Secession Petitions Denied At White House!

[Unidentified young soldier in Union uniform a...

[Unidentified young soldier in Union uniform and forage cap] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)


It appears, for the time being anyhow, that what some disgruntled souls might view as the simple pleasures of leaving the Union and forming separate states is going to have to be put on the back burner by a few thousand disgruntled dissidents who sent their secessionist dreams to an online petitioning platform recently.

It looks to me like a lot of the anger and angst over the re-election of president Obama is going to have to find some different manner of expressing itself  other than threats  of leaving the United States and forming new governmental entities onshore here.

I guess someone with some authority over at the White House must have looked at these petitions and decided to just say no!

The word has gone forth apparently that the Founders established the Constitution which gives people (The People) the right to change their government alright  ( No argument there, folks) – –  but through voting and elections – – not through simply walking away and forming another government.

The power of the ballot wins again, I guess!

Law and Order do have  their merits after all, don’t they?

As for me, I am very glad – – I am thankful to God – – that there are enough adults… grown-ups left in this nation to preserve a sense of sanity and order out  of what could possibly contain a few seeds for unrest if some of the silly willies get their jammies in too tight a knot over their imagined grievances.

Anyone who wants to can read more about this over at “Politico.”

I suggest putting the following line of text into a search window, clicking on it and following whatever leads pop up on the reference pages that follow:

(White House: No to secession)

I would link to this article, but I do not have permission to do it.

Posted by John Liming at 5:02 PM