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Citizens need to know more about their government!

I used to scream at some of the Right Wing political pundits on the radio because I took offense at the way they were talking about Liberals, Democrats and Progressives – - – they were talking about me in what I thought was the nastiest terms possible for human beings to utter. Continue reading

Does History really teach lessons?

For example:  Is there any possible resemblance between the modern American Radical Right Wing and some of the political entities that have existed either in The United States or in other countries throughout the ages  - – and if there are any such resemblances could the outcomes of the power and influence of those political entities be similar in our day and age and here at home in America?

There is one entity in particular that comes to mind and you might want to check it out here in a “Wikipedia” article that I found.  I think it is very interesting and I am of the personal opinion that some really close similarities can be found.

Of course I could be mis-reading some things and I am sure there are plenty of Righties who will try to make that case with me.

At this point I would be extremely interested in hearing what my Readers have to say about it.

Leave a comment for moderation and share your thoughts on this idea.

Historical Disaster May Repeat!


 When I read this headline on the Internet today I found out they were talking about a movie about the volcano that destroyed the city of Pompeii a few thousand years ago.

When I first read the headline I thought they were talking about the founding of the GOP – - (“Grand Old Party”) – - (“The Republican Party”) – - but I kind of knew better because that is not a disaster that is set to “Return Again.”  That – - in my opinion – - is a disaster that will always be with us . . . at least until the time that might happen in the foreseeable future when it fragments . . explodes in a shower of brilliant sparks of internal strife and dissent . . . and fades into the dustbins of History for once and for all time.

Well . . . one can hope, can’t one?
That is the kind of hope and change that I . . . for one . . . could go for!