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Leaders Stand Out From The Crowd

Leaders Stand Out From The Crowd

John Quincy Adams is said to have once remarked: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Liming says:  “If your actions inspire others to grab more, fantasize more, become more stubborn and set in your ways, do less, and remain comfortably stagnant in all that you aspire to . . . you are probably a Republican or some other kind of Right Winger in this present age.”

Quote by Mr. Adams is from Brainy Quote

Quote by John is from his uniquely eccentric form of obviously divinely-inspired snarky genius. (Snark! Snark!)

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The “Trust” factor

Republican President Ronald Reagan once was quoted as having said, “The ten most dangerous words in the English language are “Hi, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

I am not particularly in agreement with President Reagan on that one but I do have one of my own that I would like to present now if I may:

I am of the opinion that the really ten most dangerous words in the English language are, “You can always trust the words of the religious rightie!”

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What goes around comes around!


Matthew 7: 21-23 (King James Version of The Holy Bible):

21.  Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

22.  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?  and in thy name have cast out devils?  and in thy name have done many wonderful works?

23.  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

So then . . . how shall those who wear the robes of “Christian Conservatism” and who have used their elected offices . . . their positions of Public Trust . . . to cast their votes against all the government programs that were designed to give assistance and needed relief to the poor, the middle class, the destitute, the needy, the elderly, the student, the struggling poor mothers and their children – – – how shall these fare in the day of judgment?

Maybe they will try to make the case before The Lord in that day that their avarice, their callousness, their lack of concern for the needs of the 47% and their denial of merciful help to the chronically unemployed . .  and all the multitude of evils they have wrought against their suffering fellow human beings – – maybe they will try to make the case before The Lord that these actions have been the will of their father which is in heaven.

There is always the possibility that the radicals among their kind are so set in their ways and so convinced of their own righteousness in their own minds that they really will not be concerned with what God has to say in the day of judgement.

If they aren’t concerned with what God tells them is required of them now while they are yet among the living, how shall they then be expected to be concerned once they have arrived at the gates of heaven?

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Be not ensnared in your despairing times!

Beware The Right Wing Snare!

Beware The Right Wing Snare!

“At every crisis in one’s life, it is absolute salvation to have some sympathetic friend to whom you can think aloud without restraint or misgiving.” ―Woodrow Wilson

Commentary by John:  “And I think it is essential that if you wish to express the depth of your feelings . . . your “True” feelings . . . you need to make sure the person listening is not a radical right wing conservative because if it is I think you have lost all advantage from the first word uttered.”

Beware the Radical Rightie with the broad smile, the shiny perfect teeth and the outstretched hand because . . . most of the time I believe they want something from you rather than being there to offer something to you. (Lessons learned the hard way.)


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Obama’s “Approval” ratings reportedly dropping!



Right-sniffers everywhere are more than likely crapping their adult diapers because a lot of polling going on is reported to be assigning low approval ratings to the job President Obama is doing right now.

Well . . . “Whoopie!”  What else is new?

That isn’t even news anymore!

That’s stuff Righties spout night and day endlessly!

All the reports I have read indicate that even though the pollsters are coughing up negative polling statistics for the President’s handling of Foreign Policy at the moment most Americans approve of the way he is handling the ISIS crisis.

O.K., so tell me again which of our Presidents has ever enjoyed really high poll ratings during his second term?  I think second terms are pretty much a “Low Poll” situation if memory serves me right and of course . . . let us never forget . . . the polls controlled by rightscum and their allies never give the President a break as far as I can tell . . . never have . . . probably never will.

So for those of you out there who are really concerned that the President is drawing some lower approval ratings for the job he is doing at the moment I say this:  “Be damned glad he is on the job and that some rightsnark war mongering hedge humper didn’t get the job . . .and another thing . . . “If I were President Obama I don’t think I would give a “Flying F” about negative polling against the job I might be doing because . . . I would know that I don’t have to run for the office again and I would know that at the end of this term my having to put up with the endless sewer stream of unspeakable sludge from the obstructionist right would be at an end and I could return to living my life and enjoying myself without all the headaches involved with keeping the country on the straight and narrow – – and most economists I have read are all agreed that our President has definitely kept things on an even keel . . . despite what any of the offal-flavored refuse from the right has to say about it . . . the big money one-percenter guys started out Obama’s first term with a Dow averaging somewhere near 8,000 and now it is well over 14,000 and that ain’t hay by anybody’s measure.

How about a couple of “Hurrahs” for that one, folks?

Don’t hold your breath!

Some Righties will say such ridiculous mindless crap as, “The stock markets have never been an indicator of the financial health of the country . . . and they will still be saying this as they are depositing their extra billions from the recovering economy in their off shore accounts somewhere trying to avoid paying any taxes on their windfalls . . . crooks . . .liars . . .fascists!

I am not President Obama and I never will be . . . but I think if I were in his position right now . . . the ragtag raggamuffin vermin from the radical right would be being treated to a first-row seat-look at the fingernail on my “Index Finger of Approval” and they would know what “Their” approval ratings with me would be without question!

But I think the President has as lot more class (Panache) (courtesy)(care for other people) than I do and I cannot envision the time he would ever stoop to such things as I have just described . . . I believe unreservedly he is too classy and honorable and considerate and compassionate to indulge in such petty emotionalism.  I am not.  I am crass and classless and really nothing but an ignorant Liberal Pile of Ass – – – ask any right radical chump-chomper and they’ll tell you.

Obama really doesn’t have to give a damn about approval ratings anymore, now does he . . . so whatever point the right wing propaganda feces-smearers are trying to make by telling us this crap they are not doing a very good job of it are they?

(Article about Obama’s lower approval ratings)

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Algae blooming; terror consuming!


The algae blooms in the lakes and in our rooms . . . toxic . . .like the mindless rants of the radical right gnomes . . . the cement heads . . . with the big holes above their bushy brows . . . where their brains are supposed to be . . . . toxic breath . . . right wing rhetoric of death . . . respect the right to life of a child in the womb . . . but once the umbilical is cut . . . they are on their own . . . . in traditional right wing style . . . on their own until time for them to be sacrificed in a rightie war . . . for the sake of industry or oil . . . for the glory of the grease-smeared face  and the toxic right wing . . . ass.

My God!  Are we losing the lake again?  How many times in the recent past . . . . . the distant past . . . how long will all this eco-environmental disaster crap last? . . . as the righties . . . they are the ones who love to keep it going by denying climate change . . .Do not, for Christ’s sake, ever drink from a municipal waste water treatment plant . . . one of the Great American Shit (GAS) factories . . . because sooner or later . . . a right wing nerd with a bit of inventive reflex will decide soon enough to label it and bottle it and tell us all it is good for something.  A dime or a dollar . . . doesn’t matter . . . whatever it takes . . . money . . . lust . . . greed . . . got to get rid of that damnable regulation . . . so we can bottle the shit water . . . and sell it . . . to those who believe in it but who never actually smell it.  Right wing dream!

The industrial problem with runoff is problematic . . . when the run off is the running off at the mouth by some Rightie who has heard the Voice of God telling him or her what is right or wrong and they try to act on it in the Public Arena  . . . mocked by the monkey . . . mocked by the ass . . . laughed at by the hyena.  The run off is in dangerous concentrations . .  dangerous to mind and spirit and if allowed to run free . . . to the body as well . . . the Rightie doctrine . . . the rightie agenda . . . the righties idiotology . . . from the deepest depths of the stinkingest Hell.

Who is behind the authentication of several layers of bullshit coming out of the endless rhetoric machine of the intransigent, obstructionist right?  Morning, Noon, Evening and Night . . . on and on . . .endlessly . . . unceasing . . .blasting . . . blaring . . . talking a lot of crap but never really caring . . . and most definitely never ever under any circumstances . . . sharing.

This then is the multiplicity of the locks on what they think is more power to them . . . what they regard as happiness . . . all the sins that others are condemned to perdition for . . . even for the thinking thereof . . . the scumwinders of the nastigious right are delusionally bent on their own magnificence . . . but it is an illusion shared only within the confines of their own dust-covered cement pit . . . filled with all manner of offal, manure and anything else cast there just for the fun of it . . . by the wasters . . . the scoundrels who rule on high . . . the biggies . . the 1% who would rather see the rest of us die.

Oh desert of affliction . . . how long yet, Oh Lord on High . . . how many more poor and middle class shall have to die for the sake of heaping glory on the stinking rear ends of those who would make themselves taskmasters over all in the name of God for the sake of their own fat bellies . . . their own lusts . . . their own Godless greed?  Is a fate at the edge of a scimitar raised in anger any worse than the deprivation that reduces the struggling to dusty skeletons whose very cupoboards are bare of the barest essentials because of the elite few who suck in all the goodness of the world with their endlessly-ravenous industrial/military complex machine?

Shall one fate mirror the other until both are fallen on all who even now cast their gazes hopelessly heavenward for some sign of salvation and relief from their torments and sufferings?

Fascist scum on Thursday if on no other day . . .a little new shenanigans going on at the Central Bank today . . . Some righties either taking steps or stepping in something foul . . .nothing is clear . . . but money is dear . . . because it is really the greenish paper-strewn stream of what might pass for air that the right asses breathe and that the rest of ever who is depends on for the paltry crumbs that fall from the rightie master’s table for the pawns at the bottom of the sociological sewer pipe being constructed for us all by . . . . . the radicals . . . the crap mongers at the top of the heap . . . the evil that rules the day and deprives goodness and righteousness of sleep . . .oh tragic consequence . . . the day when rightie rules . . . o’er all the earth and all the space beyond . . . and especially the apathetic fools . . . who never saw the need . . . to rise up off their beds of ease . . . and cast a deciding vote.

I am revolted by all the beheadings, aren’t you?

It has got to be stopped.

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Conservativism Is Not Almighty!


Did you ever notice that it is not The Democrats who are always running around trying to sell themselves as the Party of Godly Morality?  No, I believe  that distinction belongs to “The American Christian Conservatives” also sometimes including a goodly number of those identifying themselves as “Republican.”

Having dealt with a lot of Righties over the years I can pretty well say for certain that a lot of them actually believe they are better than Democrats and Liberals because they often seem to think that they believe in God and Liberals do not.

I guess there is no escaping the fact that whatever is hidden in darkness will be brought into the light and that the Conservative claim to spiritual superiority may not necessarily be true. I think if you watch the evening news a lot this can be born out sometimes.

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