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About the White House security thing . . .

After some guy with a knife managed to jump the fence at The White House and penetrate deep inside before being stopped by a security agent a lot of folks are beginning to wonder about the “ability” of the Secret Service to protect the President and His Family.

After listening to a bunch of asshole right wing radical Obama-Haters for the last 6 years I am beginning to wonder about their “willingness.”

It is pretty obvious to me that “somebody” is asleep at the wheel!  – –  ( Article about protecting the President)

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Not in a million years


And we all know the Republicans and the Right Wing aren’t about to let wages rise to those levels if they can help it, don’t we?

As long as wages can be depressed and people can be kept hungry the more easily they can be convinced, manipulated and controlled by the lying Rightist agenda.

If this were not true the Righties would have passed the extension of unemployment compensation benefits for millions of desperate Americans a long time before now.

If this were not true the right wing “Job Creators” in this country would have created so damned many jobs by now that employers everywhere would be hard-pressed to find a place to put all of them.

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Obama’s “Approval” ratings reportedly dropping!



Right-sniffers everywhere are more than likely crapping their adult diapers because a lot of polling going on is reported to be assigning low approval ratings to the job President Obama is doing right now.

Well . . . “Whoopie!”  What else is new?

That isn’t even news anymore!

That’s stuff Righties spout night and day endlessly!

All the reports I have read indicate that even though the pollsters are coughing up negative polling statistics for the President’s handling of Foreign Policy at the moment most Americans approve of the way he is handling the ISIS crisis.

O.K., so tell me again which of our Presidents has ever enjoyed really high poll ratings during his second term?  I think second terms are pretty much a “Low Poll” situation if memory serves me right and of course . . . let us never forget . . . the polls controlled by rightscum and their allies never give the President a break as far as I can tell . . . never have . . . probably never will.

So for those of you out there who are really concerned that the President is drawing some lower approval ratings for the job he is doing at the moment I say this:  “Be damned glad he is on the job and that some rightsnark war mongering hedge humper didn’t get the job . . .and another thing . . . “If I were President Obama I don’t think I would give a “Flying F” about negative polling against the job I might be doing because . . . I would know that I don’t have to run for the office again and I would know that at the end of this term my having to put up with the endless sewer stream of unspeakable sludge from the obstructionist right would be at an end and I could return to living my life and enjoying myself without all the headaches involved with keeping the country on the straight and narrow – – and most economists I have read are all agreed that our President has definitely kept things on an even keel . . . despite what any of the offal-flavored refuse from the right has to say about it . . . the big money one-percenter guys started out Obama’s first term with a Dow averaging somewhere near 8,000 and now it is well over 14,000 and that ain’t hay by anybody’s measure.

How about a couple of “Hurrahs” for that one, folks?

Don’t hold your breath!

Some Righties will say such ridiculous mindless crap as, “The stock markets have never been an indicator of the financial health of the country . . . and they will still be saying this as they are depositing their extra billions from the recovering economy in their off shore accounts somewhere trying to avoid paying any taxes on their windfalls . . . crooks . . .liars . . .fascists!

I am not President Obama and I never will be . . . but I think if I were in his position right now . . . the ragtag raggamuffin vermin from the radical right would be being treated to a first-row seat-look at the fingernail on my “Index Finger of Approval” and they would know what “Their” approval ratings with me would be without question!

But I think the President has as lot more class (Panache) (courtesy)(care for other people) than I do and I cannot envision the time he would ever stoop to such things as I have just described . . . I believe unreservedly he is too classy and honorable and considerate and compassionate to indulge in such petty emotionalism.  I am not.  I am crass and classless and really nothing but an ignorant Liberal Pile of Ass – – – ask any right radical chump-chomper and they’ll tell you.

Obama really doesn’t have to give a damn about approval ratings anymore, now does he . . . so whatever point the right wing propaganda feces-smearers are trying to make by telling us this crap they are not doing a very good job of it are they?

(Article about Obama’s lower approval ratings)

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The Persistent Right Wing Lie About Obama And Gas Prices At The Pump!

President Obama Does Not Set Gasoline Prices.

President Obama Does Not Set Gasoline Prices.

When you waste your time listening to some Right Wing know-little; know nothings one of the things you will hear a lot is how President Obama is somehow miraculously directly responsible for rising gasoline prices in The United States.

Worse than that, some of the more extreme of the Rightie Myth-Manipulators even go so far as to accuse the President of “Causing” the price of gas to rise at the pump!

My response to that?  “Horse Droppings!”

One of my favorite Right Wing “I can’t stand President Obama” lines goes something like this:  “Before Obama became President, the price of gas at the pump was $1.86 and now it is over $3.00.

Well folks . . . guess what?

When I was a young man of about 25, the price of a gallon of milk was about 99-cents (It is now over $3 a gallon), a hamburger sandwich at a local restaurant was 99-cents (It is now over $5) and when I was a mere kid you could get a candy bar ( a big one) for a nickel and the most expensive admission to the local movie theater was 25-cents.

Gas prices are not set by the President no matter what the Right-Tilted want you to believe!

Did you know the price of a gallon of gasoline cost an average of $3.40 during the administration of President Woodrow Wilson in 1913-1921?

Gas was about $2.80 under Republican President Herbert Hoover ( The Depression President . . . a Republican to boot) and it dropped to $2.51 by the time Democrat Harry Truman assumed office?

Republican Ronald Reagan managed to see gas prices rise to $2.49 in 1981-89 but Democrat Bill Clinton saw it fall to $1.70 a gallon in 1993-2001.

Right Wing Twists And Turns:

Did you know that in 2008 at the end of George W. Bush’s last term in office the price of gasoline in this country was $3.96 a gallon and that the price under President Obama’s Administration in 2012 had dropped to $3.85?

Are you beginning to see how the Obama Haters try to twist things to make it look like The President is the marshmallow in the outhouse here . . . . . and on virtually everything else too?

They fabricate . . . they manipulate . . . they twist . . . they lie . . . anything to make a point that never had a chance of being made in the first place!

And do you know what their response usually is when somebody catches them in their lies?

Their response is something that usually resembles a vitriolic rant about how damned stupid or ignorant ( or worse) whoever exposes their fantasies is.  Their defense is to simply attack whoever exposes their lies!

It ain’t the President, folks . . . it is the speculators on Wall Street and the law of supply and demand!

If you want some truth about the Right Wing lie that Obama is the culprit when it comes to your gas prices rising at the pump you really need to read : – – – (An article about gas prices and why they do what they do.)

And for the sake of your mental health and peace of mind, may I also suggest that you avoid spending too much time on those Rightie Media Sites where it seems they use “Hating The President and The Democrats” as their chief means of personal libidinous gratification?

It was just a suggestion, folks . . . let no one accuse me of trying to stifle anyone’s First Amendment Rights here.

I love the First Amendment but it does have a drawback or two . . . maybe . . . maybe not . . . The First Amendment seems to me to have absolutely no objection to people spouting all the lies they want to spout along with whatever smattering of truth might sneak into the mix along the way.

Radical Righties often blame the President for such things as rising gas prices when he is, in all reality, innocent as the new-born lamb in the matter.

Speculators?  Yes!

Wall Street?  Yes!

Supply and Demand?  Yes!

The President?  Not possible in our “Free” Economy.

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Photo Credits:  The illustration of the fuel guage above is a Public Domain Image from PIXABAY.  As of the date I posted the image on this blog . . . date of 9/2/2014 . . .  the image was being offered for use under Public Domain License.

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Damned if you do and damned if you dont!

The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

Some of the Right Wingers are currently crabbing about President Obama saying that there is no strategy for dealing with ISIS (The Islamic State terrorist organization) and the worst of the lot . . . the most obviously low-information ( Or no-information) of them are intimating that the “Lack of a strategy” is somehow a sign of the President’s lack or leadership or “Weak” leadership.

I kind of expected that would be the Right Wing Obama Haters’ reaction to the Presidents’ statement about there being no strategy at this point.  They will do anything they can to throw manure at the President,after all . . . it is their nature . . . it is obviously their agenda . . . and I am thinking that most of them either don’t know any better or can’t find anything better to do with their time.

So I am sitting here wondering what the big deal really is with the Righties about the President and the “No strategy” statement.

I guess most of them either don’t understand that it is not the President who is responsible for thinking up strategies and tactics for military engagements . . . or they deliberately want people to be confused about how these things work in the real world.

In the real world, the President relies on The Pentagon and his military advisers to develop strategies for conflict resolution and military actions – – – so it does not rest on the President to think these things up – – but for some reason, I believe the Right Wing Radicals want people to believe that is the case so they can paint their pictures of a weak and ineffectual President.

I mean have any of them ever been fair with Obama?

I know pretty well in my heart that if the President had announced a strategy the right wingers would have immediately jumped on whatever he proposed and would have found everything they could find that was wrong with whatever he might have proposed . . . because that is what they have always done and I am convinced that is all they will ever do.

I think we all know where the Right Wingers heads are and I also think it will take a major medical operation to get most of their heads out of that place and back where they ought to be.

Let them rage on!  They will anyway no matter what anybody says because that’s who they are.

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Picture Credit:  The Pentagon picture is from Wikipedia.Org and was taken from an airplane by David B. Gleason from Chicago, Illinois and is used under provisions of a Creative Commons License that was available on the date I used the image ( 8/30/2014).


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Just so there is no misunderstanding


Something else to print, cut out and stick on the refrigerator:

The Right Wing spends what I think is an inordinate time bitching and moaning about the number of vacation days President Obama has taken since 2009 so I thought I would throw in my two cents worth to see if it might make a difference in the way folks think about things:

Since 2009 President Obama has taken somewhere in the neighborhood of approximately 138 vacation days.

In that same period of time Congress has been out of session and away from the job we all elected them to do a total of 1,183 days.

Need I say more?

Where’s your bullshit leg to stand on now, Righties?

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Photo Credits:  Photo from Wikimedia Commons is used under a Creative Commons License which was declared to be valid on the date I used the picture (date of 8/27/2014).


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Obama conspiracy theories that fall flat on their faces!

I have been wondering a lot lately about some of the things I have heard right wingers say about President Obama ever since his first election in 2008.

One thing I remember a lot of them suggesting . . . or actually claiming . . . was that President Obama is supposed to be some kind of secret radical anti-Christian Muslim.  I am still hearing some of them saying the same thing – – – “The President is really secretly a Muslim and not a Christian.”

O.K., so if The President is some kind of Muslim, like a lot of the Righties are claiming,  how does it happen that he is supportive of rights for the LGBT Community? 

If I am remembering things correctly, I believe The President is even supportive of the rights of Gay People to enter into the state of legal matrimony. (Marriage).

Isn’t it true that people who follow The Islamic Faith are strongly opposed to rights for Gay People? 

If these things are true then where is the basis for Righties to claim the President is some kind of secret Muslim?

If The President were a Muslim as some of the Righties are claiming wouldn’t he naturally be opposed to rights for The LGBT People?

It just doesn’t add up for me . . . the things that some of the Righties are saying about The President . . . none of it makes any sense at all.

I can’t wait to see how some of them try to twist their way out of this one!

I am sure they will be very creative in defending their ridiculous positions.

They might even comment on this blog about what a dumb pile of Liberal ass I am for writing this kind of “Liberal Drivel.”

Oh well . . “Sticks and stones . . .”

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