President vows relentless vigilance!

President Obama has condemned the brutal and savage murder of American Journalist, James Foley, by a Jihadist Terrorist wearing a mask and wielding a beheading knife (Why are these people afraid to show their faces?) and has pledged The United States will be “relentless” and “vigilant” . . . at the same time The White House was still confirming that “relentless” and “vigilant” does not mean combat boots on the ground.  (What I think they meant to say is “no more combat boots on the ground than  the little more than 800 who are reportedly already there.” Continue reading

Fox TV personality reportedly says President Obama stoked racial tensions in Ferguson, Missourri!

Laura Ingraham is reported to have accused the President (Obama) of stoking the fires of racial tensions by his comments concerning the events in Ferguson, Missouri . . . the events where Michael Brown, an unarmed black youth was gunned down on a street by a police officer.

I am not surprised that somebody from the conservative side might want to accuse Obama of causing racial tensions in this tragic event because as I recall conservatives seem to love to accuse the President of causing everything – – – I mean, with the Righties it seems to me that everything is always “Obama’s fault.”

Naturally . . . and needless to suggest . . . I guess . . .  the policeman who did the shooting of the unarmed teen probably contributed nothing at all to racial tensions in that locale . . . is that what I am supposed to believe?

(Article about Laura Ingraham’s Comments.)

Some really bad Obama news for some Right Wingers!


President Barack H. Obama reportedly has 14 ancestors who actually served in The American Revolutionary War and according to some experts, the President is eligible for membership in The Sons Of The American Revolution organization. – – – (Read It And Weep, Right Wads!)

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The President is not responsible for endangering U.S. Security!

Radical Rightie says, “Obummer is the greatest threat to American Security in History!” . . . ( and other similar bullcrap).

Yes . . . President Obama is always the culprit when rightie speaks, isn’t he?

But as the sane among us know many right-leaning air heads have their empty noggins in the sand most of the time – – - CLICK HERE PLEASE.

So I ask you, “Who is endangering American Security?”

Maybe it is Gawd who is telling righties that Obama is a danger to American security.  A lot of righties have claimed to hear God telling them things.  Some of them have even heard God tell them to run for president.  Then when they listened to the voice they thought was that of God and actually threw their cards into the game to try and run for president they lost their collective asses to Obama . . . who they now call “The greatest threat to American Security ever.” I guess they either misunderstood what God was telling them or they were hearing the voice of someone else instead . . . their own voices maybe?

Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a world where righties would have siezed control of the government and every rape victim would have to settle for the “fact” that there is something about the human body that shuts down bodily functions and prevents pregnancies because of a rape?”

How about living in a world where it is thought to be absolute scientific fact that a person is better off with silicone breast implants than they are without them?

How about living under a regime that firmly believes that the rising sea levels across the globe are nothing to worry about? – – – CLICK HERE.

How about some of that Right Wing Science Denial, folks?  How does that help national security? – – – CLICK HERE.

Oh! Oh! . . . I get it!  My references here are nothing but “Liberal Propaganda,” right rightie?

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Right Wing radicals claim Muslim Brotherhood works inside Obama Administration and actually influences Policy!

There are many reasons to ignore as completely as possible anything written on the average cross-eyed, pot-bellied radical right wing website but the claim that operatives from the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the Obama Administration and six of its operatives inside the administration are influencing government policy in The United States should serve as a red flag for anyone who stumbles onto such bullshit.

First of all this claim is nothing but a rumor that some nut flake started circulating on the Internet and because it was seen by a lot of Righties as something that might be used to discredit, disgrace or defame the President it went viral – – Rightie Radicals love to make lies against the President go viral whenever they can.

In my opinion whenever this kind of garbage is spotted in the middle of some dissertation on a hate site somewhere, the entire article should be considered as tainted and unworthy of attention.

Actually – – in my own personal situation – – if I find a rightie website that repeats such garbage as this . . . trying to imply that the President has some other agenda than a completely “American” agenda I discount most everything that appears on it as either “hate” propaganda or simply radical right wing extremist propaganda – – or maybe a little of both.  One thing is for sure:  When I read such crap I usually laugh a little at the mindlessness of the claims being made and go on to something with a more substantive and/or mature theme.

The usual pig-manure-smelling fecal offerings that flow like verbal diarrhea from the radical right wing pen is abhorrent, reprehensible, disgusting, meaningless and totally transparent in what I think it’s eventual purpose ( Mission) is:  To make Americans hate their government so righties can insert themselves into the picture as the political saviors of the Democracy . . . with the full intent to supplant that democracy with a vile form of some kind of psuedo-religious rightist oligarchical Theocracy.

Right Wing radicals would like nothing better than to make Americans hate their government to the point where voters refuse to go out and cast their votes and when that happens there is great opportunity for the Righties to sneak themselves into elective offices and to continue their damnable agenda of boring from within to absolutely destroy everything that America ever was or ever hoped to be so they can ascend to the top of the heap and establish themselves and their cohorts as the permanent ruling party – – never to be displaced again – – in power forever – – in the most religiously dictatorial fashion as they can lay the foundation to build.

This is the kind of seven-headed beast we must all battle against by keeping an eye on what the right does, what it says and how it votes.  Those who remain vigilant will see soon enough that the radical right is like unto a lion going about the countryside to see whom it may devour or to destroy or – – to make slaves of . . . slaves to the never-ending hunger of the elites at the top of the fiscal food chain . . . the famous 1% . . . who I think want nothing other than a country with a two-party system alright . . . the party of the served and the party of those who serve – – a true slaves and masters oligarchy!  I think that is where their heads are and I think America is awakening to the facts and to the dangers posed by trusting their lying rhetoric.

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For clarification and some truth about this there is a website called, “” that you can probably click onto and when you get on that site you might want to look up an article entitled, “The Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated The White House-Unproven.”

Of course there is little doubt in my mind that a lot of radical righties will consider the “Truth Or Fiction” website to be . . . Liberal Propaganda.

Of course! (And I believe they will waste no time in saying so in the most certain terms at their command).

It is to be expected!  I believe some of their hearts are desperately wicked and they do not have the best interests of the lower classes in mind . . . ever!

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Conservatives slam Obama policies as “Dangerous” to U.S. Security!

Soooo . . . what else is new?

I read on some “Other than Liberal” website where somebody had said, “the United States has been put in serious danger at the expense of electing the first black president.”

Whenever I read something about how much of a scoundrel Obama is supposed to be on some of these sites that I am presuming are more conservative than they are Liberal I usually find some reference to (A) the “Mulatto” president, (B) The “Black” president, (C)The African/American president etc.  Many of these publications simply cannot resist any available temptation to point out the President’s ethnicity when they post their barbs.  I wonder sometimes what that is all about?

Now it appears that some of the haters have come up with some individual writing under a “Pen Name” ( of course it will be a “Pen” name, won’t it?) . . . and Mr. “Pen Name” is supposed to be connected somehow to the Department of Defense and now I am reading this on the “Hate-Net” . . . “The report is in, and the review of the president’s foreign policy is clear: If there is not an immediate course-reversal, the United States is in serious danger.”

Of course I don’t have the slightest clue as to what “The Report” that is “In” is or where it came from or what else it has to say – – – if, indeed, there is actually any such “Report” in the first place.

I am assuming it comes from “The Panel” that I talk about below: (I am thinking they are talking about something called, “The National Defense Panel.)

Later on in the piece I was reading, somebody inserted the following information that is supposed to be coming from “The Panel:”

” . . .On July 31, the National Defense Panel released its long-awaited report on the effects of the QDR and delivered its findings to Congress. The panel pulled no punches — its findings were a scathing indictment of Obama’s foreign policy, national security policy, and defense policy. The panel found that president Barack Obama’s QDR, military force reductions, and trillion-dollar defense budget cuts are dangerous — and will leave the country in a position where it is unable to respond to threats to our nation’s security. This, the panel concluded, must be reversed as soon as possible. . . “

O.K., on first reading that might sound entirely reasonable to many people . . . people like you and I for example.

The National Defense Panel is an independent group that I suppose is involved with meeting some Department of Defense reporting requirements – – -CLICK HERE. and beyond that I haven’t a clue as to what it is, who is on it, or whether or not their views are unbiased or not . . . or what.  I don’t know a damned thing about the “National Defense Panel” except what I have read and that is darned little to be sure.

I do know that some probably right wing sites are yowling about the findings of “The National Defense Panel” that would seem to indict some of President Obama’s policies . . . and the fact that any conservative in today’s political climate would be desperate to find any tid bit they might think they can use to smear the President is no surprise to me because as far as I can tell that is what they have been doing ever since Obama was first elected in 2008.  No biggie there, is there?

A lot of the current bitching by the right wing about defense funds probably rests in some result of that now famous Republican Sequester” the nation was forced to endure a few years ago – – – CLICK HERE.

Here is some more about the “Sequester” – – – CLICK HERE. – – – AND ESPECIALLY HERE!

People might want to recall that prior to the Sequester the Republicans had been slashing budgets everywhere their scissors would fit . . . including the Defense Budget! In case nobody remembers that it was Republicans who originally voted to slash the very defense spending they are now trying to corner the President on the following might be of some help in jogging memories. – – – CLICK HERE.

Hey folks – – no matter how much some asswads might be inclined to gripe and complain, the President can only work with what Congress gives him to work with.

Economics 101 – – – Obama does NOT cut the national budget . . . CONGRESS cuts the national budget and Obama works with what he is given to work with.

Do not be taken in by their “It’s all Obama’s Fault” bullshit!

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All about suing the President!

Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes

I think I can sum up the attitude of the Party of Gawd (GOP) toward our President in just a few well-chosen words:

“Obummer is different from all the rest of us and we can’t stand it so let’s sue him!”

It doesn’t get any plainer than that or simpler than that, does it?

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Picture Credits:  The image is from Flickr and is by Sean Ellis and at the time I put the image on this blog ( August 1, 2014) it was being offered for use under a Creative Commons License – – -(Click Here To View License ).

A coin always has two sides!

Some Righties are claiming that the crisis at the U.S./Mexican Border where all the immigrant kids are coming across without legal permission has been “engineered” by President Obama so that support might be built for some kind of horrendously-large, expensive and unwieldy amnesty program or something.

We all know by now . . .  don’t we . . .  that anything problematic to American Democracy is due to something Obama has done or said or that he has not done or said.  There is nothing to see with that one folks – – the rightfux have driven that one into the ground.

My thing is that I am thinking the “Border Crisis” has actually been engineered and paid for in its entirety by some right wing interest(s) with a shitload of money to spare and I think whoever is behind it is doing it for no other reason that to give Righties more fodder to slam the President with.

I think all the claims by the rightassess that Obama has engineered the immigration crisis to advance his political agenda is typical C-sucking (Use your imagination) fol-de-rol ( bullshit ) and needs to be tagged for what it is!

And when some Rightie wad squeezer starts demanding I supply “Proof” of what I have suggested here I am going to reply with my own demands that the Righties provide absolute proof that my idea about all this is groundless.

No doubt some of them will be able to find some kind of baseless crap from some right wing propaganda source somewhere to refute my idea here – – they are always able to scratch some kind of feces up out of their propaganda sewer to paint onto the universal canvas of rationale and reason.

No biggie there, folks!

Foregone conclusion!

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House Republicans vote to sue President Obama!



They want to sue him for doing his job.

They wanted a delay in the Obamacare Mandate for small business and the President issued an executive order to delay the mandate and now they are suing him for the very thing they wanted to happen in the first place.  Who can win where asshole-ism rules? The bugnuts are finally in full charge of the asylum as far as I can see.

I think there can be little doubt that a lot of this kind of radical right wing fart wallowing is nothing but radical hatred of the fact that Obamacare is working despite their more than 50 attempts to get rid of it.  Yes . . hatred for Obamacare and . . . for the President himself.  Who in their right mind . . . who that has been following the evening news can even try to deny the terrible rage the radical right in this country has for the President who is regarded as something “Other” than themselves . . . someone “Different” . . . an “Outsider” – – an “Interloper” – – a “Secret Muslim” ( what the hell ever that is supposed to mean ) – – “A fraud” – – and all the other hateful and evil things “They” have been saying about him for more than 5 years now.

This action they have taken on the floor of The House of Representatives today will certainly be expected to act as a diversion from the fact this has been the most do-nothing congress in the history of the Republic.  They have no record to run for office on – – they have no accomplishments to present to The American People so they need a diversion as the mid-term elections approach – – they need the diversion they think is clever and engaging . . . the diversion of “suing” the President of The United States for doing the very thing they wanted done in the first place.  Surely such crazy assed manipulation and maneuvering will find no “standing” in the eyes of any responsible judiciary and the whole thing will become a fruitless, laughable exercise in Republican futility – –  something for which they are becoming more well known with every day that passes.

One thing this suit against the president will surely prove if nothing else is that the Right Wing has nothing of substance to offer in the way of leadership for America . . . doesn’t have now and hasn’t had since the days of President Reagan – – and most likely will not have in the forseeable future . . . if they continue on their present course of abject irresponsibility and recklessness and do-nothing-ness.

I believe a real, authentic and excessively disgusting abuse of power has occurred in this comedy whereby the Republicans have stated their intentions of bringing suit against the President and I don’t worry for a minute that it will advance their agenda of trying to discredit or disgrace the President because I think both the President and the vast majority of American Citizens are laughing in their faces even now as they try to move the clown wagon forward with this ridiculously dumbassed gesture.

There hasn’t been a more telling evidence of how the Right Wing in  The United States is disintegrating, losing control, splitting and dividing and becoming less influential in the affairs of the nation than this present charade of suing the President for doing his job.

I don’t know about anybody else and I cannot speak for anybody else but I am sending a generous donation to The Democrats at the earliest opportunity.

If a few dollars can do anything at all to stop the cockwaddery that has infiltrated our government on the radical right then I am more than happy to part company with them.

I hear all the Rightie “Impeachment” talk has already caused The coffers of the Democrats to swell by more than $2-million.

I also hear that some of the snakes on the radical right have been crying in their beer over the fact that Democrats are receiving financial support from America in this instance – – but I don’t hear a f**king  word from the right about how Citizens United and other things have enriched their coffers to the point where they are almost literally able to purchase elections.

Talk about Hypocrisy!

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Obama is still “A-O.K.” with most Americans!

The right wing radicals who love to paint nasty verbal pictures of our President with a forefinger dipped in something they found in a cow pasture or a pig pen ( Just before they pick their noses with that same finger ) – or just before they shove it up their own posteriori . . .  to the elbow . . .  to scratch something that most likely chronically itches . . . should know that six in Ten “Real” Americans still see President Obama in a favorable light despite the best efforts of an insignificant few  of the Radical Rightie manure slingers . . .(sniffers) . . . (tasters) . . .  to try and make them believe otherwise. – – – Click Rat-Cheer (Right Here) Please.

There are a bunch of bogus reports being circulated on the Internet right now saying that 6 in 10 Americans dislike . . . despise . . . do not like . . . do not approve of . . . hate . . .the President but here is a little secret about how to read such rascally rightie drivel:  When the right tards speak of “The American People” they traditionally are excluding every living soul who lives on this continent and in this country who are not like themselves.  

They only see their own kind as “American.”  That’s where the old “Blue State/Red State bullshit came from.

They have to be separate in order to be happy or to feel secure . . . or relevant . . .  So really, folks, in the minds of a lot of people who refer to themselves as “Right Wing Conservatives” there are no “Americans” other than other “Right Wing Conservatives” who believe exactly the same as they, themselves do.

At this point I would like to point out that there are “Actual, Bona Fide” Right Wing Conservatives in America but their influence is not as great in politics any more as some of the crazies from the rightist clown car who edged them out of political power in the elections of 2010.

So when a Rightie says that 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of President Obama then what they are really saying is that 6 in 10 of “Righties” disapprove of Obama.  When they say such shit they completely forget ( and they want you to forget ) that America is a helluva lot bigger than just 8 or 10 million really off-the-wall radical Right Wingers.

There are also Independents, Progressives, Democrats, Liberals, and scads of other ideologies out there and all of them are part of the vast American Political Landscape and among the larger crowd reputable well-known and well-respected polls are showing Obama with an approval rating whereby 6 out of 10 of “All” Americans ( Except for the relatively few . . . that insignificant bunch of propaganda-peddling haters who call themselves “right wing” or “Conservative” and who are, in all reality, anything but what they claim to be . . . ) Six out of 10 “Real” Americans approve of the President.

Most of the Obama “Hate” crap is not coming from “Real” Conservatives but is coming from the clown car side.

“Real Conservatives are honorable and noble and good, kind, caring and sharing folks who love America and want to do everything they can to move America forward and to provide for a good life for everybody.  But “Real” Conservatives are something entirely different altogether from the “Hater” crowd – – the crowd who makes most of the political noise these days.

I thought I had to point that out in order to be perfectly clear that not every American disapproves of the President.

Millions more – – the ones who voted for him twice – – still support him and are still sending their hard-earned cash to build up the fiscal power of The Democrats even as the crazies are mounting their most vicious attacks against him with all their “Impeachment” crap-o-la!

It was Right Wing “Impeachment” crap that blew the chances of the Righties to hang on to power during the Clinton era and if they are not damned careful they are going to do exactly the same things to their political future now with all this “Impeach Obama” stuff as they did during their ill-fated adventures connected to Impeaching President Clinton.

I have said it before and I will always say it – – – “Nobody on the face of the planet does a better job of campaigning for Democrats, Liberals and Progressives than Right Wingers and so I say “Let them go ahead with whatever little nasty actions they think they can get away with” because the more they work their devilment, the greater will become the anger of the nation against them and sooner or later I think they will go over the edge and hand the political victory to the Left on a Gold-Plated Platter.

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Will the Right Wing Diversion Fool Anybody?

The House Republicans seem dead set on suing President Obama for something or other they are unhappy with and of course I have noticed that most of them have not been happy with much that Obama has done or said since the first day of his first term.

Of course I believe anyone with an ounce of common sense will see this maneuver by the right as nothing more than a diversion – – a diversion I think is meant to take The American People’s attention off the fact that the GOP has done absolutely nothing – – nada – – zilch – – zero – – to help The American Economy since Obama was first elected and in point of fact, it is my personal opinion that the only economy the GOP has ever had any interest in advancing is the economy of those who reside at the top of the wealth heap in America . . . that now-famous 1% that you hear so much about.  

I think there is a general feeling among a lot of Righties that the rest of America can simply go to Hell as long as their own material lusts are fulfilled at taxpayer expense.

As to the “suit” against President Obama? – – -CHECK IT OUT RIGHT HERE! Posted by John at 10:23 PM