Republicans may cause a government shutdown and then what?

September 19, 2013



I knew a family once back in the 1970s who seemed to be the typical “Middle Class” family with the usual two cars, 5 kids, a house payment and a stack of bills from trying to “Keep up with the Joneses.”

Even though the husband and father of this household brought home somewhere in the neighborhood of $43,000 a year – – back when $43,000 was worth something – – – the family still struggled because like most American families back in those days they tended to try to live above their means and were usually behind on paying their bills.

They faced no threats from any Republican-caused government shutdowns back in those days like many Americans may face very soon if somebody in Washington doesn’t come to their senses and stop acting like spoiled brats because they can’t have everything they want.

So one day when I was visiting, I was given a short education in the wonderful art of “Scavenging” they had discovered and were using to the best of their abilities.

I was informed that “Scavenging” is when you go to a big super market and go out back of the store and get into their trash dumpsters and fish out useable cans of food or loaves of bread that might be just a day or so past their “Fresh Date” – – and all kinds of things that stores tend to throw away for one reason or another.

I don’t think any country on the face of the earth wastes more usable food than The United States.

One television program I watched once focused on the mountain of cooked gourmet food left over from menus at high-class hotels and casinos in The U.S. that made its way to the hog lots of some of the bigger pork growers.

After watching some of this stuff and hearing some of the stories about how some of our own citizens scratch around every day just to try to keep body and soul together with whatever things they can buy, borrow or find on a trash heap somewhere, it kind of turns my stomach.

This kind of desperation still survives in this, the richest country on the face of the earth!

Anyway I accompanied this family on one of their scavenges and it was a real eye-opener to me.  They claimed it actually saved them hundreds of dollars a month on their grocery bills and they said that the food they salvaged was “Perfectly Good” even if it was a couple of days past the fresh date.

I remember another story I heard once about a fast food chain in or near Detroit that actually doused their dumpsters with laundry bleach every day to keep transients and the indigent from pilfering for sandwiches that had gotten to be more than 30-minutes old on heating trays and had been trashed because of some company policy.

The lust for profits can have some often excessive consequences sometimes, I guess.

The point of my little tale is this:

It is my understanding that some Right Wing sons of – -(expletive deleted) – –  are reportedly planning to trash the American Economy in October if they can’t extort the President into abandoning the idea of obtaining funds for implementing the signature “Obama Care” affordable health program that seems to be such a bone up some of their intransigent asses.

If this “Gubmint Shutdown” occurs because of  some of the hard-core elements of The Right Wing, then I think there will be a whole lot of Americans who will probably learn the fine art of digging in fu*king dumpsters to supplement their meager and dwindling food supplies.

If this is allowed to happen I guess I will see a lot more instances of seniors sneaking bites from the salad bars at super markets or hear more tales about older folks breaking open food packages on shelves in markets because they are desperately hungry and have few if any other resources.

I talk to a lot of store managers and I already hear a lot of these kinds of stories.

If it happens I hope America remembers who it is that has been threatening to hold their economy hostage for the sake of getting their own way about how things should be in the area of health care.

I hope America remembers who it is that hates the idea of 30 million of our fellow citizens being able to afford to go see a doctor if they get sick and how Obama Care may be the only chance millions of Americans will ever have to obtain necessary – – sometimes critical health care – – and not be forced into total squalor because they can’t afford to pay the ever escalating costs of medicine and doctors and all the rest of it.

I hope if people are forced to go dumpster diving because of Right Wing a-wads, they will remember it all when it comes time to go to the polls and cast their votes again in 2014 and 2016 – – provided all the Right Wing gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics hasn’t made it impossible for them to vote, that is!

If you want to dig a little deeper (Pun Intended) into the “scavenging” idea, type the following words into the search window of your computer and follow the leads that are generated: “HOW TO SAVE BY SCAVENGING.”  What you see may be a real eye-opener.

Posted by John on September 19, 2013

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