Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 @ 7:41 a.m.

Random Thoughts for Tuesday

So today I am trying something new.

Today I am writing the post on my “Word” program and then transferring it to my post editor on the blog. This way I can write a few thoughts and save them and then take a break and come back to the writing whenever I am ready. I think I can save a lot of bandwidth by doing it this way and maybe I can say some things that I might not otherwise have thought of saying —— thus perhaps making this whole thing more bearable for my readers to read.

Now I guess some of these posts are going to be longer than they normally are but I am thinking, “People like Rush Limbaugh write pretty long posts and their stuff gets read so maybe my readers will take the time to read my rambles as well. We shall see. It never hurts to try and maybe I can say something that somebody will find useful or informative —– and who knows ——- maybe as time goes by I can even develop something of a fan base of people wishing to avail themselves of my own special brand of perverted genius. LOL.

Donald Trump seems to have gotten off to an interesting start with his presidential campaign, hasn’t he? —– I hear there are some Mexican People making Donald Trump Pinatas —– and we all know by now how NBC has reacted to his “Mexican” statements, don’t we?

It is kind of sad about the Trump/NBC thing because in my personal opinion all he did was tell some truth about a lot of those crossing the U.S. borders illegally. —– It has been widely reported that there are some criminal elements sneaking across the border and I am sure there is every possibility that some of the illegals are bringing some illnesses with them because not everybody “Down There” is probably vaccinated. —– So The Donald probably hit on some really true things but I guess it is the way he presented it that pissed the television network off at him. But I think he does have some good points about the dangers posed by what seems to be a mounting situation of “Open and uncontrolled illegal crossings” at our southernmost borders —– and the White House policies on immigration do not seem to be helping matters at this point in time either, do they?

In my view the deportations are simply not happening fast enough. —– But then with all the right wing budget cuts have hit hard at the Border Patrol and that doesn’t do much to make the situation any better either does it? —– The Conservatives bitch and moan about the flow of illegal immigrants but then they go right ahead and refuse to allocate the necessary funds to beef up the Border patrol sufficiently so I think there are some Righties who are talking out of both sides of their mouth about illegal immigration.

The upside is that illegal immigration does provide American Business with a source of cheap labor —– labor that I suppose is often paid under the table in order to avoid paying social security taxes and what not. —- Whadda ya think about that?

Same Sex Marriage

I guess everybody is going to be talking about transgender and same sex and Gay issues for awhile now that the Supreme Court has opened the floodgates of possibility in that direction.

I’ve been thinking about all this “Gay and Transgender” and “Sexual Orientation” stuff a lot and I think I have hit on something that makes a lot of sense and I would like to present a suggestion on the matter right here:

I think The United States should pass a law declaring “Conservatism” in all its various forms and personas as a sexual orientation instead of a political entity.

“Why?” you may be tempted to ask.

The reason I think Conservatism should be known as a sexual orientation instead of as a political orientation is because it seems to me that Conservatism is the one agenda-specific movement in the country more bent on screwing the under classes than in helping anybody — except for their rich cronies of course.

Now in regards to the LGBT movement in general —– I haven’t seen a line of “Rainbow” clothing coming out anywhere yet, have you? —– I think there would be a fortune to be made in designing and selling clothing with rainbow colors and designs now that the LGBT Rights thing is so much in the limelight.

Since LGBT is so much in the news right now and since the nation seems to be so accepting as a whole and since the whole political paradigm surrounding LGBT issues seems to be changing rapidly and dramatically . . . . . what are the possibilities that a lot of Right Wing political hopefuls will be moderating their public positions on the subject? —– Will a refusal by candidates for public office to embrace the new national norm associated with the explosion of LGBT interest be the nail in the coffin that assures their defeat at the polls now?

I am thinking that the new LGBT prominence has got to be dealing a swift kick in the ass to some of the staid old positions of the “Good Ole Boy” crowd and their —– for want of a better word —– confederates (cohorts)(kinsmen)(clones). —– I am getting off on the idea the Righties now have a new challenge because I have often thought Righties are challenged enough as it is seeing as how so many of them don’t even know what time of day it is at any given time.

Alright friends —– I had a ham, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickle, green pepper and cheese submarine sandwich for breakfast —- a total of 550 calories —– and I have been able to maintain my weight loss of the 6 pounds I had reported earlier so let’s see how this all works out.

I will keep you posted.

Bye for now.