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Perhaps you would enjoy a picture taken on our local paved bike path ( Taken 7-11-2014 ).

The Paved Bike Path Beside Our Local River
The Paved Bike Path Beside Our Local River

The Paved Bike Path Beside Our Local River

This is part of the largest bicycle path system in our state and the entire system covers more than 300 miles.

I average 12-miles a day on this path when the weather is good and I am 76-years-old.

I figure that while I am waiting to write another political blog post I should leave photographs I have taken in the hopes that my readers might enjoy them.

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Courtesy, Respect And Good Taste Never Go Out Of Style!

Some Rightist bloggers have been chiding me because I made the announcement that I was going to work on cleaning up “American Liberal Times” as far as language is concerned and some of them are even saying that “The Lib is too old to learn new tricks.  He is so habituated he can never change and that is the way it is with most Libs.  You can always count on them to operate from the lowest level of their intellectual deficiencies.”  ( I am not going to disclose the source of this kind of comment because I consider the source to be a (expletive deleted) site.  Be content to know that it is a site that specializes in Obama Hatred and Democrat/Liberal Disrespect. (And that is putting it mildly).

Actually folks I think it takes a fairly upbeat and positive life view to engage in the act of blogging political opinion and commentary.  I know it takes a thick skin because some of the trollish abuse that blows back over some of the things a political blogger writes is absolutely acid sometimes . . . perhaps even toxic!

But the thing of it is I don’t believe it takes a great deal of cleverness or ingenuity or creativity – – or even intelligence – – to make profane-laden remarks and virtually throw them at other people who do not happen to agree with things written in any kind of media – – Internet or otherwise.

My Eighth Grade English teacher wisely counselled me, “A person is often judged by others on the quality-level of their discourse and on the way they present themselves. People who consistently engage in gutter language or who consistently have nothing good to say about others is generally seen by the larger society as . . . unworthy of attention. (More expletives deleted). (“The phrase, “Unworthy of Attention” is the best I can do at the present moment without regressing into some kind of profanity-laden diatribe . . . something I am striving to avoid).  I will leave that to some of the low-information radical righties.  That kind of stuff is more on their level and to their liking according to some of what I have seen, heard and experienced.  

All of us who blog should always keep in mind that we are talking to a potential audience that can number into the millions of people.  I think we need to strive for the highest level of dialogue within our capabilities if we are going to have any significant number of that potential audience pay attention to anything we have to say.

The path to this ambitious undertaking is not always easy because others – – especially those who oppose our positions on issues – – are pretty skilled at pushing our buttons sometimes.  What we need to do is refuse to fall for the traps they set for us with their snide and often unbelievably nasty little commentaries and comebacks.

For example:  I am fully convinced that it is perfectly reasonable and achievable to arrive at the point where we can inform the world we believe a certain politician might not be acting in the best interests of his constituents without resorting to such crudities as “Chief Fraud” or other such juvenile crud-encrusted delicacies of the vernacular.

One favor I would ask of my readers:  If you see me engaging in any conversation that seems to you like it might qualify as “Bad Taste” please leave me a comment and alert me to my digression . . . regression.  I definitely want to elevate “American Liberal Times” above the level of decency employed by a great number of what I call “Right Wing Hater Blogs.”

I cannot do it alone and that is why I ask my Readers to participate in the process of adding a little more panache to this blog.

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