White House Says Obama Will Ask Congress For Money To Stem Immigrant Flood!

[Immigrants in English class given by Training Service of the Department of Labor in Ford Motor Co. Factory, Detroit, Michigan]

[Immigrants in English class given by Training Service of the Department of Labor in Ford Motor Co. Factory, Detroit, Michigan]

One of my loyal and highly valued Readers reminded me a short while ago that we have always had Immigrants come to The United States and this old photo from Government Archives attests to the fact.

My source for this article is something I read on the New York Times website.

The article on New York Times is entitled: “Obama to Seek Funds to Stem Border Crossings and Speed Deportations”

You can look it up on your computer search window if you want to.

I do not have permission to link to New York Times articles.  But I guess I can make references can’t I?

The way I have read this is that President Obama is planning to ask Congress for somewhere like Two Billion Dollars to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

Well all I can say is, “Good luck with that!”

Seeing how the Congress has reacted to other requests by this President all I can think of is that somebody in that august body will probably want to “Offset” the $2-Billion by taking funds away from something else – – perhaps social security or medicare or medicaid – – perhaps from Veterans Health Care and/or Educational Benefits – – maybe from Public Education – – I am sure they will want offsets taken out of some program intended to help someone who is not especially wealthy and who needs some help from their government.

That is what I believe about it.  That does not mean that is the way it will go down.

I cannot read the mind of the American Political Right Wing – – – I think they are sometimes unpredictable – – but I do think I can depend on them to give the President a hard time on anything he might want to do to help the country and I think if they do approve the funding the President is going to ask for they will surely find a way to put the screws to the Middle Class or the Poor in the process of doing so.  Like I said, “It is my opinion of the way they will react and it is only my opinion.  We will have to wait it out to see what the Congress will actually do.”

I mean – – Hell, folks . . . they might actually go bananas and cooperate with the President once . . . I don’t know what I would think if that miraculous thing were to actually happen . . . you know?

But I do not trust that Republicans or Conservatives or other Righties are about to approve anything this President may ask for if it is going to do something good for the United States of America – – and I am just as certain that the minute the President does actually ask Congress for something somebody in that Mecca of Obstructionism will start looking for some way to use his request to smear him one way or another.

If I am wrong I will totally repent of my present assumptions about this issue.

What do you think will happen?

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