Congress won’t get cost of living increase for fiscal 2014!


October 17, 2013
The new bill to reopen the government is as remarkable for what it does not contain as what it does:

We know now that in the sparse 35 pages of the bill to reopen the government – – – can you imagine something passed by Congress that is only 35 pages long?  I think that is a miraculous accomplishment all by itself. – – – but anyway . . . in the 35 pages of the bill to reopen the government there are a lot of good things:

Among the good things are reported to be money to help People in Colorado who have been victims of some pretty bad floods lately and money to help people who have suffered losses because of those big wildfires in California and everywhere that we have been watching on the news lately.

Then there is some money to help the Veterans Administration get caught up on some of the backlog of claims that had been building up.  Being a Vet myself, I really think this is a good thing!  We really need to pay more attention to doing what is best for our Veterans!  I think we might have done better than we have in this regard – – – a lot better!

I know a lot of those furloughed Federal Workers are going to be happy about the fact that the bill authorizes them to get their back pay for the time they were off work because of the shutdown.  I spoke to one computer programmer who works at a local Air Force Base where I live and he was very happy about this news.

There is something missing from the bill, however and I think it deserves a little mention here:

According to what I have been reading on various news sites, the members of Congress will not be getting any cost of living increases for the fiscal year 2014.

I cannot help but wonder how that item slipped by?

If you are wondering where I read that, it was in an article from “Reuters” entitled, “Bill To Spare U.S. Economy From Debt Crisis Also Delivers Favors.”

You can look it up and read it if you want to but I don’t have permission to link to “Reuters.”

It is interesting to me to note that in order to get to this bill I am talking about here, it cost us a shutdown of government and $24 billion dollars in taxpayer money too! – – – HERE.

I guess if what I have read in the past is anywhere near the truth, Congress hasn’t gotten any raise in their pay for the last four years.   Of course I am wondering how some of them can afford to live on the wage that reportedly approximates $174-thousand dollars a year in this tough economy in which we find ourselves?

Personally I have had to live on one-tenth that amount in my relatively uneventful life and I thought I was having it hard.

But maybe it isn’t all that bad about Congress not getting a cost of living increase for 2014 – – – did I hear somewhere that many of them are already wealthy to begin with?

Oh well – – maybe they can vote themselves an increase sometime soon.  While they are at it, I hope they vote an increase for me and my Fellow Americans too.

Or maybe we could all follow the old Right Wing formula of going out and using our self-sufficiency to bring our financial status up to that of the Congress.

If anyone out there has suggestions on how to do this and how to get the taxpayers to pay for it, I am all ears!

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