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What is a Biblically-Correct abortion procedure like?


Some rightwads will scream and yell, “There ain’t no such thing!”

I hope some of them do not literally pop the veins in their necks over this blog post:

The Christian Bible not only approves abortions but it lays out the specific manner in which a legal abortion is to be performed.

God has overlooked nothing in His Divine Wisdom, has He?

The abortion procedure found in “The Living Word Of The Living God” ( My paraphrase ) can be found in The Book of Numbers, Chapter 5, Verses 11 through 31.

I am assuming there will be a lot of religious Right Wing anti-abortion folks who will be calling me all kinds of nasty names for bringing this subject up but if you are going to believe the Bible and accept the Bible and even follow the Bible, then you are going to have to accept every word that is written in The Bible.  You will not be able to cherry pick the Scriptures and only go by the ones you like.  That would not be acceptable to God by any stretch of the imagination and isn’t it the habit of many who claim they are Christians to boast they believe every word of The Bible?

Of course when it comes to some of the more radical of the Righties, I am sure they would never “Cherry Pick” the Holy Scriptures to prove their point about how “Evil” abortion is and how God would never approve of such a thing.

No, I don’t believe they would “Cherry Pick” but I am not so certain some of them wouldn’t be sorely tempted to “Re-interpret” what they think the Scripture says and try to pass it off as infallible fact.

I am afraid that in this day and age there are a lot of Right Wing Christians who may be revising the meanings and interpretations of Scriptures to prove how evil Liberals are and how unacceptable to God the act of abortion is.

But for the literalists and those who have some knowledge of Greek or the Hebrew Language and who have studied the ancient texts for themselves or in company of qualified Biblical Scholars I am quite certain that they will discover soon enough that Numbers 5, 11-31 is talking about a God-Approved procedure for bringing about an abortion where some kind of marital infidelity is suspected.

I can almost see some of the rightie handlebar mustaches standing straight up on this one, can’t you?

I am certain that once I have posted this post there shall be a lot of rending of garments and gnashing of teeth in Rightie-ville!

And I can’t wait to see the wicked names they will call me or the nasty things they will have to say about me because I have brought this information to light on this blog.

Posted by John at 3:05 PM

Picture Credit(s):  The image above is from the website, “Public Domain Image.Com” and according to the information I have been able to ascertain the image is in The Public Domain.

<a href=”http://www.public-domain-image.com/objects-public-domain-images-pictures/books-public-domain-images-pictures/holly-bible-book.jpg.html” title=”Holly bible book”>Holly bible book</a> by Leon Brooks

The Old Christian “Back Of The Book” Thing!

When I was involved with a Pentecostalist Charismatic Evangelical Church in Michigan for a while back in the 1970s – – before I came to my senses and understood what their true agenda was . . . an agenda aimed at making America into some kind of psuedo-Christian-based Theocratic plutocracy or Oligarchy – – I used to brag to my fellow “Christians” and to those to whom I may have been witnessing and I always used a similar cliché that went like this: “I have read the back of the book and we win!”  (The “Book” I was referring to, of course, was none other than The King James Bible. Most of us Evangelicals depend on the inerrancy of old “King James, don’t we?).

Well folks, at the end of “The Book” God finally defeats all the evil in the world and takes the faithful to Heaven to live on streets of gold forevermore.  (Happy ending, right?)  In the same “Back of The Book” scene all the unfaithful are judged, damned and sent to a fiery Hell where they will burn with unimaginable fire for ever and ever, night and day without end.

As I was pondering all this a few days ago it occurred to me that all the nasty-assed hypocrites from the Radical Right Wing of American Politics – – the ones who have started all their illegal wars and caused the deaths of countless millions of people all over the world – – looking for non-existent WMDs and whatever else they used as an excuse to “Export” their “Democracy” to the “Heathen Nations . . . the very same Righties who would disenfranchise the middle class and the poor from the essentials of life sometimes – – the very culprits who sit in ivory towers in Washington, D.C., proclaiming themselves and their nation to be inerrantly Christian in all things . . . and who then cast their votes to refuse to extend unemployment benefits for millions who are out of work through no fault of their own and who are struggling to make it from day to day – – and those who cast their votes in Congress to refuse to fund health care for Veterans who have sacrificed so much for that “Chreeschun” Idealism of the Right-Tard Idiotology – – and a lot of other underhanded, crooked, fraudulent and nefarious deeds they have supported or perpetrated – – It occurred to me that a lot of them and their cronies are going to be in a world of hurt when we arrive at “The End Of The Book.”

And a lot of them are still peddling the lie that it is the Democrats and Liberals who are the agents of evil in this present world in which we all live.

I think Americans have given their birthright into the hands of the Radical Right Wing Beast far long enough now and that something ought to be changed at the very next available election!

Posted by John at: 8:33 AM

Women Are People Too

July 1, 2014
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If the Bible demands redistribution of wealth:

Dear John:  Somebody told me that the Bible demands that all Christians work on redistributing their excess wealth to meet the needs of the poor.  How do you see that?


Dear Kyle:  If the Bible truly demands the redistribution of wealth I would say that America can kiss Her “Christian Nation” status goodbye . . . especially if the Right Wing Christians have anything to say about it.  As I understand things, “Any attempt by the government to do any kind of redistribution of the wealth of the nation to give the poor a hand up or to stabilize the Middle and lower classes is the same as asking some of the Righties to rub salt into their anal orifices.

Death Is Sometimes A Big Player In Religion(s) Around The World!

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Let us re-write our lives in epic and poetic terms!

Aristotle once said, “Poetry is finer and more philosophical than History; for poetry expresses the universal and History only the particular.”
I have thought long and deep on that quote from the great philosopher.
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How About That Freedom Of Religion Thing?

The First Amendment to The United States Constitution says:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Continue reading

The many advantages of voting Republican!

Voting Republican is not without its perks, my friends:

For example:  If Republicans gain total control of the government (Both Houses plus The White House) I think you can be pretty well assured that if you have a good-paying union job you won’t have it long because the Right Wing have  – – (In my opinion) – – more or less been union busters by nature and I am sure if they get the chance they will come after all the union jobs or try to make “Right To Work” – (Right To Work For Less and Less) the law of the land.  

So the best way I think for anyone to get the opportunity to work for minimum wage without any benefits at some dead-end job is to vote Republican.  Yes, vote a straight ticket and get all the perks that normally go to those who vote against their own interests.  The “Job Creators” are waiting, folks!

Another example:  Vote Republican and if you have already signed up for a new healthcare policy under The Affordable Health Care Act, I am pretty sure the Republicans would take it away from you and throw you back on the unaffordable free medical market if they got hold of the entire government again like in 2000 and 2004.  Remember those days?  Is that when thousands of Americans lost everything they had ever worked for because of the Republican Recession and the collapse of the housing bubble and off-shoring all the good jobs and all the rest of it?

Food stamps?  Forget it, folks!  I think they will keep working to get rid of food stamps until the very words, “Food Stamps” will only be a dim memory in the collective Mind of America.

You have a student loan?  You probably won’t have it long if Republicans have anything to say about it and if you are looking for a Pell Grant or some other fiscal assistance to help with your college tuition you can kiss it all goodbye if Republicans ascend to the throne again.

Unemployment benefits under Republicans?  Do not make me laugh!

Of course if you are one of the “Rich-uns” you’ll no doubt get a whole bunch of new tax breaks at the expense of the serfs who live on the socio-economic plateaus below you.

That’s good if you are one of the “Rich-uns!”

But I think I would walk softly because I believe that if Republicans ever get to the point where they can’t siphon off all the help and benefits the middle class and the poor usually get from America’s safety net programs the next thing they do will begin to cannibalize their own kind.  You can see some of this going on in the current fragmenting of the GOP.  They seem to be at each other like a pack of ravening wolves – – gnawing, tearing and biting at one-another in a most vicious and even savage manner sometimes with their hateful rhetoric – – a rhetoric that was once reserved exclusively for Liberals, Obama and The American Political Left.