Renter’s Voting Rights!

When property tax levies come up for a vote should those who rent their places of abode rather than owning them  be permitted to vote on them since most of the time it is the landlords and not the renters who have to pay the taxes that are levied?

By the same token, should renters be allowed to use things that are paid for by property taxes without being required to pay some kind of fee to do so?

Schools comes to my mind when I think of these things.

Should renters who don’t pay property taxes be required to pay tuition for their kids to attend public schools?

By the same token – – – should people who do not have children in local school systems be required to support schools with their property taxes?

What is just and fair when a state has measures in place to insure that most of the taxes collected by the states or on behalf of the states be collected from property owners and the less affluent citizens of that state?

Under such circumstances, are those who rent rather than own property getting a free ride on the backs of the property owners who do pay the taxes and should something be undertaken to address this issue?

There must be ways to get renters to pay their fair share of taxes being required by the states because as I understand it, if landlords try to collect some money on these increased obligations by attempting to raise rents, then tenants are more often than  not likely to simply let their leases expire and move into another rental somewhere.

I am wondering if the issue is even a valid issue for discussion or consideration.

Posted by John Liming on July 14, 2013

2 thoughts on “Renter’s Voting Rights!

  1. I think everyone should pay to support school, not just property owners.


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