About all these new “Religious Freedom To Discriminate” laws being passed around the country!

Yes, America is called “The Land of The Free.”

America is a land where everyone is free to do what the law tells them to do.

And people are free to do whatever the law “Allows” them to do too.  The laws might be worded cleverly so as to avoid saying actually what they are designed to do but it is not the wording that matters so much as how those laws are used and how the courts interpret them and how they affect people when everything is said and done. —– Words are one thing but interpretations are something else again.

So there is no question in my mind:  State legislatures in this Land of The Free are completely free to write whatever kind of law they want to write and if they want to write a law that ends up discriminating against people then they are free to do that too —- and they are also completely free to give their discrimination laws a religious face if they want to and I guess there are a lot of Right Wingers especially who want to —- and who have —– and who are doing exactly that: Writing laws that can discriminate but that wear a religious mask. —– It’s been all over the news lately in case you have missed it.

Well, this insignificant, unimportant,loud-mouthed little Independent blogger — (me) — has his own opinion about Religious Freedom Restoration Acts and here that opinion is for whatever it is worth:

Bigots can write all the religious laws they can pull out of their collective asses —– I have no fight with the bigots who want to deny service to fellow human beings on any grounds they choose —– but it should be understood from the outset that if I don’t like any law that I feel is bigoted and that carries a phony religious mask stamped onto it —- then I am free to openly denounce such laws and to refuse to spend a dime of my hard-earned money in any state, city, municipality, or business place that supports such shit and I won’t patronize any such bigotry no matter where it may be found if I can avoid it at all.

I think using religion to excuse bigotry is disgusting to the core and I think any attempt to force people of one religion or people who practice no religion to comply with the dictates and demands of some other religious fools is Un-Democratic, Un-American and definitely Un-Christian in the purest sense of the word.

What happens is that if some religion gets a law passed then all persons of that religion and every other religion are obliged to submit themselves to that law and to obey it and when that happens it means that one religion has made itself superior to all others and that ain’t American either —- that is an attempt by one religion to become the dictating power that decides what is moral and acceptable for all persons who happen to reside under its jurisdiction and that is total bullshit where any discussion of Democracy or a Democratic Republic are concerned. —- That kind of crap is more appropriately consigned to the idea of a Theocracy and America hasn’t gotten there yet. —– And God forbid that She ever does get there because in the day She does become a Theocracy that is the day the deepest darkness imaginable will descend on this country and people of all faiths and convictions will begin to pray that the rocks fall on them —- and they will be praying it in desperation and all earnestness, I think I can tell you that much!

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