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Texas Governor Reportedly Indicted!

According to the website “Politicus” Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted by a grand jury on “abuse of power” charges and if convicted it is reported the governor could face a possible prison sentence of as much as 109 years.

My opinion about this breaking news?

My opinion is . . . “Oops!”

(Article about Perry Indictment)

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I don’t want to sound like a smart aleck but . . .

There are some things that seem to me to be so ridiculous that I am compelled to point a few things out here about racism when it comes to reports about somebody shooting somebody else:

I have found a couple of articles on some of what look to me to be right wing websites that appear to me to be mourning the killing of Michael Brown by police officers in Ferguson, Missouri by reminding us all that there have also been cases where black people have killed white people too.

Some Righties seem to be upset because some of them seem to think that when a black person kills a white person it does not get the amount of play on the evening news as when a white person kills a black person.

It is my personal belief that it is callous, cold, indifferent and heartless for anyone to post such comparisons on a website during the time of a tragedy when people are suffering and grieving over the loss of loved ones  but then again, as I give it a little more thought, I say to myself, “But that’s what some of the more radical Righties are more often prone to do than not , isn’t it?”

Well . . . some of the arguments being mounted by some of the Righties about these things might have a little bearing with me personally if it were not for one little thing . . . I have been given to understand that when a person of color has killed a white person the person of color does not get sent back to his job and put on paid administrative leave until such time as some investigation has been completed.

The way I look at things that single detail alone would be worth considering very carefully if somebody is going to talk about fairness or equality.

Of course anyone reading this blog can correct me on this if I am in error in this assumption.

By the way . . . if you hear anyone challenge what I am saying here by demanding evidence of some black on white crime that has escaped intensive media coverage try to recall the O.J. Simpson trial.  This event received at least three times the coverage that the Treyvon Martin case received.

So don’t fall for that old right wing dodge.

Through Manure-Colored Glasses To The Right Wing Utopia!

Some of the Right Wing fascistas loose on the continent are complaining that President Obama is somehow responsible for opening a door that could result in millions of new immigrants flooding the nation and that this will pose some kind of problems for those who came here “Legally” ( what the hell ever that is supposed to mean.)

A person listening to this crap could probably ask any member of an American Indigenous Tribal Organization what the hell the Right Tards mean when they talk about those who came here “Legally” but that is another story and I don’t know of too many right asses who would want to talk about that little episode in our History.

The histronic paranoids in Rightsville will complain that the Obama Administration is somehow granting special treatment to what they consider to be nothing but a swarm of disease-ridden “Illegals” flooding across our borders . . . out of control. That is the extent to which they seem willing to push their hate-the-immigrants rhetoric – – disease-ridden hordes of “illegals” . . . vast numbers of gang bangers and criminals . . . more of the criminal element that the innocent children fleeing oppression in their home countries – – anything to paint the picture of an American Government out of control – – unable or unwilling to defend itself against foreign encroachments – – presumably due to some nefarious desire of our leaders in Washington to use the influx to help establish the dreaded “Tyranny” that the Righties have been predicting for years now . . . the Tyranny that never seems to come . . . The tyranny that is always in the future . . . just around the corner . . . waiting to spring upon the unsuspecting populace . . . and according to “Them” ( The Right-Assed among us ) the immigration crisis is the harbingers of the foretold disaster.

And in the midst of it all the song and dance of the radicals never changes – – all the confusion . . . all the uncontrolled immigration . . . it is all the fault of a single individual in their unreasoning minds . . . minds incapable of comprehension . . . minds that couldn’t recognize reality if it took the form of a dollar bill and wrapped itself around their most pleasurable parts and started edging them toward some new and unimagined ejaculatory releases . . . yet in spite of all this there are still those possessed of their powers of reason who know the truth . . . the truth that reveals the Right Wing lie for what it really is . . . the vehicle by which the Radicals wish to cause Americans to abandon faith in their elected government and run to the imaginary protection of the right wing radical agenda that intends to dismantle the democracy and replace it with some kind of religious rightie administration probably based on a form of Biblical Law that would make Sharia pale by comparison.

This is – – in my opinion – – the nightmare that is coming upon us . . . not the imagined threat from a few thousand innocent children at a border somewhere . . . not from the imagined and  unreal epidemiological diseases proliferating among the immigrant kids . . . not the hordes of vicious gang members that are not really there in the numbers the righties would have us believe . . . but the real danger in all this is the possibility that enough sane and rational people who enjoy legal American Citizenship might be moved by propaganda to accept a truth that is something other than truth . . . a damnable but cleverly constructed set of lies with a nightmarish agenda . . . an agenda probably more-than-approved by the richest of the megalithically-wealthy elitists at the top of our fiscal food chain . . . and maybe even moved and motivated by the newfound ability of big money to buy our elections and to set a course for the nation toward an oligarchic dictatorial religious Theocracy.

That’s where I think the real threats lie . . . in the “Right Wing Radical Lie!”

For the time being – – before voter suppression does what the Radicals want it to do – – – if it does in fact do what they plan for it to do – – the only hope for America still lies where it always has . . . in the indomitable spirit of The People and at the voting booth.

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The strange habits of the radical Right!

I have been around for quite a while now – – more than 70 years to be exact – – and I have never seen American Conservatism in such a weird state as it seems to be today.

For example:  Did you ever notice how many millions . . . yea, even “Billions” of Taxpayer dollars they are willing to spend on tax breaks for the rich, subsidies to Big Oil companies who are experiencing record profits and who really do not appear to need to be subsidized – –  for countless military interventions the world over . . . on virtually any pretext . . . for spinning such useless and hopeless wheels as suing the President for doing his job – – for mounting and maintaining fantasy “Investigations” into conspiracies that the Public has long since grown weary of hearing about – – you name it.  If it is useless or wasteful, the Contemporary forces of The American Radical Right is more than willing to spend Taxpayer money on it . . . whatever it might be.

But when it comes to spending money on things that can help the needy?

Well that’s another story entirely with that bunch isn’t it?

Yet there are millions of people who will still vote for Righties in elections because I assume they have this fantasy that somehow they will share in the rewards that most righties work their asses off to make sure moves to the top of the political heap.

What a lot of tenacious, determined and loyal supporters of the Right Wing agenda do not understand is that even though they may wear the badge of the GOP on their heart and even though they have blindly voted for Righties most of their lives . . . if they happen to be poor or middle class then they are as much a target of right wing greed and callous indifference as any Liberal ever was.

It makes no difference to the power structure of the Radical Right . . . if a person isn’t wealthy then that person does not curry favor with the elitists in the rightie power structure and they are treated just as shitty as anyone else . . . but I think a lot of people are blind to this fact.

So even some staunch supporters of The Right will go ahead and vote for candidates who publicly proclaim they do not like labor unions, for example.  I have never figured out how it is that so many members of labor unions actually will vote for anti-union issues and candidates. Don’t they know they are cutting their own financial throats ( in a manner of speaking ) when they do stupid crap like that?

Don’t the people who constantly vote for Republicans and other kinds of right wingers understand that if they ( the voters ) are poor and right wing themselves, it doesn’t matter to the elite in their chosen party . . . the poor right wingers who are dumb enough to vote for right wingers are voting themselves a shaft up the rear end just the same as the shaft administered to Liberals and everyone else who is not an intellectual clone of the right wing bastardry.

Do people like that have some hidden need to be punished?  Is that why they do such crazy things?

Is there a hidden streak of sado-masochism in the American psyche that demands self-flagellation at the voting booth?

Yes . . . billions for crap of all kinds that don’t amount to a hill of beans but not a dime to help the needy – – that seems to me to be the way of the intransigent and obstructionist nitwits that make up the core and cadre of most of Contemporary American Radical Conservatism.

Now I know some dumbassed right wing C-sucker will come on here and demand that I show some kind of proof of what I am saying.  I have found that is their first defense – – – start agitating for “Proof.”

But if you offer “Proof” they immediately reject it labeling whatever you have provided as Leftist propaganda.  It never fails.

So here is my proof of my claim that many right wing radicals are not interesting in legislating money to help the poor and middle class.

The proof I offer is this one single all-inclusive statement:  “Go to The Congressional Record” and check out their voting records on issues.

Of course I understand that some simple minded right wing assholes will almost certainly declare that The Congressional Record is some for of Liberal propaganda . . . but like “F” that kind of mindlessness is all I can say about it.

But even if people learn this or if they come to understand it it won’t matter much because by the time election time comes around again they will tend to forget the hard lessons of their ill-advised choices and they will vote according to their hunches or their gut feelings which they will have no earthly idea will have been moulded for them by the ever-blaring propaganda they listen to day in and day out.

It is tragic!

Posted by John at 8:32 PM

What would Jesus do about the immigrant children?

You should read some of the stuff some of the radical right wingers write about the children crossing the borders in the South Western United States!

For one thing I have discovered that if someone writes an article focusing on the sufferings and needs of the children crossing the borders, many of the radicals on the right try to cover the reality of the situation by inserting a distracting article about how many of the immigrants are actually dangerous gang members and other undesirables.

Then these same heartless rightie creeps mock the suffering children by cynically calling them “Jesus Kids” or “Moses Kids” or some other barb obviously intended to demonstrate right wing dislike . . . disdain . . . hatred . . . for the immigrant kids.

Some of the same rightwads I am talking about also love to point out their “facts” that great numbers of the kids crossing the borders are bringing all kinds of communicable diseases with them and I guess the insinuation is that these kids are capable of being the cause of some kind of pandemic in The United States.  At least a couple of these mindless crud cakes is now suggesting that some of these immigrant children may even be the cause of an ebola outbreak here in The U.S.

I mean some of these rotten sunsabritches will seemingly go to any length to demonize helpless kids because they hate immigrants.  I think it is as simple as that.  I mean I don’t see all that much Christian Love being shown to any of the border children by anybody on the right or the right wing extreme, do you?

And if a Liberal such as myself starts talking about Christian duty toward these kids the first response is usually something like, “If you are so damned concerned about the welfare of these children why the Hell don’t YOU take some of them into your homes and take care of them and make sure you don’t spend any taxpayer money in the process?”

When I hear something like that I am immediately assured that the immigrant-hating element on the Christian Right Extreme certainly as Hell ain’t going to do anything to help these children but are probably going to do everything they can to make life hard for them.  Now there is some real “Christianity” for you folks – – I have a question right now:  “Why is it that some of the people who scream the most about their Christian Life and their Christian Morals and their Christian values are often the very people who are least like Him whom they profess to follow . . . you know . . . Jesus?  What’s up with that anyway?

I note that some of these kinds of so-called “Christians” talk about how really concerned they are for the Life and safety of children who are yet unborn and who are still in the womb but once the kids are born it sometimes seems to me the righties forget all about them and let them fend for themselves the best they can in the outside world.

To make a long question a little shorter let me ask it this way:  “Why are some people who call themselves “Pro-Life” really more “Pro-Fetus” than anything else?

The Right Tards who scream that America cannot afford the price tag of caring for these refugees are the same ones who want to spend untold billions of dollars on their war machine and who work their asses off in elective offices to make sure the lower classes of American Citizens also live hard . . . trying to stop millions from being able to get adequate affordable health care for example . . . refusing to extend unemployment benefits for millions of people who are unemployed because of the Republican Recession and its aftermath – – and all kinds of evil-assed things they try to do to people.  

Why is it that some of them are always trying to do things TO people instead of trying to do things FOR people?

I have never figured it out and I doubt many other people have either.

If my memory serves me correctly, Jesus was very much concerned with ministering to the needs of the halt, the lame, the blind and the poor.  Why is it that some of those who claim to be his followers today not try to replicate that attitude rather than adopting the exact opposite position when it comes to dealing with those who have the greatest needs among us and around the world?

How does it make sense that so many righties who claim to be Christian can spend whole days in Church on Sunday and then go to prayer meetings on Wednesday . . . give their tithes to the church . . . stand up in the middle of church meetings and testify to their sanctified and “saved” status . . . praise the name of Jesus with tears streaming down their cheeks and then turn their backs to the hordes of suffering humanity at the borders?  It doesn’t make sense to me.

If I am not sorely mistaken Jesus demands sacrifice from His followers . . . He who has shown such great mercy to the sinners He has “Saved” asks that His “Redeemed” show mercy to others . . . so why are so many of them so reluctant to heed the call of their Master’s Voice in ministering to the needs of the needy, the destitute and the oppressed?  Why do so many people who claim to follow Jesus hold the immigrant children on our borders in such hostile regard as to brand them with as many evil things as they can lay their tongues to?

How do people who claim to follow Jesus Christ yet who wilfully refuse to do the things He asks of them . . . the merciful acts that He requires of them . . . how do these “Goats” ever expect to transform into “Sheep” and inherit the promise of eternal life that is so dependent on obedience?

I wish somebody could answer these questions for me other than some totally backward and ignorant right wing extremists who have no greater character than to sit in comfortable surroundings somewhere spewing hate and venom against needy human beings on a computer or something.

I cannot say for sure but I have often thought that some of the right wing extremists might even conjure up an image for their own pleasure of Jesus Christ going to the border with an automatic weapon in hand proclaiming to whoever assembles there, “I have the solution to the border problem and it is a Second Mendmunt solution.”

I’m sorry folks, but the Jesus that some of the Righties talk about . . . the Jesus who refuses to render help to the helpless . . . who refuses to feed the hungry, clothe the naked or tend to the sick . . . this is not the Jesus that I was raised to believe in.

God help this nation if ever those cold-hearted bastards ever gain control of the government for any appreciable length of time.

Posted by John at 12:00 Midnight.





Obama is still “A-O.K.” with most Americans!

The right wing radicals who love to paint nasty verbal pictures of our President with a forefinger dipped in something they found in a cow pasture or a pig pen ( Just before they pick their noses with that same finger ) – or just before they shove it up their own posteriori . . .  to the elbow . . .  to scratch something that most likely chronically itches . . . should know that six in Ten “Real” Americans still see President Obama in a favorable light despite the best efforts of an insignificant few  of the Radical Rightie manure slingers . . .(sniffers) . . . (tasters) . . .  to try and make them believe otherwise. – – – Click Rat-Cheer (Right Here) Please.

There are a bunch of bogus reports being circulated on the Internet right now saying that 6 in 10 Americans dislike . . . despise . . . do not like . . . do not approve of . . . hate . . .the President but here is a little secret about how to read such rascally rightie drivel:  When the right tards speak of “The American People” they traditionally are excluding every living soul who lives on this continent and in this country who are not like themselves.  

They only see their own kind as “American.”  That’s where the old “Blue State/Red State bullshit came from.

They have to be separate in order to be happy or to feel secure . . . or relevant . . .  So really, folks, in the minds of a lot of people who refer to themselves as “Right Wing Conservatives” there are no “Americans” other than other “Right Wing Conservatives” who believe exactly the same as they, themselves do.

At this point I would like to point out that there are “Actual, Bona Fide” Right Wing Conservatives in America but their influence is not as great in politics any more as some of the crazies from the rightist clown car who edged them out of political power in the elections of 2010.

So when a Rightie says that 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of President Obama then what they are really saying is that 6 in 10 of “Righties” disapprove of Obama.  When they say such shit they completely forget ( and they want you to forget ) that America is a helluva lot bigger than just 8 or 10 million really off-the-wall radical Right Wingers.

There are also Independents, Progressives, Democrats, Liberals, and scads of other ideologies out there and all of them are part of the vast American Political Landscape and among the larger crowd reputable well-known and well-respected polls are showing Obama with an approval rating whereby 6 out of 10 of “All” Americans ( Except for the relatively few . . . that insignificant bunch of propaganda-peddling haters who call themselves “right wing” or “Conservative” and who are, in all reality, anything but what they claim to be . . . ) Six out of 10 “Real” Americans approve of the President.

Most of the Obama “Hate” crap is not coming from “Real” Conservatives but is coming from the clown car side.

“Real Conservatives are honorable and noble and good, kind, caring and sharing folks who love America and want to do everything they can to move America forward and to provide for a good life for everybody.  But “Real” Conservatives are something entirely different altogether from the “Hater” crowd – – the crowd who makes most of the political noise these days.

I thought I had to point that out in order to be perfectly clear that not every American disapproves of the President.

Millions more – – the ones who voted for him twice – – still support him and are still sending their hard-earned cash to build up the fiscal power of The Democrats even as the crazies are mounting their most vicious attacks against him with all their “Impeachment” crap-o-la!

It was Right Wing “Impeachment” crap that blew the chances of the Righties to hang on to power during the Clinton era and if they are not damned careful they are going to do exactly the same things to their political future now with all this “Impeach Obama” stuff as they did during their ill-fated adventures connected to Impeaching President Clinton.

I have said it before and I will always say it – – – “Nobody on the face of the planet does a better job of campaigning for Democrats, Liberals and Progressives than Right Wingers and so I say “Let them go ahead with whatever little nasty actions they think they can get away with” because the more they work their devilment, the greater will become the anger of the nation against them and sooner or later I think they will go over the edge and hand the political victory to the Left on a Gold-Plated Platter.

Posted by John at 10:18 AM


Obama admin approves new oil exploration off East Coast of The U.S.

For those who delight in pointing out – – with their fabricated myth-truths and revisionist anti-Obama hate propaganda – – how The President is totally unconcerned with allowing new energy resource exploration to go forth in the United States or in U.S. Coastal Waters a new article I read on another website should come as quite a shock!

Of course I am sure somehow that a lot of the radical righties who do not particularly adore the President ( Snark-ism) will spin a lot of their wheels in a lot of mud flats in order to try and find some way to discredit what I am writing here or to minimize the importance of what the President and The Administration has done with this new action on Oil . . . but that is alright with me because I know pretty much ( or at least I totally believe ) that a lot of what the deniers and the opposers come up with will be something invented for the purpose by some propaganda genius from the rightist perspective and in my book whatever they come up with in their miserably impotent attempts to discredit the good news in the action by the administration will either totally suck,will be total bullshit or can be discounted by the rationally sane with immediacy and totality without any effect at all on the benefits to the nation of what the President has approved.

America can only benefit from expanded exploration for oil and so this thing the President has now approved can only be good for the nation!

Some Righties probably will not like what I just said but they can stuff it for all I care.

The Facts as I understand them:

(1) The President has authorized the use of some kind of technologically advanced device called a “Sonic Cannon” to help look for oil deposits off the Eastern Coast of The United States and that if any new oil is found in that region any Energy-Producing Companies who may be interested could start purchasing oil and gas leases in the region as early as 2018.

(2)  According to the report that I read the region in question is approximately twice the size of the State of California.  In my estimation that represents one helluva large potential new oil resource anyway you cut it!

I don’t have permission to link directly to some Internet sites but I see no reason I cannot provide references and allow my readers to look up the stories for themselves.

Why not just put the following words into the search window of your computer and see what comes up that can be moused on and follow the leads that pop up?


Posted by John at 10:46 AM

I simply could not resist the temptation!

By John

My Political Opinion


I have had a lot more than one sniveling conservative radical fool ask me – – more than once – – when I am going to take some of the immigrant children coming across out southern borders into my home – – like “Good Liberals” are apparently supposed to be doing in the eyes of some of the right tard scumbags who seem to detest the immigrants . . . almost as much as they seem to hate Liberals and Democrats . . .  claiming they are criminals – – claiming they are bringing communicable diseases into the country to infect everyone with – – claiming that the whole immigrant crisis is something that the President has done on purpose so he can use it as a diversion and “Rule By Fiat” like some kind of King or something.

Well I think that by this time some of those radical right wingers who are always wondering if I am enjoying my “Homo Burgers” ( because I posted that I would support a major fast food chain who had come out with a special-issue hamburger in a rainbow-colored wrapper to support the rights of the American LGBT Community) – – – I think some of them have reached as high on the ladders of bigotry and hatred that can be reached and have fallen as low as any human can fall with their rhetoric and their incessant blathering . . . their hate-filled blathering . .  about the President – – about Liberals, Democrats, Progressives – – and anything and everybody that doesn’t fit their profile of what an American should really be in order to qualify for the title, “American.”

I have always been given to understand that it is the radical righties who are the super Christians – – the ones who can be counted to feed the poor and comfort the afflicted . . . the ones who are always asking everybody else, “What Would Jesus Do?” when they want to make some kind of inane point about their presumed superior moral value system . . . a system I believe has been proven to be a complete fallacy given the attitude many of them are showing toward the helpless kids suffering through this immigration crisis.

What happened to their f***ing Christianity?

Where is their Godly attitude now?

How about a few fish to feed the hungry multitudes, Rightwads?

I think most of my readers know the type of low-life I am talking about here but in case there is still some question, then perhaps my readers really ought to read the article under the link I have provided below so they can gain a clearer understanding of what some of the sleazebags on the right wing extreme are saying and doing in their political sewers.

Related Article – – -

Please go to the website, “ADDICTING INFO” and read their article entitled, “MORE RIGHT WING RACISM: IMMIGRANT CHILDREN ARE ALL THUGS AND GANGSTERS.”

I gotta say, folks . . . I have watched the American Political Right Wing Extremism morphing into something  that I never dreamed I would ever live to see it become – – something agitated, paranoid,combative,uncooperative,obstructionist,gun-nutted to the max,incoherent – – maybe even militia-dangerous in some cases.  I can almost feel as if  it has become a nightmare and I cannot see any signs that it is going to get any better before it gets worse – – far,far worse!


Right Wing Planning To Sue Obama For Delaying Obamacare?



Presumption:  The Right Wingers in Congress plan to sue President Obama.

Why are they planning to sue Obama?  It is my understanding they are planning to sue Obama because he did not implement Obamacare fast enough for their liking.


Isn’t this the bunch that shut down the whole damned government just a little while back because they were pissed off about Obamacare?  Because they hated Obamacare?  Because they didn’t want Obamacare to be implemented at all?

Can somebody out there tell me in plain and simple English why the f***ing American Right Wing is not totally mindless?

Can anyone out there tell me a valid reason why any thinking person with their wits about them would ever consider voting for this brand of confusion cloaked in the robes of leadership?

Can somebody out there tell me why this crap the Righties are planning to do does not qualify for the “Loony” award for 2014?

Read this and then tell me why you do not think the American Right Wing has gone completely bonkers – – – RIGHT ABOUT HERE PLEASE.

Posted by John at 7:05 AM

New Revelations About So-Called “IRS Scandal” Come To Light!



Remember when the Righties were doing all the screaming about how the Internal Revenue Service was inappropriately and unfairly “Targeting” Conservative groups and how the insanity we now know as “The IRS Scandal” began in earnest with the special committee investigating it?

As it turns out it seems there were more Progressive groups targeted by the IRS during the time in question than there were Rightie groups!  Oh well!  I guess “They” have to have something to spend the Taxpayers’ money on since they aren’t doing much actual “Governing.”  I think I know a new motto the Radical Right Wing in this country could use if they wanted to and it goes like this: “Why Govern When You Can Investigate Something?”

“Why” indeed!  Isn’t it much more exciting and fun for the Right Wing and Conservatives in Congress to try to cause trouble for someone than it is to try to help someone by passing an unemployment benefit extension or some new massive funding to help fix the mess at The Veterans’ Administration – – or to create jobs by fixing the infrastructure – – or a hundred and one other things besides bitching, moaning, complaining and groaning?

I think America understands the priorities a lot better than some of the Right Wingers and I hope this translates to big changes in the forthcoming elections.

Big question for some of America’s Conservative Legislators:  “How about doing something to help the People for a change instead of saying “No” to everything that is proposed just because some of you may not like the President or Liberals in general?  Hey, Righties! Where’s the jobs?” Righties are supposed to be all about jobs aren’t they?  So where’s the jobs?  If Conservative fiscal policies were worth the paper they’re written on wouldn’t America have more available jobs right now than could be filled?”

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Posted by John at 12:22 PM

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest And Maybe Not So Dumb After All!

I was thinking about writing a blog post about how damned ignorant The Radicals and Extremists among our American Conservatives and Right Wingers are but something deep in my conscience said, “Wait a minute there, John . . . think about it before you start writing because there are some Conservatives and Right Wingers who are not at all like the rest of them – – there are some who are noble and upstanding and as truly Christian as they claim to be.

I think I know this to be true because I have met some really decent, caring, loving, God-Fearing, family and values-oriented and hard-working Righties in my life and it would be patently unfair of me to try to lump the whole group into one container and apply the same definitions and descriptions to one and all.  

It simply would not be fair and it would not be true.  

I know there are some ignorant-assed Righties who like to say that “All” Liberals are the dumbest people on the planet but since I do not sink to their level I will be fair and say that I cannot view all Conservatives through the same lens.  

I think that is a trait that separates me from them sometimes.  In fact I am pretty certain it is! Having said all that I must now go on and say there are a large number of what I consider to be “The Crazy Element” in the extremist factions of the American Political Right Wing and they seem to be gaining more and more acceptance among the low-information voters of The United States . . . but the numbers of voters they have infected with their absolutely fantasy-ridden garbage has not grown out of proportion yet and sanity still prevails in the mass psyche of America.  

I am confident that most Americans are still in possession of their faculties because most of the time they choose Liberalism and Liberal Candidates over the madness and empty promises and failed policies of the contemporary radical conservative right wing.  This is most fortunate for America and Americans indeed! Nevertheless there is plenty of reason to question the intellect of a lot of Righties these days and some of this bunch have actually presented themselves on the Conservative Clown Wagon in what appeared to me to be aspirations to be elevated to the highest office in the land.  This was especially apparent during the most recent right wing Presidential Primaries where some of the candidates seemed to go absolutely off the deep end in some of their statements and sentiments.  

And don’t think America didn’t notice!  America not only noticed but they rejected that brand of Crazy-assed Conservatism out of hand and chose President Obama for his second term.  Again to the benefit of the nation!  Imagine what life would have been like if some of the rights’ nutwads had gotten themselves elected as President!  Christ Al-Mighty!

Here are some of the poetic gems offered in recent years by some Righties of note.  Unlike some Rightie media geniuses I am not going to embarrass the people who uttered these jackass statements but I assure you they were spoken in reality by some pretty high-profile Right Wingers according to the sources from which these were taken:

A Former Republican President is reputed to have said, “If an individual wants to discriminate against ( minorities ) or others in selling or renting his house, it is his right to do so.”

Note:  In the above statement I have removed the specific ethnicity referenced by the speaker and replaced it with a generalization in parenthesis. Gotta remain politically correct, you know!

A famous high-powered Republican Televangelist once reportedly remarked, “The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women.  It is about a socialist anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

Once when a really famous Right Wing Pundit was talking on the air he came off with this little gem:  “It’s sort of like hazing, as fraternity prank.  Sort of like that kind of fun.”  (The guy was talking about the abuse of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib detention facility in Iraq – – something that was on major media coverage for weeks.)

Another Former Republican President:  “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

This post could go on for hours because it seems there is no limit to the absolute “Crap” that can proceed forth from the lips of some radical conservatives in this nation of ours.  This is the bunch who would have us all believe their agenda is the answer to all America’s problems when all their agenda can seem to do is say “No” to everything the President wants to do and “No” to everything that might be of some help to the American Citizens who need a little help the most.  

I cannot believe that some of the top echelon of the current crop of Righties ( some of which infiltrated Congress in a temporary moment of national insanity in 2010) actually believes such crap as “The body of a woman has some kind of mechanism whereby if there is a rape the woman’s body will shut down certain of its functions and prevent a conception from taking place. ” (The quote is my own paraphrase of a concept I heard spoken from a somewhere deep inside the  American Right Wing a few months ago.  The words are mine but I feel they reflect the spirit of what the Righties actually were saying about this subject.  

I used that illustration to kind of show where I think a lot of the mind power ( The very low-wattage mind power if you ask me ) on some of the American Radical Right Wing issues comes from these days.  It is frightening when I think about it too much! Some of these jokers seem to me to be actively engaged in the absolute destruction of the government of The United States with their continual gridlock and obstructionism and I think it is all about greed for gain on their part and on the part of some of those who support them in their quest for power and I think all the while they are tearing this great nation apart and exploiting what they can exploit – – and who they can exploit – – their best excuse is to try to shift the blame for all the problems America faces ( Many of which are caused by the obstructionist right wing) onto the President, the Liberals and anyone else who does not toe their line or dance to their drum.

It gets to be a little disgusting sometimes as far as I am concerned and I hope there is an appropriate payday for this kind of idiocy when the next elections roll around.

Final word”  A little credit where credit is due is in order here.  I started this post out by highlighting what I think is the moronic stupidity of some members of the American Political Right.  But when I stopped to think about what I was writing it occurred to me that maybe the ones I am talking about aren’t really that dumb after all.  I mean to give credit where credit is due they are smart enough to pull the wool over enough people’s eyes to keep themselves in the cash flow and in the power stream, aren’t they?  That must require a little cunning somewhere along the line – – and I don’t believe it is all nothing more than dumb luck – – unless some of them are getting an awfully lot of help from somebody a lot smarter than themselves . . . Hmmm I wonder who that might be if that is what is going on here?

Posted by John at 3:23 PM