Images for the depths of me suspended in time and space


Time was when I would blow on one of these because I heard that if you made a wish and were able to blow all the fluff off of them in one breath the wish would come true. I also liked to blow on them and watch them fly softly and gently as they were caught on the wind. Some of them blew quite high and out of sight and I wondered where they had flown to —– or if they had returned to Heaven from whence I always imagined they came. — Pixabay


There was an old abandoned apple orchard next to our house when we lived out in the sticks and I loved when Spring would come and the old apple trees would burst out in bloom. —- The blossoms had their own peculiar sweet scent and I knew that the green apples would soon be coming along. —- I used to like to impale a green apple on a stick and use it as leverage to throw the apples long distances. —- It is amazing how far a green apple which has been stuck on a stick can fly once you throw it! – (Pixabay)


On sunny July and August days I would have pitched my tent down in a local woods beside a flowing creek and sometime during the day I would simply lie on my back on a blanket in the forest and contemplate the sunlight playing on the leaves of the trees —- letting my mind drift — setting my imagination free — wondering what life would be like 10, 20 or more years in the future — listening to the birds, the frogs in the underbrush near the creek, the splash of fish in the creek itself — the soft rustling of the breeze above — haunting — comforting — nurturing — my youth — my lovely youth! (Pixabay)


Night time down in the woods by the creek were very dark but I loved the vision of the full moon in the clear sky above.  I was free — I was young — I had my whole life ahead of me — and I stared at the moon and wondered about God and angels and Heaven — I found the moon to be a drawing thing — a mystery — a friend! — As I lay there I listened to the tree frogs in the distance and the mournful sound of an owl in the distance — the barking of a dog afar off — the night was grand — it was magic — I loved it dearly!


When you are a kid, empty railroad tracks are a fascinating thing. —- I used to walk over some of the longest railroad trestles — taking each step very carefully — looking down between the ties and the rails to the seemingly endless distance to the forest floor far below — all the while hoping I could get across the bridge before a train came — wondering what I would do if a train were to come — but I was lucky. — I never encountered a train when I was on a bridge but I saw and heard plenty of them when I was camped out beneath the bridge a hundred feet below — beside the creek!


Do not ask me why I collected pine cones as a kid but I did. — I think I had a couple hundred of them. — They fascinated me even though I never knew quite what to do with them. — I like their rough texture and like I said, every time I walked among the pines — especially in the local cemetery — I would collect as many pine cones as I could carry and sometimes I would go down to the bridge over the creek and throw them in the water and watch as the stream carried them away. (Pixabay)


I was a lonely child — an only child — and I dearly loved cats — and pigs — and birds — and dogs — and most everything. — I always had cats as a kid. — At one time I think I had 11 cats all at the same time. — In fact, one of my cats …. a cat named “Footsie” … was my favorite and I actually let him sleep in my bed with me on cold winter nights when the only heat in the house was a coal-fed stove in the kitchen. — I remember Footsie purring softly and contentedly beneath the blankets on the coldest of nights when ice formed on the bedroom windows and you could see your breath in the room because the heat only traveled as far as the kitchen where the stove was and an adjoining room shared by my Mom and Dad. (Pixabay)


We were kind of poor when I was a child and sometimes the only thing we had to eat for a couple of meals during a day were corn flakes and milk. — Sometimes we had oatmeal and at other times biscuits of shredded wheat. — On some occasions we had bread with white milk gravy poured over it with a raw onion for dinner — sometimes Mom would make tomato dumplings or beans and dumplings — but when we got lucky there were pork chops or fried chicken — which was not very often but which we did manage to obtain from time to time. (Pixabay)




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