More stuff for a Thursday morning

“You ought not to post more than once a day to your blog, John — you’ll turn people off and nobody will read your stuff.”

Lots of people post multiple times throughout a day and if people want to read they are going to and if they don’t they wont but my mind is much too busy to settle for one sitting at the keyboard every day  so —– I am going to have to live with it.

Now I am hearing that despite a little more than $16-billion dollars being pumped into the Veterans’ Administration Medical Centers and Services, the old complaint about excessive times to wait to be seen for problems hasn’t changed a bit since the problem with VA wait times was first brought to light.

Well if that is what’s happening right now, I can’t wait to see what happens if the crazy-asses in the right wing radical political circus manage to get us into a war with Iran — can you?  — That ought to prove interesting if you think VA wait times are bad now just wait until we have another useless f**cking war!

I read an article on the front page of a newspaper where it said the convicted Boston marathon bomber could get the death penalty.  When I read that I thought to myself, “Duhhh! and what happens if he doesn’t? — nothing! Right? — Isn’t that how America rolls these days? — Maybe instead of sentencing terrorists to death or prison terms we ought to follow the advice of some of our politicians and seek to “Understand” what motivates them and show some “Sympathy/Empathy” instead of being so quick to prosecute and punish. — I swear I do not know where some of our politicians’ heads are sometimes. — Happily most of the politicians still have their heads attached to their bodies even if they don’t tend to use them all that much. — But that may change someday if the same politicians keep on trying to deal with terrorism by “Empathy” instead of by an eye for an eye. — I have to ask myself, “Would I vote for somebody for President – (Or for any office for that matter) – who sounds to me like they might take a soft line on f**king terrorists?

I see a report where some more of our Afghani “Friends and Allies” have been shooting and killing American Soldiers again. — I have to ask myself the question, “Is that some kind of coincidence — (I keep on remembering what happened at Fort Hood) — or is it simply a sort of “Normal” thing for some of the alley-blockbarz? — something that might be cured if only somebody in America could see their way to trying to “Understand” what the terrorists must have suffered as young children and young adults and show a little compassion, consideration and “Empathy?” — Am I going to set out treats for the roaches in my apartment hoping that once they have eaten their fill of the candy and sugar and left-over beef stew they will pack their little bags and go find another apartment to infest? — Probably not! — I tried that with a cute little mouse once and it ended up costing me a fortune to try to get rid of all the mice that finally arrived with their little whiskers waving in the wind and their little paws outstretched to receive of my generosity. — Can we “Emphasize” terrorism into docile pacifism? — I can’t see it myself. — Maybe some rich politician can see it, but I can’t.

A little rambling rant for a Thursday morning

Good morning, friends!  — I hope you all have the most wonderful day it is possible for anyone to have!

I have been thinking about the shooting that happened a couple of days ago down in South Carolina where Mr. Walter Scott, a black man, was reportedly shot to death — with eight (8) bullets to the back while trying to run away from a police officer and while, according to all the reports I read, was totally unarmed.

When I read that I thought to myself, “Oh no!  Here we go again!  Another unarmed man of color killed by a policeman!

My thoughts immediately turned to Michael BrownJohn Crawford and Eric Garner. — They were all black men and they were all killed by police and in all those cases no indictments were ever brought against the police who were involved and I thought to myself, “I wonder if this South Carolina incident will finally end up the same way as all the others — a person of color dead and law enforcement exonerated?”

This time things seem to be a little different though because I have been reading that most people who know anything at all about what happened down there in North Charleston, North Carolina are saying the policeman in this case will be charged with murder because of the shooting and the way it was shown on a video that some bystander took of the event. —– ( WATCH).

I suppose certain radical elements of the gun-totin’ right wing will be all over this situation in South Carolina with their usual propaganda about how the victim was some kind of “thug” or something who put the shooter in fear of his/her life — invoking the old convenient “Stand Your Ground” defense and with all the other right wing radical nastiness that has accompanied all the other such deaths over the past few months. —

It seems to me there is a certain element in this society who wants to paint all the victims of police killing as somehow “deserving” of their fate. —

I have seen this before and I have to tell you it disgusts me. —

Akin to what I am talking about here I am sure the same righties will also be telling us how the killings I am writing about are not unique because there are plenty of cases where black people kill white people and the Main Stream Media never mentions it at all. — Some of the radicals are masters at the art of diversion if you know what I mean.

Sometimes the propaganda slingers from the radical right wing totally disgust me, folks! — If you have been following the news at all you know what I am talking about!

Well enough about that for this morning. — I am not going to sit here and try to judge how this is all going to turn out but I think I have a sneaking suspicion that it might turn out just about the same as all the other shootings and killings I have been talking about here.

If any of you guys want to weigh in, my comments are open and ready to receive your thoughts about all this.

Hillary, State Department, Donors


Follow the links to read the story:

There are some things I had never heard before about one of the assumed Democrat candidates for the office of President of The United States.

I have a sneaking feeling I am going to be hearing a lot more as time goes on, whadda ya wanna bet?

Image is public domain from Pixabay

The political rampages are heating up for 2016 already


The current static over Hillary Clinton conducting official business on a personal e-mail account is probably only the beginning. I think the “Vicious” Machine is only beginning to get its gears oiled and ready for even more horrendous attacks yet to come. Continue reading

I may be on the verge of changing horses in the middle of the stream . . . . .


Now that America has watched their elected representatives pass the so-called “Cromnibus” spending bill – – – – – the bill designed to keep the government up and running for a period of time – – – – –

And now that the Congress has given the largest corporately-controlled and owned economy on the face of the planet – – (Ours) – – – – another shot in the arm – – – – – (Temporarily anyway) – – – – –

And now that America no longer bears much – – – – – (if any) – – – – – resemblance to the social experiment left to us by The Founding Fathers – – – – –

And now that I have come to the conclusion that the real power in this country no longer resides in the “Will Of The People” but rather resides in the hands of a very rich and exclusive group of political and economic elites – – – – –

And feeling really badly betrayed by my own traditional Democrat Party because of their part in bringing this new “Cromnibus” Bill to pass – – – – – – – a bill which I feel will do nothing more than screw around with Senior Citizens and Retired People’s mortgages, pensions and standard of living as it heaps more economic goodies onto the treasure heaps of the already much-too-wealthy reigning Oligarchy – – – – I am changing directions with “American Liberal Times.”

I am also re-registering as an “Independent” voter at the first available opportunity!

For better or for worse – – – – for richer or poorer – – – –  til death do us part – – – – “American Liberal Times” will now and forevermore henceforth strive to present a far more “Centrist” – – – – (Middle of The Road Independent) – – – – – view than ever before on the issues that I feel matter the most to us.

This decision has been a long time coming and has been very difficult for an old codger like myself but once in a while even people like me have to wake up and smell the roses and understanding that as time goes forward things have a habit of changing.

I cannot believe there are people in my own political party who would start wearing the robes of the radical right and betray the working class – – – the middle class – – – seniors – – – home makers – – – workers at all income levels – – –  by signing onto a bill that brings so much negative potential to the table for all Americans – – – – who, in my personal opinion, deserve one helluva lot better than they have been getting at the hands of our elected officials over the past few years.

No, folks – – – I am not going to kiss the virtual asses of either the Right or the Left from this point forward.  I may kiss a little of each of them from time to time if I decide either of them are making any sense – – – – but for the most part I am going to try to walk a middle road – – – – a sensible road – – – – a road lined with the trees of wisdom – – – – – if at all possible.

I know this decision is going to cause some folks to turn off of me and my blog but I cannot face supporting something that has become a lie in my face over the past few years since 2000.  I am a really old fart now . . . . I am f**king 76-years-old for Christ’s sake and I can see clearly that the America I knew and loved as a child and as a young man no longer exists anywhere except in the shadowy recesses of some dusty old History book somewhere.

I cannot believe President Obama would actually consider signing such a piece of sh*t as that “Cromnibus” Bill . . . . . and I hope when the rubber meets the road he will not sign it into law as written (without some kind of reasonable revisions to give some breaks to the “Little Guy.)  Because if the President does allow this obscenity – – – – this slap in the face of Ordinary America – – – – I am finished supporting his agenda too.

As far as I know I am allowed to say these things – – – – (Freedom of Speech and all that malarkey) – – – – God only knows how long it will be before some government Nimrod decides to “Modify” freedom of speech as well – – “For the good of the nation” – – – or some such sh*t as that.

I have always considered the Right Wing Christian Conservatives to be a little “Off-The-Wall” in their contemporary manifestation as an ideology (Idiotology) but the more I study on things and the more I think about things I think I am getting to the point where a lot of them are not always as damned crazy as I once supposed.

One thing I do know:  From now on I am going to have to try to be a little less partisan about things or I won’t be able to look at myself in a mirror.

I do hope some of you will remain here with me as this metamorphosis begins – – – – I think I can count on faithful readers to keep me straight as we go forward here.  My opinions are not always set in stone and I am still not too old to learn a few things.

Maybe I should find something else besides “Politics” to write about.  Politics is becoming a little too erotic for me these days and I am getting to the point where I do not really relish the idea of bending over so much to please some political faction.

Or maybe I should keep on keeping on so that I might touch a nerve somewhere and inadvertently do something good.

Let’s see how this all works out.

Soooo!  Is the old fart finished venting now?

Studies show the simple act of kissing somebody spreads astounding amounts of bacteria!

The article I read said that two people kissing one another can actually exchange as many as 80 million active bacteria.

I found that so incredible that a question occurred to me:  “If simply kissing somebody you love on the lips can cause an exchange of 80 million bacteria, then how many bacteria do you imagine might be exchanged if somebody were to sucuumb to a temptation to kiss the backsides of some of the more radical of the rightwads who have been elected to the American Congress in the most recent mid-term elections? – – – – Do you think the bacteria count could double under such circumstances? – – – Check it out here, folks!

I kind of had it in the back of my mind – – –

–  that the very minute President Obama announced a new government initiative to improve trust and cooperation between police departments and citizens – – – – – a program that would include a requirement for police officers to wear body cameras while on duty – – – I just knew down deep inside that some right snarker would jump on the idea and use it as a basis for saying a lot of nasty things about the president. – – – – – Stands to reason, doesn’t it? – – – – – Par for the course isn’t it? – – – – – That’s what the radical Rightsters do, isn’t it? – – – – – so what else is new?

Yeah – – – – the radicals and the Obama Haters are already on the web about this new presidential initiative and their remarks tend to be anything but congratulatory – – – – encouraging – – – – or helpful . . . . as anybody familiar with the imbalances associated with rightwingassholism might well imagine. – – – – – I am not going to glorify any of the trash talk going on from the Righties about this initiative or about Obama right now because I think most of the country has heard enough of it by now. – – – – – But I will say this: “It is my opinion . . . . my very firm opinion . . . . . . . that the only folks who would be against this new initiative by the president to seek more and better ways to secure much-needed trust between civilians on the street and those who wear badges of law enforcement would be criminals, crooked-police and – – – -a certain rancid little element among the Radical Reichties – – – – of  course!  

My personal opinion is that the Right Wing ought to be fully supportive of this initiative because if police have nothing to hide then a requirement to wear body cameras shouldn’t bother them at all.

But I can already see where the Right is not going to let this be about “Police” or “Trust” or anything else – – – I can already see where the Right is going to try to make this all about . . . . Obama!  – – – – Screw the safety of the people! – – – – I believe “They” want this to be all about Obama . . . . as usual!

So where were the “Big and The Bad” during the Ferguson civil unrest?

The Ferguson civil disobedience and unrest – – – and riots – – – seemed to bring out some non-law-enforcement civilian type folks who said they were going to help insure the peace and to protect citizens – – – even with “Lethal Force” if they deemed it to be necessary.”

And then a warning was announced by the group known as “Anonymous” – – –

And the local and state police and the National Guard took enforcing the peace in hand.

And the authorities did an outstanding job if you ask me – – – I am grateful they were there when needed – – – professionals all – – – maybe a little heavy-handed sometimes – – – but a lot better than any rag-tag bunch of ill-trained civilian militias would ever be if you want ,my opinion about it.

And so when the whole thing cooled down I hadn’t seen much evidence of the so-called “Super Patriots” with their Gunz – – – being on scene to do much of anything except maybe to say a few things about stuff that I never saw any evidence of ever happening.

I find that hilarious in a way because I remember all the “God and Gunz” types who descended on the Cliven Bundy Ranch during a widely publicized “Stand Off” with Federal Agents over some dispute about land rights and taxes owed.  The “Biggies and The Baddies with the Gunz” were at that little bit of theater for a while too ….. sounding all ominous and pious and patriotic – – – they were there, that is, until somebody started a rumor that they were going to be the targets of a drone strike and after that announcement was made – – – as I recall – – – they all “Melted” into invisibility – – – (Scattered like scared rabbits) – – – and weren’t heard from much more again after that.

I love sometimes how the radical rightwads come on here and explain to me how when they “Take America Back” and get rid of “Big Gubmint” it will be the states and the little private militias who will be charged with defense of America against aggression.

Picture it if you can – – – a crowd of flag-wavers, Bible-wavers and Automatic Weapons wavers melting into the background in the face of any significantly threatening enemy!

I have to laugh sometimes!

Read More:

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We definitely need more gunz in America don’t we?

Yes! – – – America already has more guns in private hands than any other country on the face of the earth and we have the highest rate of gun-related death and I believe what is needed is even more guns – – – more permits – – – more satisfied owners – – – more freedom in the “Open Carry Laws” – – – yes – – – why the hell not?

Now that I have presented these items for your entertainment and information watch the radical rightwads start coming on with their own little “customized” – – – (Revised . . . twisted . . . contrived) – – – set of “Facts and Figures” to try to dispute everything I have written here.

Thursday, November 27, 2014 (Thanksgiving Day)

I cannot believe how fast time flies sometimes.  

This is my 76th Thanksgiving and once again Christmas is just around the corner.  


This morning I have changed ……. perhaps temporarily ……. the search engine for my blog again.  I am trying the “Bing” search engine out for a few hours to see if anything changes in the search area. ……. If I don’t like what is happening I will be switching back again to Google. …… We will have to wait and see. …….

One thing I am interested in finding out is if the new search is faster than the other one because if it is I can save some bandwidth. ……. If it isn’t then I will have at least tried.

Jim is fixing the turkey and my Son and I will be going over to Walmart to look for some microwave utensils he can use in his new apartment. Instead of buying one of those God-awful heavy “Whole” turkeys this year I decided on just a honeysuckle breast – – – That is 7 pounds all by itself – – – and I think a 7-pound turkey breast is good enough to serve just three people at a meal, don’t you?

I awoke this morning with a whole lot of stuff to be thankful for – – – I am not going to make a list because I am an old man and the list would be really long – – –  but here are a few of the most important things:  I am thankful to be as healthy and mobile as I am at my advanced age – – – I am grateful for all the wonderful friends I have made on the Internet – – – all the friends who tolerate my bullcrap and who keep on coming back to the blog to exchange pleasantries and to spend some virtual time with me every day – – –

I can never adequately express my gratitude to all you fine folks  – – – every one of you are just wonderful!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! – – –

I am thankful that the radical right wing has not yet found a way to dump me and leave me by some curb somewhere to struggle to survive on my own – – – like they are trying to do to millions of old guys like me  – – – and like they are trying to do to women’s rights and to people who need food stamps – – – you know how it is with them by now I am sure and if you don’t I am confident you will be learning about their generous hearts and “Christian” ways before too much longer because they are now the big sticks in the manure pile right now – – – thanks to the unfortunate choices made by a lot of people who fell for a lot of propaganda – – – but I digress.

This thing that has been going on in Ferguson, Mo., has been on my mind too. – – – I know how it is all going to turn out in the end. – – –

I hope I am wrong but I have seen it all before and I think I can predict that it is going to be just like it was with the Treyvon Martin tragedy – – – there will be a lot of screaming and yelling from the Left about how we need to do something to prevent such tragedies in the future and we are going to hear the screaming from the Right about how “The thugs always get what is coming to them.” – – –

I think we are going to have to go through all this rhetoric from both sides but as time goes by the whole thing will settle down – – – people will return to their lifestyles – – – the media will look for something else to squeeze some sensationalism from – – – Congress will ignore the situation or will make some generic statement about it – – – – it might become a campaign issue for a few opportunists – – – but in the end I don’t think Human Nature is going to change all that much in the foreseeable future and this kind of unfortunate thing will undoubtedly be repeated somewhere down the road.  I hope this is not the case and I wish this were not the case but we have been through these things before, haven’t we – – – and when you really think about it – – – is there anything all that much different this time around? – – –

Does anybody remember the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement?  – – –

Does anybody remember all the noise and all the rioting and all the rhetoric that went on during those times? – – –

And where is the “Occupy” Movement today? – – – History! – – – Memories! – – –

What was done to address the issues of the “Occupy” people? – – – Nothing as I can recall! – – – Why are we to believe anything will change with the current situation surrounding the events at Ferguson, Mo.?

This then is my test post for the new adventure with the “Bing” search engine. – – – Let’s see if anyone can find this and read it and if you do won’t you please give me a little comment on the post here and let me know how it is all coming through? O.K., folks – – – that should be it for now and if anything else comes up later on I will be back. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Amazing GOP Push To Increase Smog Levels In America!

Smog In New York City

Smog In New York City

Before I get going with this post let me offer a definition of “Smog.”

Define “Smog:”


smoke or other atmospheric pollutants combined with fog in an unhealthy or irritating mixture.
So as I read the following article from “The Hill,” I guess I can safely assume the Republican Party has strenuous objections to legislation designed to reduce the amount of smog allowed to float freely over and through our cities ….. and consequently also through the lungs of our citizens as well!
I do not know the justification for the right wing objection to the “Regulations” on smog emissions but I will be willing to bet a dollar to a donut – – – – (Just a bet all in fun, folks; no money involved) – – – that the objections have a dollar sign painted on them somewhere in the Right Wing bag of political tricks ….. whadda ya wanna bet?
Well now that we know what their intentions about smog are . . . . and now that they have gained control of both Houses of Congress again . . . . . . I think I can be safe in predicting that barring some kind of interventionist miracle ….. if the Righties get their way ….. we can look forward to the day in the not too distant future when no one in any of our larger cities will be able to go outside during certain high-pollution days …… days when respirator sales will quadruple ……. days when respiratory illness spike all over the country ….. I imagine there are people reading this blog about now who can think of even worse horrors than I have already described.
Oh yes . . . . a small afterthought here . . . . elections do have consequences.
Good luck with your Right Wing ride, America!  I guess it is what you wanted because it is what you voted for, isn’t it?
Article about Right Wing opposition to smog rules – – – (READ AND BELIEVE.)
Photo Credit(s):  The smog picture above is from Wikimedia Commons. Org and on date of November 26, 2014 which is the date I posted the photo to this blog, it was being offered in the public domain.

So given all the words being spewed on both sides of the issue what exactly are we supposed to believe?

The Democrats are reportedly introducing resolutions into congress to respect all religions and all faiths and especially Islam and their Holy Book, The Quran” …... READ IT HERE …….. while at the same time the United Arab Republics are reportedly condemning the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a terrorist organization ………READ IT HERE ……..and HERE ……..and HERE ……..and HERE …….and HERE ……. and in scores and scads of other places all over the Internet ……. and I am not a student of Islam ….. and I am not a politician ……. and I am not an expert on Human Relations ……. and I am not an expert on Religions …….and I am disturbed and saddened and angered at stories like this one …… RIGHT ABOUT HERE …….. and I am a little bit confused at this point about exactly what I am supposed to believe ….. and I would definitely appreciate it if somebody with some kind of real-world knowledge and some common sense …….( which automatically excludes any right wing radical answers from being sought or accepted here on this blog) ……. would simply come on here and leave comments that would set my mind at ease.