Is Internet Freedom at risk because of some political agreements?

I am reading this horrific-sounding article about how something is about to happen that might cause the internet to become expensive – to destroy our First and Fourth Amendment Rights on the Internet and a whole lot of other scary sounding stuff.

Does anybody know anything about whether there is any truth to any of this or whether it is a big hoax or a joke or what?

The whole damned thing has gotten me a little depressed and I really need to know what is going on if indeed anything is going on about this kind of shit.

Is it just time for me to shut down my blog and forget it or what?

If there is something to this and if there is any truth to it maybe it will mean that if I have to shut down then maybe some of the Right Wing idiots will have to shut down too.

That at least would make the idea tolerable to me.

Read What I Have Been Reading – - – HERE.

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My favorite chicken sandwich!

A little break from politics, folks so I can share some of my favorite things in the hopes that somebody else might like them too.  Today . . . “My Favorite Chicken Sandwich.”

Steps to make:

(1) Toast two slices premium whole wheat bread.

(2) Slather one large tablespoon of salad dressing ( the kind that looks like mayonnaise ) on the bread.

(3) place a few leaves of arugula lettuce onto the bread

(4) Add some slices of soft avocado to the sandwich.  I like to cut my avocado really thin with a cheese slicer.

(5)  Sprinkle a little ground sweet basil over the sandwich.

(6)  A slice of provolone cheese if you like it. (Or American Cheese or Pecorino Cheese or Cheddar or whatever – - even Parmesan is O.K. )

(7) 3-4 ounces thinly sliced roast chicken breast meat.

(8)  Sometimes I add a little thinly sliced tomato or some thin-sliced green pepper that I have sautéed in some olive oil until tender and warm . . . you can do onion slices this way too if you like onion on your sandwiches.

(9)   If you prefer your cheese melted, then I suggest you grill the bread and the cheese a little before adding the chicken and the rest of the ingredients – - – or you can assemble the whole sandwich and cook it in a panini grill for about 6 or 7 minutes . . . keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get too done for your tastes.

That’s my kind of chicken sandwich.

I had it for lunch this very day.

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A simple question about abortion that begs an answer!

In a recent post on “American Liberal Times” I posed the following challenge to the anti-abortionist Right Wing: Continue reading


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It is hard to believe . . . a whole day without a single comment.

Maybe I am losing it.

Political Fantasy And The Right Wing War On Democracy!

I think there is a very valid reason so many of the American Radical Right Wing Conservatives fabricate things . . . contrive things . . . fantasize things . . . . . tell the most obvious lies about things . . . imagine things . . . revise truths to fit their own arguments . . . and all the other abuses of integrity and honesty that many of them are more than likely responsible for: Continue reading

The Price Of National Stability!

President John F. Kennedy once said, “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.” Continue reading

Abuse Of Power Cited!

According to some reports I have read  . . . there are some high-profile self-declared Conservatives on the upper rungs of the American Politic who have declared the events that transpired between a Nevada cattle rancher and The Bureau of Land Management some time back are being seen by more and more Americans as one of the increasingly abusive uses of power by the federal government and one of the reasons for a supposed increasing level of anger on the part of a lot of Americans. Continue reading