Gun Ownership Mandated In One Southern U.S. Town!

Cannon on Kennesaw Mountain in recreated artil...

Cannon on Kennesaw Mountain in recreated artillery position. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I have been reading where it is the law in Kennesaw, Georgia that heads of households own guns and ammunition and that because the law requires people to own guns in that Southern U.S. jurisdiction, the crime rate is very low.

There are other reports that say the gun law at Kennesaw, Georgia hasn’t been enforced for some time now and that it has helped to make the town a tourist mecca of sorts because it is widely known as “The U.S. Town Where Guns Are Required By Law.”

I guess it all depends on where one is reading what the details might be.

One thing is for certain in my mind – – – the residents of this city (Kennesaw, Georgia) seem to be rather fond of their Second Amendment rights and, in many ways, I see that as a good thing… a very good thing actually.

There are a couple of questions I have however:

As I understand things, The Second Amendment to The United States Constitution certainly does protect the rights of citizens to own guns and ammunition.  Of that I have no doubt!

But I am not so sure that the amendment actually was intended to make it illegal for people who do not want to own guns to refuse to own guns.

Am I to understand that some people believe that the right to own guns and ammunition also carries with it a legal obligation to own guns and ammunition?

So the way I am reading this is that there are some folks who want us to believe that the right to purchase and own weapons also carries with it a legal obligation to do so?

wouldn’t that kind of be like a Second Amendment in reverse or something?

Shouldn’t people who don’t want to own guns have the right to refuse to own them in much the same manner as those who wish to own guns ought to have the freedom to do so?

Well, according to what I have been reading, Kennesaw, Georgia is reported to enjoy a really low crime rate and it is often reportedly credited to the “Everyone Is Required To Own A Gun” law on their books. (The description of the law here is my own and not theirs.)

According to an article that I was reading in Huffington Post recently, it appears that even though the crime rate in this Georgia city is low since the passage of the mandatory gun ownership law, it was also low before the law was passed.

Say What?

Some people whom I have talked to have told me that they feel like keeping a gun in their house deters burglars and other bad guys.

Some others to whom I have talked about this matter are just as sure that the more guns they own and have in their homes, the more bad guys are deterred.

(I guess if one gun will deter one bad guy then a hundred will deter a hundred bad guys or something like that.)

Others have reminded me that this is not true and that burglars do not necessarily avoid houses where there are guns because people do not always put up a billboard on their property advertising the fact and burglars are said to be prone to stealing guns wherever they can find them.

Well I guess I am pleased as punch that Kennesaw Georgia has a law that requires people to own guns.

Maybe there is more to the story so I have found a couple of articles to link to here that I hope people take the time to read:



Additionally – –  since I do not always have permission from a site to hyperlink, I provide references when I desire for my readers to look at something . . .so, with that in mind, may I suggest putting the following text into a browser search and following the leads that are generated so that more information about this story may be found:

(Southern U.S. town proud)

Posted by John Liming at 11:46 PM (EST) (USA)


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