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In Defense Of Governor Rick Perry Of Texas!

Reference:  An article on the website “Redstate” entitled, “Rick Perry Becomes A Victim Of Lawfare.”

My Opinion by John

I, like many folks, have noticed that some of the top contenders for the GOP nomination in 2016 have been dragged into some kind of legal entanglements . . . and there are a lot of folks . . . particularly folks on the side of the right wing . . . who believe the things that are happening with these contenders are unfair and unwarranted . . . etc., etc.

Well I am one Democrat who wishes people would simply leave the “Top GOP” contenders alone until after the 2016 elections so that Democrats can beat them at the polls and get on with the business of governing.


Journalist James Foley

If the stories are true that ISIS (The Islamist Terror Group In Iraq) has, in fact, beheaded American Journalist James Foley and threatened the life of another captured American Journalist then all I can say,in my most Christian Manner is, “I think it is time Washington took off the kid gloves and started the machinery rolling to put an end to this thing totally, completely and once and for all time!”  Can somebody say, “Amen?”

The telephone number with which you may reach your elected representative in Congress or with which you may leave a message for The President is: (202) 456-1111

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Ferguson Case Goes To Grand Jury

My Political Opinion

by John

After 10 days of continuing civil unrest and disturbances that have captured the imagination of the nation in an area of the United States that has been compared to a combat zone, the case involving the death of an unarmed black teen in a shooting by police is reportedly finally going to be considered by a grand jury. Continue reading