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No kingdom to come to America’s shores!


My blog book tells me to write things “from the heart” rather than things I think readers want to hear.

O.K., I will try though I am not very good at it.

A lot of people are talking about how President Obama seems to have become some kind of “King” or something because he writes a lot of executive orders to get things done that the Congress either hasn’t done or won’t do.

This is a pain in some people’s asses but it looks like others expect the President to do exactly what he is doing.

I remember the time somebody brought the executive order thing up in front of the president and he said that at least he was “Getting stuff done” at a time when the Republicans in the Congress were at their obstructionist and obstinate best.

The thing about executive orders and a president who takes the bull by the horns and actually exercises some kind of leadership in the face of obstruction is that historically the people have expected this kind of response from their Commander In Chief – – especially during times when the nation is facing some kind of crisis.

I remember President Franklin D. Roosevelt back in the days when America was reeling under the after effects of the worst financial depression in history and from the effects of having to fight a World War for the nation’s very survival.

Roosevelt took a lot of bulls by the horns in those days but because of the nature of the threats that confronted us, the People were usually fully supportive of most everything he undertook to do even when some of those things appeared to be blatantly Socialist in nature.

In fact there were certain Right Wing detractors of President Roosevelt who actually called him “Communist” and “Socialist” and all kinds of nasty and ugly things and even to the day in which we now live, there are still those who hate the things he did – – the things he did that not only helped poor struggling victims of a Great Depression get back on their feet, but things he did to help win one of the most difficult wars ever faced by a nation.

Even today there are people on the Conservative Edge who wish “The New Deal” had never happened and even today many of their descendants are still trying to rid the world of the after effects of that “New Deal.”

Today we have the beginnings of Obamacare which is another presidentially advocated program designed to help those who need help the most from their government and as one might expect, Obamacare is one of the biggest targets of right wing angst and hatred ever. I sometimes think there are right wing people in this country who hate both the program and the president. I don’t know why and I sometimes think they really don’t know why themselves.

I hear a lot of arguments against Obamacare and recently —- ever since it has been acknowledged to be working for millions of Americans —–I hear a lot of support for the program growing —– even in sectors where it was very strongly opposed before it was shown to be beneficial to the folks who are enrolled in it.

If Obamacare survives the many attacks being mounted against it, I expect that someday in the future it will be as well-integrated into The American Lifestyle as Social Security ever was.

If my memory serves me right, Medicare/Medicaid went through the same kinds of struggles when they were first introduced into the American way of life. But they went on to do what they were designed to do and a lot of people feel a lot better off because of these programs than they did before these programs came on the scene.

That seems to be the way things work in America.

Americans seem to resist change but once they sniff some kind of benefit from change, they get on board with it and finally even get to the point where they willingly defend it.

It seems to me sometimes that Life in America has always been one step forward and a step backward and then two steps forward again. But the progress has been steady and sustained even if it has taken nearly Two Centuries – – maybe more than two centuries now – – to get where we are today.

If you can believe it, there were even people who opposed the Industrial Revolution.

There were great organizations of people who crafted things manually by hand who vehemently opposed the introduction of products mass-produced by machinery on production lines.

Many of them thought industrialization would destroy the entire economic underpinnings of the nation because as they often opined, “What will happen to quality marketable goods once the skilled craftsmen are all replaced by ignorant mechanical machines?”

It didn’t work out that way, did it?

By the same token, I cannot bring myself to believe that Obama will end his administrations as a dictator or a monarch and I don’t believe he will find a way to hang on for a third term once his present tenure in Washington is completed.

For one thing, I don’t think the American People would permit it under normal circumstances.

President Roosevelt served a third term —– not because he usurped his position like some king —– but because he was popular with the People and the People demanded it.

I do think sometime that if America is presented with enough candidates who do not meet their expectations they could, conceivably, draft the president for a third term —– but I think if that ever happened it would be because the general public would become convinced that there was no better choice —– or perhaps no other choice at all in some period of time when there might be unusual pressures on the security of the country —– or something like that.

But I believe the theory of some conspiracy by the president or the administration to coronate Obama as King and permit a third term is really totally unrealistic given the present state of the nation and the world and especially considering the fact that Obama’s second term is beset with the very same kinds of problems that have traditionally been the inheritance of all other second term presidencies. Toward the end of their terms, most Second Term American Presidents have drifted into one form of “Lame Duck-ed-ness” or the other and been less effective in that second time at bat than the first.

I have often secretly wondered if The United States hasn’t actually become too large and too diverse to have to depend on a single person in a Presidential capacity and I have wondered privately if it might not be better if the office of the president were replaced by something more on the order of a Presidential “Committee” where three or more popularly elected individuals would serve as the Executive Branch and where decisions would be made by a majority consensus among those elected to such an office. (Three or four heads are better than one.).

Barring that possibility, what would be wrong with simply referring all the questions of governing the nation back to the People by means of referendums and let all the issues be decided by a majority vote of the masses.

In this electronic age of computers and technology —– and the technology will only get better as time goes on —– such a thing might become workable within the next few years and I am thinking that somebody somewhere ought to be thinking along these lines —– just on an exploratory basis if on no other basis —– to see if the idea would be workable or if it would fly.

The President came into office with an idea that America would be “Fundamentally Changed” by his presidency.

I don’t know exactly what President Obama had in mind when he said that —– but I do know —– way down deep in my heart —- that whoever is President in the years to come, America will be “Fundamentally Changed/Transformed” because that is the exact process that has been working itself ever since the days of the founding. We are nowhere near the same in 2015 as we were in 1776 and there has, indeed, been a “Fundamental Transformation” already.

I think we are simply going to have to ride the winds of change and keep ourselves as upright and steady as we can with what we are allowed to have or with what we are given or what we earn or fight for. What else can we do as a common people when there are such power forces at play in the world all around us —— forces that we cannot avoid, cannot escape, cannot ignore? We have to cope in order to survive and we have to cope to insure the survival of our generations who will come after we are gone.

But a monarchy?

America will never allow a Monarchy.

America was founded to escape the bonds imposed by a Monarchy.

Unless Americans are dumber than I ever thought —– which I doubt sincerely —– they will never allow a Monarchy.

So I think everybody can relax and be assured in their hearts that when time comes for the 2016 elections, the election will take place and a new president will be elected and all the fears of a Monarchy will fade into the winds of history —– to the extent that the fear mongers will allow it to fade.