Why Do Some People Really Seem To Hate Obama Care So Much?

Some People Positively Hate Obama Care!

Some People Positively Hate Obama Care!



Some of the boiled brain stems over on the intransigent Right keep on pumping their hate machines about Obama Care even though it is gaining more traction with The American People with each passing day – – despite their lies and ridiculously wrong-headed rhetoric.

One of their first ass-brained attacks against The Affordable Health Care Act was some bullshit about it being “An Unconstitutional Mandate.”

The Supreme Court Of The United States put that one to rest by upholding the Constitutionality of the Obama Care Law.

So when the obstructionist time wasters and big spenders of taxpayer money couldn’t use that failed argument anymore they turned to other things – – things like how the Obama Care will “Cost Jobs.”

Like any of them have been openly concerned about “Jobs” for a long long long time now, right?  When is the last time you heard any right winger in Congress talk about any plans to create more jobs for Americans?

All I have ever heard them talk about is how many jobs are being lost because of something Obama has or hasn’t done but I have yet to hear one of them come up with anything that sounds anything at all like a “Jobs Creation” plan – – have you?

Well – – we’ve been all through the rightist arguments about Obama Care being “Socialized Medicine” – – – like Medicare and Medicaid are nowhere near “Socialized Medicine” themselves, right?

The Right Wing “Death Panel” argument was disemboweled by fact checkers a long time ago so that don’t hold water no more.

So has anybody ever figure out why Righties seem to hate Obama Care so much?

I think I have found one answer that works.  It works for me anyways:

“I think Right-Tards hate Obama Care because most of it probably will be paid for by taxes that rich people pay – – along with taxes that everybody else will pay.

The Supreme Court – – I believe – – has called the “Mandate” a “Tax” and I think that is what is twisting the drawers of so many righties.

Of course – – check me if I am wrong – – anything and everything that has ever been done by the government to benefit the People has been paid for out of taxes, right?

So – – WTF?

A few extra bucks for health care?

What’s the big deal, righties?

After all Obama Care isn’t just going to be used by Libs, Democrats and Progressives.  There will be plenty of Conservatives, Republicans and Righties using it too won’t there?

I truly think the “Tax” thing is the whole thing in a nutshell.

Read More – – HERE.

Then learn what the Obama Care might do for you and your family – – – HERE.

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  1. Great blog…adding it to my “must read” list!!


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