Oh The Terrible Lawlessness Of Obama And The Democrats!

It seems to me the Right Wing Radical punditry on all available media just can’t get enough of calling our President and the Progressive American Administration “Lawless.”

“Lawless” seems to be the new song and dance whenever the right wing radicalist advocates of their bubble-encapsulated version of a law-abiding “Christian America” get a microphone in their hands or a TV camera in their faces.

Oh yes . . . that awful Lawlessness of this president and this administration!”  Horrid lawlessness!  Inexcusable lawlessness!  Unconstitutional lawlessness!

Of course there is nothing at all “Lawless” about people “Standing up to the tyrannical Federal Government,  - – - (The government that the majority of Americans consider to be Of The People, By The People and For The People) – - – guns in hand, all locked, loaded and ready for action” and refusing to pay their back taxes is there?  There is nothing about a bunch of armed and apparently – - – ( apparent to me anyhow) – - –  insurrectionist “Private” militia “Patriots” ganging up in a Nevada desert all armed and ready to send their women in as human shields to protect their “Rights” against the “lawless” regime in Washington is there?  Nothing “Lawless” about that kind of stuff is there?

You know I think it was President Reagan ( A Conservative ) who signed the law about paying taxes for using public lands into “Law” in the first place, wasn’t it?

I can understand how the Right Wing mightt suffer angst about such a law if it had been passed by Democrats or Progressives.  That would have made it into an entirely different matter altogether, wouldn’t it?  But no, I think half – - (Maybe more than half) – - the Right Wing argument against what is going on between the Nevada rancher and the Fed in the dispute over allegedly illegal use of public lands can probably be explained by the fact that it is the Obama Administration trying to enforce the Reaganesque Law that was originally passed by The Right Wing themselves.

I guess we have gotten to the point now – - in the minds of some of the radical right wing extremists – - that if a “Law” is in force under the present administration then there is something “Unlawful” or “Lawless” about it and maybe it don’t really have to be enforced or obeyed – - is that the story that is emerging here?  Does the contemporary Right Wing believe their can simply ignore or refuse to obey any law they don’t especially like?  Is that what is shaping up in America?

Well folks . . the law is the law but I guess there are still some who wave their Bibles, their Gadsden Flags and their guns in the face of the “Lawless Federal Tyranny” – - a concocted mythology that I believe bubbles up from their own uninformed or myth-informed imaginations – - – and think they are in the right and everybody else is in the wrong.

You will not believe the lengths that I have read about that some of them have been reportedly willing to go to make their points about lawlessness and the law and Government and The Fed and their rights and all the rest of the static coming out of Radical Rightie-Land these days.  Read More – - – HERE.


You know folks . . . if some people don’t like the laws of this “Tyrannical” government of ours – - – a label for government that I think is absolutely delusional and conspiracist and ignorant – - then they ought to be informed that they have the option to raise support and put their issues on ballots, hold elections and get the laws they don’t like changed.  That is how Representative Government works in a Democratic Republic.  A nation such as The United States does not resolve Her inner conflicts with force of arms.  That is behavior more appropriate for undeveloped Third World nations or something . . . but not America where the ballot box is supposed to the arbiter of all such disputes as what is lawful and what is not.

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Some Righties get a little “Testy” sometimes!

Some Righties claim they have discovered a “Test” on which there are several questions which when graded properly can prove whether or not someone is psychotic  - – - or whatever the mental state they might be interested in discovering.  Naturally – - do I have to reveal – - that the Righties I was reading about were using their new “Test Toy” – - [ Not to be confused with testicular toy] – - – to try to prove something about  - – - [ wait for it . . . wait for it . . .] – - President Obama?  Do I have to reveal that information? Couldn’t the prudent reader already have figured the Rightie game with this “Test” thing out?  Is determining some Right Wing dislike of The President such a hurclean chore? Continue reading

Right Wingers questioning Michelle Obama trip to China!

Some of the usual rightie complainers and especially some of those I have often referred to as “The Obama Haters” are all over the Internet with their objections to a trip being planned by First Lady Michelle Obama.

The righties I am speaking of are talking about how expensive this trip will be for taxpayers and some are questioning why The First Lady is also reportedly taking her children and her  Mother with her.

One rightwad that I consider to be particularly virulent about The Obamas has asked whether or not the First Family plans to reimburse the government for expenses involved in taking The Obama Children and Mrs. Obama’s Mother along with them on the trip which is said to be an exercise in soft diplomacy.

Personally  . . .  as a blogger . . . I do not know what to say about the trip except to say that in my opinion many Presidents and their Families have been involved in some kind of diplomatic jaunts during their administrations over the years and all of those trips had to cost the taxpayers something because any trip involved with The First Family necessitates a lot of security and all kinds of things that I have no idea about.

What I will say is that I do not believe The Obamas are unique in their pursuit of global diplomacy but I also believe that any opportunity for a bunch of righties who don’t happen to like this President to blow off something negative about either the President or His Family will never be missed but will be cultivated as thoroughly as their mindlessness and callousness will allow.

To read more about this please type the following words into the search window of your computer and follow the leads that are brought up:

Michelle Obama Headed To China

Economic sanctions against Russia may not be such a good idea!

My Opinion

There are some who warn that if the U.S. were to put economic sanctions on Russia because of the thing going on in Crimea right now, the Russians could retaliate with sanction of their own and in the long-run could probably do more economic damage to the United States than the United States could do to them. Continue reading

Obama’s spending habits attacked by Right Wingers again!

Some of the mental midgets over on the right side of the American Politic are screaming again about how much more President Obama spends on vacations and other things than any other president has ever spent and I find out through research that most of what they are saying is total crap  - as usual – total right wing “Obama-Hating Crap” – and nothing more.  So what else is new? Continue reading

The NSA Is Not An Invention Of President Obama!

This may come as a complete shock to some of the stogie-sucking mental mushroomers on the farthest extremes of America’s Right Wing Political Idiotological Landscape, Continue reading