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Obama admin approves new oil exploration off East Coast of The U.S.

For those who delight in pointing out – - with their fabricated myth-truths and revisionist anti-Obama hate propaganda – - how The President is totally unconcerned with allowing new energy resource exploration to go forth in the United States or in U.S. Coastal Waters a new article I read on another website should come as quite a shock!

Of course I am sure somehow that a lot of the radical righties who do not particularly adore the President ( Snark-ism) will spin a lot of their wheels in a lot of mud flats in order to try and find some way to discredit what I am writing here or to minimize the importance of what the President and The Administration has done with this new action on Oil . . . but that is alright with me because I know pretty much ( or at least I totally believe ) that a lot of what the deniers and the opposers come up with will be something invented for the purpose by some propaganda genius from the rightist perspective and in my book whatever they come up with in their miserably impotent attempts to discredit the good news in the action by the administration will either totally suck,will be total bullshit or can be discounted by the rationally sane with immediacy and totality without any effect at all on the benefits to the nation of what the President has approved.

America can only benefit from expanded exploration for oil and so this thing the President has now approved can only be good for the nation!

Some Righties probably will not like what I just said but they can stuff it for all I care.

The Facts as I understand them:

(1) The President has authorized the use of some kind of technologically advanced device called a “Sonic Cannon” to help look for oil deposits off the Eastern Coast of The United States and that if any new oil is found in that region any Energy-Producing Companies who may be interested could start purchasing oil and gas leases in the region as early as 2018.

(2)  According to the report that I read the region in question is approximately twice the size of the State of California.  In my estimation that represents one helluva large potential new oil resource anyway you cut it!

I don’t have permission to link directly to some Internet sites but I see no reason I cannot provide references and allow my readers to look up the stories for themselves.

Why not just put the following words into the search window of your computer and see what comes up that can be moused on and follow the leads that pop up?


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I simply could not resist the temptation!

By John

My Political Opinion


I have had a lot more than one sniveling conservative radical fool ask me – - more than once – - when I am going to take some of the immigrant children coming across out southern borders into my home – - like “Good Liberals” are apparently supposed to be doing in the eyes of some of the right tard scumbags who seem to detest the immigrants . . . almost as much as they seem to hate Liberals and Democrats . . .  claiming they are criminals – - claiming they are bringing communicable diseases into the country to infect everyone with – - claiming that the whole immigrant crisis is something that the President has done on purpose so he can use it as a diversion and “Rule By Fiat” like some kind of King or something.

Well I think that by this time some of those radical right wingers who are always wondering if I am enjoying my “Homo Burgers” ( because I posted that I would support a major fast food chain who had come out with a special-issue hamburger in a rainbow-colored wrapper to support the rights of the American LGBT Community) – - – I think some of them have reached as high on the ladders of bigotry and hatred that can be reached and have fallen as low as any human can fall with their rhetoric and their incessant blathering . . . their hate-filled blathering . .  about the President – - about Liberals, Democrats, Progressives – - and anything and everybody that doesn’t fit their profile of what an American should really be in order to qualify for the title, “American.”

I have always been given to understand that it is the radical righties who are the super Christians – - the ones who can be counted to feed the poor and comfort the afflicted . . . the ones who are always asking everybody else, “What Would Jesus Do?” when they want to make some kind of inane point about their presumed superior moral value system . . . a system I believe has been proven to be a complete fallacy given the attitude many of them are showing toward the helpless kids suffering through this immigration crisis.

What happened to their f***ing Christianity?

Where is their Godly attitude now?

How about a few fish to feed the hungry multitudes, Rightwads?

I think most of my readers know the type of low-life I am talking about here but in case there is still some question, then perhaps my readers really ought to read the article under the link I have provided below so they can gain a clearer understanding of what some of the sleazebags on the right wing extreme are saying and doing in their political sewers.

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Please go to the website, “ADDICTING INFO” and read their article entitled, “MORE RIGHT WING RACISM: IMMIGRANT CHILDREN ARE ALL THUGS AND GANGSTERS.”

I gotta say, folks . . . I have watched the American Political Right Wing Extremism morphing into something  that I never dreamed I would ever live to see it become – - something agitated, paranoid,combative,uncooperative,obstructionist,gun-nutted to the max,incoherent – - maybe even militia-dangerous in some cases.  I can almost feel as if  it has become a nightmare and I cannot see any signs that it is going to get any better before it gets worse – - far,far worse!



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Right Wing Planning To Sue Obama For Delaying Obamacare?



Presumption:  The Right Wingers in Congress plan to sue President Obama.

Why are they planning to sue Obama?  It is my understanding they are planning to sue Obama because he did not implement Obamacare fast enough for their liking.


Isn’t this the bunch that shut down the whole damned government just a little while back because they were pissed off about Obamacare?  Because they hated Obamacare?  Because they didn’t want Obamacare to be implemented at all?

Can somebody out there tell me in plain and simple English why the f***ing American Right Wing is not totally mindless?

Can anyone out there tell me a valid reason why any thinking person with their wits about them would ever consider voting for this brand of confusion cloaked in the robes of leadership?

Can somebody out there tell me why this crap the Righties are planning to do does not qualify for the “Loony” award for 2014?

Read this and then tell me why you do not think the American Right Wing has gone completely bonkers – - – RIGHT ABOUT HERE PLEASE.

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New Revelations About So-Called “IRS Scandal” Come To Light!



Remember when the Righties were doing all the screaming about how the Internal Revenue Service was inappropriately and unfairly “Targeting” Conservative groups and how the insanity we now know as “The IRS Scandal” began in earnest with the special committee investigating it?

As it turns out it seems there were more Progressive groups targeted by the IRS during the time in question than there were Rightie groups!  Oh well!  I guess “They” have to have something to spend the Taxpayers’ money on since they aren’t doing much actual “Governing.”  I think I know a new motto the Radical Right Wing in this country could use if they wanted to and it goes like this: “Why Govern When You Can Investigate Something?”

“Why” indeed!  Isn’t it much more exciting and fun for the Right Wing and Conservatives in Congress to try to cause trouble for someone than it is to try to help someone by passing an unemployment benefit extension or some new massive funding to help fix the mess at The Veterans’ Administration – - or to create jobs by fixing the infrastructure – - or a hundred and one other things besides bitching, moaning, complaining and groaning?

I think America understands the priorities a lot better than some of the Right Wingers and I hope this translates to big changes in the forthcoming elections.

Big question for some of America’s Conservative Legislators:  “How about doing something to help the People for a change instead of saying “No” to everything that is proposed just because some of you may not like the President or Liberals in general?  Hey, Righties! Where’s the jobs?” Righties are supposed to be all about jobs aren’t they?  So where’s the jobs?  If Conservative fiscal policies were worth the paper they’re written on wouldn’t America have more available jobs right now than could be filled?”

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Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest And Maybe Not So Dumb After All!

I was thinking about writing a blog post about how damned ignorant The Radicals and Extremists among our American Conservatives and Right Wingers are but something deep in my conscience said, “Wait a minute there, John . . . think about it before you start writing because there are some Conservatives and Right Wingers who are not at all like the rest of them – - there are some who are noble and upstanding and as truly Christian as they claim to be.

I think I know this to be true because I have met some really decent, caring, loving, God-Fearing, family and values-oriented and hard-working Righties in my life and it would be patently unfair of me to try to lump the whole group into one container and apply the same definitions and descriptions to one and all.  

It simply would not be fair and it would not be true.  

I know there are some ignorant-assed Righties who like to say that “All” Liberals are the dumbest people on the planet but since I do not sink to their level I will be fair and say that I cannot view all Conservatives through the same lens.  

I think that is a trait that separates me from them sometimes.  In fact I am pretty certain it is! Having said all that I must now go on and say there are a large number of what I consider to be “The Crazy Element” in the extremist factions of the American Political Right Wing and they seem to be gaining more and more acceptance among the low-information voters of The United States . . . but the numbers of voters they have infected with their absolutely fantasy-ridden garbage has not grown out of proportion yet and sanity still prevails in the mass psyche of America.  

I am confident that most Americans are still in possession of their faculties because most of the time they choose Liberalism and Liberal Candidates over the madness and empty promises and failed policies of the contemporary radical conservative right wing.  This is most fortunate for America and Americans indeed! Nevertheless there is plenty of reason to question the intellect of a lot of Righties these days and some of this bunch have actually presented themselves on the Conservative Clown Wagon in what appeared to me to be aspirations to be elevated to the highest office in the land.  This was especially apparent during the most recent right wing Presidential Primaries where some of the candidates seemed to go absolutely off the deep end in some of their statements and sentiments.  

And don’t think America didn’t notice!  America not only noticed but they rejected that brand of Crazy-assed Conservatism out of hand and chose President Obama for his second term.  Again to the benefit of the nation!  Imagine what life would have been like if some of the rights’ nutwads had gotten themselves elected as President!  Christ Al-Mighty!

Here are some of the poetic gems offered in recent years by some Righties of note.  Unlike some Rightie media geniuses I am not going to embarrass the people who uttered these jackass statements but I assure you they were spoken in reality by some pretty high-profile Right Wingers according to the sources from which these were taken:

A Former Republican President is reputed to have said, “If an individual wants to discriminate against ( minorities ) or others in selling or renting his house, it is his right to do so.”

Note:  In the above statement I have removed the specific ethnicity referenced by the speaker and replaced it with a generalization in parenthesis. Gotta remain politically correct, you know!

A famous high-powered Republican Televangelist once reportedly remarked, “The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women.  It is about a socialist anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

Once when a really famous Right Wing Pundit was talking on the air he came off with this little gem:  “It’s sort of like hazing, as fraternity prank.  Sort of like that kind of fun.”  (The guy was talking about the abuse of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib detention facility in Iraq – - something that was on major media coverage for weeks.)

Another Former Republican President:  “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

This post could go on for hours because it seems there is no limit to the absolute “Crap” that can proceed forth from the lips of some radical conservatives in this nation of ours.  This is the bunch who would have us all believe their agenda is the answer to all America’s problems when all their agenda can seem to do is say “No” to everything the President wants to do and “No” to everything that might be of some help to the American Citizens who need a little help the most.  

I cannot believe that some of the top echelon of the current crop of Righties ( some of which infiltrated Congress in a temporary moment of national insanity in 2010) actually believes such crap as “The body of a woman has some kind of mechanism whereby if there is a rape the woman’s body will shut down certain of its functions and prevent a conception from taking place. ” (The quote is my own paraphrase of a concept I heard spoken from a somewhere deep inside the  American Right Wing a few months ago.  The words are mine but I feel they reflect the spirit of what the Righties actually were saying about this subject.  

I used that illustration to kind of show where I think a lot of the mind power ( The very low-wattage mind power if you ask me ) on some of the American Radical Right Wing issues comes from these days.  It is frightening when I think about it too much! Some of these jokers seem to me to be actively engaged in the absolute destruction of the government of The United States with their continual gridlock and obstructionism and I think it is all about greed for gain on their part and on the part of some of those who support them in their quest for power and I think all the while they are tearing this great nation apart and exploiting what they can exploit – - and who they can exploit – - their best excuse is to try to shift the blame for all the problems America faces ( Many of which are caused by the obstructionist right wing) onto the President, the Liberals and anyone else who does not toe their line or dance to their drum.

It gets to be a little disgusting sometimes as far as I am concerned and I hope there is an appropriate payday for this kind of idiocy when the next elections roll around.

Final word”  A little credit where credit is due is in order here.  I started this post out by highlighting what I think is the moronic stupidity of some members of the American Political Right.  But when I stopped to think about what I was writing it occurred to me that maybe the ones I am talking about aren’t really that dumb after all.  I mean to give credit where credit is due they are smart enough to pull the wool over enough people’s eyes to keep themselves in the cash flow and in the power stream, aren’t they?  That must require a little cunning somewhere along the line – - and I don’t believe it is all nothing more than dumb luck – - unless some of them are getting an awfully lot of help from somebody a lot smarter than themselves . . . Hmmm I wonder who that might be if that is what is going on here?

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The Old Christian “Back Of The Book” Thing!

When I was involved with a Pentecostalist Charismatic Evangelical Church in Michigan for a while back in the 1970s – - before I came to my senses and understood what their true agenda was . . . an agenda aimed at making America into some kind of psuedo-Christian-based Theocratic plutocracy or Oligarchy – - I used to brag to my fellow “Christians” and to those to whom I may have been witnessing and I always used a similar cliché that went like this: “I have read the back of the book and we win!”  (The “Book” I was referring to, of course, was none other than The King James Bible. Most of us Evangelicals depend on the inerrancy of old “King James, don’t we?).

Well folks, at the end of “The Book” God finally defeats all the evil in the world and takes the faithful to Heaven to live on streets of gold forevermore.  (Happy ending, right?)  In the same “Back of The Book” scene all the unfaithful are judged, damned and sent to a fiery Hell where they will burn with unimaginable fire for ever and ever, night and day without end.

As I was pondering all this a few days ago it occurred to me that all the nasty-assed hypocrites from the Radical Right Wing of American Politics – - the ones who have started all their illegal wars and caused the deaths of countless millions of people all over the world – - looking for non-existent WMDs and whatever else they used as an excuse to “Export” their “Democracy” to the “Heathen Nations . . . the very same Righties who would disenfranchise the middle class and the poor from the essentials of life sometimes – - the very culprits who sit in ivory towers in Washington, D.C., proclaiming themselves and their nation to be inerrantly Christian in all things . . . and who then cast their votes to refuse to extend unemployment benefits for millions who are out of work through no fault of their own and who are struggling to make it from day to day – - and those who cast their votes in Congress to refuse to fund health care for Veterans who have sacrificed so much for that “Chreeschun” Idealism of the Right-Tard Idiotology – - and a lot of other underhanded, crooked, fraudulent and nefarious deeds they have supported or perpetrated – - It occurred to me that a lot of them and their cronies are going to be in a world of hurt when we arrive at “The End Of The Book.”

And a lot of them are still peddling the lie that it is the Democrats and Liberals who are the agents of evil in this present world in which we all live.

I think Americans have given their birthright into the hands of the Radical Right Wing Beast far long enough now and that something ought to be changed at the very next available election!

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Nutcake Extremism

Religious Extremism By Any Name Is Dangerous To The Max! Continue reading


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Treason By Any Other Name – - -

Righties like to say that The President commits treason and tramples on the Constitution – - but do they ever say how treasonous it was for the Righties on the Extremist End in Washington to shut down the entire government costing at least $28-Billion in taxpayer money . . . wasted . . . just wasted so the Righties could try to make a political point . . . which they failed to make . . . because Americans saw through their antics? . . . you can’t fool The American People: They know who the traitors are and it isn’t the President or the administration!

The Constitution was created so we could have a government – - a functioning government; not a shut down government . . . shut down by obstinate obstructionists who would rather not govern than have to work across the aisles with a president they boasted they would make a “One Term” president from day one and who have been obstructing everything he has tried to do since that time.  If you want to talk about “Trampling on the Constitution” just consider the childish antics of the Right Wingers in the Congress ever since 2008!

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Whatever Happened To The “Birther” Movement?

The White House, Washington, D.C.

The White House, Washington, D.C.

Is it that the “Birthers” could not prove that President Obama was not a natural-born citizen of The United States and therefore ineligible to hold the Office of The President?  Did all their blow and bluster come up empty at the end of the day and they found out they could prove none of their wild conspiracy so they simply shut their mouths and faded into the obscurity they so richly deserve?  Is that what happened?

I see an article by a few of the “Birthers” surfacing now and again on the Internet and it seems to me like they are saying, “Wait a minute, folks!  We have just received “New” evidence to support our b* * * * s * * t claims about The President . . . and here that evidence is . . . from unimpeachable sources . . . blah blah blah!”  Usually what I see is some re-tread arguments that have long since been debunked in the sane world but which some of the nutwad righties and their ilk seem to want to hang onto.  It’s almost like they think somebody who matters is going to listen to their wails and woes long after the whole thing has been flushed down the commode hole of History by the vast majority of The American People.  The American People are not fools no matter how much the Right-tards  want to make fools of them with their lies and their filth.

Some “Birthers” used to say that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery but for some strange reason they have never been able to come up with any reliable forensic evidence from any reputable agency to prove the crap.  They have pretended to have come up with forensic evidence from time to time but it is usually always from source whose credentials are easily questioned or who are more than likely on the same page as the conspiracy nuts.  Anyone can manufacture evidence and put a psuedo-scientific mask on it and put it out as fact but again I say “The American People are not fools and they know when something stinks and when it doesn’t and I think that is why none of the “Birther Evidence” for their outlandish claims has ever stuck in any place where it might really count for something.

I am thinking this morning that if there ever had been a smidgen ( little bit, minute bit,microscopic bit) of truth to anything the Birthers ever had to say about The President or his birth, background or eligibility to be President some of their bullshit propaganda would have made at least some of their efforts at smearing the President successful and something might have come of some of it – - but no such thing has happened and nothing the “Birthers” have said or done has ever had any success in convincing anybody in possession of their wits or in positions of authority such as would be needed to move anything forward on some of their ridiculous claims.  In a word, “The (Seriously expletive ) “Birthers” have utterly, totally failed at what they were trying to do.  They did succeed in one thing:  I have to give them credit for one thing in which they were successful . . . make that two things:  (1)  They got a lot of priceless publicity for their cause from gullible mainstream and right wing extremist media, and (2) They succeeded in making complete fools out of themselves!

The Birthers did manage to accomplish one other thing which I have not mentioned yet but which I do not see as all that important now that President Obama is only a couple of years away from completing his second ( and last) term in office – - – The Birthers did manage to fool at least 13% of the adult American Population and somewhere in the vicinity of 23% of their own Republican kindred.  These figures are not all that significant and neither is the “Birther” Movement because when The President leaves the White House in 2016 none of the shit these sons of ( expletives) have been trying to sell to Americans will mean a damned thing anymore and it will all become a footnote in History – - where I think it has always belonged and where I think it damned well needs to be – - locked away with some of the rest of the insanities flowing from the garbage-laden mouth of the far-right wing extreme propaganda machine.

Note: I guess the next thing to happen here will be some know-nothing righties will start venting all the reasons they can think of to convince people that the sources I have used for this blog post are “Liberal Propaganda” and they will try to substitute their own “Right Wing Propaganda” resources.  Fair enough I guess but then people will believe what people will believe at any rate won’t they?  I want to see some concrete proof from some right wing source that the “Birther” argument is legitimate enough to catch the eye of some “Special Investigating Committee” in Washington, D.C.  But it hasn’t happened and it isn’t going to happen because everybody knows by now that nothing Birthers have ever claimed is anywhere near true . . . nothing . . . nada . . . zilch!

Real evidence is capable of producing movement where movement counts and thus far nothing the Birther fools have ever produced has done anything but garner some obviously useless publicity for their hopelessly lost cause.

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Right Wing Conspiracy Nuts Going Totally Bonkers Over Immigrant Border Children! Continue reading

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