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Judge What?

Right Wing Radicals must surely know that judgment is reserved unto God and that Jesus has commanded, “Judge not, that ye be not judged, for with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you again.” ……. (The Book of Matthew, Chapter 7, Verses 1 and 2 of The King James Version of The Holy Bible.) ……. Surely Righties must be aware of what The Lord requires of believers!

So how does all this stack up against the way a lot of the Righties speak about those of The LGBT Community?

Can you find how the Right Wing Radicals practice their fidelity to this commandment of Jesus in the way they approach single moms …. immigrants …. ethnic minorities?

Ever hear about the “One Percent” calling the rest of America the “47-percent who want to live on government handouts all the time?  What kind of righteous judgment was that and do you remember that it was someone from the Right who first mentioned it?”

How does Rightie line his or her actions up with this Jesus Commandment about judging others when it comes to the Righties’ relationships with those who practice some other faith than Christianity?  Do the Righties have any tendencies to make judgments against non-Christians that you can put your finger on?  Snark! ……. How about single or unwed mothers? ……. How do they show their Christian Love for these folks?

You want to know what?

All these things I am talking about are glaringly obvious to the most elemental thinker and so if that be the case how come it is that the Righties are ruling the roost in America again?  Is that what “Christian Nation” has finally come down to here in America – – – a total reversal of what Jesus commands? ……. Is that what “Christian America” has come to mean now?

What’s your ideas about it?


So given all the words being spewed on both sides of the issue what exactly are we supposed to believe?

The Democrats are reportedly introducing resolutions into congress to respect all religions and all faiths and especially Islam and their Holy Book, The Quran” …... READ IT HERE …….. while at the same time the United Arab Republics are reportedly condemning the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a terrorist organization ………READ IT HERE ……..and HERE ……..and HERE ……..and HERE …….and HERE ……. and in scores and scads of other places all over the Internet ……. and I am not a student of Islam ….. and I am not a politician ……. and I am not an expert on Human Relations ……. and I am not an expert on Religions …….and I am disturbed and saddened and angered at stories like this one …… RIGHT ABOUT HERE …….. and I am a little bit confused at this point about exactly what I am supposed to believe ….. and I would definitely appreciate it if somebody with some kind of real-world knowledge and some common sense …….( which automatically excludes any right wing radical answers from being sought or accepted here on this blog) ……. would simply come on here and leave comments that would set my mind at ease.

National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., reportedly planning to host Muslim prayers for the first time

The event which is reported to be planned for November 14th, 2014 will reportedly mark the first time Muslims have been invited to lead their own prayers in the historic American national religious space and is reportedly being seen by some as a step toward solidarity between The Christian Faith and The Muslim Faith.

I am now awaiting reports which I hope will soon be forthcoming and which I hope will tell us that Christians have  been invited to lead their own prayers in a prominent Mosque. ……. Such an expectation would only seem reasonable to me. …… Just as soon as I hear the news that Christians have been invited to lead prayer inside a significantly high-profile mosque I will report it here on the blog.

Religious cooperation and reciprocal sharing can be a wonderful thing indeed and we need more of it in this world where disharmony often reigns so I hope and assume there will be appropriate reciprocity surrounding this most welcome news – – – I am hoping these steps toward solidarity between the Faiths can be strongly accepted and promoted equally by all parties concerned.

Read More – – - (Article about Muslims being invited to lead prayer at the National Cathedral)

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The Christian Nation


Comment by The Outrageous Liberal Pundit —

“Oh beautiful for spacious skies;

For amber waves of grain;

For purple mountain majesties;

Above the fruited plain;

America — America —

God shed His Grace on Thee —

Not very likely if you ask me!  The Righties don’t seem to want to play right!

Johnathan Swift quote is from IZ QUOTES


Run that by me again please — ?

REFERENCE:  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/vaticans-top-judge-keep-kids-away-from-wrong-evil-gays-for-their-own-protection/



Comment by The Outrageous Liberal Pundit:

“Am I to assume then that this is also an official admonition for parents to keep their kids away from contact with the Church itself —  given all the preponderance of media coverage about all the alleged abuses over recent months and years?”

But wait! — Maybe none of that kind of stuff is going on anymore, right?

Is the Cardinal’s statement a warning for safety’s sake or some kind of possibly unintended admission about possible conditions within the Church?

I am — ex-practicing Catholic — willing to hear — willing to learn.

Someone out there in Blogs-Ville wish to instruct me about this?

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Earth shaking news revealed about life and death!



I know the world has been interested in knowing whether there is life after death for a long long time now — that is what drives a lot of religious fervor and enthusiasm in The United States and all over the world:  There seems to be a universal need to understand whether there is Life after the body dies and to learn what that life will be like.

Science has always found that trying to prove there is life after death is a very very difficult thing — and maybe even an impossible thing.

But today there is a smashing breakthrough in the study of life and death and I want to be among the first to reveal the news right here on “American Liberal Times.”

Here is the latest scientific conclusion about life and death and I think this information is earth-shaking and will be a welcome revelation for many people who always find themselves wondering about these issues:

The news that I have learned is this:  “Science has now conclusively proven — beyond a shadow of doubt — that there is, indeed death after life.”

If you missed it, read it again — Science has proven the existence of death after life.

Now how is that for an “Exclusive” for this blog?

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The Angels of Heaven and The Political Right In America

I beSaint_Augustine_Portraitlieve it was Aurelius Augustinus who gave us this gem of philosophical perfection —

“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.”

Having pondered this bit of wisdom from the great Historical Theologian, I am — at once — and completely —- challenged to try to understand what it was that turned ordinary men into — Right Wing Politicians — in our day and age when “Enlightenment” is supposed to be a quintessential value.

From the way a lot of Right Wing Politicos treat other people through the administration of their offices, I am much convinced not too many of them qualify as — angels — by any accommodative stretch of the imagination —with one possible exception perhaps –they might see themselves that way in their own eyes — their own blinded eyes!

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Fruits of the Spirit

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Against such things there is no law. (Galatians 5:22) (The Holy Bible)


Could somebody please remind some of our radical right wing brothers and sisters about this before they go and vote more funding cuts for things designed to help the middle class and the poor?

Quote Credit:  The Bible quotation above is taken from The Holy Bible and is also found on Quotes Daddy.com and the commentary that follows the Bible Quote is my own.

Practice what is preached!

If there is a religion on the face of the earth that claims to teach tolerance instead of hatred or love and brotherhood instead of enmity and peace in the place of violence, then let the adherents of that religion practice what they preach or find themselves among many enemies whose only desire is to see them destroyed – – and there is no greater self-destructive forces on the face of this earth than division among the ranks and hypocrisy among the practitioners of an ideological or religious position.

Religions . . . in order to work and to be valid . . . must be harmonious and not imbued with all kinds of destructive tensions and strifes.

So my friends, is it not better to embrace another with love in the heart than to remove a head with sword in hand?

What is the promise of the former and the destiny of the latter?

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What is a Biblically-Correct abortion procedure like?


Some rightwads will scream and yell, “There ain’t no such thing!”

I hope some of them do not literally pop the veins in their necks over this blog post:

The Christian Bible not only approves abortions but it lays out the specific manner in which a legal abortion is to be performed.

God has overlooked nothing in His Divine Wisdom, has He?

The abortion procedure found in “The Living Word Of The Living God” ( My paraphrase ) can be found in The Book of Numbers, Chapter 5, Verses 11 through 31.

I am assuming there will be a lot of religious Right Wing anti-abortion folks who will be calling me all kinds of nasty names for bringing this subject up but if you are going to believe the Bible and accept the Bible and even follow the Bible, then you are going to have to accept every word that is written in The Bible.  You will not be able to cherry pick the Scriptures and only go by the ones you like.  That would not be acceptable to God by any stretch of the imagination and isn’t it the habit of many who claim they are Christians to boast they believe every word of The Bible?

Of course when it comes to some of the more radical of the Righties, I am sure they would never “Cherry Pick” the Holy Scriptures to prove their point about how “Evil” abortion is and how God would never approve of such a thing.

No, I don’t believe they would “Cherry Pick” but I am not so certain some of them wouldn’t be sorely tempted to “Re-interpret” what they think the Scripture says and try to pass it off as infallible fact.

I am afraid that in this day and age there are a lot of Right Wing Christians who may be revising the meanings and interpretations of Scriptures to prove how evil Liberals are and how unacceptable to God the act of abortion is.

But for the literalists and those who have some knowledge of Greek or the Hebrew Language and who have studied the ancient texts for themselves or in company of qualified Biblical Scholars I am quite certain that they will discover soon enough that Numbers 5, 11-31 is talking about a God-Approved procedure for bringing about an abortion where some kind of marital infidelity is suspected.

I can almost see some of the rightie handlebar mustaches standing straight up on this one, can’t you?

I am certain that once I have posted this post there shall be a lot of rending of garments and gnashing of teeth in Rightie-ville!

And I can’t wait to see the wicked names they will call me or the nasty things they will have to say about me because I have brought this information to light on this blog.

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Picture Credit(s):  The image above is from the website, “Public Domain Image.Com” and according to the information I have been able to ascertain the image is in The Public Domain.

<a href=”http://www.public-domain-image.com/objects-public-domain-images-pictures/books-public-domain-images-pictures/holly-bible-book.jpg.html” title=”Holly bible book”>Holly bible book</a> by Leon Brooks

The Old Christian “Back Of The Book” Thing!

When I was involved with a Pentecostalist Charismatic Evangelical Church in Michigan for a while back in the 1970s – – before I came to my senses and understood what their true agenda was . . . an agenda aimed at making America into some kind of psuedo-Christian-based Theocratic plutocracy or Oligarchy – – I used to brag to my fellow “Christians” and to those to whom I may have been witnessing and I always used a similar cliché that went like this: “I have read the back of the book and we win!”  (The “Book” I was referring to, of course, was none other than The King James Bible. Most of us Evangelicals depend on the inerrancy of old “King James, don’t we?).

Well folks, at the end of “The Book” God finally defeats all the evil in the world and takes the faithful to Heaven to live on streets of gold forevermore.  (Happy ending, right?)  In the same “Back of The Book” scene all the unfaithful are judged, damned and sent to a fiery Hell where they will burn with unimaginable fire for ever and ever, night and day without end.

As I was pondering all this a few days ago it occurred to me that all the nasty-assed hypocrites from the Radical Right Wing of American Politics – – the ones who have started all their illegal wars and caused the deaths of countless millions of people all over the world – – looking for non-existent WMDs and whatever else they used as an excuse to “Export” their “Democracy” to the “Heathen Nations . . . the very same Righties who would disenfranchise the middle class and the poor from the essentials of life sometimes – – the very culprits who sit in ivory towers in Washington, D.C., proclaiming themselves and their nation to be inerrantly Christian in all things . . . and who then cast their votes to refuse to extend unemployment benefits for millions who are out of work through no fault of their own and who are struggling to make it from day to day – – and those who cast their votes in Congress to refuse to fund health care for Veterans who have sacrificed so much for that “Chreeschun” Idealism of the Right-Tard Idiotology – – and a lot of other underhanded, crooked, fraudulent and nefarious deeds they have supported or perpetrated – – It occurred to me that a lot of them and their cronies are going to be in a world of hurt when we arrive at “The End Of The Book.”

And a lot of them are still peddling the lie that it is the Democrats and Liberals who are the agents of evil in this present world in which we all live.

I think Americans have given their birthright into the hands of the Radical Right Wing Beast far long enough now and that something ought to be changed at the very next available election!

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Nutcake Extremism

Religious Extremism By Any Name Is Dangerous To The Max! Continue reading