It’s Inauguration Day Again! Now What?

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English: The inauguration of President Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I was proud to be an American when Truman was president and I have been proud to be an American under every president since up to and including President Barack Obama!

I am not proud to be an American because of who is in the white house or who is running their mouths in Washington – – I am proud to be an American because America is worth being proud about!

Some of my relatives died in the Revolution and some in some of the other wars.

I served in uniform (honorably) for seven years and a few months myself.

I gotta say, “Even if there was a president in the white house that I didn’t particularly like, when that trio of helicopters with the president inside of Marine 1 went over, I couldn’t help but shed tears of pride and joy and snap to attention and salute.

You know what folks?

Those people who don’t like how things are done in this country do have the choice of moving out if they want to and I sometimes think we would be a hell of a lot better off without them and their constant complaining and trouble making.

Even though,I have to admit, “I do support every dissident’s right to run his or her mouth anyway they want to because I consider freedom of speech to be well worth the sacrifices that have been made to insure it.”

I do have a challenge for some of the right-wad heads (sand-filled craniums) who always go around screaming about how much they hate Obama and the democrats and the liberals and the progressives and their in-laws and having to pay taxes and all the rest of the manure that kind always yells and gripes about.

My challenge to those least educated and most easily led by the nose of our – – feller citizuns” – – is this:  If you are so damned smart, why aren’t you running for office so that you can try to change things to make them more the way you would like to see them be?

I don’t have any complaints about the president or the administration because no one has knocked on my front door and took away my guns yet and I still can go to Kentucky to see Aunt Miriam without having to show a passport at the border.

I keep hearing bulls**t  from right wing radical numbskulls about how we have lost all our freedoms here in the United States and how that president Obama (whom the sleaziest of them like to refer to as “Obummer” and other vile and nasty references) is intent on taking away even more of them.

But when I ask one of these dipsh**ts  which of their freedoms they think they have lost, who took them away and when were they taken, all I get is a blank stare, some mumbled feeble attempts at intelligent response or a series of gaseous emissions that fill the room with methane.

In point of fact, I doubt if there is a single American who can point to a single freedom guaranteed by our Constitution that this president or this administration has annulled or taken away.

But their mouths keep on running, don’t they?

I wonder who it is they are trying to convince?

The last election proves to me that not too many people are listening to their crap.

The radicals keep on complaining about how the president is spending the nation to the brink.

I wonder how many of those dim wits don’t have the slightest clue that the president can’t spend a dime of taxpayer money unless he is commanded to do so by something called “Congressional Appropriations Bills?”

It is the Congress that tells presidents what to spend.

Presidents don’t just get out of bed one morning and say to themselves,”Let’s see how much money I can spend today.”

But the mud-wallowers and slime suckers  don’t look much like they  know these little details do they?

I think sometimes all as lot of them do know is what color the label on their beer cans is or where the corn cobs are located in the outhouse.

Some nimwongles on the radical right are complaining that this is a bad time to be what they like to think of as a “Patriotic” American.

To that I say simply,”Bull S**t!”

This is the best time there ever was to be “Patriotic” and I think the most patriotic thing Americans could do at this point is to use the 2014 mid-term elections to kick some of the obstructionists out of their little comfortable ( and often much-too-expensive )  perches in government and let the democrats get on with getting the country moving again.

There are idiots who have gone to the expense of purchasing Bibles and who go to church every Sunday morning and every Wednesday evening and who call themselves “Christians” who don’t know the first thing about Christianity – – except what some fat chicken eater tells them to believe – – and some of these pew jumpers are saying that our president is – – The Anti-Christ” among other nasty accusing things they contrive.

I think that some of these hypocrites wouldn’t know an “Anti-Christ” if one bit them on the Pratorial  Protuberance (Hind end ) (butt). . .you know . . . the traditional seat of their cognitive functionality in many instances.

I think this president cares enough about the middle class and the poor that he has suffered greatly trying to fight to hold their necessary social safety net support systems intact for them in the face of ever more intense attacks on these programs from those who would serve the interests of the fantastically wealthy over the needs of what, for the lack of a better word, I would call “Us common folk.”

That attitude of wanting to help the helpless – – that attitude of caring about all Americans instead of a select few Americans – – I think that attitude is more “Christian” than the entire collection of so-called “Christian” thoughts issuing forth from the mouths of the – -Haters and the despisers – – the low life bottom feeders who know nothing but who often say much!

I am proud to be an American – – A “Real” American – – an American with a heart big enough to care for everybody and not to want to exclude anybody from the great ideals that this nation was founded on – Rights for everybody, regardless of age,race, religion, gender or sexual orientation to pursue happiness and to enjoy Liberty.

For me, “Inauguration Day” stands as a testimony to our freedoms and to the promise of the future of a nation that elects leaders through expression of the public will.

There are some countries who not so fortunate as the United States in this regard and I cannot say it enough – –

America may have a few little hills to climb from time to time, but we always seem to get up those hills and I think there is enough good heartedness and decency and kindness in America that we always will overcome any challenges that present themselves or any obstacles that get in  our way.

So this morning, I am tempted to say to the “Haters and the despisers and the paranoid and the nay-sayers” – – – “Bite A Big-un!”

Posted by John Liming

2 thoughts on “It’s Inauguration Day Again! Now What?

  1. Great article Mr. Liming – I agree completely. It sticks in my crawl that some people on yahoo buzz comments or something similar websites, call themselves “True American Patriot” (for example0 and then spew the most vile lies and other things about the President of the United States and varying segments of the American public to either convince themselves or others even more gullible than themselves to join in the hate. Thanks for a refreshing breathe of fresh air from the toxicity of the right wing maroons ! – GS


    • Dear Golden Sun:
      Thank you for your uplifting and refreshing comment.
      It is sincerely appreciated.
      It is indeed unfortunate that there so much unhappiness in America today but I believe better times are coming and many who are now saddened by circumstances will find their joy again.
      Thanks for your comment.


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