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Right Wingers Often Misunderstand The Homeless!

I have heard a lot of right wing types complaining about how the Homeless in America are nothing but a bunch of lazy – shiftless – no good for nothings who haunt the streets drunk on alcohol or high on some kind of dope and whose main occupation seems to be panhandling money from good-hearted people they encounter on the streets. Continue reading

The Gun Registry Of Your Dreams!

I can see the logic behind requiring background checks for prospective gun purchasers.  That seems like a common sense idea.

I am not so sure I can go along with a required “Gun Registry” at this point in History because somewhere I heard – - and somebody correct me if I am wrong on this – - that there is nothing in The Constitution of The United States of America that makes provision for a requirement that citizens “Register” the weapons they own.  I see some things in The Constitution about the Right to bear arms but I don’t really see anything there about needing to “Register” guns that are purchased.

Now I also understand that legitimate “Gun Dealers” in The United States are required to be “Licensed” in order to engage in the business of selling firearms.  I think I can understand that also and I think it is a good idea.

The question in my mind now is, “If legitimate gun dealers are required to be “Licensed” to sell firearms, what would be wrong with requiring gun owners to be “Licensed” to own the weapons they purchase?

We need a license to open a business, don’t we?  We need a license to practice a profession, don’t we?  We need a license to get married, don’t we?  We need a license to legally drive an automobile or a bus or a train or to pilot a plane, don’t we?

What would be wrong with requiring a license to own a firearm?

Some people – - it seems to me – - are afraid the Federal Government is going to find out how many guns they own and what kind and all the rest of the stuff that goes with an idea like that.

You know what I think?

I am not so sure the Federal Government would need a “National Gun Registry” to find out who owns weapons or what kind of weapons they own . . . or how many.  With all the news I have been hearing lately about Government Surveillance  . . . what with the National Security Agency and all that kind of stuff . . . it wouldn’t surprise me if “Somebody Up There Somewhere” might not already know these details about people’s lives.

I don’t want to sound too much like the proverbial “Liberal Pile of Ass” that some of the bloggers on the far right like to call me sometimes . . . but . . . If the truth were known . . . and this is strictly the “Liberal Pile Of Ass” (Me) trying to be funny . . . there might be national data bases already in operation concerned with who buys what kind of jockey short . . . who buys what kind of male enhancement products . . . who dates whom . . . I know there is probably already one out there concerned with who is married to whom . . . there must be a national data base on the number and kind of children born each year because birth certificates are required, aren’t they?  I think there are already a whole shit load of national data bases that most people may not have the slightest inkling about.

Anyway . . . a thought occurred to me . . . and this is one for the paranoid tomatoes who might be reading this blog right about now . . . there really isn’t probably a need for a “National Gun Registry” because there might already be a “Virtual” National Gun Registry and let me explain how that could work:

Anyone who goes into a gun shop to buy a gun where there is a functioning security camera and/or any kind of audio recording device or anyone who plunks down their credit card for some credit card reader to record a transaction on . . . these prospective gun purchasers may already the unwitting “Stars” in a comprehensive motion picture with sound backed up with a printed receipt in connection with the credit card . . . a “Production Number” that has already recorded every detail of their face, their body type, their voice, their credit card number, their address on the receipt from the dealer for the transaction . . . it may all be there for any drone flying nearby to snatch with some hyper-modern electronic snooping device and transmit straight to a secret cave in a mountainside in Nevada or somewhere . . . to be stored . . . ready for retrieval at any time . . . in . . . a . . . database!

Anybody ever think of that one yet?

When you get a chance and have a few minutes read – - – THIS HERE.

And then enter the following words in your computer search window and click on it and follow where it takes you:


Life gets interesting when you think about it, doesn’t it?

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What Happened To My Dad’s Kind Of Conservatism?

I was raised to believe that Conservatives in America . . . and most especially Republican Conservatives . . . were the traditional strong, staunch defenders of all things American . . . the defenders and protectors of individual freedoms, the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Mom’s apple pie, fireworks and the Fourth of July.

My Dad was a strong old-fashioned traditional Republican as was my Grandfather and . . . by association . . . my Mom.  I was a Republican until the second time I voted.  The second time I voted I had learned a few things about Politics and so I voted for President John F. Kennedy.  When I was young and dumb and full of it, I thought it was always best to vote for “The Man” rather than “The Party.”

Then a few years ago, I happened to switch on a radio to listen to some Right Wing talk radio shows which were just becoming popular at the time.

As I listened to the blowhard and some of his genre across that radio dial it began to dawn on me that something was different about the way the Conservatives were talking.  They were saying things I had never heard before . . . things that would have caused my Dad and Grandpa to turn red around the collar and across the ears.  The Conservatives I was listening to seemed to be filled with anger and virulence and vitriol and rage at Liberals, Democrats, Progressives and Independents . . . actually they seemed to be enraged at almost everything and everybody that didn’t agree with what they were saying.

That was not how I was raised.

That anger was too intense . . . too livid . . . to high-pitched for comfort.

Some of what I was hearing sounded more like a dictator screaming in a high-pitched voice from a podium in front of a crowd dressed in black and silver clothing and jackboots, carrying banners reminiscent of the Old Roman Empire – - or something.  The sound and the pitch of the screaming hateful rhetoric I was hearing seemed to me to be trying to paint a picture of Democrats and Liberals and Progressives as some kind of vermin not worthy to share the earth with these pundits who I was listening to.  It was repulsive, undignified, and quite frankly a little scary to listen to.

I tried!  God knows I tried!

I listened to this shit for hours on end trying to get into the spirit of what the Conservative Punditry were trying to sell.  But after a while of listening to what seemed to me to be the same old line over and over and over again, I started to sense I might be listening to something that was contrived . . . something that was designed to be presented in the way it was being presented on the airwaves . . . something that might be more at home amid the glare of beating drums and torch lights and screaming crowds and a very definitely militaristic nationalistic atmosphere.

After listening to this for a while I felt like jerking to stiff attention and clicking my heels or something.  I definitely was inspired to be the best little Reichtie I could be and that is when it began to dawn on me that the tone and temper of what I was listening to was foreign to me.  None of it matched the values I had been raised to respect.  I felt like I was hearing a call to arms against a segment of the American Population.  I felt like someone was trying to tell me that Democrats, Progressives and Liberals were the source of all the problems America faced and that America would be better off without them.

I could almost sense that if any of the leaders of The United States ever started to think the way some of these political pundits on the talk radio were talking about I might live to see the day when someone might grab control of the government on a permanent basis and possibly strive to institute another Thousand Year Period of some kind of Right Wing nightmare in which anyone who did not agree with the dictatorial leadership might be in serious trouble.

I was not listening to America anymore and I knew it and it was uncomfortable.  It was disheartening to hear one American talking about another American in that tone of voice . . . with that level of disrespect. . . with that kind of bitterness.

It was not my Dad’s kind of Conservatism anymore.

The Righties talk about their desire to preserve and protect our American Freedoms, our sacred traditions and they talk about Christian America and compassion for our fellow man and they cast the Left and the Liberals in the darkest possible terms they can conjure up, but on examination of the things they do when they get into positions of power in The Congress . . . things like cutting the food stamps to the bare bone throwing millions of defenseless kids into danger of going very hungry through no fault of their own . . . things like wanting to cut Medicare and Medicaid and jeopardizing the health and welfare of millions of senior citizens . . . many of whom would be absolutely helpless without the assistance given by those kinds of programs . . . when I hear about Right Wing campaigns to shorten voting hours, to gerrymander districts, to move polling places out of reach of millions of Americans thus making it ever increasingly harder for people who might vote Democrat to cast their ballots. . .  when I hear of a whole lot of things the modern-day so-called Conservative Right Wingers are doing, I am reminded with harsh reality that I am not looking at the Republicans and the Right Wingers of President Nixon’s Day or of Barry Goldwater’s Day or even of Ronald Reagan’s Day.

When I look at what is supposed to pass for Right Wing Conservatism . . . and yea even Republicanism today . . . I am looking at a movement that has undergone a strange metamorphosis like some monstrous caterpillar that has turned into a seven-headed flesh-eating moth that hovers over the Land of The Free with a gun and a club and a hammer defying anyone to oppose it on pain of horrible consequences.  The Conservatism I am observing today seems to me to be threatening, dark, ominous, dangerous and even evil at its core and it seems to be spreading its grisly tentacles slowly, deliberately, persistently into the very soul of what once was the shining example of Liberty . . . what was once a beckoning beacon to the “Huddled Masses” seeking refuge from the tyrannies of the world.

I saw what was happening in time to escape and become Democrat.

Others are not so fortunate, I think.

It is definitely not my Dad’s form of Conservatism any more.

My Dad would have never voted to hurt another human being by meddling with their social security or their chance at getting the healthcare they need or the food on their table like some of the Righties in Washington are doing at this very hour . . . at the very time I am writing this blog post.

I weep for what once was and is no more and I fear the marching legions of what is rising on the wings of hatred from the pits of modern American Radical Conservatism. I am afraid it is more on the order of a devouring cloud of darkness than it is of any kind of light or promise for a brighter tomorrow.  I am afraid it is a quicksand under foot that will suck everything and everybody who does not wear the adornment of the obscenely wealthy elite down with it if something isn’t done at the voting booths of America to turn the tide.

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America Is All About People Helping People!

Let’s venture into the murky depths of the Right Wing mindset . . .

Be wary of things with grasping tentacles as you go . . .

President Ronald Reagan is reported to have once said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

Let there be no doubt about it:  Those were wise words!

The Modern American Right Wing Extreme Conservative Movement seems to have taken these words of this President seriously because they have undoubtedly mastered the fine art of helping . . . . themselves!

They definitely do not believe in “Helping Everyone” . . . I think they have made that abundantly clear in the things they have strived to limit, to cut, to curtail or to do away with entirely.

I think anything that was designed to help anyone except themselves is taboo to most of them.

In fact when I hear some of them talk I get the distinct impression many – - perhaps even most – - of them seem to think there really isn’t anybody else except themselves and their own kind.

At the same time, I think they have taken to heart the idea of “Everyone Helping Someone” and I think they have interpreted this as meaning, “Everyone should indeed help someone and that someone who is being helped should rightfully be of some degree of a Conservative mindset because if they aren’t of a Conservative mindset they (A) Do not really exist as anybody at all or (B) they do not deserve to receive anything because all the good stuff should be reserved for “Themselves.”

Of course if it is true that “They” don’t acknowledge the existence of anybody except themselves as “Anybody” that means that nobody is out there to help them except other like themselves so then it stands to reason that they are duty bound to help only “Themselves” because there isn’t anybody else to either help or to be helped.

Therefore President Reagan was right!

Yes, I think he was as Right as a person could ever be – - and I believe he was probably as far to the Right as he could be for the time in which he lived . . . but I also think he could not qualify as a Conservative in today’s “Farther-than-ever-and-still-seeking-to-go-even-farther” to the Right political climate in which we all live . . . those of us who exist that is.

But if there is nobody else except “Them” then it doesn’t matter what the rest of us think, does it?  Why?  We are not really here!

Don’t believe it?

Ask a Rightie!

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What should be done about legalizing marijuana?


Citizens need to know more about their government!

I used to scream at some of the Right Wing political pundits on the radio because I took offense at the way they were talking about Liberals, Democrats and Progressives – - – they were talking about me in what I thought was the nastiest terms possible for human beings to utter. Continue reading

Why do I constantly get the feeling that . . .

Why do I always get the feeling that The American Right Wing may have one of their agenda items as depressing the American Economy on purpose and working to prevent any kind of legislation designed to help the Middle Class and all other working classes – - and the poor – - so that they can manipulate our Economy to the place where our Labor Force will be forced to compete for the same unbelievably low wages as are paid in a lot of other countries where people are happy to make 50 cents an hour?

Why do I feel like that sometimes?

Is that what the “Job Creators” actually have in mind for us?

Is that to be our future if Republicans or other Right Wing groups get their way with our politics?

Am I paranoid or is there something like this actually going on?

Somebody please tell me that I am misinformed about this issue.

Can anyone help me understand this?

Posted by John @ 7:10 PM

Does History really teach lessons?

For example:  Is there any possible resemblance between the modern American Radical Right Wing and some of the political entities that have existed either in The United States or in other countries throughout the ages  - – and if there are any such resemblances could the outcomes of the power and influence of those political entities be similar in our day and age and here at home in America?

There is one entity in particular that comes to mind and you might want to check it out here in a “Wikipedia” article that I found.  I think it is very interesting and I am of the personal opinion that some really close similarities can be found.

Of course I could be mis-reading some things and I am sure there are plenty of Righties who will try to make that case with me.

At this point I would be extremely interested in hearing what my Readers have to say about it.

Leave a comment for moderation and share your thoughts on this idea.

Right Wingers questioning Michelle Obama trip to China!

Some of the usual rightie complainers and especially some of those I have often referred to as “The Obama Haters” are all over the Internet with their objections to a trip being planned by First Lady Michelle Obama.

The righties I am speaking of are talking about how expensive this trip will be for taxpayers and some are questioning why The First Lady is also reportedly taking her children and her  Mother with her.

One rightwad that I consider to be particularly virulent about The Obamas has asked whether or not the First Family plans to reimburse the government for expenses involved in taking The Obama Children and Mrs. Obama’s Mother along with them on the trip which is said to be an exercise in soft diplomacy.

Personally  . . .  as a blogger . . . I do not know what to say about the trip except to say that in my opinion many Presidents and their Families have been involved in some kind of diplomatic jaunts during their administrations over the years and all of those trips had to cost the taxpayers something because any trip involved with The First Family necessitates a lot of security and all kinds of things that I have no idea about.

What I will say is that I do not believe The Obamas are unique in their pursuit of global diplomacy but I also believe that any opportunity for a bunch of righties who don’t happen to like this President to blow off something negative about either the President or His Family will never be missed but will be cultivated as thoroughly as their mindlessness and callousness will allow.

To read more about this please type the following words into the search window of your computer and follow the leads that are brought up:

Michelle Obama Headed To China

Arkansas Abortion Ban Struck Down!

The Arkansas abortion ban law was struck down by a  judge last week on the basis that it was  - – - “Unconstitutional.”

My Opinion?

I think it is worth noting here that the Federal Judge who struck down the Arkansas abortion ban is – - – a woman.

As we all know (If we don’t know we should know) that most of the restrictive abortion ban laws in this country have been enacted by Men who seem somehow to think they have a God-Given authority to dictate how women should behave in all matters including in personal health and medical choices.

I think super-chauvinism is still alive and well in America and I think women should stand up and demand their rights and I think the government (with the help of the people) should make sure women’s rights aren’t trampled underfoot by some pack of “Good Old Boys” with an entitlement complex.

How long do you think it will be before some jack boot-minded Right Wingers will find a way to contest the judge’s decision on the basis of some imagined infringement of their own Constitutional rights  - – - or on some cockamamie contrived complaint that the decision will negatively impact their religious rights – - – or some other tidbit of shit from the usual radical little bag of Right Wing tricks? – - - CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.