The strange habits of the radical Right!

I have been around for quite a while now – – more than 70 years to be exact – – and I have never seen American Conservatism in such a weird state as it seems to be today.

For example:  Did you ever notice how many millions . . . yea, even “Billions” of Taxpayer dollars they are willing to spend on tax breaks for the rich, subsidies to Big Oil companies who are experiencing record profits and who really do not appear to need to be subsidized – –  for countless military interventions the world over . . . on virtually any pretext . . . for spinning such useless and hopeless wheels as suing the President for doing his job – – for mounting and maintaining fantasy “Investigations” into conspiracies that the Public has long since grown weary of hearing about – – you name it.  If it is useless or wasteful, the Contemporary forces of The American Radical Right is more than willing to spend Taxpayer money on it . . . whatever it might be.

But when it comes to spending money on things that can help the needy?

Well that’s another story entirely with that bunch isn’t it?

Yet there are millions of people who will still vote for Righties in elections because I assume they have this fantasy that somehow they will share in the rewards that most righties work their asses off to make sure moves to the top of the political heap.

What a lot of tenacious, determined and loyal supporters of the Right Wing agenda do not understand is that even though they may wear the badge of the GOP on their heart and even though they have blindly voted for Righties most of their lives . . . if they happen to be poor or middle class then they are as much a target of right wing greed and callous indifference as any Liberal ever was.

It makes no difference to the power structure of the Radical Right . . . if a person isn’t wealthy then that person does not curry favor with the elitists in the rightie power structure and they are treated just as shitty as anyone else . . . but I think a lot of people are blind to this fact.

So even some staunch supporters of The Right will go ahead and vote for candidates who publicly proclaim they do not like labor unions, for example.  I have never figured out how it is that so many members of labor unions actually will vote for anti-union issues and candidates. Don’t they know they are cutting their own financial throats ( in a manner of speaking ) when they do stupid crap like that?

Don’t the people who constantly vote for Republicans and other kinds of right wingers understand that if they ( the voters ) are poor and right wing themselves, it doesn’t matter to the elite in their chosen party . . . the poor right wingers who are dumb enough to vote for right wingers are voting themselves a shaft up the rear end just the same as the shaft administered to Liberals and everyone else who is not an intellectual clone of the right wing bastardry.

Do people like that have some hidden need to be punished?  Is that why they do such crazy things?

Is there a hidden streak of sado-masochism in the American psyche that demands self-flagellation at the voting booth?

Yes . . . billions for crap of all kinds that don’t amount to a hill of beans but not a dime to help the needy – – that seems to me to be the way of the intransigent and obstructionist nitwits that make up the core and cadre of most of Contemporary American Radical Conservatism.

Now I know some dumbassed right wing C-sucker will come on here and demand that I show some kind of proof of what I am saying.  I have found that is their first defense – – – start agitating for “Proof.”

But if you offer “Proof” they immediately reject it labeling whatever you have provided as Leftist propaganda.  It never fails.

So here is my proof of my claim that many right wing radicals are not interesting in legislating money to help the poor and middle class.

The proof I offer is this one single all-inclusive statement:  “Go to The Congressional Record” and check out their voting records on issues.

Of course I understand that some simple minded right wing assholes will almost certainly declare that The Congressional Record is some for of Liberal propaganda . . . but like “F” that kind of mindlessness is all I can say about it.

But even if people learn this or if they come to understand it it won’t matter much because by the time election time comes around again they will tend to forget the hard lessons of their ill-advised choices and they will vote according to their hunches or their gut feelings which they will have no earthly idea will have been moulded for them by the ever-blaring propaganda they listen to day in and day out.

It is tragic!

Posted by John at 8:32 PM