The Great GOP Health Plans For America!



Some of The Republicans and their right wing friends want desperately to repeal and replace President Obama’s Health Care Plan (The hated “Obama Care”) but, they cannot  seem to suggest a single alternative to the recently enacted legislation according to many news reports.

It is reported that whenever one asks a right-winger what the Republican Health Care proposal is, not one single proposal can be cited. But, the usual answer, according to published reports is akin to, “Well, don’t worry about it…The party has plenty of ideas on the table…” (Quote is mine).

The right wing seems so certain that the Obama Plan constitutes a massive “Take Over” of Health Care by the “Government.”

They seem to detest the fact that the “Government” actually desires to offer assistance to people who need help the most and can afford it the least. That seems to me to be one of the basic tenets of the Right Wing Political Religion today.

Certain members of the Right love to point out the fact that the majority of “Americans” hate Obama Care and want it repealed post-haste!

That might sound convincing until one stops to realize that when a right wing extremist speaks of “The American People,” he or she is probably speaking only of Right Wing-Leaning American people.” The other segment of the population may not be considered at all in their seemingly one sided overview of the Country.  The implication is, apparently, that anyone who is not Right Wing is, somehow not American!

So, Obama Care remains under attack as the “Free marketers” (Right Wingers) press to make sure health care remains privatized, expensive and out of the reach of the poor, the unemployed, the disadvantaged and the downtrodden.

That is the way it is! That is the way it has always been. That is the way it will always be! Like God,many of them are unchangeable! Unlike God, many of them are heartless and lack compassion for their less fortunate  Fellow Americans.

Posted by John Liming



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