigner here in my own country! —– Close the frigging borders and put an end to all this frigging illegal immigration once and for all before it is too late to do anything about it at all.

Employment Is Up In The U.S.,But So What?

The latest economic reports indicate that job growth in The United States is up and growing at a steady pace but when I look at the record I am tempted to ask, “So what?”

Most of the “New” jobs are shit jobs in the retail and food service areas —– (You wanna be a cashier at a greasy spoon?) —– (The local Bar and Grill has a job opening for somebody who can swing a mop and carry heavy cases of bottled drinks up a long flight of stairs) —– and most of the “New” jobs pay a whole lot less than the average $25.00 an hour required to even define the word, “Wages” at most “Real” jobs.

One lovely little detail that I am sure most workers at these sub par endeavors must be over looking is the fact that if they work at one of these “Jobs” they probably cannot look forward to any significant raises in their wages for months and perhaps even years — if, indeed, they can get a raise at all.

But not to worry folks —– All you really have to do to get a really good-paying American job is to pack up your belongings, hop on the nearest available air or sea transportation and travel off to to a foreign country where there are millions of good-paying American jobs that the super-patriots who own giant corporations have sent.

Of course you if you go overseas to do some job chasing you might have to adjust your standard of living just a little more than you have already —– and you might have to learn to work 18-20 hours a day in sweatshop conditions —- and you might have to learn to be happy packing your family into sardine can-sized living quarters —- and you might have to learn to eat things that you might have considered to be disgusting back here in America —- but at least if you do these things you will find one of those “Good American Jobs” that you used to hear about and which are — for the most part — only memories now here at home — In the good old U.S. of A.

Posted by John at 7:36 a.m.

The Now Famous Donald Trump Pronouncements

I am amazed at how quickly the media jumped on Donald Trump for statements he made about illegal immigrants during his announcement that he was running for the Presidency of The United States. —– The attack on Mr. Trump’s statements seemed to me to be swift, all-inclusive and for the most part pretty final!

Do you know what is missing in all this noise about the things that Mr. Trump said?

What is missing from all the noise surrounding Mr. Trumps statements is any form or sense of proof that the things he said were erroneous. —– As I see it, there were a lot of people willing to be critical of what Mr. Trump said but no one — as far as I can tell — has proven him wrong.

I am not so sure I consider that to be quite fair to Mr. Trump.

What about you?