The Justice Department Did Not “Organize” Protests In Sanford Florida As Idiots Claim!

The John Liming Report:

In case any of my readers have seen some of the bull crap claims on some of the right-tard Obama Hater blogs about this – – I am very pleased to have found a rational explanation of what really happened! It does me good when someone exposes the lies of the intransigent Right and I think this article on “Extreme Liberal” more than fills the bill. (Comment provided by John at AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES.)

Originally posted on Extreme Liberal's Blog:

Only the crazy, racist, brain dead people of the right-wing propaganda machine could turn a Department of Justice unit called the Community Relations Service into a nefarious group and claim they helped “organize” the protests in Sanford Florida, following the national exposure of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.  The CRS is tasked with preventing tensions in racially charged situations, the opposite of what the idiots are claiming.

It fits nicely in their up is down, down is up world, doesn’t it?

I won’t link to any of the many posts flying around the wingnutosphere claiming that this Community Relations Service helped to “organize” anti-Zimmerman protests. The following is what the Community Relations Service actually does, via Media Matters for America…

The Community Relations Service is the Department’s “peacemaker” for community conflicts and tensions arising from differences of race, color, and national origin. Created by the Civil Rights Act of…

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