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If you find anything on AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES to be offensive to your sensibilities than you do realize you have complete freedom to move on to another website, don’t you?   If something I say offends you then I suggest you simply move on to somewhere else and read things that do not offend you.  My comments might offend a lot of people because I tend to talk about a lot of offensive things – - usually things concerned with the Radical Right and their idiot-ology that is destroying America.


I am not responsible for comments made by other people on this blog.  They have their own rights of expression under the First Amendment but I do reserve the right to refuse to post their comments if I don’t like what they have to say and I do work hard to try to prevent offensive shit from getting onto AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES.

So if you are going to try to get a comment on here that calls me a “Prick” or a “Liberal Pervert” or a “Pile of ass” or any of the other things that good Christian Right-Hangers like to say about me you are going to see your crap comment go down the shit hole via my delete button.  If you come on here and try to call somebody else some kind of crappy name or something the same will apply.

I am the only one allowed to say shitty things on this blog and I am the only one allowed to do any kind of so-called “Name Calling.”

Sometimes when I am accused of “Name Calling” – - such as in when I refer to some Right Wingers as “Wingnuts” or “assholes” or whatever . .  I do not consider that to be “Name Calling.”  I consider that to be use of properly appropriate adjectives.  If you don’t know what an adjective is, then I suggest you go look it up!

The author of “American Liberal Times” retains sole and exclusive right to make determinations about what appears on this blog or what is excluded from appearing on this blog and therefore always “Moderates” all potential comments to this blog and decides which comments get published and which ones do not.

The author of this blog decides what gets published on this blog and no explanations as to the reasons for any comment being accepted or rejected will be made and the author does not feel any obligation to offer such explanations and most likely will not offer such explanations.

Note:  “American Liberal Times” is a left-of-center moderate democrat liberal blog.  Therefore . . . be advised . . . this blog will no longer publish comments the author feels to be “Right Wing-Oriented to any degree  - – unless I think the comment has something to say and if I think the comment is done decently – - respectfully – - courteously – - nicely.  Of course those requirements will preclude a large portion of what any Right Winger might want to try to post on AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES because I haven’t met too many of them who even know what “Respect” or “Nice” or “courtesy” even means – - much less have the inherent skills and sensitivities to actually practice these traits.  

 If anyone wishes to read Rightist drivel there are many many such blogs on the Internet for them to choose from.  

Summation:  If you are a conservative you probably cannot get a comment onto this blog but that does not mean that you shouldn’t try to give it your best shot if you feel so inspired.

Please share your thoughts with us but do not leave Right Wing propaganda in comments. Thanks!

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