Conservatives Predict Revival!

Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Ill...

Joe Biden and Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The agenda put forward by President Obama is reportedly seen by some of what I consider to be die-hard conservatives as the very instrument that will lead to a national revival for Conservative ideologies in the months and years to come.

Some of them are wishful thinkers and dreamers, are they not?

If I recall properly, didn’t The Voting Public of the United States of America just slap conservative political agendas down resoundingly by giving President Obama the second term that so many Rightie obstructionists had worked so hard and so long to try to deny to him?

Why is it that some over on the right side of the aisle cannot seem to understand or accept the fact that they lost the election because America apparently liked Liberal, Democrat and Progressive ideas a whole heck of a lot better than they did the vague, sometimes foggy and sometimes seemingly nut-wadded fantasies being pushed by some of the Righties?

Didn’t somebody spend more millions of dollars than had ever been spent before in any national campaign ( remember all the Super PACs and their big money?) – – – to try to convince the American Voter to swing with the Right – – – and didn’t all that money just go down the drain and accomplish nothing as Americans virtually said, “Thanks but no thanks!” to what some have called  the biggest political advertising campaign in the history of the nation?

So what is all this talk about a “Right Wing Revival” – – – which is supposed to miraculously take place because of the Obama agendas?

It was the Obama agendas that America just put Her stamp of approval on if I am seeing things clearly.

But – – oh, I forgot – – in some Right Wing eyes there are no “Real” Americans outside the confines of their own little narrow-minded ideology so in all reality ( in their view) I guess the election never took place or the results of it are somehow invalid, right?

I do know of at least one website that I consider to be totally frog- brained that seems to me to always be screaming about what a fraud the president is and what frauds the democrats, progressives and liberals are and what a fraud the election was – – – but I guess that happens sometimes when people work in conditions that are awfully hot or something – –  they tend to get a little delirious and start imagining things.

Be that as it may, Obama and the democrats did win the election and Obama is the duly elected president and all the caterwallering and complaining from the sore loser crowd isn’t going to change any of it any more than the birthers were ever able to make their point or any more than any conspiracy theorist has ever convinced the rational public of any of their weird and wacky little claims.

But I guess there are some rather well-known rightist pundits who are running their gums about how the Obama agenda will surely lead to a national revival for conservatism and that is kind of sad in my view because I think of it as – – well – – – a little too hopeful seeing as how they failed so miserably during that monumental election we just experienced.

O.K., let me be a little gracious here – – – If it happens the way some of the pundits are predicting it will happen and if there is a national revival for conservatism, I believe the national revival will go on only as long as it takes for Americans to get a better look at what their agendas are really like and after that I believe any national revival of conservatism will be the very straw that finally breaks the camels back and leads to the permanent disavowal of any politics connected with any kind of conservatism and it will be a Liberal world here in America for a long long time – – – like it was just after the Second World War.

– – – for about 40 years straight if I remember correctly.

So my attitude about this little can of worms is this:  “To the righties I say – – ‘good luck there fellas’ . . . and to the rest of the sane and civilized I say, “Be ever vigilant and on watch and remember how valuable the individual vote is in this country – – – and remember in 2014 we will have a great opportunity to make sure that  sought-after right wing “revival” remains at a comfortable distance for many years ( perhaps decades) yet to come.

God bless America!

Posted by John Liming at 9:36:42 AM

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