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#BREAKING UPDATE: ‘ Islamic State Slaughtered 400 people under pretext of non-co-operation with government ‘


As you may recall this is the same group that our American political leaders are telling us has absolutely nothing to do with Islam and is no way, shape nor form Islamic or representative of “True Islam.” Try to keep that in mind as you read this article from Ace News Services.”

Also try to remember that the radicals and the non-radicals all read the exact same Holy Book which contains the exact same exhortations to kill infidels but — according to our political leaders — some choose to follow the Holy Book to the letter and some do not.

I think this clarification has to be made so that we don’t get accused of being “Islamaphobic” or something every time we dare to talk about this kind of stuff.

As regards the growth and actions of ISIS — the group I occasionally like to jokingly refer to as ASS-ISS —– Am I the only living person around who sees a comparison in the onslaught of this terror organization to that of the Nazis when they began their campaign in the 1940s by over-running Poland and other European Countries using a military tactic they branded as “Blitzkrieg?”

Am I also the only person around who is beginning to wonder, “When will the rest of the world start to see ISIS as enough of a threat to the peace and stability of the Mid East and the entire world to have all the free nations on the face of the earth come together in solidarity with a firm purposes of eliminating the ISIS threat once and for all by any means at their collective disposal?

Where is the UN in all this?

Is this ISIS thing a temporary phenomenon or is this the beginning of something that could spread and become a world-wide conflict?

What happens if these Ass-ISSers ever decide to move on Israel?

Originally posted on Ace News Services:

#AceBreakingNews – Featured Update:May.24: We earlier reported about a situation evolving in Syria. This is the update to those events:

Islamic State militants have killed at least 400 people in Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra, mostly women and children, Syrian state television said Sunday, citing residents.

According to Reuters, opposition activists on social media claimed that hundreds of bodies were in the streets of the city.

“The terrorists have killed more than 400 people.. and mutilated their bodies, under the pretext that they cooperated with the government and did not follow orders,” a Palmyra resident told Syria’s state news agency.

State employees were among hundreds killed in the massacre. Among them was the head of of nursing department at the hospital and all her family.

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I never say, “Happy Memorial Day!”



People are always wishing me a “Happy Memorial Day.”

I do not remember Memorial Day as being representative of a very happy occasion. —– A somber and serious and reverent Day perhaps, but not too “Happy.” —– I mean after all, folks — what can possibly be happy about remembering the loss of a dear loved one in a God-Forsaken combat situation somewhere in the world? —– How can I remember the images going through my mind of what my Uncle Vernon’s charred body might have looked like once they found what was left of him in the wreckage of his B-17 Liberator in Germany back in the 1940s? —– Not too happy a feeling, as I recall.

What about the Mother standing there in front of the flag-bedecked podium on Memorial Day, tears streaming down her cheeks as The National Anthem plays and the memory of her dear Son, Mark, comes flooding back. —– You see folks, Mark was killed in action in Korea and his body was never found so Mom had nothing but memories for closure. —– Not a happy set of circumstances if you ask me.

Now we have a situation where a bunch of rag-tag ISIS assholes —– (Remember folks, our beloved leaders have told us ISIS has nothing to do with Muslims or with Islam even though the membership of ISIS is reported to be almost entirely Muslim and ISIS does claim to follow the teachings of Islam — Nothing to see here, folks — moving on — our glorious leaders in Washington assure us the situation with ISIS (ASS-ISS) is well in hand —– even though ISIS is claiming more and more territory as more and more U.S.-trained armies flee for their lives before the advancing onslaught) —– They are, in other words, — (In MY words anyway) — fucking out of control —- and they seem to be on the verge of taking over the entire country of Iraq to make their flea-bitten “Caliphate” a reality —– and all this shit going down over there has got to be something that eats at the very heart and soul of American Citizens who lost loved ones in the fight to save f**king Iraq from tyranny in the first place —– don’t you think?

I am hearing disturbing claims from some of those who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground that all the fighting and dying and bleeding that Americans did in Iraq might have been in vain. —— Nothing gets my blood boiling hotter than when someone who doesn’t have a clue starts talking about how all our losses and injuries and deaths in Iraq might have been in vain. —– I like to think that nothing our beloved and precious American Military People ever does is ever in vain! —- But I can imagine how some of those who lost their loved ones in that fight or who suffered the loss of limbs or of other faculties — or those who have suffered any and all kinds of personal impairment and challenges brought on by their participation in that conflict must feel when they see the ASS-ISS bastards invading the territory for which they made their sacrifices and I think those feelings can only be made worse by a sense that the American Leadership just doesn’t seem to be all that involved with doing something major to stem or reverse the tide of incursion in Iraq —– shit, folks! —– shit! WTF?

Yes, I believe this is going to be one helluva tough Memorial Day for those who know what Memorial Day is all about and to those who dare to say to me, “Was all the sacrifice by Americans in Iraq in vain” my answer is, “Hell No, it wasn’t in vain! Our heroic fighting forces never do anything in vain! They might be ignored and they might be forgotten for what they did and for what they gave and for what they gave up so that others might be free —– but none of it was in vain! —– It was honorable sacrifice and it was all done for a moral and righteous purpose and anyone who gets in my face and suggests it was anything else is going to get — at the very least — a punch in the puss! —– And if I can’t get close enough to give them a punch in the puss then at least I can display for their enjoyment and entertainment the fingernail to my extended and erect middle finger!

Unseen treacheries between the layers of a common bun

I broke with tradition this morning and had a deluxe hamburger with all the trimmings for breakfast. —– Where is it written that lunch cannot be the first meal of the day?

So after having fallen to this temptation to do a 180-degree dietary turn-around, I decided to investigate how many calories I had stuffed myself with and the results were amazing — amazing to me, anyway!

I used a Brioche bun so that amounted to the first 220 calories. — Then the 4-ounce burger itself was nearly 300 — (284 actually) (80% lean to 20% fat ratio) — The tablespoon and a half of mayonnaise was 90 —- I counted the tomato slice, the onion and the lettuce as free. —- I did not use cheese on this one. —– My total calorie count for this hamburger sandwich breakfast was 610 and because we tend to underestimate our calorie intake, I rounded the total out to 700.

Now if you find yourself on a weight-reduction regimen, that 700 calories represents nearly half the allowed food intake for someone who has restricted themselves to 1,500 calories in a 24-hour period. —– A lot of people try to live on 1,500 calories a day but I will bet there are a lot of people who can’t or who won’t even try because it is a pain in the ass to count calories all the time. —– But if you have a low metabolic rate, you might find it difficult to burn off enough calories to maintain that slim and trim figure so the idea then is to get with your personal physician and get a muzzle on the beast that is bloating you. —– Remember to engage the doctor because like I have always said, “Only a fool has himself (or) herself for their own physician.

How could I have made this hamburger delight jam even fewer calories down my gullet?
I could have used a soft Mexican Tortilla in place of the bun and I could have used a squirt of plain Ranch dressing in place of the mayonnaise. — This would have saved me at least 75-100 calories —– but then there is such a thing as individual taste and I need my food to taste good —– and it is the fat content of food that makes it taste good —- so I am up a creek without a paddle one way or the other, aren’t I?

Sunday has come again

Sunday has come once again like it does every week of the year. — Yesterday was a great day. — We went shopping at the antique mall and had lunch at the fish restaurant where I ordered the cod and french fries with a medium diet-free cola drink.

When I awoke this morning I was thinking about how other people expect you to be a certain way or expect you not to be a certain way all your life. — It occurred to me that it is not really all that important whether you fit into somebody else’s mold or not because the freedom to be an individual is a precious thing indeed and it is sad but true that the mass of folks don’t have the intuition, the drive, the ambition or the wherewithal to “be themselves” and most of the people I have known have always seemed to be trying to copy somebody other than themselves — putting their best faces forward — if you know what I mean. — People have a tendency to develop “personas” that do not always accurately reflect who they really are. — But I have always maintained, “Nobody is obligated to be a punching bag for anybody else and I remembered that all through the long history of Mankind, it was never those who blindly followed the herd who ever made anything notable of their lives, but it was always those who were “different” from the rest who tended to rise above the rest. — Geniuses and people who are considered to be truly great were never ordinary, common, or members of the clueless hordes around them.

In praise of myself in all duly-earned arrogance and conceit

I guess I can write as much and as often as I please on this blog because chances are not many people will see it or pay much attention it any way —- so I will rant on hoping that now and again somebody will stumble onto this site and stop and actually read something. —– I am not talking about the wonderful and faithful regular readers who take the time and exercise the patience to put up with my continual crap. I appreciate these friends who come regularly more than they will ever know. —- I am really wondering about the other 140-millions folks out there —– where are they —– who are they —- can they ever see this blog? —– I know I rank 13-millionth on somebody’s scale —– The blog audience as a whole has to read 13-million blog posts before they ever find mine — so I think I can count my lucky stars that as many people see “The John Liming Report” as actually do see it —- and for that I feel totally blessed. —– I am average anywhere from 40 to 70 visitors a day now —- I remember when it was somewhere around 1,400 or so —– I guess many people have grown tired of my apparent mindlessness —– which is understandable —- and forgivable

But I don’t play by the rules when blogging anymore —– except for the slander and libel laws — and the copyright laws — of which I am acutely aware and which I try my best to avoid running afoul of. —- I am talking about the other rules of blogging —- the ones that say “Don’t use profanity,” “Don’t call names,” and a lot of other useless shit dreamed up by experts for days before all the algorithms changed so as to allow ISPs to censor the fucking Internet to meet their own approval — their own standards — thus putting the screws to what was once the last free bastion of freedom of speech in the Universe. —– Even with all that it is not yet as bad as it might be someday if the power brokers don’t keep their filthy hands off it.

I do try to use the spell checker however. —– I am sure I don’t catch all the linguistic boo boos, but I do at least use the spell checker. —- Don’t you wish everybody did?
Yes, I have such an active, curious, inquisitive mind and I am blessed with such an abundance of absolute insightful genius that I go on writing and writing and thinking and writing some more — like a battery that is super charged —- like some of the more avid Right Wing talking heads on the electronic media —-I am a talking head of the Internet — I am eccentric and vain and self-centered and totally un-generous —- I am all these things and yet I still have genius that flows from some strange unseen fountain at the feet of all the deities of the ancient world and some that haven’t even been discovered yet —- whoa! Did I just make all these ego-God-Centric claims about myself? —– No wonder some of the right wingers think I am beside myself and are not reluctant to say so. —- But that is fine because — you see, my friends — they are probably right!

And the wicked witch of the great southwest cackles on!

Check this out and then explain it all to me please!


O.K., so as I am reading this I am thinking to myself, “The Islamic State” —– which as many of our own political leaders will tell us has nothing at all to do with “Islam” seems to delight in the killing of innocent people and they claim it is part of their “Faith Tradition” to do all this random killing. —-And whether they have anything to do with Islam or not, it must be remembered that a great many members of ISIS claim to be Muslim and to follow the Faith Tradition of Islam. —- So are they lying to themselves and to the world or are some of our own political leaders “In Error” (Read that as “Not quite telling the truth”) —– when they tell us all this random killing of innocent people hasn’t got a thing to do with Islam in any form, fashion or manner?

If the person who wrote this declaration about no religion or faith tradition condoning the killing of innocent people is correct in his statements then it leads me to believe the very same ISIS who claims not only to be Islamic but “The Purest Form Of Islamic” is either deceived themselves, or are not telling the truth when they claim to be Islamic or —- the ISIS Religion is a cult instead of a true religion.

So my question now becomes, does ISIS read a different Holy Book than Muslims?  Is there one version of the Holy Book that dictates the killing of infidels and another version of the Holy Book that has no such references in it? —– Another question: “If ISIS reads the same Book as Muslims but there is nothing Muslim about them because they adhere to the violent passages in their Holy Book while their more moderate non-violent kinsmen (who are Real Muslims) read the same book as ISIS but refuse to obey the violent passages, are the non-violents Infidels themselves because they do not obey the entire teaching of the Quran?

The question finally becomes, “Who among them — ISIS and those who are not ISIS — is Islamic and who is not —- and why? —– Does the difference between Real Muslims and not-so-real Muslims boil down to who is willing to shed the blood of innocent people and who is not so inclined?

I am willing to learn, friends —– share your thoughts with me.

Beef Prices

Beef prices are going up —– again —— and according to my hometown newspaper, they are expected to rise even more —– and after that even some more again —– and again —– and who knows where it will end? —– Demand is up and demand drives prices apparently!

There was a time back in the 70s when beef prices skyrocketed. —– I remember it well. —– I used to go to the super market and stand at the meat case and when the attendant asked, “Can I help you?” I just replied, “No thanks, I have just come to look at the meat museum.” —– I was surprised back then that the stores didn’t put their damned beef in jewelery display cases on a bed of blue velvet or something.

So here’s the story, folks —– The price of beef where I live has gotten to the $5.29-per-pound mark as I write this post. —– I remember when it was Three Pounds For A Dollar.” —– I remember bitching and griping about $3 and $4-per-pound ground beef —– and I also remember —– not too long ago —– when the price of Fillet Mignon rose to somewhere in the neighborhood of $20-per-pound —– which I thought was ridiculous —– because when I was younger I would buy a whole tenderloin at once and cut my own steaks from it.

I also remember back during that previous beef crisis when people just quit buying it altogether and it used to sit in meat cases and literally rot! —– This caused the sudden and most welcome appearance of beef from Argentina in South America —— Beef that tasted just as good as any I had ever bought and which came across the retail counter at far less money. —– As the influx of imported beef rose and people discovered the joys of eating Ostrich meat —- a fad that soon passed —- American beef producers must have had an epiphany because the growing national boycott of their inflated-priced product seemed to stir their creative imaginations —– and in virtually no time at all hamburger became affordable once more.

I am not suggesting that anyone boycott beef. —– I believe that this is America and if $5.29-a-pound with the possibility of $15.00-a-pound for hamburger (I am speculating here) does not bother anyone then they should be free to cough up the money required for that . . . “Burger.” —– I just do not happen to be one of that happy multitude among the clueless horde. —– If beef is going to go through the roof  and become a luxury item then beef can “Bite” me! —– There are plenty of alternative protein resources out there for my needs and I will find them whether they be peanut butter or something I can bring home by fly-fishing or game hunting —– Or I can swallow my pride and learn to —– eat worms —– or something. —– Desperation is a strange thing sometimes

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Clinton, Clinton and more Clinton, all the time and everywhere!

For the entire length of both of President Obama’s Administrations all I have heard from both the Right and the Left has been a constant barrage of “Obama this” and “Obama that” and “Obama the other” —– and I have to confess —– I am god damned sick and tired of hearing every pundit and seeing every headline on every newspaper, magazine and toilet roll emblazoned with “Obama, Obama, Obama!” —– I am weary and fatigued by a constant media diet about “Obama.” —– Everywhere I look or wherever my ears turn there is something about “Obama is a fraud,” “Obama is involved in a scandal,” “Nobody knows who Obama really is,” —– blah, blah, blah, blah, ad-infinitus! —– Damn, people —- Give me a break, will ya?

Now that it is time to parade the candidates for the 2016 election cycle I am starting to see Hillary Clinton’s name everywhere as the faithful Left Wingers seem to me to be trying to giver her a “Coronation” rather than an election. —– “Hillary this,” or “Hillary that,” or “Hillary the other!” —– Both the Anti-Clinton publicity machines are roaring in fairly high gear now: “Hillary, Benghazi, Hillary E-mails, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary —–” Dam, folks! — Give me a break already!

I have news for somebody and if YOU are somebody who is involved with selling advertising to television or radio or newspaper or magazine let me warn you right now —– I am not going to put up with being bombarded every waking minute of my life this election season with fucking negative political advertising! —– Be forewarned that the first time I even suspect some commercial pushing some political candidate is going to be printed or aired, that print product is going straight into the trash can until after the elections and that television or radio is going to be turned off —- or at best, I will turn the electronics off the stations airing the most political bullshit and if I watch at all I will be watching the stations I think have the least of it! —– I went through all this shit ever since 2000 and I am tired of it!

Last word: “I know how damned deceiving and treacherous some political candidates can be (Most of them if you want my opinion) but for my money some (not all) of the most and worst treacherous and lying and deceiving of the bunch are some of those who take great pains to stress their religion or their “Family and Moral Values” in their political campaigns and who come off as obviously cheap, phony or weak in their presentations! (You can sense it because the camera enhances dishonesty.) The first time I hear any candidate talk about his or her obviously inflated or enhanced bullshit “Family and Moral Values” that candidate has gained an automatic rejection from me because in my experience it has always been some of the most religious-sounding of the politicians who have been the worst assholes once they get elected and I am tired of that old song and dance too.

Leave your Bibles at home when you go on the campaign trail, guys because you ain’t fooling nobody! —– If you are one of those then be advised that the backwoodsers will vote for you just because you appear to them to be one of the “Good Old Fellers” and you won’t need to tickle their religious funny bones. —– Talk about money, jobs, kids, family picnics and welfare checks and you will be flooded with votes from that demographic — trust me! —– Cater well enough to the masses of “What’s in your campaign for me?” voters and you can almost be assured of getting your share of the “populist” vote.

But keep in mind also —- individual votes aren’t shit in America anymore —– It is the decision of either the “Electoral College” or “The Supreme Court” that is going to crown the next president —- so if you are seriously in the running this time around you are going to have to suck up to them big time! —– Hint of the day: “Mammon’s worshippers will have an easier time of it.” —– So if you are a candidate and you want serious recognition on the campaign trail you are going to have to do at least a little whoring of one kind or another for the “Big-Bucks” crowd. —– Get used to that! —– That’s the American Way in the 21st Century here.

There you have it, folks —- cut and dried, black and white!

I am wondering when they are going to trot out the “Abortion” issue? —– They always harp on abortion during election campaigns and then once the campaigns are over you barely hear the word, “Abortion” again until the next election cycle rolls around.

The first time I ever tasted rum in a drink

The year was 1961 and I had just gotten married and my wife and I were on our honeymoon in —– of all places —– Miami Beach, Florida. —– We had rented a suite in a beach-side hotel on Collins Avenue — very swanky back then — and we were planning to spend two weeks having fun in the sun —– in July! —– Hint: July is hotter than all get out — or it was back then for sure! —– In fact, it was so hot outside that all I could do was put a sheet from my bed over the window-mounted air conditioner and make a tent and sleep under it while my new wife went and swam in the ocean.

I think I scared the Maid once because she came in to change the bed linens and discovered my feet sticking out from underneath the sheet I had made the tent over the air conditioner with. —– That was before I learned to use the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Anyway —– one evening, My Wife (Sandy) and me went down to the dining room because they were having some entertainment for the hotel guests. —– The entertainment was “Louie” the young Cuban guy who also doubled as bell hop. —– Louie was doing a fire dance for us and while all this was going on, I decided to order a couple of drinks for my wife and myself.

My eye was drawn to an item on the drink menu called, “Romboo”. —– “Romboo” was a tall, well-chilled glass filled with fruit punch and rum with a couple of maraschino cherries and some other bits of fruit floating in it. The drink was a pleasant reddish color and was strong enough to satisfy the aspiring alcoholic’s appetite for epicurean intrigue. —- Because the drink was out-sized, one was quite enough! —– After the drink and the steak dinner, the entertainment was quite adequate. —– Louie did a swell job and my wife couldn’t resist sticking a $5-dollar bill into the waistband of his relatively skimpy Pre-Columbian loincloth —– also red in color as I recall.

I still wonder why “Louie” was not censored for the rather much-too-authentic costuming —– showing far too much leg and thigh and bared buttock for my tastes —- but the women in the audience seemed to eat it up and after all we were on a honeymoon so — what the hell, eh?

Today such authentic costumery is “Run of the mill mundane” in movies and so on and so forth and no one seems to give it a second thought. —– But back in 1961 this sort of thing was still considered as Risque. —– But I really had nothing to complain about because even then I was a consummate and devoted customer of the local burlesque theater. —– I do not wish to appear to be too much of a hypocrite about these matters after all. —– If I could dig “Miss Body Beautiful” at the burley-que then who was I to question my wife’s entertainment by . . . . “Louie.” —– My wife and I shared many things over the 33 years of our wedded bliss —– need I say more?

I believe that was the same evening of the day when I caught the sand crab down by the hotel swimming pool ….. on a terrace just short of the beach and the ocean. —– I thought the sand crab was cute and I wanted to keep it as a pet. —– I put it in an Air Force-style bag and zipped it up and headed back toward the hotel room. —– But I didn’t get far before the little crab began to scratch at the inside of the canvas bag and so I opened the bag and released the little fellow again so he could be free. —– The last thing I remember about the sand crab was that as he was loping off toward the sea, he seemed to turn and raise a claw to me in farewell before dashing off into the water.

I was touched!

Later on I was —– drunk! —– On Romboos of course!

I love some of the spam comments I get!

Somebody out there must think they are damned clever because I get some really obvious spam comments —– which, by the way, I delete as soon as I discover what they are up to.

I like the ones that come on like a three-dollar prostitute telling me how much they appreciate my blog and how much useful information they get from reading my stuff and how well I write and every conceivable cock and bull complimentary bullshit they can pull out of their hat —– and I think some of these idiots actually believe I am going to swallow their line hook, line and sinker! —– Wrong!

After they compliment the hell out of me they casually ask, “Can I ask you an important question?” —– I know almost instinctively what is going to follow. —– But I give them the benefit of the doubt and go ahead and let them rant.

This one spammer wanted to know, “How do you “center” yourself and clear your thoughts before you begin to write?”

Is this individual serious? —– Who even talks like that? —– That sounds like something copied straight out of a textbook on writing technique or something. —– I mean, “Jesus dude . . . give me a break!”

Then the spammer tells me that he has experienced problems trying to center himself and clear his thoughts before he begins writing.

It soon becomes obvious enough that writing is not his thing but selling Internet Services is his thing. —– Shame on the spammer/scammer!

If you look at the url that comes along with the comments this kind of person is making, you invariably find a website totally devoted to selling something or the other.

So the guy is just trying to get a hook into my blog so I will post his comment and lead people to some of his free advertising, right?

Wrong, a-wad —– wrong because I manually check the source of every comment that is left in my box and I never fail to catch the ones looking for a free ride.

The last words out of this kind of spammer’s mouth is usually asking me for some kind of advice on how to deal with the problem mentioned in the “Come On.”

Well, I do have some advice:

Attention all bloggers:  Be sure and know where your comments are coming from and always check their avatars or their url because you might find that a lot of them —– too many of them, in fact, come from blogs selling something or wanting to sell something and all they are looking for is for you to publish their comment along with their url and voila! A free advertisement for them! —– assholes par excellence!

Be very careful, folks because they are everywhere and they are probably all sleazy because an honest person does not try to use deception to gain a favor or to ask a legitimate question.

Check your spam and clear it regularly. —– It build up lightning fast if you don’t keep an eye on it!

Somebody conned a few celebs into saying “The Long National Nightmare Is Over” when David Letterman left the stage at the end of his final performance. —– I tend to disagree. —– I think our long national nightmare will not be over until sometime after the 2016 elections — and, depending on who gets the reins of power in D.C., —- it may go on for quite some time after that. —– Actually it has been going on for a long time already —- I am just not sure whether anybody realizes it or not.