There was nothing there!


Just now – – -

I went searching all over the Internet to try to find something written by someone from the American Radical Political Right Wing that I might offer some kind of rebuttal to but all I found was the same old hateful rhetoric about The President and the Democrats, Liberals and Progressives.  Nothing there, folks . . . nothing worth commenting on was to be found anywhere I looked.

Nothing new at all!

Maybe tomorrow will be better but I doubt it because in that mist-laden world of fantasy and myth-information nothing much ever changes . . . except the time of day perhaps . . . or maybe the number of people infected by their fantasies.

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Picture credit: Wikimedia.Org  The picture was being offered for use under a Creative Commons License on the date I used it on this blog post. (8/31/2014).

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Choices of the prudent


What I want to know is, “Where was the American Political Right Wing when these words were being spoken?  Where has the Political Right been since these words were spoken?”

Credits:  This quote is from the website, “IZ Quotes.Com.

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Thought for a Sunday Morning

Union Labor Built The American Dream

Union Labor Built The American Dream

“Does anybody remember “Weekends,” “Sick Pay,” Safer Working Conditions,” “Overtime Pay,” “Employer-provided health care benefits,” The 40-hour work week” and “Job Security?” It was labor unions that brought all these wonderful things about and it has been The Radical Right political factions that have fought against them ever since.”

A vote for anything smelling of “Right Wing” is definitely a vote against the better interests of anyone who actually works for a living – anyone who works for wages at the typical 7:30 am to 4:30 pm job – – – anyone who punches a time clock every day . . . those who find themselves stuck in dead-end minimum wage jobs . . . and many others who are not walking around with a silver spoon stuck up their inward parts.

But there are still some who support the Righties . . . the very Righties who work so hard at robbing them blind . . . they support them blindly, religiously, tenaciously, doggedly at every available election. What can possibly motivate such blind self-destructive behavior?   Go figure!

I imagine there are some Righties out there who would even blame such a crass intellectual dysfunction as this myth-guided right wing loyalty on Obama as well.  After all, isn’t “He” the cause of almost everything?

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Picture Credit: The image above is by DonkeyHotey and is found on Flickr and at the time I used it on this blog post ( 8/31/2014 ) it was being offered for use under a Creative Commons License.


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Damned if you do and damned if you dont!

The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

Some of the Right Wingers are currently crabbing about President Obama saying that there is no strategy for dealing with ISIS (The Islamic State terrorist organization) and the worst of the lot . . . the most obviously low-information ( Or no-information) of them are intimating that the “Lack of a strategy” is somehow a sign of the President’s lack or leadership or “Weak” leadership.

I kind of expected that would be the Right Wing Obama Haters’ reaction to the Presidents’ statement about there being no strategy at this point.  They will do anything they can to throw manure at the President,after all . . . it is their nature . . . it is obviously their agenda . . . and I am thinking that most of them either don’t know any better or can’t find anything better to do with their time.

So I am sitting here wondering what the big deal really is with the Righties about the President and the “No strategy” statement.

I guess most of them either don’t understand that it is not the President who is responsible for thinking up strategies and tactics for military engagements . . . or they deliberately want people to be confused about how these things work in the real world.

In the real world, the President relies on The Pentagon and his military advisers to develop strategies for conflict resolution and military actions – – – so it does not rest on the President to think these things up – – but for some reason, I believe the Right Wing Radicals want people to believe that is the case so they can paint their pictures of a weak and ineffectual President.

I mean have any of them ever been fair with Obama?

I know pretty well in my heart that if the President had announced a strategy the right wingers would have immediately jumped on whatever he proposed and would have found everything they could find that was wrong with whatever he might have proposed . . . because that is what they have always done and I am convinced that is all they will ever do.

I think we all know where the Right Wingers heads are and I also think it will take a major medical operation to get most of their heads out of that place and back where they ought to be.

Let them rage on!  They will anyway no matter what anybody says because that’s who they are.

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Picture Credit:  The Pentagon picture is from Wikipedia.Org and was taken from an airplane by David B. Gleason from Chicago, Illinois and is used under provisions of a Creative Commons License that was available on the date I used the image ( 8/30/2014).

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ISIS and the American/Mexican border


Is there a threat or not?

Is someone blowing hot air or is somebody else hiding something?

If I were to post an article here suggesting that somebody connected with the terror group, “The Islamic State” might be eyeing the border between The United States and Mexico as a possible “entry” point for the purpose of carrying out terrorist attacks within the U.S., would somebody think I am being overly alarmist?

As of the time I am writing this article I have read an article on a major American-based News site that says someone has reported social media chatter indicates the terrorists are looking closely at the possibility of launching an attack on America by clandestinely crossing at the border . . . which seems to me to be relatively easy to cross if recent headlines are any indication.

Now if you were to go to the website for “Daily Mail.Co.UK” you might find the article where the Homeland Security folks have outright denied there are any ISIS agents stationed in Mexico planning any imminent attacks on the United States.

So – – – who am I to believe?

Here are some words to type into your computer search window so that you can generate some interesting leads and read more: “isis, feds,terror,threat,mexico.” (Type all the words in the list at one time with the commas in place as shown.)

Who do YOU believe?

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Photo Credit(s): Image from Wikimedia Commons is used under a Creative Commons License which was in effect on date when I used it on this blog post (8/30/2014).

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The rusty government machine needs some voter oil

congress-74032_640And I think it needs it badly!

Thomas Jefferson once famously remarked:

“I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.”

- – – – – – – – – – -

John’s Comment:

“Most of the parasites I can discern living on the labor of the industrious can be found at present in the Republican House of Representatives . . . and in a Congress that takes more than a thousand days off from their jobs . . . and a congress that does little or nothing on the rare occasions it is in session . . . except to obstruct everything that might benefit The American People . . .

I don’t think we have “Too Much” machinery of government but I do think that some of the machinery we have needs to be oiled a little bit and some of the rust scraped off.

The best way I can see to scrape the rust off the machinery of government is to rid it of the Right Wing obstructors and their Big Money bedfellows.

That’s what elections are about and that is why everyone who can get past all the efforts by the Right Wing to restrict the vote or to suppress the vote should get out to the polls and cast their vote for the changes they most want to see brought about.

Credit for Quotations:  (Quotes Daddy.Com)

Picture Credit: Pixabay.Com.

At the date on which I used the picture above on this blog ( 8/30/2014 ) it was listed on Pixabay as being in The Public Domain.

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What Americans think is most important to them


Hint:  It’s not “Immigration.”

Twenty-One percent of Americans think the “Government” itself is the most important thing on  their minds these days.

I can understand that seeing how dysfunctional the “Gubmint” has been ever since Obama was elected President.

Why has the “Gubmint” been dysfunctional ever since Obama was first elected way back in 2008?

Here is what I consider to be the main reason:

“My number one priority is making sure President Obama’s a one-term-president.”

This is something that has been attributed to Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) and it is reported to have been said in 2010 and not in 2008 as some have reported . . . but to me it doesn’t matter when it was said because that is what the Right Wing has been trying to do ever since . . . and I am convinced the right wing obstructionism did not wait until 2010 to start but that it has been their active focus from day one.

“So what?” you might ask?

The big “So What” is that if we get another Democrat elected as President in 2016 I am sure the Righties will try to continue on their “Do-Nothing” agenda for another eight years.

I think the Right Wing Crowd in Congress has gotten used to getting a big paycheck, a lot of TV time, some pretty fancy and pretty cushy perks that the ordinary citizen never sees and more paid time off the job than any Congress in the History of the country . . .( and the Right has the nerve to complain about President Obama’s vacation time) . . . (The President has taken just a little over 100 days and Congress is well over a Thousand) . . . . . .  and I think it is time to either replace a lot of the Right Tards at election time or to take steps to legally outlaw their entire ridiculous, expensive, disorganized, dysfunctional and dangerous-to-democracy pretense of a political party and be done with all the Rightie Radical crap once and for all time.

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Article about American Priorities

Photo Credits:  The immigration warning sign used above is from (Commons.Wikipedia.Org) and at the date I used the picture (8/30/2014) was being offered for use under a Creative Commons License.

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