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Dear Friends:

If you read nothing else on the Internet or anywhere else today please take a moment of your time and read this:


What is at stake in this mid-term election is just about everything we all hold dear and if ever there was a reason to get out and vote in the mid-terms this year …… just a few short days from now …..there never was one!

Please!  If you love your country ….. if your love your family ….. If you love Freedom ….. please read the article I have referenced here.

Respectfully your friend,

The Outrageous Liberal Pundit

Things the Right Wing will never understand until they become desperate for help with something!

quote-this-is-democratic-bedrock-we-don-t-let-people-lie-in-the-ditch-and-drive-past-and-pretend-not-to-garrison-keillor-345683And you can take this to the bank, folks …… If a Rightie finds himself or herself in need of something you can bet your sacred rear end they will forsake all their self-reliance bullcrap in the blink of an eye and run …… as fast as their legs can take them …… their hands outstretched ……. to receive the very government benefits they may have spent many years complaining about and arguing against …… and when they run to receive their share you can bet your bottom dollar they will probably shove as many other people out of their way as possible so they can be first in line …… because I think they believe with all their heartlessness and mindlessness …… (It is the “Christian” thing to do)!

So then ……. what is a true Patriot?

A true Patriot is one who is always ready to defend his or her country and its government against any mis-guided idiot(s) who may have designs on overthrowing it …… And I have to say that in my opinion …….this also includes many of the radical right wingers who seem to hate and detest our government so much and who constantly prattle and rattle about how they hate it and some of which have even suggested we need to completely replace our system of government with something else …… and there has been more than plenty of that kind of talk in the last few years.

What is a “True American?”

A True American is one who is a true patriot and who takes to heart the words contained in the quote by Mr. Keillor above ……. words I expect go completely over the heads of most Right Wing Wingnuts in America today.

Righties reported to be attacking health care subsidies again!


My Opinion
by John
The Outrageous Liberal Pundit

Let’s get something settled between us and out of the way before we continue with this blog post:

I have long believed that it is a given that one of the primary attitudes saturating the obscenity I sometimes call, “The Radical Right Wing Political Idiot-Ology” is the attitude that says ……. in effect if not literally ……. “If you cannot afford something you need desperately …… (Something like emergency or long-term medical care …… a new car …… a roof over your head …… food on your table ……help with obtaining a decent education so you can prepare yourself to earn a living …… anything at all that the government sometimes helps people get when they need help ….. I believe that one of the dominant Right Wing Conservative themes in such cases as these is a simple …… “If you can’t afford it, it is your own fault that you can’t afford it and therefore you don’t deserve it.”  ……. Yes, I believe that is the standard Rightie response to human needs.

Trust me when I tell you …… I believe beyond a shadow of doubt that if Right Wingers can ever manage to find a way to take every nuance of any kind of government-assisted health care away from the needy they will damned well find a way to do it!

What does all that have to do with anything? ……. I am reading in a newspaper this morning where some of the (obscenities deleted ) …… who have fought against the Affordable Health care Act …….  ( Obamacare ) …….  for the last six years or so …… some of that ……. (Insert your own choice of adjective here ) …….  are once again petitioning the Supreme Court …… (The heavily Republican Supreme Court ) ……. ( The “Repeal The Voting Rights Act” Supreme Court ) …… ( You know the one ) …….are back again.  This time I guess they are trying to get the high court to declare that the subsidies used by some 5-million low-income families to help purchase their health care …… The soreheads are reportedly petitioning the court to declare those subsidies for the Poor to be ……. Illegal.” …….. And so what are we to expect from the obstructionists and the intransigents over on the self-proclaimed “Christian Compassionate Conservatism” side of the political aisle? ……. This action by Righties comes as no surprise to me whatsoever because I think it is par for the course for them.

I will explain in just a couple of minutes why there is a chance the SCOTUS might rule against the soreheads in this case …… I know it might sound incredible …… but there is a chance and I will explain all that in a couple of paragraphs down from this one. ……. But keep in mind that a SCOTUS defense of subsidies in this case might have become a political expediency because of the impending mid-term elections ……. and as we all know without being told “Political Expediency” attracts the attention of Right Wingers like honey attracts flies.

But first let me explain how I see the thinking processes that work in the mindless realms of the radical American Conservative Right Wing …….

I think it all boils down to a kind of, “Hey, you useless old man ……. or woman as the case may be …….  …. you worked all your life …. you earned a living ….. you paid your taxes ….. you served your country ….. you gave to charities and to your church ….. you helped your neighbors when they needed a helping hand ….. now that you have gotten older and sicker you expect somebody else to pay for your medical care?  Now that you are older and sicker you expect the taxpayers to take care of you out of their own pockets?  Who the Hell do you think you are? ……. You’ve lived your life now let us live ours without having to take care of you too …….  Why should my hard-earned tax money go to help you out?  If you are old and sick and need care and if you can’t afford the care you need …. then that is your problem, old man ….. don’t come whining to me ….. don’t come whining to the government ….. either find a way to pay for the care you need or find yourself a quiet and comfortable place to lay down and die.” ……. Yes I believe this is how the radical right wing thinks! …….. I think people who make the mistake of voting for Republicans or anyone from the right wing for that matter, are voting against their own best interests and I think if they are dumb enough to vote for assholes like I am talking about here then they fully deserve whatever comes down the road because of their decisions.

Now let’s look at a potential ray of hope in this fight ……. There is some indications that if The SCOTUS steps into this battle the Administration just might win! …… I personally think it is a long shot but there is a possibility according to some experts who are watching it all play out. I have to be fair, after all …. What the Righties seem to always want and what actually happens is sometimes two different things after all is said and done …. but like I said, “There seems to be some chance the SCOTUS might see it the way The Obama Administration sees it because ……. Can you imagine how the American Voters would react …… this close to a critical election ……. If Righties were able to obtain a disconnect between them and the healthcare they need? ……. I think that would be disastrous for the Right, don’t you? ……. Hey folks, check this out when you get a moment: …… (RIGHT ABOUT HERE.)

The one bright spot in this current action by some Righties to get Obamacare Subsidies for the Poor declared “Illegal” by The SCOTUS is that if they are successful, they will be putting the screws to a lot of their own idiot-o-logical soul mates as well.  ……. Now there is an idea I can live with!

Needless to say I am sure there will be a lot of right wads who try to blow smoke about what I have written here  ……. I think there will be a few of “Them” who will be unable to provide any answer to this blog post except for going on some kind of rage-filled rant or name-calling spree ….. because they really have nothing workable to offer as a solution ……but I stick with my propositions here because it is not like I do not have any Life experiences from which to draw. ……. I really don’t give a damn what Righties think about my ideas about things …… I leave final judgment to the will of The American Voter …… If the voters choose to vote against their own interest and install a bunch of Righties into offices then so be it ……. we will have to ride out the storm …… just the same as we always have …… but I can almost guarantee that if that happens it won’t be long before buyer remorse will overtake the voters and they will try to fix it all again by voting for Democrats in 2016. …… This stuff seems to run in cycles.

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Conservative family values

Conservatives ……. especially that mysterious enigmatic group calling itself, “Christian Conservatives” ……. are always shouting from the rooftops so that everyone within earshot can hear their bullshit about “Family Values” ……. (or) ……. “Christian Family Values.” …….. Over the years I have discovered that “Family Values” means different things to different people. ……. However when hearing about “Family Values” from most right wingers what I eventually come to understand their meaning of the phrase is something like the following: ” Family Values” means that if a family needs something it cannot afford ……(something like medical care ……. a new home ……. a new car …… dental care …..hospitalization …..) …… then that family that can’t afford whatever they need simply does not deserve whatever it is they need. ……. That, my friends is what I have discovered most Righties mean when they talk about “Family Values.”

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” GE DIGITAL CAMERAI probably could say a lot of nice things about most of the right wing radical assholes I know ……. but in all reality I would simply rather tell the truth.”
——- (The Outrageous Liberal Pundit)


October 29, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Whoever
Wherever You Live
Anywhere In The World

Dear Friends:

Someone asked me today, “What would you wish for if a genie were to suddenly appear and tell you that you were going to be granted three wishes?”

My answer was, “I think I would ask the genie for unlimited wishes and a life long enough and healthy enough to enjoy receiving the results of all of them.”

So now that I have gotten that off my chest, I think I will go into the next room and watch a little television ….. since the cable company has seen fit to raise my rates again ….. might as well see as many commercials as I can ….. I remember when cable was supposed to be commercial free ….. the same as with public broadcasting ….. but these days there are no commercial free channels that I can find …. even the public channels are doing what they call “public service announcements” that tell me the benefits of patronizing one firm or another …… firms that are increasingly the kind that have something to sell ….. if those aren’t commercials I don’t know what you would call them.

Oh well ….. what’cha gonna do when they come for you?

See you later folks!

With all my respect and admiration:

Your Friend,


The photograph

Opening the old family photo album I came across a picture of the old Coney Island steamboat from Cincinnati, Ohio …… the very steamboat I had ridden with my Dad on Labor Day, 1947 ….. when I was 9 years old.

I remember the trip back to Cincinnati …… on the Ohio River ….. on the top deck of that old boat because the night air on the river was really cold and I didn’t have a coat on …… and the captain of the steamer came out and put his big blue uniform jacket over me and I slept warm all the way to the dock at Cincinnati. …… I remember the gold stripes on the sleeves of the coat and the big gold-colored buttons against the blue of the fabric. ….. The coat seemed heavy as any blanket and it did the job ….. it kept me snug and warm.

That was our last trip on The Island Queen because later on that year she was destroyed in an explosion and fire while at dry dock in Pittsburgh, Pa. …… I always hoped Coney Island would rebuild her but they never did.  …… In fact just a few years later they closed the old Coney amusement park down and moved everything to a new one they had named “Kings Island.”

Recently my son …… a confirmed computer genius …… made an animation depicting the old boat and I cry tears of nostalgic joy whenever I play the video ….. HERE.