The Hope And The Dream Lives On!



Sometimes I can be somewhat of a master of the understatement.  Sometimes! 

Today I was surfing among some web sites and I ran across this statement warning people ( ostensibly right wing people ) how to protect their children and their pets it they should happen to observe a Liberal in their neighborhood.

I thought what I was reading was somewhat misleading to say the least.  I thought  it was just a tad vicious- –  maybe even unfair – – – like many of the writings I have observed  spewing forth from  some adherents of  contemporary radical conservatism in America these days.

This statement which appeared to be especially caustic to me ( I am a left of center liberal moderate democrat ) caused me to do a bit of soul-searching about my attitude towards those who embrace a different political ideology than I do.

I am afraid that I have to admit that my conclusion, upon reflection, is that I don’t particularly like these kind of folks any more than they appear to like me.

It is not as if I want to have unkind feelings for others, I think it is simply a matter that some of them will simply not allow me to feel kindly toward them – – – I think some of them actually may work at being as nasty as they know how to be toward Liberals, Democrats, and Progressives – – – and I thought that this particular statement kind of “took the cake” for what I thought was it’s (expletive deleted) qualities.

What I was reading today caused me to reflect on the fact that as I have observed and heard, many far right wing politicos claim the mantle of Christianity but are capable of spouting Scriptures in support of some of the most perverse morally contraceptive nastiness imaginable – – – and that is disturbing to me.

In a way, there seems to me to be something illegitimate about the excessive anger and hostility levels that I have (rightly or wrongly ) seemed to perceive coming forth from some of the far right toward us Liberal types and as far as I can tell, the intensity, crescendo, tone and temperament of this angst has been increasing for quite a few years now and I am wondering where it will all end.

Can hatred, mis-trust of the government and of one of the political parties, excessive levels of anger and suspicion – – sometimes seemingly paranoid suspicion – –  can this all lead to some unfortunate circumstance somewhere down the road?  That “Revolution” that I hear so many of them talking about?  An armed insurrection like it seems to me that some have advocated in the past?  Will some nut cake get a bone up their nose about something and take some of those hoarded automatic weapons and go on a rampage against some imagined tyranny they suspect is about to occur?

I would like to offer a word of comfort to some of the nut bags on the extremist right and assure them that the election of the first African-American President in America is not going to usher in some apocalyptic apoplexy onto the national stage and perhaps many ( some?) (all?) (most?)  of them should just cool their s**t  before they end up in a rubber room somewhere.

It could be that a lot of the Bubba crowd is just highly (angered) ( incensed) (put off) (pissed)  because their side lost the election of 2012 and they are merely venting their frustrations.  It could be that, yeah… it could be as simple as that!  (I am not so sure, however . . .)

Maybe the latest election showed me one thing about the right if nothing else – – – I think the latest election contained a spark that might signal the eventual unraveling of the negativist right extremism that has been so vocal since 2010.

In my humble opinion that is one ideology that could be burned to ashes and no one in their right mind would ever miss it – – – and some of the signs of things happening in Washington these days kind of suggests  ( to me anyway ) that just maybe there is some kind of hope of a right wing renewal on the horizon.  Wouldn’t something like that be hailed as a miracle?  I think so.

Isn’t it time for a little “Out with the old and in with the new”  on that side of the aisle?

I have always believed that America’s ship of state is so constructed that when the waves rise and the wind blows and the storm clouds gather and the ship looks like she might be swept onto the rocks or might capsize – –  She always rights herself before the ultimate tragedy occurs.

Maybe that old adage that I heard someone say about right wing radicalism finding its way into the dust bins of history might not be so far off after all and I think if it ever happens it will be helped along by the radical faction itself – –  it will happen from within the very forces that have ridden the wave of negativism and obstructionism for such a long period of time now.  ( They will bring about their own downfall if they are not very careful – – – America has already signaled Her rejection of their nonsense in this last election when Obama was given his second term much to the obvious dismay of many on the extreme right.)

I lived in a day when there were plenty of really notable and noble Old-Order Republican leaders in congress – – leaders who, even if they disagreed with others – – could sit down and bargain over an issue until a mutually satisfactory resolution was reached . . . and it almost always turned out to be the best resolution for all Americans.

That old spirit of Conservatism – – True Conservatism – – is still alive out there somewhere and I believe all it needs to be re-empowered is for the march of history to progress on it’s present course for just a little while longer – – until the nut cases have fully exposed themselves for what they are and the Core Spirit of American Patriotism rises up like a roaring tiger and sweeps their destructive ideology into God’s Sea of Forgetfulness and the true light of our Democratic Republic can shine forth in its full glory once again – – like in the good old days.

I do respect “Real” Conservative principles – – – when I can ever find any.

Posted by John Liming at 10:25 PM

Picture Credit:  Mike Licht, used here under Creative Commons License.


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