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Learning from Right Wing wisdom!


By John

If you are interested in learning how dumb, absurd or asinine or ignorant the Liberal mindset is then you really need to be reading every radical right wing website you can click on to.

If you are interested in learning anything else then you really do not need to be wasting your time on radical right wing websites because I don’t believe there is much of anything else there!

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Conspiracy Nuts May Have It Right After All



Some things are so glaringly obvious sometimes that it is really easy to simply overlook them or to gloss over them or to ignore them completely.

All these so-called “Conspiracies” that some of the more rabid Righties are always complaining about and calling for investigations about fall into that category.

I’m talking about such nonsense as “The IRS Scandal,” “The Benghazi Scandal,” and all the rest of the “Scandals” the Right Wing Extremists like to keep going over and over and over and getting the same answers to.

I have concluded . . . after listening to the complaints of the Right for all these years that there is, indeed, a scandal after all . . . and it is a big one!

The real “Scandal” in American Politics today is the continuing well-orchestrated and obviously well-funded efforts by the Right Wing and their allies to confuse Americans everywhere into accepting some cockamamie and obscenely ridiculous idea that President Obama is some kind of inept, inefficient and even corrupt scoundrel of some kind.

The political laundry of a significant portion of The American Radical Right Political Wing is so despoiled and dirtied by years of accumulated ideological defecation that I doubt it is possible ever to get it clean enough for general acceptance again.

That’s where the “Real” Scandal lies and I wish somebody would open a series of investigations into that!

Picture Credit:  The picture above is from“Sovereign To Serf” and is used here under the recommended Creative Commons License.

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Republican Hawks Fly Again On Iraq!

Believe it or not there are Republicans who would rather forget the Bush years and there are even more Republicans who keep themselves in more or less a state of denial about what they did about (with) (in) Iraq.

Some of them cannot resist the temptation to take wing again on any available media and push for deeper U.S. involvement in a conflict that was apparently destined for failure from the very beginning because much of U.S. involvement was based on – – – lies.

Remember folks, what you are reading here represents what I believe is the most accurate picture of The American Right Wing that can be drawn:

Read All About It! – – – HERE!

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America Is All About People Helping People!

Let’s venture into the murky depths of the Right Wing mindset . . .

Be wary of things with grasping tentacles as you go . . .

President Ronald Reagan is reported to have once said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

Let there be no doubt about it:  Those were wise words!

The Modern American Right Wing Extreme Conservative Movement seems to have taken these words of this President seriously because they have undoubtedly mastered the fine art of helping . . . . themselves!

They definitely do not believe in “Helping Everyone” . . . I think they have made that abundantly clear in the things they have strived to limit, to cut, to curtail or to do away with entirely.

I think anything that was designed to help anyone except themselves is taboo to most of them.

In fact when I hear some of them talk I get the distinct impression many – – perhaps even most – – of them seem to think there really isn’t anybody else except themselves and their own kind.

At the same time, I think they have taken to heart the idea of “Everyone Helping Someone” and I think they have interpreted this as meaning, “Everyone should indeed help someone and that someone who is being helped should rightfully be of some degree of a Conservative mindset because if they aren’t of a Conservative mindset they (A) Do not really exist as anybody at all or (B) they do not deserve to receive anything because all the good stuff should be reserved for “Themselves.”

Of course if it is true that “They” don’t acknowledge the existence of anybody except themselves as “Anybody” that means that nobody is out there to help them except other like themselves so then it stands to reason that they are duty bound to help only “Themselves” because there isn’t anybody else to either help or to be helped.

Therefore President Reagan was right!

Yes, I think he was as Right as a person could ever be – – and I believe he was probably as far to the Right as he could be for the time in which he lived . . . but I also think he could not qualify as a Conservative in today’s “Farther-than-ever-and-still-seeking-to-go-even-farther” to the Right political climate in which we all live . . . those of us who exist that is.

But if there is nobody else except “Them” then it doesn’t matter what the rest of us think, does it?  Why?  We are not really here!

Don’t believe it?

Ask a Rightie!

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Does America need a “No New National Parks” Law?

At least one Republican Congressman from Utah reportedly thinks we need a bill that would  (according to the opinion of some people) virtually assure there would be no new national parks created in The United States for a long long time – – – if ever.

(Imagine the number of jobs that could be created if we could unload all those expensive-to-maintain national parks and refurbish them into amusement parks or something!)

Maybe they should be “Privatized” while congress is at it!  Who needs the Federal Government dictating which lands should be Federally Protected national parks and which should not?  Isn’t that how the Righties think?

How about if we all take the kiddies to some national park and have our picnic underneath a real, live, working oil derrick?  Wouldn’t that be a real treat and so very educational for the kids?

Maybe in times to come we can all look forward to having some kind of fracking or drilling or mining operation in our own back yards!  That would be a real conversation piece to take to the little league games wouldn’t it?  (“My gas fracking operation is bigger than yours!”).

If the new proposed measure ever becomes Law I wonder what it would do to the status of the national parks we already have and have had for many many years now?

Oh I know!  Maybe they would be opened up for drilling and lumbering and maybe even development into condominiums and shopping malls.

Yeah!  That would be something I think the Right Wing might want to do!

Read about the proposed “Bill” – – – HERE.

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What’s In The Soup For Today?

My friend, Jim, fixed French Onion Soup as a treat for me yesterday. Continue reading

The American Right Wing May Be A Little Delusional These Days!

Every time I visit a right wing website or look at certain editorials in some mainstream newspapers I see much the same old song and dance  about how The Republican Party (GOP-ers) is the only chance America has of correcting the “Disasters” they feel President Obama has “Inflicted” on These United States.

It appears to me that some of the “Righties” are either totally bereft of any kind of reasoning power, memory, comprehension or common sense and it certainly appears that a lot of them have either selective memory or no memory at all or they are still thinking that the “Disasters” visited on this nation during the administration of George W. Bush were not disasters at all but were some kind of success story that set the country on track to enjoy the greatest period of peace and economic boom in the history of Mankind . . . or some such crap as all that . . . which everybody knows would be the grossest kind of misinterpretation and delusion.

I have to ask some right wingers who worshipped at the foot of the altar of modern American conservatism from 2000 to 2008, “How’s those wars in Iraq and Afghanistan working out for you?  Has peace been restored in those areas after the “Righties” wasted more than 4,000 American Lives and God only knows how many millions, billions, trillions of dollars firing missiles into the desert sands and chasing the ghosts of weapons of mass destruction?

The Righties will tell us, “But we got rid of “The Tyrant” in Iraq and the world is a better place because of it.”  

My reply to that is, “We toppled one tyrant and got another in his place and there are more tyrants waiting in the wings so what is your point?”

There is no end to tyrants!

There will always be tyrants!

There will seemingly always be other wars somewhere on the planet that the Righties can get us into so their vast Industrial-Military Complex can increase its bottom line and so the big oil barons can swim in ever greater masses of cash and luxury.

Somebody is going to have to explain to me one more time how some of the wars we have been engaged in during the time since 1945 do a damned thing to protect American Freedom.  I want someone who knows about these things to tell me which of the little nobody kingdoms and countries that we have sent our military might into to engage in hostile actions in the years since The Second World War have done a damned thing to stop any of those from sending their military forces to invade The United States of America?

I know what some underwear-chewing, cigar-chomping Right-Nosed asshole will say to me over that last question.  He, she or it as the case may be will probably say some shit like, “But they COULD have invaded us or they MIGHT have invaded us.” ( Or some other such inane and unthinking crap as that.).  That is how some of the mindless on the right and the radical right deal with most such questions.  They pull the great “Could Have” – “Might Have” routine and then go on their way knowing nothing more than they ever knew in the first place which is nothing at all if you ask me. (But who ever asks me anything?).

In my opinion nothing the American Right Wing does can ever lead America into a period of growth, prosperity, peace or opportunity for any living, breathing soul except . . . perhaps . . . for the rich, the super rich and the obscenely rich.  There certainly does not appear a damned thing in any right wing agenda that I have ever heard of to benefit the “Common” citizen ” (The working class, the student class,the low-wage earning class, senior citizens, the sick, the halt, the lame, the disadvantaged and underprivileged, children in school, people caught in the awful web of right wing-caused poverty . . . none of those!).

On the reverse side of that coin there is usually more than an abundance of attempts to undermine the folks I have just mentioned in most of the right wing agenda items that I have had a chance to hear about and to think about.  It seems to me the right wing must lose control of its collective bowels over the perverse joy they must feel in “socking it to” those who can least help themselves in our society.

Don’t ever try to sell me on the idea the right wing cares a god damned for anybody but clones of themselves.

When that idiot-ology runs out of Liberals to attack it turns on its own kind and starts to devour itself as anyone can see from the many fractures and rifts and divisions that has plagued that archaic and out of touch ideology for quite a few months now.

That old horse is suffering some really spectacular symptoms right now and I can’t wait for the day when it actually burns out like some fragmented cinder of some stinking asteroid or when it fades into the sewer gas that spawned it in the first place and disappears like a bad dream.

The problem as I see it is that “It” might get out the old jackboots and the torch lights and start goose stepping to a new wave of propaganda-enforced populism and if that happens we are all in for a ride on the manure wagon in a big way. I think some of that kind of garbage got a foothold in the elections of 2010 but I also think Americans have now becoming pretty well rankled and saturated with buyer remorse at what they did to themselves and are looking for a way out now.  That is a good thing if the vote suppressors allow changes to be made in 2014 and 2016.