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The Poor Pay The Lion’s Share Of Taxes!

This just in!

I read newspapers from all around the world.

Today I was reading a newspaper from a fiercely Republican dominated state in which it was reported that the low and middle-income wage earners of that state pay the lion’s share of their wages in taxes than the wealthy do.

After doing a little research around the Internet I discovered that this disparity in taxes between the rich and the poor is not confined to just one state here in the U.S.A.!

Actually I discovered that wherever Republicans – – – – and/or other forms of the Radical Right Wing scourge control everything in their respective states, this extreme difference in what the wealthy pay in taxes and what the lower-income earners pay does not change all that much if at all – – – – – despite all the protestations by the radical right wing propaganda bullshitters to the contrary.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

In just one state where the average annual income is $20,000 or less – – – which accounts for about 20% of the population in the example given – – – the low-income earners are paying nearly 12 per cent of their annual income on such taxes as state and local income tax, personal property taxes, sales taxes and excise taxes – – – – and in the same state the wealthy pay – – – on the average – – – only about 6 to 8 per cent of their total income on the same things.  The example cited an annual income for the wealthy in this instance of somewhere in the neighborhood of $300,000 to $500,000 dollars.

Well, folks, I don’t think I have to work too hard to convince most folks who have the ability to think a little bit that this is kind of an unfair situation and that it is a situation that kind of comes naturally to those areas of the country where the people have decided to place themselves under the yoke of right wing governance.

When it comes to the Right Wing vs The Rest of Us, it seems to me that the main trope always boils down to, “The Right Wing Rich Get Richer While The Middle and Lower Classes Get Poorer” – – – – and the wealth of the richest of the righties always seems to come somehow at the expense of everybody else.

This is the way the snake hisses, folks, and for some reason that escapes me completely right now – – – – there seems to be a few million voters in some of these Red States – – – – – the states where the crap I am talking about is a fact of everyday life – – – – – there are a whole horde of folks living in those states and under those conditions who (A)  Don’t understand that this is what happens when people vote for right wingers or (B) Who don’t know much about how politics works and have kind of shaken their heads and said, “Oh to Hell with it!  What can I do about it anyway?”

When I read stuff like I am writing about here, it dawns on me, “Yes, the right wingers like things the way they are in some of these states and they are going to move heaven and earth to make sure none of the lower wage earners ever get a higher standard of living because in the day that they do, then they become a threat to the power structure of the wealthy elite and so it goes.

The radical rightshits can argue against me on this until their gonads turn blue but their lame protestations will not change the fact that people who live in these tax repressive right wing paradises are the serfs-in-fact and their right-wing masters are damned well going to keep them that way as long as they possibly can.

It’s astounding to me how people who are supposed to be reasonably intelligent will run out to the polls and vote some of the intransigent task masters into high office when they know damned well what will happen to their best interests when they do.

I guess the next thing that happens is that some rightwad will come up with a whole bunch of charts and figures and statistics that have been invented, manipulated, changed, revised and screwed with so that the rightie defenders of deprivation can argue against what I have just written here.  But it is kind of like polls, folks.  Anybody with a hair up their ass over some issue can make a poll say just about any damned thing they want it to say and there are scores of vulnerable people who will swallow every word of their lies hook, line and sinker.

Well, I guess we are stuck with the right wing for at least a couple of more years now so perhaps we should all just lay back and do the best we can with whatever it is that we have left – –  until we get another chance – – – if we ever get another chance – – to cast some more ballots and maybe get some things changed back to common sense and normality again.

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Obama and the Immigration Issue!

Some members of the American Political Right (Conservative) Wing would have us believe that if President Obama uses executive orders to address certain deportation issues for some resident immigrants he will be doing something totally unprecedented.

I think there are a lot of “Them” who would also like to make the argument that a unilateral presidential move to protect some immigrant family members from deportation is either illegal or unconstitutional as well ……. but “Illegal” and “Unconstitutional” are their usual arguments about a lot of things isn’t it? …….. Just because some people want to think something is “Unconstitutional” or “Illegal” doesn’t make it necessarily true either, does it? ………. I think that some such “Thinking” is often really “Wishful Thinking” on the part of some folks who find themselves opposed to something or the other ……. and it works just as well when the situation is reversed too ……. wishful thinking and dreaming works forward as well as backward on most issues.

My opinion is that if the president does make a unilateral move on this issue through issuance of some kind of executive action then if there are proper and legal challenges to whatever the president does or does not do it will be up to the courts to decide the legality and the constitutionality of whatever is done or not done and it will not be left to the self-styled political geniuses on either side of the aisle to decide. ……… I think that is the sum total of it — it will be up to the courts to decide. ……. period! …….. end of story! ……. I also happen to believe that is the way it should be ……. I like the idea of the courts making the legal decisions about things ……. I would hate for the final decisions to be left to individuals who may have certain extraordinary or over-riding interests in the way things turn out —- or in the way things do not turn out. …….. I like having courts authorized and capable of making difficult legal decisions. …….. Try to imagine if you can what it would be like if either the Right Wing or The Left Wing had the absolute power to decide legal issues for this nation?  …….. If that ever happened I think we would be in a lot worse mess in this country than we are already in. …….. I sometimes think some of the Righties would rather see it that way …… and maybe even some on the Left might want to see it that way too ….. especially if it was them who had the power. …… Some people might thing it would be a lot easier to govern if the country were a dictatorship but thankfully it has not come to that just yet …….. but I sometimes think that  is what some of the people on the Political Right would like …….. I mean I sometimes get the impression that is how a lot of them act when they get a little power in their hands  …… but even that idea might sling both ways when you think about it …… there might be some Lefties who think the same thing. ……. Like I said I am glad we have a more or less balanced judicial system to deal with these kinds of challenges.

What would anyone expect some of the Righties to say other than to be in denial about their own presidents having done much the same as Obama may be contemplating with the Immigration thing? …….. It looks to me like some of them are in total denial about the fact that two Republican Presidents did much the same thing as Obama might be considering doing ………. but the fact that some people are in denial about it doesn’t make it true does it? …….. I am pretty sure the Righties will scream and shout and moan and whine and whimper and make all kinds of threats about impeachment or government shutdown or whatever else they can dream up …… like I believe has always been the case …. ( In my Humble Opinion) ……. but like I said and like most everybody I have talked to or read about has said at one time or another ….. Obama is not the first to think about such things and if he acts on this he will not be the first to have ever done anything like this.

Here is a story that might clear some of the confusion up for certain of those who embrace the conservative view on this issue as well as for those who hold the more Liberal view —– (ARTICLE ABOUT PRESIDENTIAL IMMIGRATION ACTIONS).

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The Persistent Right Wing Lie About Obama And Gas Prices At The Pump!

President Obama Does Not Set Gasoline Prices.

President Obama Does Not Set Gasoline Prices.

When you waste your time listening to some Right Wing know-little; know nothings one of the things you will hear a lot is how President Obama is somehow miraculously directly responsible for rising gasoline prices in The United States.

Worse than that, some of the more extreme of the Rightie Myth-Manipulators even go so far as to accuse the President of “Causing” the price of gas to rise at the pump!

My response to that?  “Horse Droppings!”

One of my favorite Right Wing “I can’t stand President Obama” lines goes something like this:  “Before Obama became President, the price of gas at the pump was $1.86 and now it is over $3.00.

Well folks . . . guess what?

When I was a young man of about 25, the price of a gallon of milk was about 99-cents (It is now over $3 a gallon), a hamburger sandwich at a local restaurant was 99-cents (It is now over $5) and when I was a mere kid you could get a candy bar ( a big one) for a nickel and the most expensive admission to the local movie theater was 25-cents.

Gas prices are not set by the President no matter what the Right-Tilted want you to believe!

Did you know the price of a gallon of gasoline cost an average of $3.40 during the administration of President Woodrow Wilson in 1913-1921?

Gas was about $2.80 under Republican President Herbert Hoover ( The Depression President . . . a Republican to boot) and it dropped to $2.51 by the time Democrat Harry Truman assumed office?

Republican Ronald Reagan managed to see gas prices rise to $2.49 in 1981-89 but Democrat Bill Clinton saw it fall to $1.70 a gallon in 1993-2001.

Right Wing Twists And Turns:

Did you know that in 2008 at the end of George W. Bush’s last term in office the price of gasoline in this country was $3.96 a gallon and that the price under President Obama’s Administration in 2012 had dropped to $3.85?

Are you beginning to see how the Obama Haters try to twist things to make it look like The President is the marshmallow in the outhouse here . . . . . and on virtually everything else too?

They fabricate . . . they manipulate . . . they twist . . . they lie . . . anything to make a point that never had a chance of being made in the first place!

And do you know what their response usually is when somebody catches them in their lies?

Their response is something that usually resembles a vitriolic rant about how damned stupid or ignorant ( or worse) whoever exposes their fantasies is.  Their defense is to simply attack whoever exposes their lies!

It ain’t the President, folks . . . it is the speculators on Wall Street and the law of supply and demand!

If you want some truth about the Right Wing lie that Obama is the culprit when it comes to your gas prices rising at the pump you really need to read : – – – (An article about gas prices and why they do what they do.)

And for the sake of your mental health and peace of mind, may I also suggest that you avoid spending too much time on those Rightie Media Sites where it seems they use “Hating The President and The Democrats” as their chief means of personal libidinous gratification?

It was just a suggestion, folks . . . let no one accuse me of trying to stifle anyone’s First Amendment Rights here.

I love the First Amendment but it does have a drawback or two . . . maybe . . . maybe not . . . The First Amendment seems to me to have absolutely no objection to people spouting all the lies they want to spout along with whatever smattering of truth might sneak into the mix along the way.

Radical Righties often blame the President for such things as rising gas prices when he is, in all reality, innocent as the new-born lamb in the matter.

Speculators?  Yes!

Wall Street?  Yes!

Supply and Demand?  Yes!

The President?  Not possible in our “Free” Economy.

Posted by John at 8:57 AM

Photo Credits:  The illustration of the fuel guage above is a Public Domain Image from PIXABAY.  As of the date I posted the image on this blog . . . date of 9/2/2014 . . .  the image was being offered for use under Public Domain License.

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Turn, Turn, Turn!

Abraham Lincoln

“Republicans are for both the man and the dollar, but in case of conflict the man before the dollar.”

(Abraham Lincoln)

– – – – – – – –

Commentary by John:  “That’s how it was when Lincoln spoke it but things seem to have completely reversed since that time.

A total turn around!  Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Credits:  Quotation by Abraham Lincoln is from Quotes Daddy.

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This thing called “Love”


Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”
– – – Bible

– – – – –

Commentary by John:

Like Diogenes, I hold aloft my flickering lantern searching for the one radical right winger who does not arrogantly or rudely insist on his or her own way, who is not irritable or resentful . . . you know the story I am sure.

I know there are some out there but I just haven’t had the pleasure of running across any yet.  Others may have been more fortunate I am sure.

I definitely do not cast my gaze toward the U.S. Congress in this search – – – no not at all.

If there are any in Congress their voice is weak or silent or drowned out by the noise of the others.  Whatever the problem is I know that I cannot hear their voices . . . can anybody?  If they perchance do speak are they not quickly reprimanded by their own?

Nor do I look to the clown wagon of the political circus; . . . the 1% who detest the 47% . . . those who heard the Voice of God telling them to run for elective office just before they lost their elections . . . you know who I am thinking  of, I am sure.  There are plenty of them out there.

So far as I scour the Internet reading all the hate rhetoric from the radical right; all the hate rhetoric directed at The President, the Democrats, Progressives and Liberals . . . and as I reflect on how many of those Right Wingers who write such things have insisted so adamantly just how “Christian” they are . . . I am confounded and dumbfounded by their moral claims because they do not seem to measure up to what I was taught from childhood.

Either I am terrible naieve and gullible or there is something amiss in Rightie Land.


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Reality never changes!


Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. ~Philip K. Dick

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Comment by John: “It is something you would think the Right Wing of American Politics would have learned by now . . . but alas!

When many radical righties get their hands on “Reality” their first impulse is to revise it . . . but in the long run it never quite works out for them because the American People are a lot smarter than to be taken in by such deceptive manipulations of fact . . . such re-invention of reality.

I think that fact about American Perceptions bodes well for the future because it could eventually spell the end of Rightie Extremism’s political agenda . . . an agenda which I believe is nothing short of totally annihilating American Democracy and replacing it with something far different . . . far darker . . . far worse.

Attribution Required: Public Domain Image on Wikimedia.Org.


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What good things may come

One Of The Good Things In Life

One Of The Good Things In Life

“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.” (Swedish Proverb).


John’s Comment:

Or, you could just remember to vote Democrat and discover that more of the good things will come to you instead of everything being all hogged up by the Right Wing greed mongers at the top of the fiscal food chain.

Quote Credits: Quotes Daddy.Com

Picture Credit(s): Wikipedia.Org used under Creative Commons License


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