When The Radical Right Yells “Tyranny!”

Old Kenneth was yammering at me over the internet the other day – – (we spend a lot of time arguing back and forth about politics) and he kept telling me all about how President Obama was just on the verge of instituting some kind of “Tyranny” in the United States and that if I wanted to be prepared to “defend liberty” I had better dig a hole underneath my swimming pool, build a concrete room with a steel door and put all my guns inside because . . . “They are going to come door to door one of these days and confiscate all the guns.”

After I got off the computer with Old Kenneth, I went out to feed my pet Australian Finch birds and I thought to myself, “When Old Kenneth talks about “Government Tyranny” just what in the heck is he actually referring to?

Old Kenneth, as you might have guessed ( or maybe not) is a staunch right wing radical republican who also claims to be a member of a local tea party.

After thinking about it for a while, it dawned on me like a load of bricks falling out of the sky – – – “When Old Kenneth talks about “Government Tyranny” he is referring to anything the government says or does that does not agree with the way he sees things.”

A simple but adequate revelation in my opinion.

Define “Tyranny?”

O.K. – – – “Tyranny” = “Anything that the right wing does not want to accept or to believe in.”

It can’t get any simpler than that, can it?

Posted by John Liming

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