Radical Right Wing Propaganda . . .


There is probably no finer source of total lunatic raving than radical right wing political websites where virtuosos of the art of propaganda ply the trade of bullshitting The American People for political advantage.

One of the radical right’s biggest targets – – beside the President and his administration – – has been The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) which has also been affectionately dubbed, “Obama Care.”

The Right Wads like to point out that “Obama Care” is being forced down the throats of The American People by their government.

I guess some of the Right-Wads must have forgotten that “Obama Care” is now The Law of The Land that was legally passed by Congress in a Democratic fashion – – by the elected representatives of The People – – and the law has been validated by The Supreme Court in the government “Of The People, By The People and For The People” – – and there is no way a rational or sane person could ever view that as “Forcing” something down somebody’s throat.

There is no debating or arguing or negotiating in situations where something is shoved down people’s throats.  Shoving stuff down people’s throats is more like what the right wing radicals have been trying to do with their Republican Government Shutdown that I am sure most of us have heard about by now.

Some of the mindless on the far Right tell us that the purpose of “Obama Care” is to cause the Big Insurance Companies to fail and go out of business.

The truth of the matter is that many of the “Big Insurance Companies” have seen that the new law will open a lucrative new market of perhaps millions of applicants for insurance and many of them are scrambling to devise all kinds of plans to offer to this new market because millions of dollars in new business in insurance policy sales is virtually assured.  That doesn’t look to me like Obama Care is designed to put anybody out of business.  Quite the contrary!

Some of the Right-Tards apparently cannot see this for some reason – – – or perhaps they don’t want to see it!  Maybe their big money corporate leaders have commanded them to ignore it.

Finally there is the asswad claim that the Liberals, Democrats and Progressives are the ones who want a government that provides for all their own needs at the expense of every other taxpaying citizen in the country.

What the radicals do not mention – – conveniently I am sure – – is that the bigger portion of people who receive benefits from the government live in Red States that usually vote Right Wing.

What the radicals probably don’t want understood is that these conservative-heavy Red States get more Federal dollars in goods and services than they return to the Federal Treasury in taxes or by any other means.

So, the claim that government entitlement programs benefit the Liberals and Democrats and Progressives more than they benefit anybody else is some kind of fog that probably arises from booze schmoozing or something like that because  it sure as hell doesn’t have any basis in fact.

Of course it is my opinion and has been my opinion for quite some time now that if a fact bit a rightie in the ass he, she or it – – as the case may be – – would probably never be able to recognize it.


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