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Obama is still “A-O.K.” with most Americans!

The right wing radicals who love to paint nasty verbal pictures of our President with a forefinger dipped in something they found in a cow pasture or a pig pen ( Just before they pick their noses with that same finger ) – or just before they shove it up their own posteriori . . .  to the elbow . . .  to scratch something that most likely chronically itches . . . should know that six in Ten “Real” Americans still see President Obama in a favorable light despite the best efforts of an insignificant few  of the Radical Rightie manure slingers . . .(sniffers) . . . (tasters) . . .  to try and make them believe otherwise. – – – Click Rat-Cheer (Right Here) Please.

There are a bunch of bogus reports being circulated on the Internet right now saying that 6 in 10 Americans dislike . . . despise . . . do not like . . . do not approve of . . . hate . . .the President but here is a little secret about how to read such rascally rightie drivel:  When the right tards speak of “The American People” they traditionally are excluding every living soul who lives on this continent and in this country who are not like themselves.  

They only see their own kind as “American.”  That’s where the old “Blue State/Red State bullshit came from.

They have to be separate in order to be happy or to feel secure . . . or relevant . . .  So really, folks, in the minds of a lot of people who refer to themselves as “Right Wing Conservatives” there are no “Americans” other than other “Right Wing Conservatives” who believe exactly the same as they, themselves do.

At this point I would like to point out that there are “Actual, Bona Fide” Right Wing Conservatives in America but their influence is not as great in politics any more as some of the crazies from the rightist clown car who edged them out of political power in the elections of 2010.

So when a Rightie says that 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of President Obama then what they are really saying is that 6 in 10 of “Righties” disapprove of Obama.  When they say such shit they completely forget ( and they want you to forget ) that America is a helluva lot bigger than just 8 or 10 million really off-the-wall radical Right Wingers.

There are also Independents, Progressives, Democrats, Liberals, and scads of other ideologies out there and all of them are part of the vast American Political Landscape and among the larger crowd reputable well-known and well-respected polls are showing Obama with an approval rating whereby 6 out of 10 of “All” Americans ( Except for the relatively few . . . that insignificant bunch of propaganda-peddling haters who call themselves “right wing” or “Conservative” and who are, in all reality, anything but what they claim to be . . . ) Six out of 10 “Real” Americans approve of the President.

Most of the Obama “Hate” crap is not coming from “Real” Conservatives but is coming from the clown car side.

“Real Conservatives are honorable and noble and good, kind, caring and sharing folks who love America and want to do everything they can to move America forward and to provide for a good life for everybody.  But “Real” Conservatives are something entirely different altogether from the “Hater” crowd – – the crowd who makes most of the political noise these days.

I thought I had to point that out in order to be perfectly clear that not every American disapproves of the President.

Millions more – – the ones who voted for him twice – – still support him and are still sending their hard-earned cash to build up the fiscal power of The Democrats even as the crazies are mounting their most vicious attacks against him with all their “Impeachment” crap-o-la!

It was Right Wing “Impeachment” crap that blew the chances of the Righties to hang on to power during the Clinton era and if they are not damned careful they are going to do exactly the same things to their political future now with all this “Impeach Obama” stuff as they did during their ill-fated adventures connected to Impeaching President Clinton.

I have said it before and I will always say it – – – “Nobody on the face of the planet does a better job of campaigning for Democrats, Liberals and Progressives than Right Wingers and so I say “Let them go ahead with whatever little nasty actions they think they can get away with” because the more they work their devilment, the greater will become the anger of the nation against them and sooner or later I think they will go over the edge and hand the political victory to the Left on a Gold-Plated Platter.

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Right Wingers opposing expanded Veteran health care funding . . . again!

“Totally predictable” is the way I would put it!

Some Right-tards have reportedly begun calling new funding proposal for The Veterans’ Administration (VA), “Just Another Government Entitlement Program.”  Can you believe the utter nerve of some of those (deleted profanity)?

It might be an “Entitlement” program but I would venture to say it is a damned necessary one if it is!

My message to the goddamned righties who oppose increasing VA funding is simple:  “If you don’t want to care for our Veterans then stop sending them to fight your battles, you stupid sons of ( expletives)! ”  That’s my message!

There are conservatives on the Internet and elsewhere already bitching and moaning about the efforts by House Republicans to spend more Taxpayer money on The Veterans’ Administration (VA) – – – maybe as much as $17-billion; maybe even more . . . probably more . . . maybe much much more!

The opposers of the VA initiative by their House colleagues think the proposed expenditure is a far-too-unnecessary “bandaid” to the problems at the VA and some of them are even comparing it to Medicare Part D and saying that the real cost of the program is more likely to be in the range of $50-billion per year.

Personally I wouldn’t care if the funding for VA was double or triple the right-assed estimate . . . my attitude remains, “If the b**tards don’t want to pay for their wars and the consequences of their wars then . . . let them stop waging their useless,mindless, too-often unnecessary and sometimes illegal warcraft!”

What I want to know is, “When it comes to considering rightie wars where are the “Pro Lifers?”

The Righties who wave their flags and march in parades and make speeches about all their undying fidelity to our Veterans and who stand opposed to funding more expansion at the VA are also talking about how they believe expanding funding for VA at this point in time will lead to “Rationed Care” and lack of participation in Veteran Healthcare by professional care givers – – – although they apparently do not care to either say why they believe this or what their proposed alternative solution would be.

I still haven’t been able to figure out why some Veterans still vote for Republicans when Republicans seem to be the ones who are always cooking up ways to put the screws to them.  It remains one of life’s unsolved mysteries to me.

Yes – – the bitchers will oppose funding VA but where is their alternative solution?

Typical Rightwad-ism I would say!

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“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends (Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ) it is the right of The People to alter or abolish it, and to establish new government.”

There are a couple of questions I have always had about those words:

Question One:  How many of “The People?”  All?  Some?  Many?  A few?

Question Two:  Why should one not assume that if the Righties were the ones who abolished, altered and re-established the government – – ( In their own image of course ) – – someone else would soon enough alter, abolish and re-establish it once again because isn’t it true that most Right Wing Radicals tend to be more or less destructive of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone who does not share their world view?

Aren’t they generally in favor of the agenda that proclaims “All For Me And None For Thee?

Today in a nutshell

Date:  7/29/2014

Subject:  Happenings Of Today

It was early this morning – – around 6:00 AM when I got on the old running shoes and went to a combination walk and jog for about 8 city blocks.  It was invigorating because the weather is cooler than normal.  Needless to say I stopped and rested a couple of times because I am older now and cannot keep the pace I could when I was in my Twenties.

Breakfast was a special dish I make:  Cut a potato into small bite-sized pieces and add some chopped onion and pre-cooked country sausage . . . then two ounces of sharp shredded cheddar cheese.  I steam the potato and onion in a microwave steamer first and add the sausage and the cheese afterward.  About 600 calories per serving and very filling.

When the shopping mall stores opened at around 10 AM, my friend Jim and I went to the Pet Shop to look for “Gravity” feeders for the pet finch birds in the Great Room of the home here.  I found a couple but they appeared to be unwieldy so I passed on purchasing them.  I guess the birdies will have to make do with their “Cups” for the time being even though they tend to doo-doo in them making them kind of a hassle to clean.

Lunch was an adventure because I made a home-crafted pizza with thin crust dough, pepperoni, onion, mushroom, green pepper and three cheeses – – parmesan, mozzarella and provolone – – shredded together of course and a generous helping of oregano and sweet basil to set the taste buds off.  16 minutes in the oven on the center rack at 425 degrees . . . perfection!

I love the very act of living . . . the sensation of living . . . and I try to pack as many adventures and as much joy into each day as possible.

The one lesson I have learned is that if I try to bring joy to someone else – – doesn’t matter whether it is someone I know or a complete stranger – – life is ever so much more worth the living because of the random acts of kindness.

Some call it “Karma.”


Protests against immigrant kids reportedly erupt in Boston!

Beacon Hill in Boston, Mass., was reportedly the scene recently  of a group of  individuals who apparently gathered to protest a decision by The City Fathers to offer shelter to some of the unaccompanied minor children who have been crossing the South Western Border of The United States.

Some major news outlets estimated the “crowd” to be perhaps a few hundred and it is reported that the organizers of the rally estimated the numbers a little higher – – somewhere in the range of 10,000 persons.

Amazing, isn’t it . . . how “Organizers” can always come up with a lot higher figures for events such as this than those who are merely “Observers.”  ( I guess “Observers” can’t count or something. ).

There were reportedly all the usual signs, scowls, snake flags and screaming by many of the pro-testers and a lot of those doing the protesting are still reported to be dwelling on the notion that a great number of the “Children” coming into the country are teenagers and some of them are trying to sell the idea that teen agers don’t qualify as children.  You know how it is when somebody hates somebody else.  Descriptions are bound to change to fit the wishes of those with an agenda – – – and so we find that “People” who would otherwise be counted as “Children” are suddenly “Something Other than mere Children” and the “Something Other” suddenly is seen as a threat to The security of The United States by many of the protesters . . . many of which I think are simply acting out of some kind of unrealistic paranoia or something.

The point I want to make is this:

The Contemporary American Right Wing ( Usually Conservatives of one kind or another ) are supposed to be all-fired concerned about kids while they are still in the womb and unborn – – – but once the kid is born . . . they seem to forget all their former love, care and concern for children, don’t they?

Where does “Pro Life” begin and end?

Does anybody remember when the parents of Jesus Christ couldn’t find any lodging place that would take them in?

Surely there are some kind of stables in this richest country on the face of the earth that could offer lodging to a few refugees from desolation, horror, fear, want and need!

Of course it is true that “Charity Begins at Home” but what the Hell is America supposed to do when the God who Blesses America and the God whom all Americans are reputed to honor, serve and obey – – – ( We are a “Christian Nation” are we not?) – – – what is America supposed to do when “God” presents them with such an enormous test of their charitable nature?

How many of these immigrant kids can reasonably repeat the words of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, “The foxes have dens and furrows but I have not a rock on which to lay my head?”

If it is true that the Eye of God is over the sufferings of the poor then all I can say is “God help those who would turn the destitute stranger away when The Bible itself commands that we at least feed them and offer them shelter like the good Samaritans that we profess ourselves to be.”

Check out those Beatitudes again some of you so-called “Christians” . . . heed the call of God to feed the poor, heal the sick, visit the widows and orphans and all the rest of it somewhere in the pages of that precious Bible of yours.

I can’t wait to see how some right tard twists this one around to fit the agenda of hate that so many on the radical right seem to be caught up in these days.

I personally think these kinds of demonstrations show the true attitudes of some Radical Righties when it comes to caring for children . . . any children . . . all children . . . and I think America ought to take note and remember.

P.S. . . . Kinda looked to me like your average trailer park association meeting.

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New book by Sarah Palin is out and reported to be selling like gangbusters!

My Political Opinion

By John

There is a  book out now setting record sales and it is entitled, “America By Heart” and the author is Sarah Palin, former Republican candidate for the office of Vice President of The United States.  It appears that Mrs. Palin’s book has reportedly exceeded the 500,000 mark and continues to sell very well.

By the way – – in case anybody does not recall – – Mrs. Palin ran along with Senator John McCain (R-Az) and both lost their elections to Barack Obama. ( Just thought I would mention that in case anybody might have forgotten.  I believe a whole helluva lot of Righties have probably forgotten it or wish they could forget it.  I know there seems to be an awfully lot of them in denial about it – – wishing it had never happened – – wishing it would just magically go away somehow – – maybe if they can sue the president or impeach him . . . oh well, that’s another story isn’t it?

Anyway Mrs. Palin has now written “America By Heart” and it is doing most excellently on the charts and – – as I might have expected – – some of the waxed whiskers and mouldy mustaches on the intransigent obstructionist and idiotologically-motivated radical right have taken the opportunity to try to sell the story that Mrs. Palin’s book is outselling another book . . . one  written by Hillary Clinton ( Potential candidate for President in 2016 according to all reports ) by as much as 5 to 1 or even more. – – -SEE HERE.

Who knows?  It might be true!

The Palin book might well be outselling the Clinton offering by 500,000 copies sold for Palin and less than 100,000 copies sold for Clinton.

It proves nothing to me!

Well let me retract that a little bit – – it does prove “something” to me perhaps:

What I think is happening ( although I have no way of knowing for sure ) is that an enormous number of low-information Righties . . . is there any other kind? . . .  are possibly spending a large portion of their monthly welfare checks to purchase multiple copies of the Palin book . . . not necessarily to read, mind you . . . but maybe to support the cause.

I mean “Politics” is a most difficult subject to begin with and I doubt that half the Radical Righties I know or am familiar with . . . the ones who adjust the volume of their life by twisting their baseball caps into different orientations to the compass . . . would even begin to comprehend anything complex – – especially something as complex as politics.

I have seen some of these Yahoos who can’t read anything at all except the numbers on the checks they receive.  

I have known some of them who can tell you . . . right down to the penny . . . whether or not their checks are correct . . . but ask them to read a street sign or spell anything with more than 6 letters in it and they are dumbfounded and lost to the point where all they can do is either swear profane words or stare blankly at you or into the distance .. . . . [ Or call you some dumbassed name such as "Liberal Pile of Ass."].

I have quite a few rightwads who delight in calling me the most deliciously deviant names – – and a lot of those detractors of mine have the audacity to tell people they embrace the basic principles of Christianity!  

Oh yeah!  It sometimes seems to me like Radical Right Wing Christians of every description have found a passage in their Bibles that reads, “And thou, when thou has found a Liberal, thou shalt upbraid that Liberal with all diligence and purpose of mind and thou shalt say unto him ( or her) “Thou art an ignorant Liberal pile of ass!”


There ain’t no such verse in The Bible but to hear some of the right asses talk you would think there was one!

It’s kind of like The Bible, I guess – – – I think a lot of religious righties purchase big, expensive copies of the Bible . . . printed on the finest India Paper and bound in the rarest of Oxhide covers . . . so they can “Be Seen” by their contemporaries as very astute students of Holy Scripture . . . ( I am not talking about everyone here, folks but I have been associated with the hysterical side of protestant religion ( pew jumping screamers, wailers, ,moaners and criers ) . . . the kind of folks who sometimes make such claims as “Gawd told me to run for office” . . . (Just before they got their rear ends kicked in the election and their opponents won the offices they wanted) . . . you know what I am talking about here I am sure.

So there are any number of reasons one book on the market might outsell another but in some cases . . . make that most cases . . .  I do not think it is because there are countless hordes of intellectual Righties scrambling to advance their political acumen – – I think a lot of it might have to do with supporting a well-known, very attractive, very intelligent and charismatic author and a cause in which they believe whole heartedly . . . which, of course, is their right as Americans.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the words of a famous state governor and former candidate for president that I recall, “OOps!” . . .  I stepped in it a little with that last sentence I wrote up there!

I did not really mean to imply there is actually any such thing as “Hordes of Intellectual Righties.”  That is the worst possible combination of words I could have chosen because I do not think that comes anywhere near close to possibility . . . much less reality.

Let me re-write that idea:  “Countless Hordes of Right Wing Hopefuls.”

There!  That’s better!

Yes, it is a very good book . . .  I am told . . . and who am I to dispute the word of literary experts?

And yes, I do hope that Mrs. Palin enjoys every success with her new writing venture and I say that for a couple of reasons:

Reason Number One:  Every American deserves a chance and has the right to aspire to lofty goals.

Reason Number Two:  The more Conservatives decide to run for president, the greater the chances of Liberals and Democrats to win again in 2016.

Here is a little more about Mrs. Palin’s New Book – – - CLICK RIGHT HERE PLEASE.

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I guess we could cross our fingers at this point.

It seems that for the time being our connectivity problems with the primary internet service provider are fixed and we are running again at full tilt.

Let us see now if it persists or if there are more glitches in the offing.

I know several Righties will not receive this news with glee.

But – – Oh well!

Thanks be to God!

The American Radical Right Wing’s Love Affair With Lies!

Are all Righties “Radicals?”

Not by any stretch of the imagination.

There are scores of honorable, upstanding conservatives in this old world.

But ever since 2010 the inmates have been in control of the asylum as it were and the credible conservatives – – the “Old School” conservatives have been pushed into obscurity as the “Others” have appropriated power unto themselves by what I see as a temporary moment of insanity in the American Electorate – – a mistake that even now is being followed by an awfully lot of “Buyer Remorse” and which I think will be rectified in 2016 if not in 2014.

I have come to the conclusion that today’s American Conservative Radical Right Wing Political population seems to have an awfully lot of difficulty in discerning truth, telling the truth and believing the truth – – about . . . well . . . about most anything political.

Basic facts seem to elude them or else they simply do not wish to embrace them for whatever the reason.

Maybe the fact is that a lot of righties are afraid of the truth or simply do not wish to believe the truth!  Maybe they find their own contrived fantasies to be more comforting or more tolerable for one reason or another known only to them and those who share their mindlessness-set.

I think one of their favorite fantasies is that Americans actually give a shit what they think.  That little fallacy has been proven entirely wrong twice now as President Obama swept two presidential elections with massive Public Support thereby demonstrating – – to me at least – – a total American rejection of failed rightist agenda and policies.

From day one – – in 2008 – – as the new president assumed office – – it occurred to me that the radical right apparently did not get the message that there had been an election and that they lost it.  And when Obama won again in 2012 I think the majority of Righties suffered some kind of “Shell Shock” and “Shell Shock” was the phrase used by some major media in describing their reactions to their second defeat by America’s first African/American President.

The event shattered their demographic ideal and I think they recoiled in terror at the new “Browning of America” and the loss of their historical “Good Ole Boy” societal ideal based on principles of Biblical Dominionism.

Perhaps this “Terror” at the shift in The American Paradigm was one of the reasons for the now-famous proclamation by The House Majority Leader at the time that the first priority of The GOP would be to insure Obama was a one term president.

When that did not work out and Obama won his second term, I believe the emphasis shifted from trying to insure he would only be a one termer to an emphasis on obstructing everything the president would try to get done through Congress and traditional Democratic procedures by which this country had successfully operated for all the years since the Founding.

It is my opinion that these developments the Righties must have found to be hideous and intolerable must have caused them to feel the absolute necessity for sharpening their skills at deceiving, lying, fabricating facts, manipulating truth – – and all the other little dirty tricks in their collective bag.

I have found out that it is virtually impossible to win an argument with this kind of mentality because no matter what they always have to be correct.  They simply do not seem to want anyone else to be correct about anything.  If a righties get something into his or her head I have found it is written in stone for them and it is virtually impossible to shake them from their cherished notions once they have latched onto something.

I have yet to hear any rightie(s) say within my earshot, “I am wrong” about anything.  I also have not heard a single one of them take a deep breath during a discussion or an argument with me and say anything near “You might have a point.”  I have discovered ( It has been my personal experience ) that most righties refuse to concede anything outside of their own narrow observations and interpretations.  I have yet to decide if this is because of lack of capability to comprehend anything different from their cherished notions or if it is some kind of stubbornness based on pride.

I have learned that if I start getting to the point of wearing a rightie down or if I start proving them to be wrong about anything their immediate response to me has been (A) Instant defensiveness and a fevered attempt to find justification for their positions . . . even if they have to invent something on the spot . . . (B) They get tired of talking with me and simply shut off the tap ending the conversation or (C) They start throwing names at me – – – names like “Stupid Liberal Pile of Ass.” ( Or worse ).

But reason and reasonableness?


I don’t think it is in the Rightie DNA to have an honest debate.

One of the funniest things I have experienced in my dealings with right-turds has been their insistence that all the media sites I use as references for blog posts I write are filled with lies and deception and at the same time they insist on using their own Right-Wing sites which are not only filled with totally blatant lies being pushed on a 24-hour basis but are rife with the craziest possible conspiracy theories as well.  

Why did I say this was a “Funny” thing?

It is funny – – comical – – clownish – – humorous – – hilarious because the entire civilized world that lives outside the protective cocoon of modern American Radical Conservatism knows so many of their favorite “resource” sites are . . . bogus and filled with nothing but bogus information.

I think their ideas are as shallow as their intellectual capabilities and I think the whole world is waking up to that as a demonstrable fact.

It doesn’t stop them from screaming and stomping their feet on the ground in virtual little tantrums though, does it?

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Did’ja ever notice . . .

Did you ever notice that a whole lot of right tards seem to be totally convinced that a whole lot of Liberals are total idiots . . . or worse?

So what is the big deal when there are a whole lot of right tards who are also idiots themselves and sometimes . . . worse?

I don’t get the point when some of the righties try to say awful things about the Liberals when their own skirts aren’t always all that clean either?

Does it really matter in the big picture or in the long run?

We do know that Liberals tend to win more elections than Righties . . . and have throughout the long history of this nation.

What does that tell you?

I think some of the simpletons on the radical right might say it tells us that Americans aren’t always in possession of their common sense because I have always believed that there is no sorer losers than right tards and as hard as they try and as many lies as they tell they simply cannot hang onto power for very long at a time or for very often at a time.  (America for some reason simply cannot seem to tolerate their prejudicial, often bigoted, sometimes racist, usually failed policies that tend to run the country into the ground every time they get into high offices.  (Ala the period from 2000-2008 for example ).

So now some of them are telling whoever will listen that the major Liberal-slanted websites are not reliable sources for factual information?

I have been reading some of that kind of trash about the major Liberal sites being written by Righties lately.

It only stands to reason that sooner or later the desperately ignored among the radical righties would attack all the Liberal media because the righties have their own media where all the facts are revised, re-done, renewed, re-invigorated, re-invented to make whatever they want to make look like the truth fit their arguments when there is no valid ground for their arguments to pretend to stand upon – – which I think is probably 99/44/100th percent of the time.

It ain’t no biggie, folks – – sane people know who are able to govern with the best interests of the most people in mind and who is willing to govern almost exclusively for the elites and the “haves.”

Repeat after me:

Right Wingers favor the Rich and they do everything they do to enrich the rich and to impoverish and subjugate the poor and middle classes.

Liberals do everything they do to benefit everybody . . . rich and poor alike.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

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The Mexican “Germ Invasion” is being called a Right Wing Myth!


First of all if any of the immigrant kids coming across the border were to attend public schools in The United States you can be fairly certain they will receive health screenings before they are allowed to attend school and mix with the rest of the kids in classes so any current Rightie suggestion . . . (and there are apparently a lot of such suggestions being touted all across the Internet) . . .  that immigrant children are coming across the border with horrendous diseases they can then spread to everybody else is just so much horse shit as far as I am concerned.

“But there have been four (4) Border Patrol Agents that have tested positive for diseases brought across the borders by the immigrants” the Righties will yell!

Yes it is true!  There have been 4 agents who tested positive for chicken pox or possible tuberculosis . . . but has Rightie’s propaganda machine even mentioned that is 4 Border Patrol Agents out of a total of somewhere in the neighborhood of 18,500?  I trow not!

And, oh by the way, as far as I can tell it has not been proven beyond a reasonable shadow of doubt that these 4 agents contracted their ailments at their border posts either.

I think that is something the immigrant haters want somebody else to believe but I haven’t heard any proof of it except perhaps some trumped-up “Evidence” that might have appeared on some Right Wing media somewhere or the other at sometime or the other – – and you know how reliable that kind of crap can be, don’t you?

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