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If you suddenly lose that good-paying job you’ve had for the past 20 years and you haven’t done anything wrong —–

You have worked your ass off and you have dedicated yourself entirely to the good fortunes to the best job you’ve ever had and all of a sudden you find yourself replaced by some foreigner and in the unemployment line through no fault of your own —– and you wonder, “How in the f**k could this have ever happened to me?  I gave those ungrateful sons of bitches the best years of my life and this is how they repay me?”

Just remember, folks —– If you lose that good-paying job you’ve had for the past 20 years or so, it might not be Obama or the Economy! —– It might be some rich son of a bitch on Wall Street —– or somewhere —– who bought your company out and is combining it with a bunch of others so he or she — as the case may be — can “Streamline” operations ….. kick you into the street and replace you with some asshole who will work your same job for less money —– and then when he or she is done screwing your company and your fellow employees over sell the damned thing to some other rich bitch for a few million dollars profit —– without a single thought as to whether or not they are messing up your life or not. —–

Isn’t that the new American Way?

Either way I bet there is a good chance that whoever replaces you will be somebody whose first language is not English and who got their degree at some college in a foreign country —– whadda ya wanna bet?

I’ll betcha they screw you out of your pension too!

Baltimore civil unrest is like a body without a head in a topless go-go club!

America has had a long history of people raising hell about one thing or another.

The crap going on in Baltimore, Md., right now is nothing new and it isn’t the end of the story.  Just as soon as the protesters in Baltimore run out of steam — and protesters always run out of steam — things will simmer down and go on pretty much back to the way they always have been — until the next time something happens to stir the shit! — Human nature, folks — American History!

Back in 1863 two innocent people were killed and scores of African-American Citizens were beaten to a pulp in Detroit, Michigan when a riot broke out about something to do with racism and the military draft.  During that upheaval the angered citizens burned at least 35 buildings to the ground and the only thing that resulted from this particular riot was that Detroit got a police force for the very first time. Today I would bet that there are very few people who even remember this event. But while it was happening I am pretty sure some folks would look at it in the same light as they are viewing the unrest in Baltimore today.

Does anybody remember the name, Manuel Diaz? I bet not too many remember anymore who he was or what his place in History was.

How about Oscar Grant?  Does anybody remember Oscar Grant?

How about Michael Brown and Eric Garner?

Yes, there will be speeches made — lots of speeches — speeches about “Injustice” — speeches about Law Enforcement being “Out of control” — speeches about victims — speeches about the loss of loved ones — speeches about how corrupt the government has become — speeches about how over-bearing and heavy-handed police are these days — speeches about grand juries and courts and laws and all kinds of crap — anything to sell a newspaper or to attract advertising for a tv station — but when the last possibility of squeezing a dollar out of the news value of any such story has been depleted, you can bet the story will wilt down and barely even be mentioned in “The Media” until something else dreadful happens to stir the pot up again.

Look at all the crap that has happened in The United States and tell me how significant you think any of it still is today —- READ THIS PLEASE.

Peoples’ memories tend to be short, folks — very short indeed!

Where is the outrage today about any of these things that I have talked about? — There was a time when these incidents were all that seemed to be on peoples’ minds — but where is all the outrage about these events today on April 26, 2015 — and what, if anything, was done to make sure these kinds of outrages do not occur again? Not a goddamned thing was done to make sure these outrages don’t occur again was there? — A few people got fired and some others got a slap on the wrist but after all was said and done not a damned thing happened to change anything in America until the Baltimore mess broke out a few days ago. — And if things progress like they always seem to have progressed, Baltimore will simmer down, return to some kind of normalcy and in a few years it will be hard to find anybody on the streets who remember what it was all about. — Mark my words!

People who refuse to support our Military or our American Ways do not need to be living here!

It appears that The University of Maryland was reported by some information sources as having been influenced – (coerced) – (intimidated) – into canceling a showing of the motion picture, “American Sniper” because some Muslims apparently reportedly (allegedly) objected on the grounds they thought the film was – – – islamophobic and nationalist.

The Rev. Franklin Graham – – (Son of famous American Evangelist, Billy Graham) — is reported to have responded to the Muslim objections with a statement indicating a belief that if those doing the objecting cannot support American Military Members who do their jobs to protect us, then those who objected to the showing of the film honoring the heroes and heroines of our American Military ought to leave America and go to some other country.

The article I was reading and to which I have linked here on this post also asked that if whoever read the article agrees with Mr. Graham then those persons who agree should share the message of the post. —- I would like to go on record — (as a U.S. Military Veteran myself ) that I whole-heartedly agree that if there are people living here in America and getting the benefits of living here in America and if those people disagree with what America stands for or is all about then those people truly ought to consider packing their bags and getting the Hell out of America. Yes, I agree with that!

And allow me to tweak that last statement a little bit so nobody gets the wrong idea about what I am saying here: “I would like to add to the foregoing statement that I don’t give a damned what ethnicity or cultural heritage a person is — if they are here in America sucking up the benefits that America offers to them and they are all up-tight about something to do with The American Experience then let them search the globe for some other culture where they will feel more comfortable with what goes on around them on a daily basis. —- In the case of this motion picture that was objected to, there is nothing written anywhere that forces anyone to attend a showing of that film.  I would advise people who do not like a certain film to simply not go to see it but for Christ’s sake try to remember that this is America and freedom of speech is something we value highly —- and people have a right as Americans to go see whatever movie they want to see as long as it is legal — and I object to anyone trying to act as some kind of censor on the grounds that were given in this case. —– This film has grossed millions of dollars in revenue and this is the first damned time I have heard about anybody calling it “Islamophobic.”

You see folks, I have always believed that immigration is all about other people coming here and learning the language we speak, learning some of the traditions and customs of The United States, going to work at a job and working for a living, assimilating into our culture and contributing something positive to our culture. — I have never believed that immigration was about other cultures coming here and trying to stamp their culture onto ours or to dominate our ways in any way, shape or form.  — I have always thought that immigration was about Americans welcoming and  accepting people from other lands who wish to come here and learn to become Americans; not about people coming here from foreign lands and trying to reshape America into their own cultural image. —- We used to have a saying, “America! Love Her or Leave Her!” —- I think that saying is just as appropriate today as it ever was!

Yes, I believe that people of foreign extraction who are living here and do not like the way America operates then those people really need to think about packing their bags! —– I agree with Rev. Graham totally on that score.

I am an American, born, bred and raised —- I believe in America —- I love America — and I hate anybody who burns our flag or who runs around shouting “Death To America — those kinds of people are my enemies — I have been trained in two branches of the U.S. Military over a period in excess of 7 years of active duty service to regard those kinds of people as enemies and I am too old to change my ways now! —- And if “Hate” is too much of a word for some panty-waist little limp wristed, thin-skinned  pacifists or politically correct assholes to bear, then understand that I have no intention whatsoever of ever going into a mode where I “Empathize” with those who I believe have cutting my head and the heads of my loved ones off or to crucify us and set fire to our bodies in the name of some devilish damned religion from the pits of Hell itself — no matter what they choose to call it or to call themselves!

And as far as being called a “Nationalist” let me say this: “I consider myself to be “Nationalist” as Hell and I absolutely abhor the concept of being a “Globalist.” I consider myself to be “Nationalist” enough that America and all things American are first in my book of importance and priorities and the rest of the world is second to America in every consideration and if the rest of the world cannot stand me being “Nationalist” then they can suck it up!

Read more about it —- HERE.

Straight bakers and gay wedding cakes and all the crap surrounding both!

I have read the stories about the “Christian” bakery that was forced to shut down operations after incurring the wrath of the gay community because it refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding in violation of what they felt were their Christian beliefs.

You know what I would like to know?

I would like to know why I haven’t heard of any stories talking about “Straight” people giving “Gay Bakeries” a hard time over wedding cakes —– or anything else for that matter.

Why am I only hearing about Gay people raising Hell because of something Straight people do or do not do and I am not hearing any stories about Straight people raising Hell because of something Gay people do or do not do?

If somebody can answer that for me I will feel a lot better because I really would like to know.

The ice cream that just might cream you!

Toxic Ice Cream

You know what, folks? —– Listeria sucks majorly and I am not in the mood!

O.K. so now that two different ice cream companies have recalled their products does this mean that I can no longer eat ice cream safely? —– The “Experts” are telling me I can eat ice cream safely but then are “The Experts” speaking from their expertise or are they being paid to say that? —– I am not sure who or what to trust anymore. — It seems to me sometimes like the very act of living from day to day is getting to be some kind of weird lottery game. —– Is it possible that some of the ice creamies are getting off at the hands of some of the experts or vice versa? —– Like I said before, “Who ya gonna trust with your very f***king life in this screwed up world when what is true one day is a lie the next?”