Democrats May Resist Wasting More Millions In Taxpayer Money On Republican Witch Hunts!

It Was Recently Disclosed That Democrats May Not Coddle further fiscally wasteful Right Wing Witch Hunts Concerning the Benghazi Affair:  

There have already been four separate bi-partisan investigations into this Republican fantasy and there are some people who think the time has come to close the curtain on the entire fallacy of endless investigations. – – – HERE.

My opinion as a blogger?

My opinion is that the Right Wing has absolutely nothing positive in the way of leadership or in workable ideas that address national problems and since the 2014 elections are fast approaching the Repugs are getting more and more desperate to rile their voting base up to get them out to the polls and so all they have left to work with is more stirring of the “Scandal” pot.

Posted by John @ 11:45 PM


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