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Hillary Clinton’s List Of Accomplishments Is Longer Than The Right-slugs Want To Admit And They Will Keep On Doing Their Best To Bash Her, I Am Sure:
As the Midterm elections draw near and the general expectation is that Liberals will take a “whipping” at the polls . . . something like they did in 2010 when we got all the crazies from the lunatic right into Congress . . . expectations are also running high that the former Secretary of State will do well in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle . . . and very may well win it to become the first woman president of The United States. Continue reading

Obamacare Enrollments Are Through The Roof Again And The Nevada Ranch Has Calmed Down For The Time Being And Righties Are Totally Lost As Usual:
I got to ride my bike yesterday and I noticed the little yellow flowers that grow down by the river have survived the freaky-assed snow that fell out-of-season the day before.  That was encouraging and I cried for joy. Continue reading

Lesson Number 1 . . .

March 17, 2014 . . .

Here is God’s Word concerning how we are to regard the poor and I think it is especially appropriate teaching for those Right Wingers who are constantly yammering about how Christian they are while . . . at the same time . . . trying to vote down or to vote out all the government’s social safety net programs designed to help the needy of this nation:

God says in The Book Of Isaiah, Chapter 10, Verses 1-3:

“Woe to those who enact evil statutes, and to those who continually record unjust decisions, so as to deprive the needy of justice, and rob the poor of My people of their rights… Now what will you do in the day of punishment, and in the devastation which will come from afar?”

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8 Million People Have Signed Up For Private Health Coverage Thanks To The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (ObamaCARES).


The Right can deny and deny and deny all they want but the fact is that America sees the benefits of Obamacare and regardless of every Right Wing attempt to repeal the health care act or to derail it or to smear it, America is embracing it with greater enthusiasm with each passing day. I wonder what the Republicans who have to face their constituencies are going to tell those who voted for them about the success of Obamacare?

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By Jueseppi B.


President Obama: 8 Million People Have Signed Up for Private Health Coverage

Speaking from the White House Briefing Room this afternoon, President Obama announced that 8 million Americans have signed up for private health coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

President Obama Speaks to the Press

Published on Apr 17, 2014

Before taking questions from the press in the White House Press Briefing Room, President Obama announces that 8 million people signed up for private health coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace. April 17, 2014.


He noted that 35 percent of those people are under 35 years old.

What’s more, costs associated with expanding coverage under the Affordable Care Act are lower than expected:


And health care costs are growing at the slowest level on record. That slower growth in spending is reflected across Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance:



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Here is a direct quotation attributed to someone at the recent standoff between a Nevada Cattle Rancher – - a Mr. Cliven Bundy – - and The United States Bureau of Land Management:

“We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front,” Mack said in a Fox News clip pulled by The Blaze. “If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.”

That was a quotation attributed to one Richard Mack. – - – RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

Some of the Rightie Pundits are trying to twist the facts on this one to make it look like the idea that any Rightie might have an idea of using women as human shields in a shoot out with The Feds is something the Liberals have FABRICATED. – - – CHECK THIS OUT!

Does that sound like something some Liberal FABRICATED or INSINUATED as some of the Righties are trying to claim now?

I think the direct quotation above takes the whole thing out of the realm of “Liberals “Fabricated” it, don’t you?

Don’t sound like a “Liberal Fabrication” to me folks . . . sounds more like a statement made by someone present at the well-publicized standoff at the Nevada Cattle spread.My – - the lengths that some Righties will go sometimes to twist things to make themselves look better!

Do check this out when you get the time – - – RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

Since I first started posting about this Nevada Rancher versus the Feds thing, some of those on the Right seem to have changed their story a little bit and are now claiming they never had any intention of using women as human shields if the shooting started but are now saying the women had “Volunteered” their services as human shields if needed. – - – RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

What I am waiting to hear or to read is something that says the Righties refused the offer of the women to give themselves as human shields.

That’s what I am waiting for because I do not want to believe that any of those who heard this offer and who might have been in a position to take the “Volunteers” up on the offer had any actual intentions of letting any of the women actually go through with it.

In the meantime let me say again that this is not something the Liberals have “Fabricated” folks.  They might like for people to think it is something the “Liberals” fabricated but I believe this is one time I can say to a lot of them who are saying this kind of stuff, “Gotcha!”

Or if that doesn’t cover it how about this:  “Liar, Liar . . . Pants On Fire!?”

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President Obama and his administration have expressed the desire to see America’s Job Training capabilities strengthened so that people who possess the requisite skills to meet employer needs can be trained to the point where they can meet the needs of employers and so they can start to work at good-paying jobs in the shortest possible time.

Toward this goal and to this end, the President reportedly  has announced a $500-million competition in which the Federal Government will award grants to community colleges and employers partnering together to develop job-driven training programs.

Specialized job training seems to me to be high on the Government’s agenda these days and I think that kind of focus is extremely valuable to folks who wish to hone their skills and make the best possible contribution work situation for themselves . . . their families . . . and for the Economy as a whole.

I remember how I got my own “Hand Up” from a government-sponsored  job training program once.

The program was called “Comprehensive Employment And Training Act” – ( CETA ) – and when I entered the program back in the 1970s and 80s I had been hopelessly unemployed for at least a couple of years and because of CETA I eventually found a good paying job in a steel fabrication operation that paid me nearly $14-an-hour plus overtime when $14-an-hour really meant something.  I was thrust from total poverty effectively into the Middle Class once again because of the CETA program and I can tell you I was not alone.

I kept that job for 19 years and retired from it in 2001.

Now we have a President and an administration who are showing real interest and real movement toward helping people improve their employment situations once again and I think that is one of the most wonderful things I have heard of in some time.

You can read more about what is going on in this arena – - – RIGHT HERE.

I will make a friendly little wager that you aren’t going to hear very much about this kind of thing from many of the Rightie Pundits – - whadda ya wanna bet?

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This article entitled, “Lawlessness” on the website, In Saner Thought” covers the subject matter about “The situation in Nevada” in clear, concise, understandable and . . . in my opinion . . . totally appropriate terms and I am pleased to re-blog it on “American Liberal Times.”

Originally posted on In Saner Thought:

This post will no doubt cause me a lot of grief……..I can hear the anger coming from massive amounts of keyboards……..but….what the Hell…….go for it!

I have been watching the situation in Nevada….the rancher that is having his stand-off with the Feds……and the whole situation got me thinking about the law and how we see them.  I have waited before commenting to see how the media is betraying this tense situation……and as usual it is overplayed.

After reading as much as I possible could before it became mind numbing…..this is the way I see it…..the rancher has been grazing his cattle on Fed land, which is not free………after court proceedings he was told that he owed money and if not paid cattle would be confiscated to pay the bill….the rancher in question has chosen to disobey a court ruling……now after looking over the facts I believe that the BLM over-reacted…

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Is American Right Wing Statism Rising?

It is increasingly obvious to me that the American Right Wing has not been able to achieve many of their goals and ambitions and they have been especially impotent in trying to oust the Democrats, Progressives and Liberals . . . and especially their imaginary adversary, the current president of The United States . . . whom I think many of those on the Right and most especially on the “Radical” Right seem to absolutely despise for some vaguely defined but often repeated reasoning.

They have clearly demonstrated they lack the organization and presence of mind to win significant victories in the American Presidential elections because they have lost badly in the last two of these and there are plenty of indications they will lose again in 2016 . . . although I expect them to pull off a repeat of their 2010 successes in 2014 . . . it will be a temporary victory as I see things unfolding so they had better enjoy what little power to keep governmental stagnation and gridlock going while they still have the chance.

It is apparent to even the casual observer that the American Right Wing is in some kind of inner conflict.  I have often thought they seem to be totally disorganized – - totally at war with themselves – - well-financed for sure – - but totally unable to pull themselves out of the disintegrationary flux that seems to be blowing their ideology and agendas into dust.  It seems to me they are wandering blindly about searching for something tangible with which to justify themselves.  Some experts are even saying their idiot-ology is in a death spiral and that the American Right Wing as we know it today may cease to exist as a viable political entity – - or set of entities – - at any given moment.  I do not know what the catalyst for this ultimate disintegration might be but I don’t believe it will have to be anything really major because I think they are doing a good enough job of doing themselves in as it is and in my view, they simply do not need too much outside help to get the job done on themselves that they seem to be getting done.

One significant development I think will add to their eventual undoing is what I see as a tendency . . . especially among some of the late bloomers . . . to abandon the traditional political values of American Conservatism and plunge more or less headlong into a new fascination with a mix of statism and nationalism.  At the very same time some of these folks are busy accusing President Obama and the Democrats of being “Statists” that seems to be where they themselves are headed.

I have never in my life ever seen the American Right Wing denounce Liberal Statism and a love of Big Government with such a loud voice while at the same time starting to show signs they prefer to use the mechanics of that same “Big Government” to get what they want to get done accomplished.

For example:  Many Righties say they want to see an end to legalized abortion in The United States.

In order to realize their dream of de-legalizing abortion (Doing away with Row versus Wade for example) they seem to fail to realize they are going to have to mount a titanic campaign and use the established Judiciary and the American system of voting and elections to get the law changed to what they want to see it changed into and in order to do this they are going to be forced to use all the mechanics that have been built into the “Big Government” they claim to despise so much.

After having observed the Right Wing . . . and especially some of the more radical of the right wing . . . in operation ever since their major incursion into government in 2010 . . . it occurs to me that what they really want to do is nothing more or less than to substitute one form of Statist Dominative Power for another:  I think they simply want to change the label on the nationalism that already exists because as far as I can see they have offered nothing new . . . no new ideas . . . no new direction (Except perhaps a direction toward more centralized control in the name of Conservatism than ever before) and to my way of thinking this does not get anywhere near their expressed ideal of a “Smaller Government” but seems to me to focus more on an even bigger and more controlling government apparatus than already exists in Washington, D.C.

The last time the Righties got enough power in this country they betrayed their claims to be “Smaller Government” advocates and expanded The Fed to proportions never before achieved and created the biggest governmental bureaucracy known in the History of the country.

Do I think they have changed their ways in the intervening years?  No! Why?  Because some of the things I have been hearing them talk about . . . things like a total repeal of Obamacare for example . . . is going to require the full force and power of a government big enough to get the job done because that is going to be one complex task . .  as I think they will find out.  They have already taken more than 50 fruitless votes to try to get Obamacare undone.  They have already tried to invoke the power of the extant “Big Government” and it simply has not been big enough to allow them any progress toward their goal.  If they are going to do something like this they are going to have to get enough power and control to make the government even bigger and more powerful than it is already and that is going to be the most gross hypocrisy of the age . . . if they can pull that off.

The American Right sometimes confounds me with the things they claim and say.

They talk about wanting a smaller government and they say that is where they want to take the country and they tell me they want to do it all on Traditional American Conservative principles.

Has no one ever reminded any of them they had their beginnings in the 1800s as a party devoted to using the force of arms and the might of Big Government apparatus to preserve the Union of The United States and that in their efforts to wield that kind of power effectively they virtually destroyed nearly one-half the entire country with their Civil War?

I think they did a pretty good job of building a giant government apparatus and I think that every time since then that they have gotten “The Power” they have sought to increase the power, the might and the size of their “Smaller Government” even more than ever before.  I sometimes wonder exactly what it is they really are saying when they speak of their desire for a smaller government.

It also looks to me sometimes like some of the loudest proponents of the Right Wing “Smaller Government” crowd have forgotten how their “Experiment” soon degraded into a system of elitism that fostered Jim Crow, reveled in the profits to be realized from enslaving a People and provided some of the greatest examples of bigotry in the history of The United States.  This political mess had its nurture in the concept of exclusivity of the predominance and preeminence of “States Rights” over Federal Rights and one can quickly conclude what a failure that experiment was and I hope that there are enough people with their heads screwed on properly to realize that if they try to repeat that scenario again, the result can only be similar, the same or worse than before.

But this kind of regressionism seems to me to be where many of them are trying to steer the Ship of State . . . or at least that is what some of them seem to be claiming.

I don’t trust it!  I think it is trending toward being dangerous.

At the same time some of the Righties are speaking about how lawless the current government is, they are also talking about defying the law of the land in the name of some twisted concept of Freedom that I don’t think has a thing to do with the freedoms spoken of in the founding documents of the nation.  I think the activists on the radical edge are talking more about freeing themselves from the constraints of the Constitutional Republic we have all known and loved and are desirous of creating something new for themselves . . . quite possibly out of the ashes of what is now . . . if great care isn’t taken.

I am not ready for another conflagration here in America and I am praying the People awaken in time to see with full clarity where the contemporary radicalism of modern American Conservatism is trying to lead the country . . . and as far as I can tell, “Modern American Conservatism” bears little if any resemblance at all to Traditionalism.  I think some of the iconic old-school Conservatives were alive and working in government today . . . people like President Reagan or Barry Goldwater or even Richard Nixon . . . they would neither be heard, heeded or even recognized as “Conservative” for the simple reason they would not be radical enough to please some of the crazies that are out there today.

We need to be on our toes as a nation.

Something is trying to devour us and it walks among us and it’s name is “Radical Rightie.”

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It has happened again!

I tried to reblog an article I wanted to share from “Pardu’s Scroll” and in the process I did something wrong and lost the re-blog.

Therefore I am going to simply link to the article on “Pardu’s Scroll.”

The story I am linking to is about that Nevada Ranch standoff with armed Federal Agents that has been so much in the news lately.

I think it is an interesting – - [ fascinating ] story and I think it is an important story for all the implications I think it might contain for all Americans.

In my opinion, “The Pardu” is exquisitely gifted when it comes to telling things the way they really are so I am linking the article:

Please take the time to read – - – RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

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