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Right Wing Berghdahl Scenario Has No Credibility!

Army Sergeant Bowe Berghdahl has not been charged with desertion by The U.S. Army despite claims to the contrary by an over-enthusiastic Radical Right Wing propaganda machine.

The right wing’s newest attacks on Sergeant Bowe Berghdahl and their assertions that the Army has already made up it’s mind to court-martial him for desertion are not true according to all reliable information – – –  Period! – – -HURRY, HURRY! READ ALL ABOUT IT!

No charges have been filed and nothing has been proven about Sergeant Bergdahl being some kind of deserter and in fact even The Pentagon has not mentioned the word “Desertion” in connection with the case as far as I can tell.

But actual facts about the case have done nothing to prevent the right wing vultures from going on the offensive to drag the Sergeant’s name through the mud and some of their attacks have been sadistic if I do say so myself:  Unfair, Unjust, backed by nothing but rhetoric and speculation – – typical right wing radical propaganda bullshit.

Back before Bergdahl was released . . . . while he was still being held prisoner by the enemy . . . . the right wing attacked the President for not doing enough to secure his release and some of them were even “Praying” for Sergeant Bergdahl to be released unharmed.

After the Sergeant was finally released the right wing began to attack both the President and Sergeant Bergdahl.

This story has shown me how the right wing talks out of both sides of its mouth.  With that bunch it seems to me that whatever the issue is, it is always a damned if you do or damned if you don’t thing with them and the Bergdahl story illustrates that double-mindedness magnificently!

What does the U.S. Army say about it? – – -RIGHT HERE FOLKS!

Even the renowned News Organization, Reuters, is denying the truth of these allegations if you want to go to Reuters and look it up.  I do not have permission to link to Reuters but you can look it up yourselves:  Just search REUTERS for the story with the title,”Army says no decision made in Bergdahl investigation.”

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I can’t recommend it highly enough!



I think this is a masterpiece of reality checking and I heartily recommend it to all my readers knowing full well it will go straight over the heads of the radical righties . . . . . as well it should . . . . . and as is to be expected:

Even some “Conservatives” recognize when too much is too much!



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Right Wing Radicals rejoicing over announcement that former American POW may receive courts martial on “Desertion” charges!


The radical rightie scumbaggery  should probably be a little hesitant in their dancing in the streets over the possibility of an American Hero being court martialed for something that has never been proven – – – but they are out there on their bullshit media and websites this morning jubilating all over their jeans that some retired military officer has “Been Told” that this could happen.

So naturally those who hate President Obama, Liberals, Progressives and Veterans saw no choice but to jump on the story with all their evil-minded, hateful claws out.

By the way folks, the way I read this situation is that some Righties are saying that such a courts-martial “could happen,” “might happen,” “has a potential for happening,” “may happen,” – – – but I don’t see one scum-assed right wing radical mouth telling us that it “Has” happened yet . . . do you?

With the radical right it always seems to me that their conspiracies are always somewhere in the future and “COULD” happen, “MIGHT” happen . . . blah, blah, blah!

Let’s put this current piece of radical rightist bullshit aside until something like what they are wet-dreaming for actually takes place and then we will discuss it again.

Try this on for size while people debate the situation – – – ( TO BE OR NOT TO BE )

In the meantime, I have said it before and I will say it again:  “I have never seen a bunch of people who seem to detest our American Military Veterans and Service People so damned much as some of the right wing radicals.

Remember how that bunch refused to allocate funds so that our Military in Iraq could have armor for their Humvees when the war first started and how because of it our Military had to fabricate their own armor from whatever materials were on hand?


The Right Wing Radicals seem to have had it in for Sergeant Berghdahl from the time his story first broke.

Well – – – they haven’t had their day in the sun on this one yet and according to what I understand about what all the experts are saying  there is a good chance they won’t be getting any free libidinous evacuations over this one either.

For a more level-headed and sane approach to the question, I recommend the following – – – ( BOWE BERGHDAHL ).

Post Script:

I want to share something that I received in “Comments” this morning from a friend and loyal reader of this blog:

I want to share the comment because I agree with it a hundred and ten percent and even more than that:

The commenter said:

“I am reading about Berhdahl and can’t believe what I see. You know my friend that I ama pacifist to the bone, I hate violence and war. However it seems to me that your rightwing nutjobs in the USA are warmongerers with a great dislike of those they send into war. When they send them and they are there they are “heroes”, when they come back they are “parias leeching of the healthcare and social system. They should shut up about their PTSS (gotten in service of your country). They should shut up about getting homeless (a homeless has only him/herself to blame for it after all) and so on.

Do we know the circumstances surrounding his dissapearance…no. It looks like he wandered off but who is to say that he did so on his own free will. Only after his debriefing we will know what truly happened and IF it proves to be desertion there is time enough to “punish” the man (five years of being POW seems punishment enough to me though)

I for one am glad the man is free, that he can go home to his loved ones. He will have a hard time comming to him I am sure and will have to fight many demons and of course face his own problems because of all of this as well. I thank him and the rest of your military, after all they are fighting for my freedom and safety as well. . . .”


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Buying the White House may now be entirely possible!



Some right wing conservatives are now running around saying that political spending and political activism are forms of free speech and that free speech is protected under the U.S. Constitution.

Let me break that down a little if I may:

I think what the Righties are saying is that it is alright to use the provisions of “Citizens United” to buy the government for whatever special interests have the money to buy it with and who would probably stand to profit hugely if they were able to pull it off.

I like to think of this scenario as “Coup for cash.”

And if it were possible for some special interest groups to put up enough cash to buy enough advertising and do enough campaigning and put out enough propaganda that they were able to end up using their money to gain the power of The White House for their side then what?

It means that the big money groups who pulled the “Coup for cash” off would be the ones deciding national policy.

I mean “Why go to all the trouble of spending billions of dollars to win control of the government if you aren’t going to make sure your policies, ideas and agenda items are not pushed to the top of national priorities once you have succeeded in winning all the necessary elections?

So now I guess we are sitting on the cusp of the day when some really rich people somewhere are going to finally be able to shell out enough cash to buy the absolute loyalty and dedication of some political candidates – – – to get those candidates elected – – to take complete control of the government Of The People . . . . and to work slowly, tirelessly, tediously and certainly toward the point when the “Government Of The People, By The People and For The People” becomes the “Government Of The Rich, By The Rich and For The Rich” and everybody else will be expected to become servants of the high and mighty.

That, my friends is a “Conservative” wet dream – – – it is definitely not a Liberal ambition.

Liberals want government for “All” the People all the time.

The crazies who make up the radical cadre of neo-conservatism and supposed-to-be-conservatism want only “Government For The Elite, Corporate America and The Fantastically Rich” – – – all the time.

That’s the difference between Liberals and Conservatives in today’s world of harsh political realities.

The “Little Guy?”

The “Little Guy” and those who cannot gain enough wealth or influence to help themselves will be completely at the mercy of their new “Owners.”

What good does it do for somebody like me to point these things out?

Not a goddamned bit!

Why bother then?

As dumb assed as it may sound – – “There is always a glimmer of hope.”

Read this crap for yourselves and pray hard to God – – – ( YOUR FUTURE IF YOU DON’T WAKE UP)


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Right Wing Radical Psychopaths Are In Abundant Supply!

There is some pretty sick crap being posted on some religious right wing radical “supposedly conservative” websites and media of all kinds these days and once you have sampled any of it, it is not all that hard to recognize – – – – – basically because it makes no sense at all and is so far-fetched and super-hyper-imaginative as to be laughable instead of something to take seriously.

Sane people do not even bother with such garbage.

I am not a psychologic expert but from the experiences I have had with some of the more “Out There” wingnuts I think I can safely say that most really radical right wingers tend to utter more of what sounds to me like almost totally mentally unbalanced  trash talk  than most any other ideology to begin with.

Check out some of the far-out claims sometimes attributed to some sometimes fairly well-known Righties:

Be prepared to be entertained – – – – and perhaps even shocked as you read through these choice snippets:


What kind of sane intellect does it take – – – I ask you – – – to absolutely refuse to entertain the notion of raising the national minimum wage to help out low-wage earners while, at the same time, allowing corporate big wigs to pay themselves salaries that amount to hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars an hour – – and never blink an eye about it?

If you listen to some of the rhetoric on some Rightie websites you can almost taste the sadistic quality of their rhetoric as they describe the President of The United States, Black People, Hispanics, Immigrants, The Poor, The Chronically Unemployed, Elderly People on Social Safety Net Programs – – – Mothers on WIC . . . Children on Welfare Programs . . . . Students needing Federally backed student loans – – – the list is almost endless and the rhetoric seemingly more vicious with each time something is discussed or with each article that is published.

For me to suggest that right wing radical rhetoric is mental toxic waste is to make the understatement of the century as far as I am concerned.

And they have the audacity to call Liberals, “Sick Bastards!”

Somebody needs to explain this to me.




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How the right wing rolls – – -

You have to read it to believe it: – – – HOW THE RIGHT WING ROLLS

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The Radical Right and Their Conspiracy Crap!

It is not complicated, folks!

People who swallow the right wing conspiracy crap tend to be less educated than most everybody else and by a significant percentage!

In other words, “The dumber they are, the quicker they are to swallow something when Radical Rightie vomits it.

Now when Rightie believes his/her own propagandistic crap, that only intensifies the effect of stupidity.

It is easy to tell – – – most of the time – –  that most of the absolute shit being put out there by right wing radical conspiracy wingnuts is not being concocted necessarily by people with advanced or post-graduate degrees by any means.

So if you are a Liberal or an Independent – – – or even an authentic “Conservative” – – the kind the wingnuts like to call RINOs – – – and you are being called “Stupid” by some wingnut writing a crap blog from someplace in some God-forsaken desert or something, I think it is safe for you to just “Consider the source” and go proudly on your way believing what you know to be the truth of most any matter that anybody might want to discuss in a state of cognitive sanity and presence of mind.

Here is what SCIENCE has to say about it!

By the way – – – just in case you are interested – –  you might want to join me at:

where I will be doing a little blogging now and then.

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