Maybe Your Comment Can Be Found In The Spam Can!


If you are one of the many Righties who seem to like to  come on to the comments section of this blog to leave unkind remarks about me or the president or congress or about Liberals in general, Democrats in particular, Progressives and Independents or anyone else who does not agree with some right wing ideological outlook, attitude or opinion – – – any comments that you might have left for moderation and have not seen published may just have been tagged as “spam” and are being automatically crap canned.

I do not mind legitimate disagreement if those doing the disagreeing can find it within themselves to do it in a dignified, courteous and respectful manner.

But the mutton-chopped meatheads with some kind of ax to grind or who simply like to troll my site with comments obviously meant to provoke an emotional response from me or my readers will soon find that there is no way in Perdition that they can get their trashy renditions onto this site, especially those who cannot resist the temptation to attack me personally telling me how stupid I am and other such extremely disrespectful remarks.

Sorry about that – – – but this blog will never become a platform for ignorance to vent, for sore heads and sore losers to find an audience or for propaganda-minded Righties to find another platform from which to spew their swill.

Posted by John Liming

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  1. Posted by Papizilla on February 8, 2013 at 12:10 AM

    I actually have had very few people troll me lately. I feel so very left out. Plus their visits and comments boost my numbers, which makes me feel better about the blogging. :D I never leave an opportunity to pad the stats by the wayside. I understand your point though. If it is that bad, then in the bin they go.


  2. Personally, I allow all non-spam comments on my blog, but I reserve the right to mercilessly mock them. Although, only the most insane comments get that treatment from me: if a comment is respectful, I would also mock it respectfully.


    • Thanks for your insightful and helpful comment…it is much appreciated.

      I find that a lot of the spammers want nothing more than to waste time by drawing me into endless merry-go-round discussions that lead nowhere and do little more than attempt to use my space to advance their own craziness, so I simply do not mess them for very long.

      I let them do their thing a few times and then when I tire of their little games, they get cut off.

      It is hard to imagine – – unless someone has had the experience – – just how vile some of these comments can become.

      I feel there are plenty of their own kind of sites they can visit if they want to press their points to an audience who might understand them and appreciate them a little more.


      • I completely understand your position. For some reason, people don’t really get into any protracted arguments on my blog, so maybe I might reconsider if that starts happening often.


        • I get fairly caustic on my blog sometimes and that might be the reason that some of the num-wads like to attack.

          But it doesn’t bother me all that much because there is nothing quite like the power of the delete button, is there?

          Once I do delete one of them, you should see the language they use in trying to tell me what they think of me. It is enough to make someone ashamed! These comments get caught in spam but I can still read them and some of the loonies that get whacked by my spam button get really really nastily angry and abusive – – – but it is alright because no one ever sees this stuff but me.

          Thanks for speaking about this issue – – I always appreciate your commentary.


  3. Comment form those who troll……I do not accept comments for that very reason. I should say, I screen comments to avoid the predominantly non-intellect responses.that come almost without exception from the Right..


  4. Posted by Jueseppi B. on February 6, 2013 at 4:09 PM

    I believe the same thing Mr. Liming, anything I post or publish can be used freely, it is much more fun to share things than attempt to keep them for ones self. 8-)


  5. Posted by Jueseppi B. on February 6, 2013 at 3:31 PM

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    I wish I had written this for my blog….I may steal (borrow) your words for my own. Great post.


    • Dear Obamacrat,

      Thanks for honoring me by re-blogging my article, Maybe Your Comment Can Be Found….”

      You never have to worry about “stealing” or “borrowing” anything from this blog because if you look at the bottom of the right hand side of the main page on my blog you will see that all my articles are freely available under a Creative Commons License which means simply – – you are free to copy, to re-blog, and to re-distribute anything I write as long as there is some attribution back to me.

      Never a problemo my friend and like I said, it is an honor for me to have been re-blogged by you on “Obamacrat.”

      Thanks for making my day brighter.


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