Will the Right Wing Diversion Fool Anybody?

The House Republicans seem dead set on suing President Obama for something or other they are unhappy with and of course I have noticed that most of them have not been happy with much that Obama has done or said since the first day of his first term.

Of course I believe anyone with an ounce of common sense will see this maneuver by the right as nothing more than a diversion – – a diversion I think is meant to take The American People’s attention off the fact that the GOP has done absolutely nothing – – nada – – zilch – – zero – – to help The American Economy since Obama was first elected and in point of fact, it is my personal opinion that the only economy the GOP has ever had any interest in advancing is the economy of those who reside at the top of the wealth heap in America . . . that now-famous 1% that you hear so much about.  

I think there is a general feeling among a lot of Righties that the rest of America can simply go to Hell as long as their own material lusts are fulfilled at taxpayer expense.

As to the “suit” against President Obama? – – -CHECK IT OUT RIGHT HERE! Posted by John at 10:23 PM

Remarks by President Obama on the Economy – – Wilmington,DE

A note from the publisher of “American Liberal Times” Blog:

I believe that it is sometimes helpful if we have the opportunity to listen to some of the words spoken by our President rather than a lot of the meaningless words spoken against our President.

So I am publishing these remarks by President Obama in which he talks about the economy and about the need for  rebuilding the American Infrastructure among other things that he addresses in these remarks. I have noted that before he even began addressing other issues, the President took the time to speak about the downed passenger jet near the Ukrainian border and to emphasize that it was a tragic event and to offer U.S. assistance in determining what happened and why.

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

Remarks by the President on the Economy — Wilmington, DE


Port of Wilmington
Wilmington, Delaware

2:10 P.M.
THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, everybody!  (Applause.)  Everybody, please have a seat.  Please have a seat.  It is wonderful to be back in Delaware.

Before I begin, obviously the world is watching reports of a downed passenger jet near the Russia-Ukraine border.  And it looks like it may be a terrible tragedy.  Right now, we’re working to determine whether there were American citizens onboard.  That is our first priority.  And I’ve directed my national security team to stay in close contact with the Ukrainian government.  The United States will offer any assistance we can to help determine what happened and why.  And as a country, our thoughts and prayers are with all the families of the passengers, wherever they call home.

I want to thank Jeremie for that introduction.  Give Jeremie a big round of applause.  (Applause.)  It is great to be in the state that gave us Joe Biden.  (Applause.)  We’ve got actually some better-looking Bidens with us here today.  (Laughter.)  We’ve got Beau and his wife, Hallie, are here.  Give them a big round of applause.  We love them.  (Applause.)  We’ve got Governor Jack Markell.  (Applause.)  Senator Chris Coons, Congressman John Carney, County Executive Tom Gordon, and the Mayor of Wilmington, Dennis Williams.  (Applause.)  We’ve also got two terrific members of my Cabinet — Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx is here — (applause) — and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is here.  (Applause.) 

Jack Lew’s signature is actually on your money.  (Laughter.) Although it’s kind of illegible.  We teased him when he first became Treasury Secretary that he was going to have to fix his signature a little bit because it looked just like a caterpillar running along the bottom.  (Laughter.)   

Now, the bridge behind me used to carry 90,000 cars every day — 90,000.  Since last month, it’s been closed for repairs.  Once workers are done repairing it, this bridge will be safer, it will be more reliable for commuters and for commerce.  And thanks to a competitive grant program called TIGER — a program, by the way, that was part of the Recovery Act that we initiated when I first came into office and Joe Biden helped to manage — this port is rebuilding a wharf that will finally let Wilmington compete with other ports for the biggest cargo ships.  (Applause.)  For the biggest cargo ships.  So far, TIGER grants have given a boost to 270 infrastructure projects and thousands of jobs all across 50 states.

And that’s what I’m here to talk about today — and I’ve been talking about this all week — creating more good jobs rebuilding America, and the opportunity that we have to seize to rebuild the American middle class.

After the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, in part because of the actions we took, primarily because of the strength and determination of the American people, our businesses have now added nearly 10 million new jobs over the past 52 months.  (Applause.)  Construction and housing are rebounding.  The auto industry is booming — it was in a tailspin when we came in.  Manufacturing is adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s.  The unemployment rate is at its lowest point since September of 2008 — which is one of the fastest one-year drops in nearly 30 years.  (Applause.) 

And the decisions we made — not only to rescue our economy, but to start rebuilding it on a firmer foundation — those decisions are starting to pay off.  We are more energy independent.  For the first time in nearly 20 years, we produce more oil here in the United States than we buy from abroad.  First time in 20 years we’re doing that.  (Applause.)   
At the same time, we’re actually reducing our carbon pollution, and we’re creating new jobs in clean and renewable energies — three times as much wind power; 10 times as much solar power.

In education, our high school graduation rate is at a record high.  More young people are earning college degrees than ever before.  401(k)s are growing.  Fewer homes are underwater.  Millions more now have the peace of mind of having quality, affordable health care if they need it.  And the deficit is coming down to boot, been cut more than half.  (Applause.) 

So by almost every economic measure, we’re doing a whole lot better now than we were when I came into office.  And as I said, most of it is thanks to you, the resilience and the resolve of the American people.  Because of that we’ve recovered faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth.  And business leaders, for the first time in a decade, around the world are saying that China is not the best place to invest; the United States of America is the most promising place to invest.

So we’ve got this huge opportunity to keep this momentum going, to keep growing the economy, but also to make sure that growth is broadly shared.  We got to make sure we’re creating not just more jobs, but also raising middle-class wages and incomes, and making it easier for folks, if they’re working hard and doing the right thing, to raise a family. 

We got to make sure that we’re not just graduating more kids, we’ve got to also train more workers and make college more affordable.  We got to make sure our economy works for every American.  That’s why I ran for President.  That’s what I’m focused on every day.  And this is more than just some fleeting political story or made-up scandal; this is the challenge of our times — making sure that if you work hard and you’re responsible, anybody can get ahead in this country.  That’s what America is about.  And we can achieve that if we just see a few changes in Washington’s priorities.

So, today, I’m here to talk about just one example: creating good jobs of the sort that Jeremie just talked about — good jobs rebuilding America.  We know that in the 21st century economy, businesses are going to set up shop wherever they find the best roads, the best bridges, the fastest Internet connection, the fastest rail lines, the smartest airports, the best power grid.  First-class infrastructure attracts investment and it creates first-class jobs.  Unfortunately, right now, our investment in transportation lags behind a lot of other countries.  China is doing more.  Germany is doing more.  They’re putting money back into building the infrastructure we need to grow over the long term.

And if Washington were working the way it was supposed to, Congress would be creating jobs right now, jobs just like Jeremie talked about — jobs like these guys in the hard hats are doing right now rebuilding bridges and roads and airports and ports all across the country.  (Applause.)  It helps us now and it helps up create jobs tomorrow.  That’s what we should be doing.

But instead of creating jobs rebuilding our infrastructure in a predictable, sustainable way, the debate in Washington lately has been about something called the Highway Trust Fund.  It’s how America is supposed to support states on transportation projects.  Congress has to keep it funded, otherwise states have to put projects on hold, put construction workers back on the unemployment line. 

The good news is, Democrats and Republicans are about to pass a short-term fix that will keep funding going for about another nine or ten months.  And I support that.  I mean, the least we can do is just support the jobs that are already there, keep Americans on the job.  But if that’s all Congress does, then we’re going to have the same kind of funding crisis nine months from now.  And that’s not how normally you fund infrastructure, because you got to plan it and you got to think about how are we helping folks and how are we helping states and cities and municipalities create plans for the future and make sure that the funding streams are level.  We don’t need unhelpful and unnecessary deadlines that crunch a few months from now.  And we shouldn’t have been this close to the deadline in the first place. 

As your governor has pointed, even smaller transportation projects can take years to design and plan and build.  A few months of funding doesn’t cut it.  And so Jack said, “To call this a Band-Aid is an insult to a Band-Aid.”  That’s a pretty good line.   (Laughter.)  I’m going to have to try that out.  (Applause.)

So Congress shouldn’t be too proud.  It shouldn’t pat itself on the back for kicking the can down the road every few months.  Instead of barely paying our bills in the present, we should be planning and investing in our future.  That’s how the economy grows for everybody.  The American people work hard every single day, and your efforts shouldn’t be threatened every few months by a manufactured crisis in Washington.  Everything doesn’t have to be done at the last minute every time.

So what I’ve done is earlier this year put forward a plan to rebuild our transportation infrastructure in a long-term responsible way, a plan that would support millions of jobs, would give cities and states and private investors the certainty they need to hire more workers faster.  It would help small businesses ship their goods faster.  It would help parents get home from their commute faster so they can see their kids.

And it wouldn’t add to what is already a rapidly shrinking deficit because we pay for it in part by closing loopholes for companies that are shipping profits overseas and are avoiding paying their fair share of taxes.  So that’s what we need, a broad-based plan.  We got $2 trillion worth of deferred maintenance in this country in roads and bridges and sewer systems and water mains.  And we could put a lot of people back to work right now getting that done.  And we’re going to have to do it eventually anyway.

But so far, Congress has refused to act on the idea — which is strange because infrastructure should not be a partisan issue.  If you think about it, it was a Republican, Dwight Eisenhower, who built the Interstate Highway System.  Lincoln built the Transcontinental Railroad.  Both parties historically have understood that investing in this country for the long run pays off.  When we invest in infrastructure we’re making sure that the economy is growing not just for the next five years, but for another century.  That’s what right now Republicans in Congress don’t seem to be focused on.  But until they do get focused on it, I’m going to do whatever I can to create jobs rebuilding America on my own.  (Applause.)  

So today, we’re launching what we call the Build America Investment Initiative.  And as part of it, we’re creating a one-stop shop for cities and states looking to partner with the private sector to fund infrastructure projects.  There are lots of investors who want to back infrastructure projects because, when it’s done right, they then get a steady, long-term investment.  They get a steady return.

And lots of states and local governments would welcome more private investment, but they need a partner in the federal government to help do some matchmaking and work through some of the complexities of private financing of infrastructure.  So my administration is going to help states and cities apply for federal loans, get more public-private partnerships up and running, get more investment flowing into communities like Wilmington.

And this builds on other actions we’ve taken to speed up the permitting process for big projects, and attract new manufacturing jobs to America, and raise more workers’ wages, help women fight for fair pay, ease loan burdens for millions of students.  We’re taking steps on our own, still hoping that Congress at some point actually does something.  (Applause.)

I keep hearing from folks all across the country who tell me if members of Congress have the same priorities that most Americans do, if they felt the same sense of urgency that you feel in your own lives, we could help a lot of families right now.
Instead of playing politics, we should be creating jobs by investing in what makes our economy strong -– infrastructure and manufacturing and energy, and research and development, and education.  All these things lead to new industries. 
We should be training our workers to fill new jobs.  We should be preparing our kids to face global competition.  We should be making sure that hard work pays off with a higher minimum wage.

We should be seizing these opportunities.  And there’s a simple principle behind it.  When the middle class does good, and when people have ladders into the middle class if they work hard, everybody does better.  You have more customers for businesses.  Folks at the very top do better.  America grows best from the middle out, not from the top down.  That’s when we succeed.

So I’m going to keep on looking for areas where Republicans and Democrats agree to move this country forward.  But I’m not going to stand by when politics and inaction are holding us back.  (Applause.)
Wherever and whenever I have a chance to help families like yours I’m going to do it.  When I have a chance to help communities like Wilmington, I’m going to do it.  That’s when my administration takes these executive actions, when Congress won’t act.

And so far, the only response we’ve gotten from the Republicans is a lawsuit.  (Laughter.)  They’re suing me for doing my job, instead of going ahead and doing their job.  That’s disappointing.  It’s a political stunt.  And, by the way, they’re using taxpayer money to do it.  It’s your money that they’re wasting on this, which no serious lawyers think makes any sense.  It’s just a political stunt.  We could be spending the time, energy, and effort and money to help your families.

And maybe the folks behind this think it will help them politically.  I guarantee you, it’s not helping you.  We could do so much more if we rally around a sense of patriotism that says we can disagree on issues once in a while, but come on, let’s focus on our country, let’s focus on our people — a sense of common purpose, the understanding we rise or fall as one nation and as one people.  That’s how we built this country together.  And that’s what Washington has to remember.
And the one thing I know for certain — if we work together, if we believe in one another, then we’re going to keep on rebuilding our middle class.  We’re going to restore the American Dream for the next generation.  We will continue to make sure that America is the place where no matter what you look like, or where you come from, or how you started, you can make it if you try.  You’ve shown it here in Delaware.  We can show it all across the country.  We just need a little more focus in Washington.  So keep the pressure on everybody.  (Applause.)

Thank you.  God bless you.  Let’s build some bridges.  Let’s build some roads.  God bless America. 

2:26 P.M. EDT

Article is contained in a press release from The White House and is used here under Creative Commons License.

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Sarah Palin Hits The Nail On The Head!

Sarah Palin – – former Governor of Alaska – – the governor who resigned her position as governor of Alaska – – has written an article for a prominent right leaning media outlet in which ( at one point ) she quotes the ninth President of The United States ( William Henry Harrison ) saying, ” there is nothing more corrupting, nothing more destructive than the exercise of unlimited power.”

I consider that statement by President William Henry Harrison to be absolutely correct and on the money!

It is something I sometimes wish the politicians on the American Conservative Right Wing could learn, understand and apply.

Thanks to Mrs. Palin for bringing it up!

The article attributed to Mrs. Palin can be found on the “Breitbart” website. ( I am not linking).

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Right Wingers Make Erroneous Claim Obama Will Not Deport Immigrants!


I guess some of the right wing Obama opposers never want anyone to  consider the fact that this president has already deported enough people that he is being called in some areas of the country, “Deporter-In-Chief.”  But this is something that seems to be totally beyond the comprehension of the low-information hordes and the low-informed masses that make up the often morosely intellectualy-substandard elite of the American Right Wing Extreme.

An article in “Mother Jones” says: ” . . .the Obama administration is either flirting with or has crossed the 2 million deportation mark. It took George W. Bush, whose administration faced greater political pressure to clamp down on immigration, nearly two full terms to reach that number; Obama hit it in slightly more than one. . . ” ( You can read the entire article in a link I have supplied below this post.)

Some conservative-minded political analysts are making the wild assertion that President Obama has no intention of seeing to the deportation of thousands of immigrant children flowing into this country illegally.

One website noted . . . and I quote: ” . . .It’s clear to adults that Barack Obama has no intentions of deporting these tens of thousands of illegals flooding the U.S. Even though Obama claims he needs $4 billion to expedite said deportations, it ain’t gonna happen. . . “

I am willing to wager this morning that if President Obama says he needs $4 billion to care for these children in a humane manner while they are here and to expedite their deportations then that is exactly what he means and exactly what he intends to do regardless of any claims from the Right Wing to the contrary.

I think we can find a grain of truth – – if we squint our eyes hard enough – –  in the right wing claims that the said deportations “ain’t gonna happen” but if they “ain’t gonna happen” it is not going to be because of something The President did or failed to do.  I think if the Righties are correct in their claim that the proposed deportations “ain’t gonna happen” it will be more likely because the intransigent obstructionists in Congress will refuse to approve the funds the President has requested to get the job done and he won’t be able to do as much toward expediting the deportations as he might have had in mind.

If you look at this right wing claim that the Obama-proposed deportations “ain’t gonna happen it will not be hard to discern the reason they “ain’t gonna happen” is because the Obama-Opposing Congress “ain’t gonna let it happen” so they will have something else to accuse the President about.  I can almost predict what some of them will be saying in days to come – – if they refuse to give Obama the money he has requested: “We are being flooded by Illegal Immigrants and Obama has failed on his promise to expedite deportations.”

I am certain when they start saying stuff like that they will use their selective memories to completely forget about the President requesting the funds to expedite the deportations and then the Congress refusing to approve the appropriations.

In my view that is the way the sons of ( expletives) go about twisting situations to make them look like the victims and to make the President look like the scoundrel.

It’s all dirty, filthy, reprehensible Right Wing political theater, role-playing and manipulating.  Period!

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Right Wing Planning To Sue Obama For Delaying Obamacare?



Presumption:  The Right Wingers in Congress plan to sue President Obama.

Why are they planning to sue Obama?  It is my understanding they are planning to sue Obama because he did not implement Obamacare fast enough for their liking.


Isn’t this the bunch that shut down the whole damned government just a little while back because they were pissed off about Obamacare?  Because they hated Obamacare?  Because they didn’t want Obamacare to be implemented at all?

Can somebody out there tell me in plain and simple English why the f***ing American Right Wing is not totally mindless?

Can anyone out there tell me a valid reason why any thinking person with their wits about them would ever consider voting for this brand of confusion cloaked in the robes of leadership?

Can somebody out there tell me why this crap the Righties are planning to do does not qualify for the “Loony” award for 2014?

Read this and then tell me why you do not think the American Right Wing has gone completely bonkers – – – RIGHT ABOUT HERE PLEASE.

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Right Wingers Claiming Obama Won’t Deport Unlawful Immigrants!


I do not know where some of the propaganda-prone on the American Political Right are getting their information but in what I think is just one more attempt to cloud reality some of the Righties are making claims that President Obama has no intention of deporting any of the immigrants now crossing the border without legal permission.  When Righties say stuff like that all I can do is furrow my brow and think to myself, “Either these idiots are not paying attention or they are so far into themselves they have lost all sense of reality or they simply don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

I believe the record will show that President Obama’s record on deportations has exceeded those of almost every other American President and there is no valid reason for me to accept the cockamamie Right Wing Radical notion that he will suddenly stop deportations.  I think some of the Right Wing mouths should find something more constructive to do with their time than to spread lies about The American President.  But I also think they are far beyond the point where they can help themselves and I think the rhetoric and the lies will only get a lot worse before they get any better.  I think it is the nature of The Radical Right Wing Beast to lie.  I think they thrive on basal negativity of the most extreme nature and that they have no control over their tendency to spread filth and to tell whoppers about The President and Liberals and Democrats.

The fact is that President Obama’s Administration is so adept at deporting immigrants who have come here illegally that some have started calling the President “Deporter-In-Chief.”  That doesn’t sound to me like the president has no intention of sending some of the immigrants who have recently crossed our borders without permission back to where they came from.  The Right Wads have got this one all wrong – – like most everything else they talk about – – I think they are all wet on this one and anyone who wishes to take a few minutes to research the Obama Record on Deportations can do so just by simple Internet searches.

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Hope For Future Change!




One can hope, can’t one?

The Right Wing numbskulls have been harping that Obamacare is a Jobs Killer for so long I can hardly remember when they started running their lying mouths about it.

But Obamacare has not killed jobs.  In fact as the chart below shows there have been several consecutive months of continued job growth in the United States since Obamacare appeared.

I have my own perspective on how Obamacare might actually be a job killer.  I think Obamacare might kill a lot of Right Wing jobs in Congress and in other significant elected offices around the country when the elections roll around again – – not particularly in 2014 when I envision another crazy moment in American History such as we witnessed in 2010 . . . but probably most assuredly in 2016 when I think Liberals, Democrats and other “Lefties” will kick GOP and Rightie rear end again!


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President May Ask Congress For $2 Billion To Address Immigration Crisis!



Reference:  Politico Article

President Obama may soon ask Congress for $2-Billion to beef up enforcement along the borders of The United States in an effort to deal with thousands of illegal immigrants from areas in Central American locales including high numbers of young children making a devastating and often deadly 2,000 mile journey to get here.  This is being reported in some major American news media.

According to the information I was reading the President plans to use some of the money he is asking Congress for to speed up the deportation process for some of the immigrants who are now in The United States without permission as well as strengthening border enforcement.

My thought about the President’s plan to ask Congress for these funds is that he might just as well save his breath because I don’t think the GOP will even consider going along with any plan he puts forth simply because it is him.  I haven’t seen too many Righties rushing to support anything President Obama has ever wanted to do yet and I certainly am not going to hold my breath waiting for the first time to happen.

I am think to myself right now, “They probably won’t even listen to the President’s appeals for money to deal with this crisis but they certainly as Hell will continue to look for ways to place the blame for the crisis onto him personally.  I have already heard some dumb assed conspiracy nuts from the right wing extreme saying such crap as “The President is the one who invited all those illegals to come here in the first place with promises of free food, health care and welfare payments.”  Jerks!  All the lying sacks of dung who spout this unmitigated conspiracy manure about our President need to shut their filthy mouths and if they have problems with the immigration crisis I think they should help The President address it rather than blathering off at the mouth about him personally.

The problem with what I have just suggested is ( In my opinion ) “I have never seen the obstructionists from the extreme right offering any real solutions to any of the problems that face America today.  I have seen them complaining and bitching and moaning about a lot of things but I have yet to see a concrete and viable plan of action from any of them.

No!  I predict the Congress will simply say what they have always said to President Obama in this case and that is a resounding “No!”

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Whatever Happened To The “Birther” Movement?

The White House, Washington, D.C.

The White House, Washington, D.C.

Is it that the “Birthers” could not prove that President Obama was not a natural-born citizen of The United States and therefore ineligible to hold the Office of The President?  Did all their blow and bluster come up empty at the end of the day and they found out they could prove none of their wild conspiracy so they simply shut their mouths and faded into the obscurity they so richly deserve?  Is that what happened?

I see an article by a few of the “Birthers” surfacing now and again on the Internet and it seems to me like they are saying, “Wait a minute, folks!  We have just received “New” evidence to support our b* * * * s * * t claims about The President . . . and here that evidence is . . . from unimpeachable sources . . . blah blah blah!”  Usually what I see is some re-tread arguments that have long since been debunked in the sane world but which some of the nutwad righties and their ilk seem to want to hang onto.  It’s almost like they think somebody who matters is going to listen to their wails and woes long after the whole thing has been flushed down the commode hole of History by the vast majority of The American People.  The American People are not fools no matter how much the Right-tards  want to make fools of them with their lies and their filth.

Some “Birthers” used to say that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery but for some strange reason they have never been able to come up with any reliable forensic evidence from any reputable agency to prove the crap.  They have pretended to have come up with forensic evidence from time to time but it is usually always from source whose credentials are easily questioned or who are more than likely on the same page as the conspiracy nuts.  Anyone can manufacture evidence and put a psuedo-scientific mask on it and put it out as fact but again I say “The American People are not fools and they know when something stinks and when it doesn’t and I think that is why none of the “Birther Evidence” for their outlandish claims has ever stuck in any place where it might really count for something.

I am thinking this morning that if there ever had been a smidgen ( little bit, minute bit,microscopic bit) of truth to anything the Birthers ever had to say about The President or his birth, background or eligibility to be President some of their bullshit propaganda would have made at least some of their efforts at smearing the President successful and something might have come of some of it – – but no such thing has happened and nothing the “Birthers” have said or done has ever had any success in convincing anybody in possession of their wits or in positions of authority such as would be needed to move anything forward on some of their ridiculous claims.  In a word, “The (Seriously expletive ) “Birthers” have utterly, totally failed at what they were trying to do.  They did succeed in one thing:  I have to give them credit for one thing in which they were successful . . . make that two things:  (1)  They got a lot of priceless publicity for their cause from gullible mainstream and right wing extremist media, and (2) They succeeded in making complete fools out of themselves!

The Birthers did manage to accomplish one other thing which I have not mentioned yet but which I do not see as all that important now that President Obama is only a couple of years away from completing his second ( and last) term in office – – – The Birthers did manage to fool at least 13% of the adult American Population and somewhere in the vicinity of 23% of their own Republican kindred.  These figures are not all that significant and neither is the “Birther” Movement because when The President leaves the White House in 2016 none of the shit these sons of ( expletives) have been trying to sell to Americans will mean a damned thing anymore and it will all become a footnote in History – – where I think it has always belonged and where I think it damned well needs to be – – locked away with some of the rest of the insanities flowing from the garbage-laden mouth of the far-right wing extreme propaganda machine.

Note: I guess the next thing to happen here will be some know-nothing righties will start venting all the reasons they can think of to convince people that the sources I have used for this blog post are “Liberal Propaganda” and they will try to substitute their own “Right Wing Propaganda” resources.  Fair enough I guess but then people will believe what people will believe at any rate won’t they?  I want to see some concrete proof from some right wing source that the “Birther” argument is legitimate enough to catch the eye of some “Special Investigating Committee” in Washington, D.C.  But it hasn’t happened and it isn’t going to happen because everybody knows by now that nothing Birthers have ever claimed is anywhere near true . . . nothing . . . nada . . . zilch!

Real evidence is capable of producing movement where movement counts and thus far nothing the Birther fools have ever produced has done anything but garner some obviously useless publicity for their hopelessly lost cause.

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