If The Cost Of Health Care Is Decreasing How Come You Are Paying More?

The news media tells us that the cost of health care in The United States is slowing down but people are reporting their health insurance premiums are still going through the roof and they haven’t felt any benefits from any “slowed” health care costs in their own wallets. A lot of pretty pissed off people are wondering “Why?”

What is it that caused you to get that 400% hike in your co-pays?

The Right Wing has the answer of course —– their answer anyway:  “It’s all Obama’s fault.  He lied about the cost of Obamacare.”

That’s a pretty pat assumption among the Obama Haters —– but it is way off the mark in the real world!

So where are all the savings employees should be receiving on their health care if the costs of health care are slowing down so much as the media have reported?

The Real World answer is that the “savings” are going to the employers and the Medical Establishment but not to —– wait for it —– wait for it —– “Consumers.” —– (People like you and me —– we do not get our share of the savings in health care!  Is that a big surprise to anybody?  Is it a big surprise that the big money guys are manipulating the savings in health care so they can grab the cream of the savings for their own bottom lines and their own pockets?

Does the light begin to shine yet?

The steady stagnation and constant decline in worker wages over the past decade or so hasn’t helped the individual health care cost picture very much either —– The insurance premiums keep going up —– employers keep sucking their employees for bigger and bigger contributions to the cost of their own health care —– inflation drives the cost of everything from cat condoms to cherry blossom sundaes up and up and up —– but individual worker wages keep losing ground —– keep being weakened by inflation and by employer demands for concessions —– and the cost of Insurance Premiums keeps on escalating and escalating and escalating like —– like a major pain in the general consumer’s and the average time-clock-puncher’s asses!

Of course if I were in business for myself I guess I would be tempted to reduce the wage and benefit packages I offered to my prospective employees as low as I could get by with —– as low as they could go and still make the job offer attractive enough that it would still appeal to people who don’t know any better than to settle for whatever they can get.

Vox has a great article that explains it all —- ( RIGHT HERE ) —– and the article is on my personal “recommended reading” list for anyone who is interested in these things and who may have been led to believe it is somehow the fault of the government and not of the greed mongers at the top of the economic heap.

I do not know for sure but I am assuming that most —– many, at any rate —– contemporary employers are stacking the deck in their job packages so they can attract some of those “Americans In Waiting” who are lurking in the shadows —–  drawing their housing allotments and their free health care and whatever —– and so that the declining American Working Class can be pushed farther and farther into the shadows as big money capitalizes on all the profits to be made from —– immigrant labor.

I want to add a word about those “Americans In Waiting” if I may:  “It frosts my twinkie to hear them called “Americans In Waiting.”  The reason it frosts my twinkie is because they got here by crossing the borders without legal permission — (illegally if you prefer)— and the way I see things that makes them lawbreakers and I have a hard time comparing those who came here illegally to those who took the time and trouble to go through the legal process and who are now awaiting their citizenship too.  I think calling the illegals “Americans In Waiting” is a slap in the face of our immigrant population who chose to do things the legal and honorable way.

Others may think differently but that is MY opinion.

How much can I trust the government?

It is getting harder for me to trust the things the candidates say when they are running for offices . . . . . regardless of whether the candidate making the promises is a Liberal or a Conservative.  I haven’t heard too many promises from Independents because it seems to me that nobody much listens to Independents.  I don’t know if that is a “Money” thing or what.   Continue reading

The Obama/Cuba Actions

December 20, 2014

My Opinion
by John

CUBA:  A lot of the right nothings are running around raising hell about Obama’s actions to try to get some normalized relationships with Cuba again after 50 effing years – – fifty years of a sanction that never worked – – and what the hell are we supposed to expect from some of the Right know-nothings?

Isn’t their “Thing” to say whatever kind of nasty sh*t they can say about President Obama and to try to get in his face and prevent anything happening that he ever thought about wanting to happen?  That’s what a lot of those sh*twads in D.C., are about and I don’t think there is much of a question about it at this point – – – after they have been busting their balls for more than 6 years now trying to decimate the President’s total legacy and agenda.

O.K., I have an opinion about the Obama/Cuba move:

I think it is probably one helluva lot better to have normal relations with Cuba than it is to have Russian or Chinese oil wells and missiles just 90 miles off our southernmost coast.

Christ, folks – – when are some of these right-leaning idiots up in D.C., going to get their heads out of their a**es about the security and best interests of The United States of America?

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting much here lately and there is a reason for that – – maybe more than one reason.

I have gotten so damned tired of reading all the insane, asinine, garbage that comes out of a great many right wing radical websites and other media and I have gotten so damned weary of watching them defend their failed policies and a$$hole positions on issues – – especially when their rants and raves are proven to be faulted or false – – I am getting to the point where I might have to get some duct tape to keep my head from exploding.

For example:  It hasn’t been all that long ago since some of the rightist basstids were all over Obama because they were accusing him of causing high gasoline prices at the pump because of some “conspiracy” he was supposed ( alleged by the right azzoles) to have cooked up to put the American People under a tyrannical thumb – – (or some such horse shitowski as that ) – – but now that those gas prices are on the skids, I don’t hear one God-(expletive) word of gratitude or praise for the President’s part in bringing them down again.  I ask myself the question, “What’s up with that, righties?”

I suppose after spending years of accusing Obama of being the “High Gas Price” culprit they are now going rub salt up their anal cavaties and  try to deny he had a damned thing to do with getting those prices down again – – which, in all reality he probably didn’t have a direct influence because gas prices are always dependent on the available supply of oil and not necessarily on something the President does or doesn’t do.  And the sad part is that every second or third grader in elementary school knows this stuff – – except perhaps in some of those states where the school textbook publishers have revised History to pump up the effing right wing fantasy about things.

I don’t even read right wing verbal defecation anymore because it never seems to change and it sure as hell never has anything worth listening to.  I know some of them will immediately jump my hump over what I am writing here but that is alright – – I will never see it because I don’t intend to dirty my eyes by looking at their journalistic obscenities anymore.

Sure, they have wormed their way into power again and I just can’t wait to see who they will put the ultimate “F” to once they are seated in their new offices after January.  I am sure they are hard at work getting some pretty big physical evidences of libidinous stimulation – –  thinking of the crap they plan to lay on the middle class and the working classes of this country and I can almost certainly predict that whatever they are cooking up as their legislative agenda will amount to little more than a manure sundae for the rest of us.

That’s enough ranting for today.

If I get a worm up my rear end about something I might do some more later today or tomorrow – – or maybe not!

I just do not feel driven any more!

So once again the bywords become, “Cuba Libre!”

Righties went on the rampage against President Obama again yesterday after the President showed signs of being favorable to normalizing relations with the Island Nation of Cuba once again – – after decades of sanctions and other measures taken since the 1960s.

I found a blogger who offers three shining examples of words that I think every American should memorize – – keep on their refrigerators – – paste on the side of their land-line telephones – – write on a label and stick it to the back of their smart phones – – write the words on their foreheads and tee-shirts – – –

And what are those three words that should remind us of how positively we should respond to any hint of normalization in Cuban/American relations:

The three magic words to remember as a buffer against Right Wing objections to normalizing relationships with Cuba are . . . “MADE IN CHINA!”

And are there other words we should be thinking about when considering any possibility of normalizing these relationships?

How about this string of words: “Russia may be showing a desire to drill for oil right off the Cuban Coast.” – – ( 90 miles from our own shores here in The U.S.)

How about if we normalize relations with Cuba and get a deal of our own to drill for oil right off The Cuban Coast? 

Wouldn’t that be a tad better?

Read more about it – – – ( RIGHT HERE FOLKS )

President should go to Congress if he wants to get something done ?

I cannot believe there are still right wingers out there who are dumb enough to suggest that if President Obama wants to get something changed he should go to Congress instead of using executive orders. – – – – – Is there anybody out there with their heads screwed on straight who actually believe that if President Obama went to Congress and asked for anything he would get it? – – – – – I guess there are still a lot of head-up-their-ass Righties who haven’t been watching the interactions between our “We’re going to make our number one priority seeing to it that Obama is a one term president” congress and the first African/American President in the nation’s History? – – – – – Hey there, Rightie!  What I’m telling you is that President Obama probably won’t get anywhere by taking his requests to the current clown wagon with the words, “Congress” written on it! – – – – – You don’t know this by now? – – – – – Where have you been hiding for the past 6 years?

I kind of had it in the back of my mind – – –

–  that the very minute President Obama announced a new government initiative to improve trust and cooperation between police departments and citizens – – – – – a program that would include a requirement for police officers to wear body cameras while on duty – – – I just knew down deep inside that some right snarker would jump on the idea and use it as a basis for saying a lot of nasty things about the president. – – – – – Stands to reason, doesn’t it? – – – – – Par for the course isn’t it? – – – – – That’s what the radical Rightsters do, isn’t it? – – – – – so what else is new?

Yeah – – – – the radicals and the Obama Haters are already on the web about this new presidential initiative and their remarks tend to be anything but congratulatory – – – – encouraging – – – – or helpful . . . . as anybody familiar with the imbalances associated with rightwingassholism might well imagine. – – – – – I am not going to glorify any of the trash talk going on from the Righties about this initiative or about Obama right now because I think most of the country has heard enough of it by now. – – – – – But I will say this: “It is my opinion . . . . my very firm opinion . . . . . . . that the only folks who would be against this new initiative by the president to seek more and better ways to secure much-needed trust between civilians on the street and those who wear badges of law enforcement would be criminals, crooked-police and – – – -a certain rancid little element among the Radical Reichties – – – – of  course!  

My personal opinion is that the Right Wing ought to be fully supportive of this initiative because if police have nothing to hide then a requirement to wear body cameras shouldn’t bother them at all.

But I can already see where the Right is not going to let this be about “Police” or “Trust” or anything else – – – I can already see where the Right is going to try to make this all about . . . . Obama!  – – – – Screw the safety of the people! – – – – I believe “They” want this to be all about Obama . . . . as usual!

Amnesty for illegals is not uniquely an Obama thing!

Ever since the problems began with the civil unrest at Ferguson, Mo., over the police shooting of unarmed black teen-ager Michael Brown, I have not heard the idiots on the radical right moaning and bitching too much about President Obama and the Immigration thing.

The last time I got into a discussion with any of “Them” about Obama and Immigration they were insisting that the executive orders on Immigration Reform – – – Amnesty – – -passed by Presidents Reagan and Bush were nowhere near the same as the ones being signed by President Obama.

Of course I guess it needless to say that anytime anybody besides President Obama does or says a damned thing it is never the same as something anybody else has said or done according to the airheads on the Right – – – with that bunch it seems to me that everything the President says or does is truly unique and always somehow unacceptable to them and their kind.

But being the bullshitters I have found most of them to be, I guess they are either unaware of what the hell they are talking about or they say shit just because it sounds good to them – – – or they say crap just because it seems to line up with what they might have heard some of their intellectual leaders – – – talking heads – – – say about something.

I have come to the conclusion in the last few years that a lot of the Right Wingers actually do not have the capacity to process intellectually laden information to any appreciable degree and they have to act either like parrots (Mouthing the talking points of their leaders) or they have to engage in confrontation on issues because screaming and yelling is about the only way a lot of them have of trying to win any kind of argument that requires a modicum of common sense or understanding about issues.

I think I can safely say that if a Rightie doesn’t know something or if he or she doesn’t understand something then they are prone to try to make their points in arguments by shouting the other person down.

I have seen this on a lot of talk shows – – – when knowledge fails them they either get really nasty-tempered or belligerent and hateful and start screaming trying to out-shout whoever is speaking in opposition to them.

The radicals who respond to me on my own blog have their own infantile mechanism for arguing – – – they simply resort to calling me nasty names – – – and I suppose that is designed to show the world how much smarter they are than I am – – – but when the rubber meets the road the only thing they prove – – ( to anyone who actually counts for anything) – – is that in calling the nasty names they are only revealing their own lack of character or knowledge – – or both – – and so when it is all said and done they have shown their asses by calling the names but they have proven no point because they refuse to address issues or to give answers to anything . . . . other than the screaming and the cursing.

Right Wingers will deny it but in 1986 then-president Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to 3-million illegal undocumented immigrants and his actions did absolutely nothing to strengthen our borders or to solve the problem of run-away immigration – –  nothing at all – – nada!

The border security provisions of Reagan’s “Immigration Reform And Control Act Of 1986” were reportedly never properly enforced and the lack of enforcement was not lost on other people who had been thinking about entering The United States illegally and the end result of the Reagan Immigration Amnesty Order was the more than Eleven Million illegal aliens – – probably a lot more by the time I am writing this – – – who decided to come here and who – – – by every ounce of information I have been able to glean – – – are still here somewhere. – – – It seems they came and never left and were never deported or anything else like that and according to all the information I have been able to find about it there are almost Two Million of them living in The State of Texas alone. – – – – –

God only knows where the rest of them are residing right now but I imagine they are well scattered throughout the states by this time.

So the thing with me, folks is this:  If President Obama signs some kind of unilateral action to allow certain numbers of undocumented individuals to continue to live here, he is doing nothing unique because both Presidents Reagan and Bush did much the same thing when they signed their own versions of amnesty bills.

The Rightwads who hate the President and the Liberals will argue til their faces are blue and their bodily chemistry fails them that the actions Obama has considered taking on behalf of undocumented residents of The United States is entirely different from anything that has been done before and that whatever Obama does is somehow in conflict with The Constitution of The United States but when the entire spectrum of actions and decisions are studied with any sense of History or with any kind of expertise I think it will be found that (A) The President is working well within his constitutional authority – – (after all he is a constitutional lawyer is he not?) – – and whatever the president does will be pretty much the same as presidents before him have done and I think the damnable loudmouthed “Haters” on the radical right ought to just shut the hell up about it and find something else to bitch about.

Now along will come the nay sayers who will remind us all that Reagan and Bush acted in accord with the wishes of Congress when they got their amnesty bills passed but I have to say the result was the same if the method was different – – – we still got millions of undocumented people covered by a form of amnesty. – – –

O.K., so now we have to concede the point that Obama’s amnesty plans will most likely not have support of very many in the Congress and if he does anything about immigration he will probably be forced to do it by executive order – – – – and of course executive orders are perfectly constitutional so I really can’t see a problem there . . . . but I think I can assure you the rightwads will find plenty of problems with any executive order Obama might sign on Immigration Reform – – – – –

I ask you, “Has anything the President ever wanted to do had much support in the Congress?

Has this not been called the most “Do Nothing” Congress in History and did not the leaders of the Republicans say at the beginning that their number one priority was going to be to see to it that Obama was a one-term president – – – and haven’t they been obstructing everything he has tried to do since that time – – – and haven’t a lot of them been complaining that much of the stuff the President actually has done has been — (In their view) – – – unconstitutional?

Does anybody with an ounce of sense in their body believe that the obstructionists in this clown car would ever agree that anything this President does or says might be anywhere near in accord with the Constitution? Of course I guess we all know that isn’t going to happen, don’t we?

So I guess in the end it all boils down to, “Do we want to see millions of families split up in this country by deporting a few million people who came here without permission years ago and who have since raised families, paid taxes and supported the nation or do we want to see the President do something that he might be legally able to do with executive fiat in the face of a situation where a reluctant congress – – – who already has a bi-partisan Immigration Reform bill before it – – – – – ready to be signed – – – – – – but who for some reason will not apparently sign it? – – – – – –

Yes, folks – – – – – I hear the Congress has been sitting on a bi-partisan immigration reform bill that has already been approved by both houses of Congress and I also hear that if the congress would simply do what they have been elected to do and would take that bill that has already been approved by a majority of members of Congress and get it over to the President for his signature then the whole mess about immigration reform would take a giant step toward being solved.

So what do YOU think ought to happen about this Immigration Reform thing?

I would be interested in hearing your comments about this one, folks!