Bedtime on 9/30/2014 @ 11:25 PM

It is after 11 O’clock in the evening and almost time to go to bed.

I thought I would scour the Internet to read a few radical right wing political blogs but all I could find were a few that seemed to be written by people who had little or no actual knowledge about anything . . . but I must say there were plenty of them spouting their ordinary rhetoric of hate against the government, the president and Liberals.

Finding no radical rightie blogs that I would ever deign to wipe my rear on – much less actually read and think about . . . I went on to other and more profitable pursuits.

I have been reading some diet information put out by an author named Kevin Trudeau . . . and for a couple of days now I have been trying some of the stuff he has been talking about . . . but I haven’t made my mind up yet about it all.  Time will tell.  If I lose even a pound on the stuff I am reading I will be more than happy to have purchased Mr. Trudeau’s book.

Having forgotten almost completely about the benefits of ground up flax seeds, I started adding them to my oatmeal again and I must say I am well pleased.

I have been fighting the battle about whether to drink the tap water from our faucets here in the mansion (house) or whether to continue my newly acquired habit of drinking bottled spring water.  I will make a final decision on that little item in about a week or two.  I must admit the spring water tastes a lot better to me than the tap.

Today was sunny and mild so my friend Jim and I worked in the back yard a little bit removing some of the dead or dying shrubbery and flowers.

Ordinarily this work is reserved for a gardener but we do like to get our hands dirty once in a while and work at the horticultural aspects of gentile living and besides . . . it is kind of a rewarding way to spend some time breathing the fresh air of the outside rather than the filtered air inside.

My friend Jim and I drove to the local Wal Mart store today to just ramble through the store and look at merchandise.

I normally do not purchase clothing items from big box stores but I found a pair of black khaki trousers with an expandable waist that appealed to me so I splurged.  I think these will look good with a patterned shirt and a corduroy sport coat.  We shall see.

My son, the executive with the major food brand, came to visit me today so I treated us all to a kind of late lunch at a local eatery renowned for their ice cream sundaes among other things and it was a pleasant get-together.  I had not visited with this son for almost three years now and it was a real treat to see him again.

Jim had this enormous ice cream concoction – – actually a “peppermint/chocolate” sundae.

Peppermint ice cream and I do not fare well together but Jim reports he enjoyed the thing – – so be it!  I guess!  Ugh!

Tomorrow is the day I review my holdings and my portfolio with the financial guy.  So far the diversification plan I first implemented back in the late 70s and early 80s seems to be working out fine.  Some mysterious unseen force keeps on pumping cash into my personal splurge account so I am happy as a clam . . . and they say the economy is bad.  Bullshit!

One radical right winger I am aware of told me once he is happy to have attained the ripe old age of a little more than 60 years old and that he is still working 80 hours or more a week at a wage-paying job and he is all proud and happy that he is able to keep up all his payments on all the things he owns.

I am not working at all because I retired 11 years ago with enough income and assets to live comfortably the rest of my days on this earth and I rarely ever worked more than a 50 hour week in my life.  I did it on wages and benefits from my industrial labor union job coupled with a series of wisely guided investments, some acquisitions and some good luck – – after a disastrous bankruptcy in 1978.

It didn’t take me too long to discover that it is far better to have people working for you than to be working for somebody else.

But if the righties are happy slaving away from cradle to grave that is no skin off my nose and more power to them.

The roses in the back 40 are starting to look a little pekid now because the Fall of the year is approaching and winter will soon be upon us again.

I am hoping this winter will not be as bad as the one that went before. That last winter was a doozy!

Maybe this year if it gets cold enough and I get bored enough I might just hop on down south for a while.  Last year I was looking at some lakefront property in the Ft. Lauderdale area and those pink flamingo things and blue water canals with balmy days and nights in January are looking ever so much better all the time.

I bought a book on microwave cooking recently and I guess I will drive the house boy nuts because I will be messing up the smaller kitchen experimenting with the book and the microwave.

I used to eschew microwave cooking for the most part because I had read somewhere that microwaving food changes the molecular structure some way and creates something un-natural.  But I have gotten over that fear and will now experiment with things like “Microwave Fried Chicken” and other seemingly odd dishes.

If it works out I shall make a positive report and if not . . . oh well, what the Hell?  You only live once, right?

So I see that America has her first case of ebola now and that the patient is in isolation somewhere in a big hospital and all the medical experts are telling us there is nothing to worry about because everything is under control and you can only get ebola virus by coming into contact with the bodily fluids of a victim who has fallen ill with it.

I hate it when experts decide to put their two cents in on something because it always signals to me the possibility that things are a lot worse than they want us to know about and maybe somebody is trying to cover some impending disaster up with soothing words of bullshit so as to prevent us all from going into a panic or something.

I hear the ebola virus does not go airborne.

So if the virus is contained in bodily fluids and does not go airborne what happens when someone with ebola sickness sneezes?  Aren’t droplets of sneeze emissions considered to be “bodily fluids?”  Hold on there a minute, my friend – – what about sneezes?

Look folks, it is late now and I am going to get into that oversized bed there at the end of this cavern and snooze for a little while.

If it should happen that I awaken in the morning and if I am able to get to the keyboard here again, I shall no doubt return with more stuff to share.

In the meantime I want you all to know that I am totally grateful for your visits here with me on this blog and I am honored that you have stopped by and . . . well . . . thanks!

Nighty-Nite for now everybody . . . sleep well.

Your friend,



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The congressman probably had it right!

Now that The United States is reporting its first ever recorded case of deadly Ebola, maybe it is time for bloggers like myself to remind the world that Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Fla) was probably correct in asking the government to put travel restrictions in place to and from certain high-risk areas of the world as a precaution against the spread of this horror.

I hate to play the game of “I told you so” but maybe it is useful to play such games from time to time and I think this is one of those times!

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(1) America’s First Ever Ebola Case

(2) Congressman Grayson’s Warning Went Unheeded

So now all the experts are telling us there is nothing to worry about and everything is under control.

I do not even want to share my opinion about that kind of enthusiasm because I have heard it all somewhere before in different terms perhaps but the occasion I do remember went something like this:  “This is the Titanic and she is absolutely unsinkable!”

The other occasion that comes to mind right now is the one that went something like this:  “There is no reason to be concerned at all because according to all the experts none of the fallout from the Fukushima disaster in Japan will ever cross the ocean and get to America.”

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SCOTUS makes it harder for folks to vote!

Outrageous  Liberal Pundit

Liberal Pundit

The headline reads, “The Supreme Court’s First Decision In It’s New Term Makes It Harder To Vote.”

The Outrageous Liberal Pundit responds:  “So what did you expect?  It is a SCOTUS that has more Conservatives on board than Liberals, right?

If you think that is something then all I can say is, “Just wait, folks . . . you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Time for direct election of the SCOTUS judges and time for term limits if you ask me!

I don’t think America can afford a SCOTUS that effectively re-legislates from the bench.

Read the whole sordid story here . . . if you have the stomach for it . . . ( Here Is The Link).

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The allegedly beheading Muslim is not a violent person!

O.K. . . .

Some people have reportedly indicated their firm belief the suspect in the Oklahoma beheading case is not a violent man.

That may the unvarnished Gospel Truth for all I know . . because all I know is what I have read about this gruesome event.

I suspect . . . but cannot say for certain . . .  the former co-worker who the reportedly recently converted Muslim  allegedly beheaded at a food processing plant in Oklahoma recently might have a slightly different opinion if she were able to speak to us.

But then who am I to judge?

Maybe none of this has anything to do with violence at all . . . maybe none of this has anything to do with Muslimism or Islam at all and maybe it is all totally divorced from any consideration of any of it being somehow related to militant Islam . . . these are questions that are far beyond my ability to answer but fear not, folks . . . I am predicting there are some radical Right Wingers out there who have all the answers . . . and I suspect that most of “Their” answers will be somewhat negatively framed when they speak of this unspeakability I am writing about here . . . the beheading of the victim at the food processing plant in Oklahoma . . . yeah . . . that unspeakability!

I judge nobody . . except perhaps a few right wing a**holes from time to time . . . some of which are in desperate need of a little judgment . . . and maybe even some verbal ass kicking . . . yeah, I am sometimes guilty of judging those nork-wallowers but I don’t sweat it because they are the ones most likely to express their undying adoration for me too.

I think a lot of the radical righties get on my case with their nasty rhetoric and name calling because they want me so badly and they are fully aware that I am not “built that way” and they cannot have me to satisfy their unspeakable little inner urges.

Oh well!

That’s another story entirely.

You might want to read about it a little more – – ( Article about Muslim beheader in Oklahoma).

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About the White House security thing . . .

After some guy with a knife managed to jump the fence at The White House and penetrate deep inside before being stopped by a security agent a lot of folks are beginning to wonder about the “ability” of the Secret Service to protect the President and His Family.

After listening to a bunch of asshole right wing radical Obama-Haters for the last 6 years I am beginning to wonder about their “willingness.”

It is pretty obvious to me that “somebody” is asleep at the wheel!  – –  ( Article about protecting the President)

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9/29/2014 @ 9:20 PM

Went to Shiloh Cemetery today to lay the ashes of Cousin Charlie to rest.

Cousin Charlie was 92-years-old.

Yesterday we all went to a local iconic restaurant where the family all gathered for kind of a memorial to Charlie and it was a bittersweet meeting with lots of laughs as everybody remembered funny little stories about Charlie and others exhibited their bitter emotions at their loss.

I have been struggling with blogging about Politics lately.

It seems like the fire is kind of subsiding right now after three years of trying to be a pain in the ass for radical conservatives.  There is no damned way radical conservatives are ever going to change and there is no way low-information voters are ever going to turn their baseball caps around or gain branches in their family trees.

Noticed that my blog hasn’t been crawled in 9 days now and not too long ago it was getting crawled every damned day.  I am wondering what that is supposed to mean but it must surely mean that some asshole algorithm somewhere doesn’t much like me anymore or something . .  I don’t know what the Hell it means because I am not a computer geek . . but I am thinking it can’t be all that wonderful.

So I guess I will be doing a little more personal journalling here than usual but if something happens in the world that catches my fancy I sure as Hell will jump on it.

Right now I just want to go into the other room and do something I don’t normally do – – watch television – – f**king commercial-heavy cable TV that I pay more than $79 a month to subsidize their goddamned endless commercials.

But oh what the Hell?

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Righties remind us that Libs do conspiracies too!

The most seriously intellectually challenged of the  radicals on the american right wing of politics are now claiming that Liberals are the most accomplished authors of conspiracy theories.

Oh I am sure there are some Liberals out there who may have advanced a conspiracy theory here and there now and again but I will wager it is still the rightest-leaning of the right wing radical scumbags who hold the title, “Conspiracy Theory Champions Of All Time.”

A whole virtual pig-pen filled with right wing radical conspiracy hog manure . .  ( No disrespect intended to hogs ) . . .  has emerged from the ranks of a lot of lame-brained crotch scratchers who sometimes paint themselves as “Patriots” and whose entire life is dominated by some asinine paranoid fear that their elected government is about to shove something evil up into the depths and darkness of their private inward spaces and it is no surprise to me when I hear some of them trying to justify the crap they spread to the gullible low-informationers among their own kind by issuing the infantile excuse, “But the Liberals do it too!”

I remember how “Oh so right” some of those super-rightie idiots parading as “Patriots” back in the days of the first public rallies of the rising mass of “Ordinary Citizens” carrying their hate signs and screaming oaths against the President . . . some kind of spontaneous movement pretending to have something in common with those who participated in the Historic “Boston Tea Party” back in the days of the American Revolution . . . I remember how some of them looked all decked out in their tricorn hats, carrying their muskets and overtly or ignorantly displaying evidences of their repressed orientations under the tightest possible-fitting silken britches patterned after a style worn in the 1700s . . . wow!  Sexy but stupid!

To those intellectual infantalists on the right side of radical psuedo-reality I have but one thing to say, “Sorry bitches!  I am sorry that most of your kind is too damned dumb to know night from day or the word for manure that starts with an “S” from shinola.  Get a life!

(Article about who the conspiracy theorists really are.)

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