Right wing sees great economic hopes in “Trade Agreements” now awaiting presidential signature

File this one under:  “Positive Wishful Wet Dream Thinking For Conservative Skid Marks”

I have no choice but to agree the “Bill” awaiting the President’s signature would create thousands of new jobs ……. I have no problem believing that at all!

There is what some of the less-knowledgeable of the right wingers think is a “magic bullet” jobs-creating bill awaiting the President’s signature and  those right wingers maintain that  this “Bill” will create a minimum of  250,000 jobs the minute the President signs it ……. the  bill is a trade pact …… agreement …… with Columbia ……. Panama …….. and South Korea. …….. Just what we need …….. another “Trade Agreement” with foreign countries!

My opinion is that if the President signs this “Trade Agreement” it will definitely probably create the 250,000 jobs the right tards are expecting that it will create ……. I believe it will create 250,000 jobs that U.S. Business Firms will open up in or ship to Columbia ……. Panama …….. and South Korea …… and perhaps it will also open up a few temporary jobs here in the United States as well …… temporary jobs tearing down factories and boxing them up for shipment to Columbia ……. Panama ……. and South Korea.

So my advice to American Workers …….  if the President signs this “Trade Agreement” is this: …….. “If you are looking for one of those good old American Jobs you have heard so much about for most of your life you can maybe soon  find them in  Columbia ……. Panama ……. and South Korea.

Can’t argue with the right wing on this one, can we?  The “Bill” would create thousands of new jobs alright  ……. on foreign soil ……. for foreign workers …… at foreign wage scales …… which are so far below our poverty level as to be almost completely out of competition for the title, “Wages.”

Yep! …….. Let’s all vote for those right wing job-creation bills and then let’s all pack up and get ready to move to …… Columbia ……. Panama and South Korea.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer ….. Oh happy day!

It’s all a matter of how you look at things I guess!



I am still trying to figure some things out and since I am what some Right Wingers like to call “A Dumb Ass” it may be quite some time before I can wrap my head around some of the things that happen in this old world of ours.

For instance:

The team of George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield didn’t seem to have a problem in the world when it came to mounting a “Shock and Awe” campaign on Iraq when they announced to the world Iraq was in possession of “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” that might cause all of us to awaken some day to a “Mushroom Cloud.”

So America went to war in Iraq and spent thousands of lives — caused horrendous collateral damage — spent billions of American Taxpayer dollars — stayed in the conflict for years beginning in 2003 and only just recently winded  down the military action there to any significant degree —- And all that was done on the idea there was this tremendous threat to our safety and national security from an Iraqi dictator and his regime — and in fact — no weapons of mass destruction were ever discovered there — at least not the number, kind and amount that we might have been led to believe were there — and now the whole thing seems like a bad dream that should have never happened in the first place to a lot of us.

That was how America reacted to what a lot of people think of as an “Imaginary” threat.

Now here we are — confronted by some bunch of head-lopping terrorist assholes calling themselves “The Islamic State” and it is advancing throughout large portions of the Mid East killing and killing and torturing and generally making barbarian bastards out of themselves — issuing threats to America — beheading captured Americans — using American military equipment stolen from the Iraqis — advancing on a more or less militarily helpless Turkish town — Kurdish town — and all we can do is a few air strikes to stop their murdering asses?

Unlike the old “Weapons of Mass Destruction” threat that turned out to be more or less bullshit, this ISIS thing is “Real” and needs to be stopped in its tracks and we still have not committed to doing anything more than supporting local fighters who are out gunned and out-numbered and who reportedly don’t have a pecks chance in hell of stopping the butchering advance of probably one of the worst bunch of out-of-control c**k suckers in human history with some — air strikes?

It really bothers me when I hear supposedly “Expert” military strategists and tacticians saying shit like, “Air strikes will not be enough to stop ISIS.” That bugs the shit out of me, folks!

That sounds kind of defeatist to me!

What’s up with that?

You gotta read this story — RIGHT ABOUT HERE FOLKS!

I guess this ISIS (Islamic State) thing — which everybody I have heard talk about it claims has nothing to do with Islam at all — even though the guy that heads it up is said to be a high-ranking college-educated practicing Muslim — and most of the “Fighters” who have joined the ranks of this onslaught are reported to be one degree of Muslim or another — oh yeah — it has nothing to do with Islam at all —I think even President Obama has said ISIS has nothing to do with Islam — I guess I can beleive it — others may not believe it — but I guess I can — because the government I trust is telling me so — right?  — nope!  No Muslims in ISIS — None — Nada — Not a single one — nowhere to be found — tell me that again in a few months or years from now — I might be more apt to believe it at a later date — right now those details are not as important to me than some other things about this bunch – – – right now all I can think of is, “Why in the Hell do we not seem to see the real danger in this outfit and why are we not committing the effort and resources to stopping it that we were more than willing to spend on the Iraq thing that turned out to be a farce for the most part and out of which we got nothing but a lot of grief — military casualties and a bill to pay that we will be required to keep on paying for generations yet to come.

I don’t know but I think there is a big fat nose stuck to the ground somewhere in Lempuria or somewhere and some dude with no face is running beneath it toward a green-colored ocean and another guy is standing by watching while the feces runs down his left leg from underneath what looks to me like some brown-colored leather shorts with suspenders of some kind.

I think I would much rather watch the scene I just described as see an entire region of the Mid East fall to the rampages of something that looks to me to be extraordinarily evil and something which I think could actually do harm to us on our own home soil here in the Land of the Free if we don’t get our own heads out of the sand and send enough military might into the fray to kick their asses really good — enough to stop their advance and maybe enough to discourage them altogether — or to totally neutralize any threat they might pose.

Or — alternatively — I guess we could all relax and discount their threats to raise their shit flag above the White House and to content ourselves with the fantasy that no terrorist asswad would ever be able to come here to The United States and cut somebody’s head off on a public street.

Yeah — we could do that! — if we really want to! — If we dare!

WTF, America — WTF?

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A few words about President Obama’s outrageously expensive vacations



Let’s see now — should I try to emulate the empty-pigheadedness of some of the radical right wads and try to exaggerate the cost to American Taxpayers of the various vacations taken by President Obama while he has been in office or should I simply post a couple of references to articles that totally debunk all the claims of the Obama Haters and go on from there?

Of course if I decide to provide links to the debunking articles the Righties will do nothing but go into some kind of a fit of angry denial and will attempt to blow smoke up The American People’s rear ends with a lot of ridiculous, contrived mis-leading “Facts and Figures” they have invented to make their arguments look valid — which any thinking person knows is a pile of bullshit — so I guess I will go ahead and offer the links to the real story behind President Obama’s vacations during his time in office:

(1)  Link No. One —- (WHO TOOK MORE VACATIONS?)





(6) Link No. 6 — (WHAT DID BUSH SPEND?)


There!  That wasn’t so difficult was it?  Just a few “Real” facts and figures to counter the Right Wing Radicals’ phony claims.

I sometimes wonder why it is that some of the Righties never quite find out some of the things that most other people know for certain to be the truth?

Nature of the Beast I guess.

Maybe it boils down to some kind of fact that Righties only hear what they want to hear or they only believe or accept what advances their agenda of gaining more and more political power — which I have always thought is more important to them sometimes than the air they breathe … and pollute at will —  for a few million dollars profit.

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American Economy Grows Significantly Under Obama!



File this under “I’ve Got News For Right Wing Radical Idiots.”

2014 is shaping up to be the best year for job growth in The United States since 1998 despite the best efforts of the Right Wing to screw things up.

I am sure some Right Wing know-nothing will probably come up with some phony revisionist statistics to prove otherwise but my message to any such fool as that is a simple, “Suck it up, Rightie — suck it up!”

The Economy is on an upswing under the Obama Administration regardless of any of the myriad mindless denials I am sure will blow out of the intellectual emptiness of the rear ends of the less-than-nothing know-little Right Wing Radical “Hater” Crowd.

Consider the facts:

1. DOW-Jones has doubled under Obama —

2. Millions of jobs have been created under Obama —

3. The Right Wing talking points against the Economy under Obama have all fallen apart completely — one by one — until now — there are none!

4. No amount of contrived — invented — revised or imagined Right Wing propaganda is going to counter the facts of the matter about the way the Economy has steadily improved for more than 48 straight months since Obama became President but that doesn’t mean their intransigent asses are going to quit trying to sell their anti-Obama snow job to The American People does it?

Let me answer that:  “Hell No! They never quit trying! They are losers and they know they are losers but they keep on trying — gotta give them credit for never knowing when to quit.

They may score temporary victories but sooner or later when The American People understand what they are about, buyer remorse sets in and the voters go to the polls and throw them out of office and set things back on a Progressive course again.

It has always worked that way and I am pretty sure that as long as there is such a thing as “The United States Of America” it will always work that way — regardless of the most colorful nocturnal emissions of the radical rightie crowd!

Related Article: — ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE )

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General Morning Roundup For Thursday, 10/2/2014

10/2/2014 @ 11:33 AM —

Outrageous  Liberal Pundit


Headline: “Man Who Killed Teen Because Of Loud Music Convicted”

My comment:  “So I assume it has now been conclusively proven — in a court of law — that playing loud music in a car is not life-threatening enough to justify pulling a trigger on a gun and killing a kid!

I think I am encouraged by that court ruling!

You can read all about it — (article about Florida man who killed teen over loud music)

Headline:  “Ebola Crisis Comes Closer To Home”

My comment:  ” Well let’s see now — first there was one case in Texas of all places — and this morning I heard a report on National Public Radio that this one case had social contact with 5 other students who are now under observation for signs of the ebola virus — but wait, there’s more:  Those 5 students are said to have had contact with at least 80 other people who are now reportedly being observed for signs of symptoms — and the CDC originally said there was little possibility we would be seeing an epidemic of this shit.

CNN had an article up on their site a few minutes ago that says as many as 100 people may have been exposed to ebola virus in the Dallas, Texas area — the article I read on CNN was entitled, “U.S. Ebola Case: Searching For Contacts” — I do not have permission to link to CNN but I am sure you can find the article online if you want to look for it.


I’m waiting to see what happens here.

I know in my heart that we can always believe every single word the experts have to say about anything because they have never been wrong about anything in the history of this nation — snark!

I’m waiting to see and I am hoping my gut feeling is wrong.

I’m getting a little bit weary of hearing about how “there is a slim chance that the ebola virus will become a problem here in America” and then hearing stories about how one case has already caused concern about 105 additional people — and God only knows what “They” aren’t telling us!

Headline:  “Secret Service Director Resigns”

My comment:  “Duhhh!”

Headline:  “Gas Prices expected To Drop Below $3.00 Per Gallon”

My comment:  “I doubt the same rabid right wing radical asswads who have been blaming Obama for the rise in gasoline prices will be hard pressed to give him any credit for the dropping gas prices — whadda ya wanna bet?”

Read about the decline in gas prices that Obama has caused — snark! — RIGHT HERE.

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About the White House security thing . . .

After some guy with a knife managed to jump the fence at The White House and penetrate deep inside before being stopped by a security agent a lot of folks are beginning to wonder about the “ability” of the Secret Service to protect the President and His Family.

After listening to a bunch of asshole right wing radical Obama-Haters for the last 6 years I am beginning to wonder about their “willingness.”

It is pretty obvious to me that “somebody” is asleep at the wheel!  – –  ( Article about protecting the President)

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Not in a million years


And we all know the Republicans and the Right Wing aren’t about to let wages rise to those levels if they can help it, don’t we?

As long as wages can be depressed and people can be kept hungry the more easily they can be convinced, manipulated and controlled by the lying Rightist agenda.

If this were not true the Righties would have passed the extension of unemployment compensation benefits for millions of desperate Americans a long time before now.

If this were not true the right wing “Job Creators” in this country would have created so damned many jobs by now that employers everywhere would be hard-pressed to find a place to put all of them.

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