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Right wing envies the apes as immigration soars!

Over the last few years – – ever since President Obama was elected – – it seems to me the radical right wing in this country have been sinking further and further into some kind of depression or something because … Continue reading

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Well . . . maybe not too many boots on the ground anyway!

I have heard the claims that there will be no American boots on the ground in Iraq to combat the current crisis with ISIS (The Islamic States.) So does that mean there will never be any and if that is … Continue reading

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The “Trust” factor

Republican President Ronald Reagan once was quoted as having said, “The ten most dangerous words in the English language are “Hi, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” I am not particularly in agreement with President Reagan on … Continue reading

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A Rant By John (No.101)

( Monday, September 15, 2015 ) – – – If you have ever had the rather hemorrhoidal experience of trying to read and make sense of anything written from the Right Wing Radical Extreme side of the political circus you … Continue reading

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Observations in the obvious

A famous Conservative media talker once remarked, “Exercise freaks . . . are the ones putting stress on the health care system.” I would like to add my own “Take” to that quote if I may: “Right Wing Religious Radical … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned

There is an old Chinese Proverb that says, “The error of a single moment often becomes the sorrow of an entire life.” I discovered the truth of that the first ( and last ) time I voted for a Right … Continue reading

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North Korea isn’t making any brownie points with me!

(September 14, 2014) – – – I have just read where North Korea has sentenced U.S. Citizen Matthew Todd Miller to 6 years at hard labor for entering the country on a private trip without any foreign guides and for … Continue reading

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