Why bother blogging about politics?

I wish I could figure out what it is about politics that makes me want to blog about it.

Everybody already has their mind made up about what they believe when it comes to politics and I am wondering why the hell anybody thinks they are going to say anything on a blog that is going to change anybody’s mind about things?

Basically I think what happens when a person blogs opinions about politics is that they irritate someone who doesn’t see the things the way they see them or they get involved with a bunch of self-styled egg heads who want to spend hours and hours having arguments that go in circles but which never go anywhere.

I have been blogging about politics for about 6 years now and I get a lot of people telling me why I am wrong on issues —– and a few faithful souls who tend to agree with me —– and a few trolls who want to do nothing but call me names and make provocative statements designed to get my blood boiling. —– These trolls types are what I call “The Assholes” and believe me when I say there are plenty of them out there waiting to pounce.

I used to encounter these self-styled academic types who talk like they have advanced degrees in sociology or psychology or something and they spend a lot of their online time with me trying to analyze what makes me tick. —– I love to fuck with their heads. —– Eventually they get tired of me and leave me alone and go off to their own blogs and tell their fellow assholes what a dick face I am and how idiotic I am and all kinds of interesting stuff.

It is very difficult for me read to minds so it is often hard for me to decide what to write because I never know what people are thinking —- so I just write whatever comes to mind and hope that somebody reads it and likes it —- or doesn’t like it and wants to pick an argument with me. —– It is fun sometimes!

Basically though I think we all spin our wheels when we speak out on the Internet because I don’t think all that many people pay much attention to blogs and bloggers anymore because basically I think everybody is starting and writing their own blogs these days. —– The last time I looked at the stats on the number of blogs believed to be on the Internet it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 million —– and that is just short of the number of people there are in The United States.

But I also think that vanity drives a lot of blog writing efforts. —– I know I am one vain son of a bitch and somehow I got the idea — somewhere along the line — that my opinions count. —– But the problem is, “Anybody can have an opinion and usually everybody does have an opinion —- so there you go!

It ends up to be a little game of everybody butting heads with everybody else.

There is one saving grace to writing and reading blogs as I see it:

Maybe — Just maybe — somewhere along the line we can write something that will help somebody else to keep from falling into some kind of pit they will wish they hadn’t gotten themselves into — and if we can do just that much for just one person it will have all been worth the effort.