Stuff for a Thursday afternoon

It rained today and the wind turned my umbrella inside out as I was walking so I purchased a new one at a local junk store — for $5.00. — It works good enough but I have to inspect it closely to make sure I am not carrying any roaches into the house.

So now I am going to go take a shower with the new bar of soap i bought — a soap that has Dead Sea Minerals in it. — I have already tried it on my hands and they haven’t fallen off or turned deep purple or anything yet so I guess I can trust it for bathing.

This ought to be enough stuff to get us to the Thursday Evening blog post, right?

More stuff for a Thursday morning

“You ought not to post more than once a day to your blog, John — you’ll turn people off and nobody will read your stuff.”

Lots of people post multiple times throughout a day and if people want to read they are going to and if they don’t they wont but my mind is much too busy to settle for one sitting at the keyboard every day  so —– I am going to have to live with it.

Now I am hearing that despite a little more than $16-billion dollars being pumped into the Veterans’ Administration Medical Centers and Services, the old complaint about excessive times to wait to be seen for problems hasn’t changed a bit since the problem with VA wait times was first brought to light.

Well if that is what’s happening right now, I can’t wait to see what happens if the crazy-asses in the right wing radical political circus manage to get us into a war with Iran — can you?  — That ought to prove interesting if you think VA wait times are bad now just wait until we have another useless f**cking war!

I read an article on the front page of a newspaper where it said the convicted Boston marathon bomber could get the death penalty.  When I read that I thought to myself, “Duhhh! and what happens if he doesn’t? — nothing! Right? — Isn’t that how America rolls these days? — Maybe instead of sentencing terrorists to death or prison terms we ought to follow the advice of some of our politicians and seek to “Understand” what motivates them and show some “Sympathy/Empathy” instead of being so quick to prosecute and punish. — I swear I do not know where some of our politicians’ heads are sometimes. — Happily most of the politicians still have their heads attached to their bodies even if they don’t tend to use them all that much. — But that may change someday if the same politicians keep on trying to deal with terrorism by “Empathy” instead of by an eye for an eye. — I have to ask myself, “Would I vote for somebody for President – (Or for any office for that matter) – who sounds to me like they might take a soft line on f**king terrorists?

I see a report where some more of our Afghani “Friends and Allies” have been shooting and killing American Soldiers again. — I have to ask myself the question, “Is that some kind of coincidence — (I keep on remembering what happened at Fort Hood) — or is it simply a sort of “Normal” thing for some of the alley-blockbarz? — something that might be cured if only somebody in America could see their way to trying to “Understand” what the terrorists must have suffered as young children and young adults and show a little compassion, consideration and “Empathy?” — Am I going to set out treats for the roaches in my apartment hoping that once they have eaten their fill of the candy and sugar and left-over beef stew they will pack their little bags and go find another apartment to infest? — Probably not! — I tried that with a cute little mouse once and it ended up costing me a fortune to try to get rid of all the mice that finally arrived with their little whiskers waving in the wind and their little paws outstretched to receive of my generosity. — Can we “Emphasize” terrorism into docile pacifism? — I can’t see it myself. — Maybe some rich politician can see it, but I can’t.

Mid-Day Mayhem . . . Ahem!

The best way to piss off a conservative? ……. Tell them the truth about something! ……. I have now installed the chrome browser and have been using it and I like it so far ……. I have tested a data server in London, England and it seems to be working out too ……Soon “American Liberal Times” will be flashing around the world from any of five different locations …….  The weather has been nice ……. but the only place I managed to go today was to the local Kroger super store where I picked up some ground beef and some salad from their salad bar.

My daughter-in-law’s goldfish died ……. my condolences to the daughter-in-law. …….We have decided our pet Gouldian Finches haven’t been getting enough fruits and veggies so we added some to their bowls today and they promptly ignored them ……. They much prefer to eat their variety of seeds and their millet ……. Very picky eaters …….. They will let you know what they like and what they don’t like ……. Very independent creatures ……. Something like the independence of a cat! …… The one way to piss the finches off and make them “pout” at you is to tell them, “How would you like for me to get you a pet cat for your Christmas present?” …… Is talking like that to my birds to be considered as “animal abuse?” ……. I don’t do it very often and when I tell them, “I’m only kidding, fellas” they go on about their cute little ways as if nothing had ever been said.

The microwaved ground beef patty turned out very well ……. It was tender and juicy and tasted really good with a hint of horseradish spread over it…….. I like cooking with the microwave but one source I was reading warned me not to use it too much because they said it “radically alters” the molecular structure of the food that is cooked in it and that the resulting product is “not natural” in some respects and may not be too good for a person to consume on a regular basis.  ……. I have been eating microwaved food ever since microwaves were introduced to the market and nothing bad has happened to me yet so I think that was a bunch of horse shit and I go ahead and eat whatever I want ……. I am 76 years old and I eat whatever the Hell I feel like eating ……. If I have made it this far in life what difference does it really make anymore what I eat or drink? ……. Of course my advice is, “Do not do something just because I mention it.  ……. If you are going to make any changes in your own routines you really need to discuss it with your personal physician first.

Since the Ebola scare seems to be subsiding a little bit now can I assume that Obama has it under control? ……. Why did I pose the question? ……. I posed the question because as I recall wasn’t it the right-headed of the political hog wallow who were running around all over the media a short while back accusing the President of being the cause of the spread of the virus in The United States? ……. I guess if he was being accused by the rightwads of causing the spread of the Ebola maybe now that it seems to be settling down he can be given credit for appointing the new “Ebola Czar” and causing the downturn in the spread of the horror. ……. I think that is what really ought to be happening in Rightie-Land but I don’t think I am going to try to hold my breath until the righties agree with me ……. what about you?

Well folks ……. call this my “Mid-Day” rant! …….. Knowing how I love to tell Liberal Lies ……. (according to the rightscum) ……. I will no doubt be back on here shortly with more of the same.

Until then …… hugs and kisses to all.

John (The Outrageous Liberal Pundit).


Algae blooming; terror consuming!


The algae blooms in the lakes and in our rooms . . . toxic . . .like the mindless rants of the radical right gnomes . . . the cement heads . . . with the big holes above their bushy brows . . . where their brains are supposed to be . . . . toxic breath . . . right wing rhetoric of death . . . respect the right to life of a child in the womb . . . but once the umbilical is cut . . . they are on their own . . . . in traditional right wing style . . . on their own until time for them to be sacrificed in a rightie war . . . for the sake of industry or oil . . . for the glory of the grease-smeared face  and the toxic right wing . . . ass.

My God!  Are we losing the lake again?  How many times in the recent past . . . . . the distant past . . . how long will all this eco-environmental disaster crap last? . . . as the righties . . . they are the ones who love to keep it going by denying climate change . . .Do not, for Christ’s sake, ever drink from a municipal waste water treatment plant . . . one of the Great American Shit (GAS) factories . . . because sooner or later . . . a right wing nerd with a bit of inventive reflex will decide soon enough to label it and bottle it and tell us all it is good for something.  A dime or a dollar . . . doesn’t matter . . . whatever it takes . . . money . . . lust . . . greed . . . got to get rid of that damnable regulation . . . so we can bottle the shit water . . . and sell it . . . to those who believe in it but who never actually smell it.  Right wing dream!

The industrial problem with runoff is problematic . . . when the run off is the running off at the mouth by some Rightie who has heard the Voice of God telling him or her what is right or wrong and they try to act on it in the Public Arena  . . . mocked by the monkey . . . mocked by the ass . . . laughed at by the hyena.  The run off is in dangerous concentrations . .  dangerous to mind and spirit and if allowed to run free . . . to the body as well . . . the Rightie doctrine . . . the rightie agenda . . . the righties idiotology . . . from the deepest depths of the stinkingest Hell.

Who is behind the authentication of several layers of bullshit coming out of the endless rhetoric machine of the intransigent, obstructionist right?  Morning, Noon, Evening and Night . . . on and on . . .endlessly . . . unceasing . . .blasting . . . blaring . . . talking a lot of crap but never really caring . . . and most definitely never ever under any circumstances . . . sharing.

This then is the multiplicity of the locks on what they think is more power to them . . . what they regard as happiness . . . all the sins that others are condemned to perdition for . . . even for the thinking thereof . . . the scumwinders of the nastigious right are delusionally bent on their own magnificence . . . but it is an illusion shared only within the confines of their own dust-covered cement pit . . . filled with all manner of offal, manure and anything else cast there just for the fun of it . . . by the wasters . . . the scoundrels who rule on high . . . the biggies . . the 1% who would rather see the rest of us die.

Oh desert of affliction . . . how long yet, Oh Lord on High . . . how many more poor and middle class shall have to die for the sake of heaping glory on the stinking rear ends of those who would make themselves taskmasters over all in the name of God for the sake of their own fat bellies . . . their own lusts . . . their own Godless greed?  Is a fate at the edge of a scimitar raised in anger any worse than the deprivation that reduces the struggling to dusty skeletons whose very cupoboards are bare of the barest essentials because of the elite few who suck in all the goodness of the world with their endlessly-ravenous industrial/military complex machine?

Shall one fate mirror the other until both are fallen on all who even now cast their gazes hopelessly heavenward for some sign of salvation and relief from their torments and sufferings?

Fascist scum on Thursday if on no other day . . .a little new shenanigans going on at the Central Bank today . . . Some righties either taking steps or stepping in something foul . . .nothing is clear . . . but money is dear . . . because it is really the greenish paper-strewn stream of what might pass for air that the right asses breathe and that the rest of ever who is depends on for the paltry crumbs that fall from the rightie master’s table for the pawns at the bottom of the sociological sewer pipe being constructed for us all by . . . . . the radicals . . . the crap mongers at the top of the heap . . . the evil that rules the day and deprives goodness and righteousness of sleep . . .oh tragic consequence . . . the day when rightie rules . . . o’er all the earth and all the space beyond . . . and especially the apathetic fools . . . who never saw the need . . . to rise up off their beds of ease . . . and cast a deciding vote.

I am revolted by all the beheadings, aren’t you?

It has got to be stopped.

Posted by John at 12:56 PM

The image of the head used in this blog post is from Pixabay and I am using it according to a Public Domain declaration that was in effect on the date I first used it – – date of 9/8/2014.  I believe the author of this work is DasWortgewand.

Women’s Health Care Issues Often Seen To Include Termination Of Pregnancies!

File this one under the heading, “Abortions and Women’s Health.”

I couldn’t help but notice that some more or less “Conservative” websites are publishing crap that seems to try to separate “Abortion” from “Women’s Health Care.”  It looks to me like there are some Rightie anti-abortionists who want to confuse issues and make people think “Abortion” and “Women’s Health” are two distinct and wholly separate things.

You can read a whole lot of this kind of article on the Internet if you will simply put the following words into your computer search window and follow the leads that are generated:  RIGHT WING DENIES ABORTION IS WOMEN’S HEALTH CARE.

So what can you deduce when you hear an anti-abortion Right Winger saying that Women’s Health has nothing to do with Reproductive Rights, Birth Control or Abortion?

I think a justified response to such ignorant nonsense would be:

“Wrong!  Wrong by any standard – – except perhaps the self-constructed pseudo standards of the radical religious right who still think it is Godly to invade people’s bedrooms with their edicts and demands.”

The broader general term, “Women’s Health” includes as subdivisions of the main subject such things as “Women’s Maternal Health” . . . and all health issues surrounding child-birth, menopause and various cancers that attack women . . . breast cancer . . . cervical cancer . . . ovarian cancer . . . etc.

I need to point out here that “Women’s Reproductive Health Care” is also included under the general heading of “Women’s Health Care” – – – ( Click Here Please.)

Women’s Reproductive Health Care also includes issues surrounding access to safe and legal ABORTIONS. – – – (Click Here Please).

And I would argue that there are many cases where safe and legal abortive procedures may be the only answer when there are cases of unresolvable fetal defect, incest, rape and incidents where the mother’s safety and sometimes even her life may be in serious danger from a pregnancy.

The hyper-superstitious among the Religion-bound radical Right anti-abortion crowd do not understand these conditions that may arise and they are always dead set against allowing women access to procedures under the heading of “Women’s Reproductive Health Care” and many of them fight against allowing women such rights . . . and they do it very often without any concern whatsoever for the health and safety of women and this often leads to situations where desperate women seek women’s health care services from unqualified practitioners or they simply do without the services entirely choosing to suffer instead.

But make no mistake about it, folks – – – Abortion and Women’s Reproductive Health are close allies and in every practical and sane sense cannot be separated to any appreciable degree when conditions requiring their invocation are present and necessity presents itself.

Do not try to explain these things to any of the closed-minded rightwad religious anti-abortion crowd however because . . in my estimation . . . most of them are more likely to place their religious principles over the safety of women . . . sometimes I am afraid even at the possible cost of the women’s health . . . and in some instances . . . even their lives.

Now I cannot really decide where I am on the “Abortion” issue.  I do know that I do not approve of the use of abortion as a substitute for contraception and I think if ever a case where that is happening is found there ought to be legal repercussions to whoever is trying to use abortion in that manner.  But that is a question for the courts to decide and I definitely am no lawyer.  It is just my personal opinion that the attempted use of abortion to substitute for contraception should be a criminal offense.  That is my opinion and my opinion entirely – – my personal “two cents worth” for whatever it might be worth.

As to my views of the Religious aspects of Abortion?

I don’t think the Bible speaks about the issue.  But if it does then I stand corrected and I wish someone would point me to the specific scriptures that say in no uncertain words, “People who get abortions have committed murder and are going to Hell.”

Until I gain a clearer understanding of the Abortion Question . . . and I do think it is a horrible thing to have to think about . . . I am going to have to have faith that God will deal with each individual situation and I am not about to try to second guess God on the issue.

I have no trouble seeing “Abortion” as the willful murder of a human being.  I have no trouble with that at all and that is my choice to believe that way.

But is it better to allow a woman to die when an intervention such as abortion could save her life?

It seems to me there are an awfully lot of people in various levels of national, state and local government who think it is better to let their women perish than to allow access to services designed to terminate pregnancies.

The question might arise, “If you are strictly anti-abortion and you have the power to decide whether a woman lives or dies over the “Abortion” question and you choose to allow the woman to die for lack of an abortion are you also guilty then of murder in the strictest sense?

Like I said – – that is all too deep for me and it is going to take judges and lawyers and courts to hash it all out and I am none of the above . . . and I doubt that a great many of the big mouths on the Right Wing side of the question are experts either.

But then what do I know?

Posted by John at 10:19 AM