I apologize if the name change on the blog causes any confusion or inconvenience but the more I think about it the less inclined I am to declare myself as a staunch Liberal like I once did. —– I find that if I am going to be totally honest in expressing my opinions on this blog then I have to say that I am now striving to be a little more fair to all sides of a conversation whether I might agree with all of those sides or not. I still reserve the right to bite ass when I get incensed …. that is part of my warm and fuzzy nature … to growl and roar …. but I am trying to see other people’s perspectives a little more these days. I might utterly fail at it but I am trying.

I have to be honest with myself because if I am not honest with myself how can I be trusted to be honest with anybody else?

I know that some of my attitude changes are going to cost me some readers but I don’t know what else to do. It is impossible to please everybody all the time. That much I already know. But it is what it is and I am stuck with it and I hope you will stick with me and understand my present dilemma.

I trusted the Left when I first voted for Obama in 2008 but since then I have seen this administration do some things that I can never agree with (The Trans Pacific Partnership a.k.a, “TPP” being one of them) and so I am feeling a little bit “Let Down” (Betrayed is too harsh a word right now) — and I have never placed much confidence in the non-agendas of what I consider to be the radical right wing in this country — although some of their ideas are becoming more enticing to me as time goes on.

I wonder if there are other Americans who are experiencing the flux-uations in political loyalties that seem to be plaguing me at the moment?

It is gratifying to note that the Google thing indexed my blog 6 days ago.

I guess I should be content with an index entry every 6 days or so because I guess there are some blogs out there that don’t even get that much. It is an amazing thing to have something big and invisible deciding whether or not the things I write about are acceptable to their audiences or the degree to which they are acceptable.

I love any form of censorship, even highly selective value-based censorship. It all plays into my vision of what we are becoming and it piques my memory of what we once were and probably will never be again.

Out With The Old And In With The New!

I found an article on another website where the author is comparing The European Union (Europe) with what it once was and what the author says it has now become and as I was reading this article the thought came to my mind, “If this is what is happening in Europe how much longer will it be before this becomes the face of America as well?” — I mean America and Europe are more or less connected culturally and by heritage aren’t we? —- Reading this gives me the willies but nevertheless, in the spirit of open and free communication and “Freedom of Speech and Expression” I feel I should share it with my own readers here at “American Liberal Times.”


Is all such change inevitable and is it such that nothing can be done to modify or moderate it or even to control it? —- When I read things like this I am reminded of our own more or less “Open Borders” policies ( whether they be voluntary or not) and the thought comes to my mind, “Is this just what inevitable change looks like? Is this part of the natural evolutionary process of ideology and national paradigm in today’s modern world of flux and mobility?

As I was reading the linked article I thought, “Some of this might seem a little extreme in some people’s viewpoints but I have always considered that it is necessary to examine every facet of every situation that presents itself whether it sounds like what everybody else thinks or not because it is only by examining all the angles from every possible nuanced viewpoint that one can come to any kind of valid conclusions. — The trouble with “Valid Conclusions” is that regardless of how “Valid” we might think our conclusion is, there is every possibility that our “Valid Conclusions” are still going to be somewhat diluted (tainted)(influenced)(moderated) by our own biases. Is that not the essence of Human Nature?

As I read this article I have linked to, I was obliged to remind myself that while all such concerns (Problems?)(Issues?) might have a lot of “Leftist” influences driving them and sustaining them as the author seems to suggest, there is also room to argue that the inherent lack of knowledgeable or responsible leadership within much of the modern radical Conservatism that bubbles beneath the surface in America might also have been some kind of contributing factor to our own present more or less miserable state of political affairs. — In short, I do not believe that all the blame can be laid at the feet of either the Left or the Right because in one form or fashion both sides had something to do with getting us to where we are today.

I think that is a fair assumption.

I think people really need to be paying attention to these things because it is how these kinds of things play out that will determine the kind of future we will all share.

Fair or not it is my opinion until something or somebody changes it.

This Strangely Diverse World We All Share!


We have heard a lot of buzz in the Media about “Transgender” lately. — When I first heard the word, “Transgender” being repeated over and over on the airwaves and when I saw it recurring in the print Media. I thought to myself, “God! Now that this has broken upon the American Landscape in such a fashion we shall never hear the end of it!”

As if to prove me prophetic, a couple of new television docu-drama/reality shows appeared out of nowhere about …. Transgenderism. — Suddenly it seemed to me that “Transgender” was the word of the hour. — This was something new for me; something I had not encountered very much before. — This was something I knew I would have to get used to seeing and hearing. — I don’t know if my immediate reaction was one of dread, loathing, fear or curiosity but I do know I had some mixed feelings, some comfortable and some others not so much. It was inexplicable.

One thing led to another and I suddenly found myself face to face with another equally mystifying word, “Pansexual.” — After “Pansexual” came “Androgynous” and after “Androgynous there was “Gender Fluid.” — OMG! — What was happening to the world in which I had been so used to living? — It seemed my world was suddenly being turned upside down and inside out. — “But,” I thought, “If I am conflicted about all this new “Sexuality” stuff then there must be other people out there in the same boat as myself.”

I understood the “Androgynous” person to be one who displayed both the characteristics of male and female together in the same person. — We used to refer to this as “hermaphrodism.” — It’s kind of like there is a man and a woman occupying the same physical body — sometimes like somebody who has the sexual characteristics of both genders. — In my life I have encountered one or two Androgynous people as memory serves me. — They were nice enough people but the local community unfortunately regarded them as “Curious.” — Difference does not always command immediate or total acceptance in the American paradigm, does it?

Then there is the phenomenon of the “Gender Fluid” personality. — The “Gender Fluid Personality” is one who feels male on some days and female on other days — in no specific order of days — and at no specific or ordered time. — “Gender Fluidity” seems to come and go with no set pattern. — A Gender Fluid person may feel totally like a man on Monday and totally like a woman on Friday. — I often felt this was something like a virtual chameleon except I do not think the Gender Fluid person has control over how they feel. — I think the metamorphosis of the Gender Fluid personality must come and go as it will and that the person has little or no control over when the changes occur.

Of course I haven’t the foggiest notion of what I am talking about here because all this kind of stuff requires the trained and educated mind of someone who works in Psychology or Psychiatry and I definitely am not one of those professionals. In fact I am a totally uneducated “Lay” person in these kinds of matters …. but I do wonder about these things and that is why I am blogging about them the best that I know how.

Now back to my original word, “Pansexual.” — It is my understanding that a “Pansexual” person is one who makes love to all the gender variations and and orientations and one who is equally at home sexually with any or all the variants that I have spoken about in this blog post.

I have no clue as to whether any of this is due to natural orientation of the person thus having it resolved as a DNA issue or whether it is all due to choices people make.

One of the more vague points of this blog post, I guess, is that I would like to know if somewhere along the line we might be hearing about Pansexuals, Androgynous People and Gender Fluid People all petitioning the government for their own unique set of “Freedoms” and “Rights” tailored to their specific situations. —- It is interesting to me, because of my intensely inquiring mind, to learn what effect such an eventuality would have on The Constitution, The Country and all our daily lives together? — Would it become something even more divisive or would it be one of the factors that work to finally bring this country more into a state of unity?

I ask the questions this morning! You decide!

Should Transgenderism Be Treated As Mental Illness?

I am not going to make nasty judgmental statements against transgender people because of some kind of prejudice because prejudice is based on hate and never solves anything.

I will be the first to admit that I do not understand what drives a person to become transgender. —– Is it something in the DNA of the person? —– Is it a hormonal thing or a mental thing? — Is it physical, spiritual? — Does anybody know anything at all?

I have a close relative who was a very macho-acting male who eventually decided he was transgender and now has gone through all the clothing and make-up thing and lost a lot of weight to look more female and has all kinds of issues with whether or not he/she is being accepted by other people because of his/her decision to embrace the transgenderism.

I still do not understand how transgenderism works. Let’s take a hypothetical example and see if there are any parallels:

Suppose I decided that I don’t like being Caucasian and decide I want to be Native American. Suppose I try to change my skin color with walnut dye or something, get a “Last of The Mohicans” haircut, learn a Native American Language and start copying all the mannerisms and characteristics of my chosen Native People persona.

Can I reasonably expect to morph miraculously into a Native American after a period of time or will I always remain Caucasian under all the layers I have added to make myself look like someone I am not really?

Would the real Native Americans accept me as one of their own or would they look upon me as a confused idiot who might stand a good chance of getting my ass beat because they might feel I had somehow offended their culture by trying to appropriate it as my own?

Is this what transgender is all about or is there something more complex —- something deeper —- something so mysterious that nobody can ever understand how it works or why it happens?

From experience with my own transgender family member I can tell you that transgender people seem to me to be very serious about what they do and they are totally emotionally involved with their choices and they can be easily hurt or offended by people who won’t accept them or who make snide and lascivious remarks about them.

Are these people confused or is there something working in their chemistry that is not yet understood by Science?

My original question was, “Should Transgenderism be treated as a mental illness?” Let’s assume for just a moment — let’s assume hypothetically that transgenderism might be treated as a mental illness someday and that society would never ever come to truly embrace acceptance of the idea …. what might happen then?

I think if transgenderism were ever to be officially declared to be a mental illness, the Transgender Community might be tempted to claim it as a “Religious Freedom.”

If that were to happen what would the effect be?

I do not have a psychology degree or anything and I am not qualified to discuss the ins and outs of this subject but since I do have a close relative who has chosen the lifestyle and since some of it is confusing to me and hard for me to understand I feel compelled to at least discuss it here on the blog.

What is YOUR opinion?


I think I shall make it a regular practice on “American Liberal Times” to highlight certain other blogs that I read and have found interesting, informative and helpful so that my readers can enjoy reading them also.

Today let us focus on “Ace News Services” which I find extremely informative and well-written. See “Ace News Services” — (HERE.).

As time goes on I will be featuring many other blogs so stay tuned and enjoy.

The Great “All Lives Matter” March in Birmingham, Alabama!

The news is talking about this big-assed “All Lives Matter” march held in or near Birmingham that is supposed to have attracted 20,000 people according to news reports.

The march is supposed to be about heroin epidemics in towns,villages and cities and the problems farmers are having with “Big Agriculture” putting the screws to them and a whole lot of other problems the common, ordinary American who lives at the Peon level puts up with every day of their miserable lives.

First of all, folks — 20,000 participants in a march in one American city isn’t a drop in a piss bucket compared to the millions of Americans that are out there somewhere.

Second of all — having marches and rallies and giving speeches and demonstrating in the streets isn’t going to get a god damned thing done for anybody except maybe it will get some people’s heads busted by night sticks if somebody pisses some cops off or something — so what the Hell?

Why bother?