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Deep distrust of police has been reported in some places!

The Ferguson, Missouri incident surrounding the death of Michael Brown has sparked a lot of talk about people mistrusting police in these times in which we live.

I heard about a lot of reported “Mistrust of Police” when heads were getting cracked with batons during the Occupy Wall Street episodes a couple of years ago . . . in case anyone remembers.

I don’t think any of this “Distrust Of Police” talk is anything new however because as long as I have lived I have heard that there is and always has been an extremely deep distrust of police among criminals and others who break the law so it has always been the case that there have been some who have held the police in a state of resentment and distrust.

How many times have I been watching a movie and heard someone portraying a crook say something like, “Gee, don’t ever make the mistake of trusting a cop!”

Mistrust of police is nothing new.  Crooks have been mistrusting police for years and years.

Good guys?  Law abiding citizens?  I don’t think they have to worry about trusting police.  I think people who keep their noses clean are probably rarely ever going to have a negative encounter with police.

Of course since the Ferguson incident happened there may be people willing to question what I just now wrote here . . . but given the circumstances and given what is known and what is unknown . . . I can understand how somebody may not be all that comfortable with what I just said.

I read something once that made sense to me:  “To avoid any potential for a hassle by police, remain invisible to them . . . keep out of their line of sight . . . don’t act in strange and suspicious manners . . . I have been told that police rarely ever hassle anybody who does not attract their attention.

I guess this is good reason for someone like me . . . a crazy old Libtard . . . to avoid appearing in public places leading an elephant through the flowers at the public park near the library.

I think I would have an awfully hard time explaining to police how I came to be in possession of an elephant in the first place . . . unless I had a bill of sale or something . . . or unless I could prove some relationship . . . or unless I could convince the police I had been hired to babysit the creature . . . or something of that nature.

I think it is wise to be careful how one acts in the presence of police.

I do know it is not very wise to approach two policemen sitting in a doughnut shop and say stupid things like, “I will bet you and your sister there can’t catch me!”

I know I pissed some local police off once when somebody called them because I was being a little noisy in a neighborhood that was used to a more quiet and serene atmosphere and when the police arrived and they had been asking me what the problem was I answered a little snarkily and said something like, “There’s always police around when you don’t need any.”

I can guarantee you I won’t be saying anything like that again.

But for the most part I have found them to be pretty trustworthy and I am damned glad I had them to call on in a couple of cases when some nut case used to threaten and hassle me a lot.  After the police talked to the paranoid idiot for a couple of times he finally decided it was better to leave me alone than to spend several nights in jail.

I guess everybody has their own ideas about police.

I tend to respect them and to be glad they are on the job to protect me.

God knows how many times they put their lives on the line to keep us safe.


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The Great “Farmers Market” Illusion!



The excitement was built up really good in this place where I live these days . . . the “Farmers Market” was coming and everybody was excited about getting some really fresh vegetables and stuff at reasonable prices.

They were holding their market down by the levee that runs along the river bank.  There is a paved street there where the city had torn down some old derelict houses to make room for their new multi-million-dollar “Riverfront Park Recreation Area.”

I live in a city that can find millions to spend on community beautification projects but not a dime to help citizens afford a new water treatment system that virtually trebled residential water bills.  Did I mention we live in a Right Wing community in a right wing state?

Anyway the day of the Farmers Market dawned clear and warm and hundreds of locals descended on the tents and wagons and trucks that lined the streets with people hawking their merchandise like carnival barkers, “Fresh watermelon here! Git-chur fresh watermelon!”

There were vendors with cakes, pies, cookies and bread and there were vendors with green beans, cantaloupes, apples . . . you name it . . . it was there.

I decided to buy five greenish apples so I could bake a pie. I recognized the apples as “Granny Smith” variety . . . just right for pies.

The fat guy behind the counter placed them in a bag and then turned to me and said, “That’ll be Seven Dollars please.”

The sticker shock hit me quickly and I kind of blurted out, “Jesus Christ, Mister . . . I didn’t want to buy the whole damned tree!”

The vendor snorted a little as I handed him the money.  I did want the apples even though it seemed they were costing me a ransom price . . . a war price as they used to say.

It occurred to me that I could have bought the same apples at the local super market for Four dollars with my trusty “Customer Discount Card.”

In a couple of days I learned that there hadn’t been a single real farmer at that market.  As it turned out every vendor there was just somebody who gone and bought a bunch of vegetables and stuff from real local farms or from distributors . . . the exact same merchandise that you could find on store shelves . . . and they had marked them up a little and implied – – but never actually claimed – – that the wares were “Fresh from local farms.”  It was half-true anyway.  Some of it was from farms.

I learned my lesson about the “Farmers Market” hype and I can tell you I have attended the last one I will ever go to unless someone informs me in advance that I will be dealing with real farmers selling their own home-grown merchandise.

The best advice I can give anyone about this is, “Before you spend the first dime at a local “Farmers Market” make sure to ask someone at the market whether or not the vendors are actual farmers selling their own wares or whether the stuff being offered is being resold from a commercial source.

I gotta tell you, folks . . . in my “Book” there aren’t no three damned ripe tomatoes in the world worth a total of Six Dollars and I simply am not about to bend over for some of these cons.

Everybody is different however and the carnival atmosphere of the markets I am talking about can be enticing and can serve to break up the boredom of what might be an otherwise monotonous day – – or something.

Just keep a tight and wary hand on your wallets, is all I can say and scope the market out a little beforehand if you can to make sure you are dealing with who you are led to believe you are dealing with.

By the way – – just as a little side note – – if you want to have a little fun, sneak around a little bit and see if you can spot some of the boxes or crates the merchandise at some of the markets comes in.

I always enjoy finding out that the “Farmers Market” advertising “Fresh Locally-Grown” fruits and vegetables actually has a lot of boxes and crates on their trucks and in the back of their vans marked with commercial growing operations’ labels from places that might be three or four states removed from where the market is being held.

Thus a person living in West Virginia for example may find a local “Farmers Market” that is selling “Fresh Locally-Grown Yellow Corn” that comes out of a box marked Indianapolis, Indiana or somewhere.

It is sometimes a little funny how people are willing to be taken to the cleaners on some things.

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What is a Biblically-Correct abortion procedure like?


Some rightwads will scream and yell, “There ain’t no such thing!”

I hope some of them do not literally pop the veins in their necks over this blog post:

The Christian Bible not only approves abortions but it lays out the specific manner in which a legal abortion is to be performed.

God has overlooked nothing in His Divine Wisdom, has He?

The abortion procedure found in “The Living Word Of The Living God” ( My paraphrase ) can be found in The Book of Numbers, Chapter 5, Verses 11 through 31.

I am assuming there will be a lot of religious Right Wing anti-abortion folks who will be calling me all kinds of nasty names for bringing this subject up but if you are going to believe the Bible and accept the Bible and even follow the Bible, then you are going to have to accept every word that is written in The Bible.  You will not be able to cherry pick the Scriptures and only go by the ones you like.  That would not be acceptable to God by any stretch of the imagination and isn’t it the habit of many who claim they are Christians to boast they believe every word of The Bible?

Of course when it comes to some of the more radical of the Righties, I am sure they would never “Cherry Pick” the Holy Scriptures to prove their point about how “Evil” abortion is and how God would never approve of such a thing.

No, I don’t believe they would “Cherry Pick” but I am not so certain some of them wouldn’t be sorely tempted to “Re-interpret” what they think the Scripture says and try to pass it off as infallible fact.

I am afraid that in this day and age there are a lot of Right Wing Christians who may be revising the meanings and interpretations of Scriptures to prove how evil Liberals are and how unacceptable to God the act of abortion is.

But for the literalists and those who have some knowledge of Greek or the Hebrew Language and who have studied the ancient texts for themselves or in company of qualified Biblical Scholars I am quite certain that they will discover soon enough that Numbers 5, 11-31 is talking about a God-Approved procedure for bringing about an abortion where some kind of marital infidelity is suspected.

I can almost see some of the rightie handlebar mustaches standing straight up on this one, can’t you?

I am certain that once I have posted this post there shall be a lot of rending of garments and gnashing of teeth in Rightie-ville!

And I can’t wait to see the wicked names they will call me or the nasty things they will have to say about me because I have brought this information to light on this blog.

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Picture Credit(s):  The image above is from the website, “Public Domain Image.Com” and according to the information I have been able to ascertain the image is in The Public Domain.

<a href=”” title=”Holly bible book”>Holly bible book</a> by Leon Brooks

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The often strange twists in the priorities of warfare!

You know folks . . . government agencies and politicians always seem to be making war on something or other.

I have heard about the war on women and I have heard about the war on drugs and I have heard about the war on terrorism.

Now I would like to know when the American Right Wing is going to get the idea that it would be more helpful to make war on Poverty than to make war on the poverty-stricken.

Ideas, anybody?

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Right wing trash talk is not hard to recognize!

They lie in wait, fingers at the ready on their keyboards . . . ready to spew any kind of hateful, nasty crap they can think of to spread discord, dissent, confusion or hatred of the political left, of liberals, democrats and progressives and of anything else that twangs their strings the wrong way . . . which I gather from years of listening to their shit . . . is almost anything that would really help the middle class, the working classes or the poor out a little bit.

The Rightie trolls are not all that hard to discern – – they usually always come across with the same old bullshit talking points . . . each time they use them they might appear a little different but in all reality . . . if you look at them close enough you will see they are . . . the same old talking points.

Today some of them are emphasizing how really dreadfully bad the American Labor Unions are for those who belong to them, for those who benefit from them and for those who really despise them . . . I think the union despisers are mostly right wing nut jobs  . . . except perhaps for a few righties who actually have union jobs and even they sometimes vote against their own unions . . . go figure the logic in that one out if you can.

If you are in the mood to read some of the right wing crap being spewed out all over the Internet today about what a horrible thing Labor Unions are all you have to do is enter the following words into the search window of your computer and follow the leads that pop up when you mouse click on the words.

The words to put in your computer window are: UNIONS ARE BAD.

You won’t believe some of the utter nonsense you can find to read in this fashion.

Or you might want to take a moment and read the article – – – PLEASE CLICK HERE.  This article at least will give you a lot of truth about how the Labor Movement has been nothing but GOOD for America and Her Workers.

The truth is . .  folks . . . American Labor Unions made this country great and afforded workers an opportunity for a better future, better pay, a few much-needed benefits such as health care coverage, vacation time,sick days . . . all kinds of good things.

If you can’t believe any of this because you might have been blinded by some right wing bullshit then simply ask someone who once had a union job and who lost it because of some “Right To Work” law or something and you will find out what the truth really is.

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Crazy Watch!

Did anyone besides me ever notice that when you think the right wing radicals can’t get any crazier they just go ahead and get crazier than ever?

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Some people in the United States Congress are wealthy!

Rightie says it is disgraceful how some of the fortunes of some of the people in our Congress seem to be growing very rapidly while a lot of the rest of us have to settle for less than being rich.

I say, “It is G** D***ned  disgraceful that so many of the angry, intolerant, prejudiced bigots from the radical right are so envious of somebody who has made something of themselves in this life and who just happen to have gotten themselves elected to Congress!

One of the driving principles of Conservative idiotology is that if a person applies themselves there is no limit to the fortunes that can be amassed through exercising the virtues of thrift, hard work, a lot of self-sufficiency, grit, determination and luck.

So if the (failed) right wing conservative theory about how everybody who really wants to work their asses off has just as much chance of ending up in the top 1% income bracket as everybody else – – – a totally bulls**t theory that has been proven time and again to be exactly that . . . “Bulls**t . . .  if that theory is anywhere near true ( which it most definitely is not) then why does it really become a problem to some of the radicals when some of their own kind get rich and get elected to Congress all at the same time . . . or nearly all at the same time?


So some Congress Persons are wealthy!  So what’s the big deal?  Isn’t getting wealthy one of those “Great American Opportunities” that the rightwads say they want to share with everybody through their idiotological agenda?

I happen to know a few people who are not members of Congress who are wealthy as (“F-word!” )  I do not see the connection or the importance of the rightassed argument that some Congress People are rich and most of the rest of us are not.

What I am really thinking is that this bogus bulls**t argument by the right tards is just another attempt by the haters to get the rest of the American People to hate their government.

Radical right knumb-nutz awads are very good at trying to get their fellow citizens to hate their government.

Does it ever occur to anybody except myself that some of the things the fruitcakes and freaks on the radical right try to pull might fall under the heading of “Criminal Enterprise” or “Sedition” or “Treason” if it were not for the amply generous protections of The First Amendment?

I do not care at all if some of my elected representatives in Congress just happen to be rich.  To me it means they were smart enough to get rich and if they were smart enough to get rich then in my book they are already one helluva lot smarter than some of the right winged radical haters as far as I am concerned and I would rather have a rich smart person sitting in Congress than I would some too-obviously empty-headed right wing nutjob.

But then what do I know?

I am only your typical dumb assed Liberal according to a lot of the miniscule-minded on the radical right!

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One of the prime absolutes of social science!

A lot of radical righties think I am a dumb-assed Liberal!

A lot of radical righties think All Liberals are dumb-assed!

Right Wing Radical  fecal discharge ( anal or oral . . . take your pick ) (both are in plentiful supply ) . . . doesn’t stink!

If you don’t believe it just ask any right wing radical nutjob . . . (shouldn’t be too hard to find a few here and there . . . just follow your nose).

They’ll tell you!

That’s all they’ll tell you because I believe that is the absolute limit to the intellectual capacities of more of them than I care to think about.

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GOP health insurance reform . . happening or not?

I have heard stories that the GOP has the best interests of all Americans in their hearts.

This must surely mean that the right wingers devote each and every day they are in their elective offices to doing things to help everybody live a better life as Americans.

Has anybody besides me ever noticed the great pains the GOP has taken over the years to reduce the burden of the cost of healthcare for Americans?

What I am waiting to see is the “Republican American Health Plan” that will lower costs across the board for all Americans . . . all Americans . . . ALL Americans . . . rich, poor and in between . . . and I know in my heart that it is bound to be coming very soon now.

The other question I have is this:  “If the right wing ever gets their version of a health care reform package passed into law will it represent the health care providers and big business more than it will represent the needs and interests of all of us who live and work and play somewhere substantially below the lifestyle of the top 1%?


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Massive immigration may swing American voting habits dramatically!


It is reported in some places that the large-scale immigration America is experiencing right now will probably cause the entire country to develop a deep blue political hue as time goes on which I suppose is intended to mean that most of the new immigrants are supposed to tend toward voting for Democrats.

I think this is being used as a complaint by some disgruntled Right Wingers.

I have suddenly developed a new respect for immigrants!

Side Note: As a helpless and dependent child I was raised in a staunchly Republican household and those years of training were sufficient to insure that as soon as I reached the age of 21 I ran as fast as my legs would carry me to register as a Democrat.

Picture Credit:  Public Domain Image


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I don’t get it right every time, do I?



I just deleted a post in which I was asking when the national news media were going to start covering the crisis in Detroit, Michigan where tens of thousands of people are reported to be in danger of losing access to water because of past due bills and a financial crisis in the city itself.

A wonderful reader reminded me that he had seen coverage of this crisis on a major broadcast news outlet and I checked it out and sure enough it seems a couple of the big news networks had indeed reported on the crisis just a few hours ago.  I guess I jumped the gun on this one and I apologize.

Read more on the crisis – – – CLICK HERE PLEASE.

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Is anyone besides me still waiting for implementation of the Obamacare “Euthanasia” mandate?

It hasn’t been too long ago when some right tard webbies were predictering that Obamacare would contain provisions allowing for the euthanasia of certain selected senior citizens in order to hold the costs of health insurances in the country down.

That’s right folks . . . some of the rightlobotomie types were claiming the government would invoke “just putting them to sleep” as part of the scheme to contain health care costs under Obamacare.

I am sure that if ever there were an actual case of something like this happening the “News” would jump on it with all four feet!  Yes, “The News” . . . right wing news, left-wing news and everything in between would be yowling about it for months on end – – – why I am certain somebody would even want to convene a special select committee to look into it, aren’t you?”

By the way – – as a side note:  Seems to me like all the noise and hullabaloo about the Benghazi Investigation has kind of gotten kicked off the media lately or something.  I wonder what this is  all about?  Did the righties suddenly come to an epiphany and decide there is no more juice to be squeezed from that old lemon?  Or did somebody get the investigation taken away from them and have to watch someone else take it over or something and did whoever took it over decide not to go forward with it or is it simply that nobody wants to pay any attention to it anymore and it has lost so much of its potential for fundraising that they have simply abandoned squeezing it?

You know what else I haven’t heard much about lately?  I haven’t heard too much about how it was “Thermite” explosive charges that brought the Twin Towers down and not airplanes.  What has happened to that old argument?  I am sure it is still out there . . . somewhere . . . aren’t you?

I have digressed long enough now – – – back to the original question about Obamacareuthanasia:

I think something the scare mongering rightwads forgot to mention in that little claim they have been making about the Obamacare Euthanasia thing is that if it were to ever happen a lot of their own kindred would undoubtedly be included in the euthanasiological planning for “excess” senioriticals.  Doesn’t that make sense?

So I am asking my readers today, “Have you heard any stories about any senior citizens near where you live suddenly disappearing because of some act of euthanasia that has been performed because of Obamacare?  Does anybody know any seniors who have been forced to undergo the “euthanasia counselling” that some of the rightnutted dimwads of the radical right have been prognosticating?

Didn’t happen, did it?

Ain’t ever gonna happen, is it?

Rightwad azzoles!

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