I have decided to go back to the “No Headlines” format that I originally used because —– well —– if people want to find me they will find me and if they don’t, they won’t!

I used to worry about such shit a lot —– but after 4 years ….. no more!

I am going to write my garbage and post it to the Internet and if somebody sees it and reads it then fine! —– If not, “Oh well!”

I believe in the old saying, “If you publish it somebody will read it.”

If there are any people out there who understand that the traditional American way of life is under attack they will be the ones who understand where this blog is coming from because this blog is my best effort at sounding warnings to a world that seems to have gone apathetic in the face of some terribly challenging and perhaps even dangerous developments —– politically — regionally — nationally — demographically and culturally.

I may be a blithering idiot but I do consider myself to be a patriot.

I love America and Americans and I believe in the doctrine of America for Americans first and for everybody else later.

There are those who will understand.

There are those who will argue and oppose.

Really I like to entertain all flavors of opinion whereas I was once an incorrigible lefty wing fanatic.

I am terribly opinionated and have never made any bones about it. —– My biases are many.

So “The John Liming Report” continues to be a blog of personal opinions and I am going to admit that those opinions are subject to change without notice.

So there it is —– and here I am —- for whatever it is worth.

Do People Really Care Whether You Are Online Or Not?

People who blog should find this article very interesting!

I have found this question on other websites and I think it bears repeating here:

The question is, “Does the fact that you blog online actually make a difference and does it really matter to other people —– and would other people miss you if you suddenly went off the Internet and disappeared?

If there is anyone out there who would like to share an opinion about this question then my comments are open to you.

Why bother blogging about politics?

I wish I could figure out what it is about politics that makes me want to blog about it.

Everybody already has their mind made up about what they believe when it comes to politics and I am wondering why the hell anybody thinks they are going to say anything on a blog that is going to change anybody’s mind about things?

Basically I think what happens when a person blogs opinions about politics is that they irritate someone who doesn’t see the things the way they see them or they get involved with a bunch of self-styled egg heads who want to spend hours and hours having arguments that go in circles but which never go anywhere.

I have been blogging about politics for about 6 years now and I get a lot of people telling me why I am wrong on issues —– and a few faithful souls who tend to agree with me —– and a few trolls who want to do nothing but call me names and make provocative statements designed to get my blood boiling. —– These trolls types are what I call “The Assholes” and believe me when I say there are plenty of them out there waiting to pounce.

I used to encounter these self-styled academic types who talk like they have advanced degrees in sociology or psychology or something and they spend a lot of their online time with me trying to analyze what makes me tick. —– I love to fuck with their heads. —– Eventually they get tired of me and leave me alone and go off to their own blogs and tell their fellow assholes what a dick face I am and how idiotic I am and all kinds of interesting stuff.

It is very difficult for me read to minds so it is often hard for me to decide what to write because I never know what people are thinking —- so I just write whatever comes to mind and hope that somebody reads it and likes it —- or doesn’t like it and wants to pick an argument with me. —– It is fun sometimes!

Basically though I think we all spin our wheels when we speak out on the Internet because I don’t think all that many people pay much attention to blogs and bloggers anymore because basically I think everybody is starting and writing their own blogs these days. —– The last time I looked at the stats on the number of blogs believed to be on the Internet it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 million —– and that is just short of the number of people there are in The United States.

But I also think that vanity drives a lot of blog writing efforts. —– I know I am one vain son of a bitch and somehow I got the idea — somewhere along the line — that my opinions count. —– But the problem is, “Anybody can have an opinion and usually everybody does have an opinion —- so there you go!

It ends up to be a little game of everybody butting heads with everybody else.

There is one saving grace to writing and reading blogs as I see it:

Maybe — Just maybe — somewhere along the line we can write something that will help somebody else to keep from falling into some kind of pit they will wish they hadn’t gotten themselves into — and if we can do just that much for just one person it will have all been worth the effort.


Thursday, November 27, 2014 (Thanksgiving Day)

I cannot believe how fast time flies sometimes.  

This is my 76th Thanksgiving and once again Christmas is just around the corner.  


This morning I have changed ……. perhaps temporarily ……. the search engine for my blog again.  I am trying the “Bing” search engine out for a few hours to see if anything changes in the search area. ……. If I don’t like what is happening I will be switching back again to Google. …… We will have to wait and see. …….

One thing I am interested in finding out is if the new search is faster than the other one because if it is I can save some bandwidth. ……. If it isn’t then I will have at least tried.

Jim is fixing the turkey and my Son and I will be going over to Walmart to look for some microwave utensils he can use in his new apartment. Instead of buying one of those God-awful heavy “Whole” turkeys this year I decided on just a honeysuckle breast – – – That is 7 pounds all by itself – – – and I think a 7-pound turkey breast is good enough to serve just three people at a meal, don’t you?

I awoke this morning with a whole lot of stuff to be thankful for – – – I am not going to make a list because I am an old man and the list would be really long – – –  but here are a few of the most important things:  I am thankful to be as healthy and mobile as I am at my advanced age – – – I am grateful for all the wonderful friends I have made on the Internet – – – all the friends who tolerate my bullcrap and who keep on coming back to the blog to exchange pleasantries and to spend some virtual time with me every day – – –

I can never adequately express my gratitude to all you fine folks  – – – every one of you are just wonderful!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! – – –

I am thankful that the radical right wing has not yet found a way to dump me and leave me by some curb somewhere to struggle to survive on my own – – – like they are trying to do to millions of old guys like me  – – – and like they are trying to do to women’s rights and to people who need food stamps – – – you know how it is with them by now I am sure and if you don’t I am confident you will be learning about their generous hearts and “Christian” ways before too much longer because they are now the big sticks in the manure pile right now – – – thanks to the unfortunate choices made by a lot of people who fell for a lot of propaganda – – – but I digress.

This thing that has been going on in Ferguson, Mo., has been on my mind too. – – – I know how it is all going to turn out in the end. – – –

I hope I am wrong but I have seen it all before and I think I can predict that it is going to be just like it was with the Treyvon Martin tragedy – – – there will be a lot of screaming and yelling from the Left about how we need to do something to prevent such tragedies in the future and we are going to hear the screaming from the Right about how “The thugs always get what is coming to them.” – – –

I think we are going to have to go through all this rhetoric from both sides but as time goes by the whole thing will settle down – – – people will return to their lifestyles – – – the media will look for something else to squeeze some sensationalism from – – – Congress will ignore the situation or will make some generic statement about it – – – – it might become a campaign issue for a few opportunists – – – but in the end I don’t think Human Nature is going to change all that much in the foreseeable future and this kind of unfortunate thing will undoubtedly be repeated somewhere down the road.  I hope this is not the case and I wish this were not the case but we have been through these things before, haven’t we – – – and when you really think about it – – – is there anything all that much different this time around? – – –

Does anybody remember the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement?  – – –

Does anybody remember all the noise and all the rioting and all the rhetoric that went on during those times? – – –

And where is the “Occupy” Movement today? – – – History! – – – Memories! – – –

What was done to address the issues of the “Occupy” people? – – – Nothing as I can recall! – – – Why are we to believe anything will change with the current situation surrounding the events at Ferguson, Mo.?

This then is my test post for the new adventure with the “Bing” search engine. – – – Let’s see if anyone can find this and read it and if you do won’t you please give me a little comment on the post here and let me know how it is all coming through? O.K., folks – – – that should be it for now and if anything else comes up later on I will be back. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mid-Day Mayhem . . . Ahem!

The best way to piss off a conservative? ……. Tell them the truth about something! ……. I have now installed the chrome browser and have been using it and I like it so far ……. I have tested a data server in London, England and it seems to be working out too ……Soon “American Liberal Times” will be flashing around the world from any of five different locations …….  The weather has been nice ……. but the only place I managed to go today was to the local Kroger super store where I picked up some ground beef and some salad from their salad bar.

My daughter-in-law’s goldfish died ……. my condolences to the daughter-in-law. …….We have decided our pet Gouldian Finches haven’t been getting enough fruits and veggies so we added some to their bowls today and they promptly ignored them ……. They much prefer to eat their variety of seeds and their millet ……. Very picky eaters …….. They will let you know what they like and what they don’t like ……. Very independent creatures ……. Something like the independence of a cat! …… The one way to piss the finches off and make them “pout” at you is to tell them, “How would you like for me to get you a pet cat for your Christmas present?” …… Is talking like that to my birds to be considered as “animal abuse?” ……. I don’t do it very often and when I tell them, “I’m only kidding, fellas” they go on about their cute little ways as if nothing had ever been said.

The microwaved ground beef patty turned out very well ……. It was tender and juicy and tasted really good with a hint of horseradish spread over it…….. I like cooking with the microwave but one source I was reading warned me not to use it too much because they said it “radically alters” the molecular structure of the food that is cooked in it and that the resulting product is “not natural” in some respects and may not be too good for a person to consume on a regular basis.  ……. I have been eating microwaved food ever since microwaves were introduced to the market and nothing bad has happened to me yet so I think that was a bunch of horse shit and I go ahead and eat whatever I want ……. I am 76 years old and I eat whatever the Hell I feel like eating ……. If I have made it this far in life what difference does it really make anymore what I eat or drink? ……. Of course my advice is, “Do not do something just because I mention it.  ……. If you are going to make any changes in your own routines you really need to discuss it with your personal physician first.

Since the Ebola scare seems to be subsiding a little bit now can I assume that Obama has it under control? ……. Why did I pose the question? ……. I posed the question because as I recall wasn’t it the right-headed of the political hog wallow who were running around all over the media a short while back accusing the President of being the cause of the spread of the virus in The United States? ……. I guess if he was being accused by the rightwads of causing the spread of the Ebola maybe now that it seems to be settling down he can be given credit for appointing the new “Ebola Czar” and causing the downturn in the spread of the horror. ……. I think that is what really ought to be happening in Rightie-Land but I don’t think I am going to try to hold my breath until the righties agree with me ……. what about you?

Well folks ……. call this my “Mid-Day” rant! …….. Knowing how I love to tell Liberal Lies ……. (according to the rightscum) ……. I will no doubt be back on here shortly with more of the same.

Until then …… hugs and kisses to all.

John (The Outrageous Liberal Pundit).


Jabber for a Monday Morning

File this article under, “Religion of Peace” and My Screwed-Up e-mail.”

First thing out of the cage this morning . . . I go to a website and try to make a comment on a blog and WordPress.Com informs me that the only e-mail I have ever used is . . . “Invalid.”

I send a message to the “Forums” and am still awaiting an answer as to what to do to fix the invalid e-mail problem – – I mean for Christ’s Sake, folks it is the same damned e-mail as the one in my “Admin” page – – the same one my blog has been operating on for three years or more!

I don’t know what the Hell is happening with the damned thing but I do know one thing for sure . . . if someone tells me it can’t be fixed and I should shut down the blog and start it all over again . . . it isn’t going to happen!

I have money invested in an upgrade and it isn’t gonna happen!

Enough about that this morning!


I don’t know what to do about all this ISIS/ISIL crap either . . . and sometimes I really don’t know what to think about it either.

If I make any kind of hint that ISIL/ISIS is “Muslim” then I get told, “No, it is not Muslim because Islam is not all about killing people . . . Islam is a Religion of Peace and ISIS/ISIL are rogues . . . renegades . . . and they do not represent The Religion of Peace at all . . . in any way, shape, form or manner.

If I try to press the point that the Koran seems to me to be  filled with verses that seem to support the annihilation of all “Infidels” then I get called “Islamaphobic.” And when I am not getting called “Islamaphobic” for pointing these perceptions out then I am getting called “Racist” for trying to unravel all this “Islam, Muslim, ISIS,ISIL, Is Muslim/Isn’t Muslim” shit in my head.

Then when I am not being bombarded with that kind of talk, there are plenty of folks out there to remind me that The Old Testament of our “Christian” Bible is filled with the same kinds of tales about terror and murder in the name of religion – – and after awhile I have to admit it all gets to be a little too much for this old brain to soak up and to make any sense out of.

It is true – – there are plenty of references in The Bible that talk about God commanding people to stone other people or to slay other people or to kill whole families and tribes of people and even whole nations for one kind offense against religion or the other – – it gets really gory sometimes and at other times it just becomes some kind of ghoulish comedy routine.

Sometimes I wonder if there ever has been any kind of religion on the face of the planet that is not somehow steeped in blood?

I know there are some crotch scratching righties who would delight right at this point – – right now – – in reminding me what a dumb ass I am for not understanding these things . . . but that is alright because when I read some of their stuff I sometimes think I could say the same things about some of them.

I definitely do not wish to be either racist or Islamaphobic and I am really sick and tired of all these kinds of tensions in a world where an old fart like me really needs to simply sit down beside a river with a fishing pole and not have to worry about all kinds of nerve-wracking crap all the time.

What is the truth about all this crap?  Does anybody really know?

Will the day come when all of us will be forced to make the choice to (a) Convert, (b) pay an exorbitant tax for the privilege of remaining Christian or (c) die?

I have heard some people saying that the world all around is being Islamicized and that someday Islam is all there is going to be.

I heard the same argument being made about “Christianity” back in the 1970s when all kinds of television preachers with mega-million-dollar electronic ministries were assuring the faithful millions of their listeners and watchers that the Word of God ( The Hebrew-Christian Scriptures ) would be spread to all the ends of the earth before the end times were upon us as prophesied in the Book of Revelations.

Well – – to the best of my knowledge and belief that has not happened yet and right now with all the back and forth . . all the flux in our political system . . all the fears about the American form of government being in some kind of trouble from some imagined tyranny – – and all the rest of the garbage that pounds upon our sensibilities from a multitude of directions each and every day – – it is a wonder that any of us are still able to think a cohesive thought of any kind.

I found something really scary on “American Thinker” this morning and once again I am forced to say to myself, “There you go!  Here is another article that seems to be warning us all about something but is it the whole God’s Honest Truth or is it simply somebody’s opinion or is it something motivated by an agenda . . . blah, blah, blah . . . so I decided that I don’t have a clue about whether Islam is a Religion of Peace or whether it is something that poses an ultimate threat to Western Civilization or what . . . and I am hoping that if there are some really smart people out there reading my blog right at this minute they might chime in on here and teach me a few things that I think I desperately need to know.

The article I was reading on “American Thinker” is  – – ( HERE.).

Then I discovered there are just as many arguments defending Islam as there are arguments that are worrying – – and for the sake of being fair and balanced . . . if it is possible to be fair and balanced in today’s opinion-stricken world – – here is another article that seems to try to make the difference between what a Religion of Peace is and what it is not – – ( HERE).

I am not trying in the least to be funny or sarcastic right now, but it seems to me that in all my 76 years of living on this planet, I have never seen a time when more people were running around seemingly aimlessly . . like chickens without heads . . not really knowing what to do about anything that is happening in the world . . . but being filled with all kinds of useless opinions.

And when it comes down to the brass tacks about useless opinions, then maybe the stuff I write right here on this blog falls into that very same category along with all the rest of them – – I have no clue!

So if there are some qualified “Enlighteners” out there reading me this morning, please take a minute to come on here with your thoughts in the form of a comment and say something that will make me relax and feel better about the world and all the shit that is going on in it right now.

I am old and I do not need to be worrying about stuff all the time.

I think I am going to go into the dining area and eat two stuffed green peppers for breakfast and then if the weather permits I will go ride my bike and hope there is nobody lurking beside the bike trail waiting to behead me or something.

I don’t own a militarized armored vehicle but I do carry a pepper spray!

Watch out, terrorist assholes . . . I have a pepper spray!

I have to admit sometimes that some of this garbage gives me the same kind of willies that must be experienced by a long-tailed cat in a room filled with rocking chairs!

Posted by The Outrageous Liberal Pundit at 6:54 AM


While we are awaiting the next political post – – –

Perhaps you would enjoy a picture taken on our local paved bike path ( Taken 7-11-2014 ).

The Paved Bike Path Beside Our Local River

The Paved Bike Path Beside Our Local River

The Paved Bike Path Beside Our Local River

This is part of the largest bicycle path system in our state and the entire system covers more than 300 miles.

I average 12-miles a day on this path when the weather is good and I am 76-years-old.

I figure that while I am waiting to write another political blog post I should leave photographs I have taken in the hopes that my readers might enjoy them.

Posted by John at 5:21 PM