The least among us!


“For the earth is only an atom in the universe of worlds.”
(Edgar Cayce, famed American Seer Known As “The Sleeping Prophet).

Comment by John:

If the earth is only an atom in the universe of worlds then try to envision in your mind how very small each individual one of us human beings must really be and if you can manage to do this you might get an idea of how significant each of us is to everything that goes on around us.

Add to what I just said this thought:  “God, Creator of all that was, is or ever shall be, loves each of us individually with every ounce of His Infinite Love and God is the only One in all Creation who is capable of doing this.

Doesn’t this make you feel a lot better now?

The image of the atom above is a public domain image from Pixabay.

Freedom for all or freedom for none!

Freedom For Everyone Or Freedom For Nobody!

Freedom For Everyone Or Freedom For Nobody!

 ( Friday, September 19, 2014 ) – – – I believe it was Susan B. Anthony who once said, “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.”

In the political arena I have heard more Republicans and other Right Wingers declaring not only that they know very well what God wants them to do but I have also heard them declaring that what God wants them to do is what God wants everybody else to do too.

In my mind there is something inherently wrong with one political faction trying to impose their idea of the Will of God onto another.

That – – in my mind – – is the inherent flaw in today’s brand of Conservative thinking – – and most especially that brand of Conservative thinking ordinarily and popularly referred to  – – usually erroneously in my opinion – – as “Christian” Conservatism.

I am something like Susan B. Anthony in this suspicion – – this mistrust if you will of our modern brand of Conservatism – – because I have a natural repulsion to being told that I must accept certain political ideas because those political ideas are aligned with somebody else’s religious beliefs.

This kind of admixture of religion and politics for the advantage of one political ideology over another is not only repulsive to me because it offends both my religious and moral sensibilities in what I perceive to be it’s inherent desire to have one ideology dominate another – – but also because it seems to me to be dangerous to the very precepts of a democratic system of governance.

I firmly believe that Liberals – – as well as Independents – – and everybody else in These United States of America should have complete freedom to pursue their own ideas of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness just the same as the Conservatives or anybody else and that the desires of one faction should never be allowed in our democratic form of government to dictate every detail of how others should be privileged to live out their own lives.

I also believe that Conservatism – – as it is constituted and as it operates in this time in which we all now live – – is totally and diametrically opposed to freedom for everybody unless such freedom is allowed and maintained on their terms alone.

If this exclusiveness of political privilege were to be allowed to become the accepted norm, then I believe the party pressing their beliefs onto the backs and shoulders of all others would constitute more of a dictatorship than it would a democratic form of government and in my opinion this state of affairs should – – must – – never be allowed to prevail here in America.

That is why I am firmly convinced that today’s brand of Conservatism serves nothing and no one except themselves and their big money benefactors who seem to me to have visions of ruling everything and everybody from their lofty perch at the top of the fiscal food chain at the expense of everything and everybody who are not as privileged and wealthy as themselves.

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True freedom cannot exist in a vacuum of hunger and joblessness!

Freedom, Justice, Equality Forever!

Freedom, Justice, Equality Forever!

President Franklin D. Roosevelt once is reported to have said:

“True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.”

Commentary by John:

As I re-read the comments by President Roosevelt – – which I have referred to above – – I am reminded how hard the American Modern Contemporary Conservative Radical Right Wing of our government works – – most of the time I am afraid – – to undermine all those government programs that have been designed by Liberals over the years to try to maintain a sense of economic security for those who work at jobs and to keep them from going hungry and to keep them from a feeling of helpless destitution when times get tough – – times which were experienced in the late 1920s, the mid-1930s and most recently in what we now have come to think of as The Great Republican Recession that began in 2007 – – – the recession that we have been recovering from all during the Obama Administration.

I sometimes feel – – although I cannot put a finger on why I feel the way I do – – that the Right Wing politicians in America would rather keep certain classes of our citizens in a state of fear and economic insecurity – – to try to condition those classes to that state of existence – – so that in the end, those classes of people can be led through propaganda  and manufactured crises to accept the empty promises of a Right Wing-dominated permanent Religious-Based Theocracy I believe they intend to use to replace our Democratic form of government so they can rule forever from the comfort of their elitist privileged ivory tower – – a great empire of the 1% who will be served by the vast resources of hungry and destitute from among the 47% forever and ever until the end of all time.

But I also thank God in Heaven that as long as there is a single Liberal voice to stir the conscience of The People this horror shall never transpire upon this beloved Land of The Free.

Posted by John at 10:39 PM

The quote attributed to President Roosevelt is taken from Brainy Quotes.


Christian holocaust reported in Iraq!

Can Humanity Help The Peresecuted Christians In Iraq?

Can Humanity Help The persecuted Christians In Iraq?

Some online authors I have read have compared the ISIS persecution of Christians in Iraq to a “Holocaust” and the question is being asked in many quarters, “Why is the Christian Persecution over there not receiving more coverage in the main stream media here in The United States than it is?”

The other question being asked is, “Can somebody mount a humanitarian mission to rescue these persecuted Christians from the horrors they are facing?”

If any of my Readers have thoughts on this please leave a comment and share those thoughts with us.

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Something went wrong with comments on my blog!

John Liming, Blog Author

John Liming, Blog Author

Oh My God . . . !!!

For some reason unknown to me a lot of comments made by my wonderful Readers ( and all my Readers are wonderful Readers . . . make no mistake about that ) have been dropping into a spam folder for some reason and I have been missing them.

That is the world’s worst bummer, bar none!

Thank God one of my dear Readers brought the problem to my attention and I have now gone into my admin area and tried to fix it.  I am now waiting to see if the fix has worked.

Losing comments to spam is probably the worst thing that could happen and I apologize to everyone whose comments may have been affected and I am waiting with bated breath to see if the fix has worked.

In the meantime I am so sorry if anyone else has had this awful experience and I want everyone to know I would not have this kind of stuff happen for the world.

Cordially and appreciatively yours,


Terrorists just want a ‘path to citizenship’


It is kind of amazing when you think about it, isn’t it? Kind of makes me wonder sometimes just what people are thinking! So does everybody know where their local terrorists might be living?

Originally posted on Cry and Howl:

Folks, this is probably the most stunning testimony I’ve ever heard. Jeh Johnson the Secretary of Homeland Security,  (the folks who are charged with protecting the citizens of America) basically said that terrorists and criminals crossing the border would be encouraged to come forward and submit to a back ground check and ‘get on the books’ if there was a law for an ‘earned path to citizenship’ waiting for them.

Makes me feel so safe and secure.

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Austrailia foils ISIS beheading plan!


Warning!  This blog post contains strong language!

The telephone in the kitchen rang and I answered it . . . it was old Kenny who used to be a friend of mine and who later became a rabid right wing radical.

We hadn’t spoken in a while, so I thought to myself, “Oh what the Hell?  He might have something to say after all . . .”

“Did you hear what the f-ing ISIS monkeys had planned to do in Australia?” he asked with kind of a quiver in his voice.

“No,” I hadn’t heard, Kenny . . . what did they plan to do?”

“They planned to grab random victims off the street and behead them and film the beheadings – – right on the streets of Australia . . . can you believe this sh*t?” Kenny seemed a bit more agitated than usual.

“Is that some kind of right wing propaganda ploy?” I asked with a little cold feeling rising in my stomach.

“It’s all over the Internet,” my old friend replied . . . there are plenty of really credible sites running the story . . . just go on the Internet and read some of it if you don’t want to believe me.”

So I entered the words, “ISIS, Australia,Beheadings” into my search window and was astounded at the amount of crap that came up about this horrible prospect.  There was a shit load of it!

“You know what?” Kenny ventured.

“No what?” I answered.

“I have been hearing all kinds of American politicians and generals and everybody telling us there is little or no prospect that ISIS is planning to cross the border between the Southwestern States and Mexico to do this kind of crap here on the streets of America, but now after reading this stuff about what the sons of bit***s had planned to do in Australia, I am not so sure anymore – – maybe the c*** suckers are already here . . . who knows?  Who can we trust to tell us the truth anymore?”

The more I heard Kenny running on about this, the more it started to dawn on me that I had been denying that it might be a good thing if a lot of really strict controls were put on gun ownership in this country.

I remembered the times some of the right wads had warned me about the dangers of an unarmed citizenry and how I had laughed in their faces because I thought more gun laws were needed to keep nut cases from being able to get guns to do random shootings with.  There had been a lot of that kind of stuff in the news when all this was going on and I am afraid that I became kind of an anti-gun nut as it were – – – and now listening to all this stuff about what ISIS had planned in Australia it suddenly dawned on me, “Christ! I may need to get a couple more guns my own self before I venture out to the shopping mall again because . . . you never know who might be waiting out there with a butcher knife wanting to take pictures of me losing my own damned head.”

If the time ever comes I sure as Hell want to be able to look my attacker in the face and say, “Come on you balloobie-mouthed terrorist mother f-er – – – you want a little of me?  I got something for your ass too!”

So I guess my question to old Kenny and everybody else and their grand mother this morning is this:  “Are those murdering sons of bitches here in America and are they just planning and waiting to spring out from the shadows and start butchering us right here on our own streets? – – – us and our kids and our loved ones?

Can somebody answer this for me with any certainty at all?


I don’t want to hear another word from anybody about how cautious we have to be in going to war with these assholes.  I am ready to do whatever it takes right now . . . no matter what it costs . . . to stop them in their tracks before I see this kind of crap starting to happen right here at home.

Is that a little too paranoid this morning, folks?

Picture Credit: The image above is from Wikimedia Commons.Org where it was being offered for use under a Creative Commons License on the date I posted it to this blog . . and the date I posted it was 9/18/2014.