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The new “Normal” for American Workers is fast becoming . . . poverty:

In my generation . . . which hasn’t been all that long ago . . . ( The 1960s through the 80s was great) . . . the “Norm” for American Workers was a steady full-time job of 40 or more hours per week at a living wage with some health care and other benefits attached to the often union-negotiated labor agreements and America was “Top Dog” among nations . . . looked up to and respected, powerful in almost every aspect of human and national existence . . . breadbasket to the world and defender of the underdog. Continue reading


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Another Big Oil Tanker Runs Aground!

But have no fear . . . it has happened way down in the Galapagos Islands so it doesn’t matter to the oil and gas guzzlers here in the United States because if something happens and the local water and ecosystem down there gets messed up with a lot of sticky stinking crude we can all take heart from the right wing’s claims that oil tankers have been running aground since time began and the earth is still here and functioning so . . . “No sweat.”  Right?  Right! Continue reading


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No One In Their Right Mind Chooses To Be Poor!

Poverty is not something that someone deserves . . . it is not something someone earns through stupidity or laziness and it is definitely not something someone chooses because they think it is the easiest way to get through Life.  But try to tell that to a modern right wing radical conservative and you might just get your virtual ears slapped by the most inane rebuttals one could ever imagine. Continue reading


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Why do I constantly get the feeling that . . .

Why do I always get the feeling that The American Right Wing may have one of their agenda items as depressing the American Economy on purpose and working to prevent any kind of legislation designed to help the Middle Class and all other working classes – – and the poor – – so that they can manipulate our Economy to the place where our Labor Force will be forced to compete for the same unbelievably low wages as are paid in a lot of other countries where people are happy to make 50 cents an hour?

Why do I feel like that sometimes?

Is that what the “Job Creators” actually have in mind for us?

Is that to be our future if Republicans or other Right Wing groups get their way with our politics?

Am I paranoid or is there something like this actually going on?

Somebody please tell me that I am misinformed about this issue.

Can anyone help me understand this?

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American whiskey may someday be made overseas!

Tennessee whiskey has been manufactured in The United States ever since I can remember and some of our biggest and most famous distilleries (and whiskey brands) have been made in Tennessee and Kentucky (and admittedly other places in the U.S. too) and the process for making the product have been pretty much the same for a couple hundred years now.  Tradition is a big thing in the distilled spirits business evidently – – according to all the stories about it that I have been told for the past 75 years anyway.

Now I hear there is some kind of legal “flap” going on concerning some foreign-owned whiskey distilleries in Tennessee where the foreign-owned competitors to local American-owned whiskey manufacturers are trying to get some law repealed – – a law that defines what constitutes authentic “Tennessee Whiskey.”

I do not know but I am going to assume that much of this legal battle is happening because somebody wants a broader definition of what “Tennessee Whiskey” actually is perhaps so they can have an easier time marketing their own brands as “Tennessee Whiskey.”

Well, I have no way of knowing how this will turn out or who will win their case and who will lose but there is one thing I have a strong gut feeling about and that is this:  If people aren’t damned careful we may see the day when a bottle of “Tennessee Whiskey” or “Kentucky Whiskey” or whiskey bearing the name of any other state where whiskey is manufactured will have some fine print somewhere on the label saying something to the effect, “Made In China – or Burma – or Puerto Rico – or Costa Rica – or South America – or Timbuktu – – or (You name the place and allow your imagination to take control of your thought processes as you do.).

As for me, I just wish that everybody would leave American Tradition the Hell alone and stop trying to have everything we have ever enjoyed in this country made overseas somewhere.

To read more about this please type the following string of words into your computer search window and follow all the leads that are generated:

Tennessee Whiskey Debate


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The many advantages of voting Republican!

Voting Republican is not without its perks, my friends:

For example:  If Republicans gain total control of the government (Both Houses plus The White House) I think you can be pretty well assured that if you have a good-paying union job you won’t have it long because the Right Wing have  – – (In my opinion) – – more or less been union busters by nature and I am sure if they get the chance they will come after all the union jobs or try to make “Right To Work” – (Right To Work For Less and Less) the law of the land.  

So the best way I think for anyone to get the opportunity to work for minimum wage without any benefits at some dead-end job is to vote Republican.  Yes, vote a straight ticket and get all the perks that normally go to those who vote against their own interests.  The “Job Creators” are waiting, folks!

Another example:  Vote Republican and if you have already signed up for a new healthcare policy under The Affordable Health Care Act, I am pretty sure the Republicans would take it away from you and throw you back on the unaffordable free medical market if they got hold of the entire government again like in 2000 and 2004.  Remember those days?  Is that when thousands of Americans lost everything they had ever worked for because of the Republican Recession and the collapse of the housing bubble and off-shoring all the good jobs and all the rest of it?

Food stamps?  Forget it, folks!  I think they will keep working to get rid of food stamps until the very words, “Food Stamps” will only be a dim memory in the collective Mind of America.

You have a student loan?  You probably won’t have it long if Republicans have anything to say about it and if you are looking for a Pell Grant or some other fiscal assistance to help with your college tuition you can kiss it all goodbye if Republicans ascend to the throne again.

Unemployment benefits under Republicans?  Do not make me laugh!

Of course if you are one of the “Rich-uns” you’ll no doubt get a whole bunch of new tax breaks at the expense of the serfs who live on the socio-economic plateaus below you.

That’s good if you are one of the “Rich-uns!”

But I think I would walk softly because I believe that if Republicans ever get to the point where they can’t siphon off all the help and benefits the middle class and the poor usually get from America’s safety net programs the next thing they do will begin to cannibalize their own kind.  You can see some of this going on in the current fragmenting of the GOP.  They seem to be at each other like a pack of ravening wolves – – gnawing, tearing and biting at one-another in a most vicious and even savage manner sometimes with their hateful rhetoric – – a rhetoric that was once reserved exclusively for Liberals, Obama and The American Political Left.


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Will America be owned by foreigners some day?

It seems like more and more of the brands we have known most of our lives are slipping away with each passing day – – being sold to foreign countries.

Continue reading


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German auto maker may pull investments out of anti-union South!

I’m loving it! 

Before a critical Union Vote at a Tennessee Volkswagen Plant,

Continue reading


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American Economy Seen As Improving More and More!

I know some right wingers – – the kind who seem never to have a kind word to say about Liberals or President Obama – – who will argue you until they are redder in the face than many of them already are that the Economy is still on the skids much the same as when Obama first took office and that there has been no improvement at all – – but on the contrary – – a continual sinking ever since the elections of 2008 and 2012.

I don’t know if some of these righties just like to lie or if they actually don’t know what they are talking about.  But bigger fish than them are saying the Economy is on the rebound big time.

One headline on the “Bloomberg Personal Finance” page says, “Fewest Americans in Almost Two Years Say U.S. Economy Worsening”.

In my mind if someone is saying “Fewest Americans In Almost Two Years Say U.S. Economy is Worsening” it must mean that “More Americans In Almost Two Years Say It Is Improving.”

That makes sense to me – – regardless of what the right-wads have to say about it.

To read more enter the following words in your search window and follow the leads that are generated:

Fewer Americans In Almost Two Years Say U.S. Economy Is Worsening.

By the way – – when you read articles about the condition of the Economy make sure of where your information is coming from because I believe – – in my own heart – – that much of the right wing is still dedicated to trying their damnedest to make The President and The Liberals look bad so I believe anything they have to say about the Economy certainly will not be highlighting any gains or advances.

The fact is that my personal portfolios are doing pretty good these days and I have no complaints about my own investments.

I was kind of annoyed a while back because some right-tard told me that “Wall Street numbers being on the rise have absolutely nothing to do with the condition of the American Economy.

I happen to know a whole handful of investors who might disagree with that little bit of rightie fantasy.  It must be something in the cigars the guy was smoking when he said that to me.

I just talked to a young fellow who I discovered working with a crew of people renovating an abandoned local factory and he informed me he was expanding his business making sporting equipment and pneumatics and that his business was good enough they were going to take on 100 additional employees just as soon as the building was readied for occupancy.

Don’t tell me this Economy is on the skids!

The signs are everywhere present that the exact opposite is the case.


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