More stuff for a Thursday morning

“You ought not to post more than once a day to your blog, John — you’ll turn people off and nobody will read your stuff.”

Lots of people post multiple times throughout a day and if people want to read they are going to and if they don’t they wont but my mind is much too busy to settle for one sitting at the keyboard every day  so —– I am going to have to live with it.

Now I am hearing that despite a little more than $16-billion dollars being pumped into the Veterans’ Administration Medical Centers and Services, the old complaint about excessive times to wait to be seen for problems hasn’t changed a bit since the problem with VA wait times was first brought to light.

Well if that is what’s happening right now, I can’t wait to see what happens if the crazy-asses in the right wing radical political circus manage to get us into a war with Iran — can you?  — That ought to prove interesting if you think VA wait times are bad now just wait until we have another useless f**cking war!

I read an article on the front page of a newspaper where it said the convicted Boston marathon bomber could get the death penalty.  When I read that I thought to myself, “Duhhh! and what happens if he doesn’t? — nothing! Right? — Isn’t that how America rolls these days? — Maybe instead of sentencing terrorists to death or prison terms we ought to follow the advice of some of our politicians and seek to “Understand” what motivates them and show some “Sympathy/Empathy” instead of being so quick to prosecute and punish. — I swear I do not know where some of our politicians’ heads are sometimes. — Happily most of the politicians still have their heads attached to their bodies even if they don’t tend to use them all that much. — But that may change someday if the same politicians keep on trying to deal with terrorism by “Empathy” instead of by an eye for an eye. — I have to ask myself, “Would I vote for somebody for President – (Or for any office for that matter) – who sounds to me like they might take a soft line on f**king terrorists?

I see a report where some more of our Afghani “Friends and Allies” have been shooting and killing American Soldiers again. — I have to ask myself the question, “Is that some kind of coincidence — (I keep on remembering what happened at Fort Hood) — or is it simply a sort of “Normal” thing for some of the alley-blockbarz? — something that might be cured if only somebody in America could see their way to trying to “Understand” what the terrorists must have suffered as young children and young adults and show a little compassion, consideration and “Empathy?” — Am I going to set out treats for the roaches in my apartment hoping that once they have eaten their fill of the candy and sugar and left-over beef stew they will pack their little bags and go find another apartment to infest? — Probably not! — I tried that with a cute little mouse once and it ended up costing me a fortune to try to get rid of all the mice that finally arrived with their little whiskers waving in the wind and their little paws outstretched to receive of my generosity. — Can we “Emphasize” terrorism into docile pacifism? — I can’t see it myself. — Maybe some rich politician can see it, but I can’t.