The Great Republican Presidential Debates

September 17, 2015

First of all let me say that I absolutely surprised myself by watching any of this stuff. Normally I wouldn’t give a so-called “Republican” presidential debate the time of day because I am still stinging from the “Bush Run” that took place from 2000 to 2008 ….. absolutely a regrettable historical circumstance the effects of which we are still feeling and which our generations will feel and then the total, absolute and utter fiasco of the political comedy that happened in 2008 and continues unabated to this day.

The “Hope and Change” became …. for me … “Hope that something might somehow change.” —– I feel a lot of my Fellow Americans have been disappointed … even duped … by what has been going on in Washington since “The One” assumed the throne and I don’t think the original vision …. the original picture that was painted …. was anything more or less than somebody’s wish dream fantasy because I think the effects of it all have been less than ideal … and that would be putting it mildly.

I will say it is my opinion that America went nuts twice in a row this time and I don’t remember a time in History when that ever happened before.

We went nuts in 2000 and then again in 2008 and neither time has done a damned thing to lift America —- both fiascos have done nothing but tear America down a little more than She already was.

I have gotten really frustrated with politics ….. American Politics in particular ….. Maybe it is because the generations have passed me by now and I am no longer relevant ….. Maybe it is because America has entered a period of irreversible decline like every other great and bloated empire in History —– Maybe we have gotten too comfortable and smug and arrogant and are about to get a lesson in humility.

I don’t know what the fuck my problem is but right now as I sit here at this keyboard writing this post, I am really not all that concerned about who becomes the next President because if things go on the way they have been going I don’t think it is going to matter much who the president is because I think we might be going up shit creek without a paddle regardless of who sits in The White House.

I will say one thing right now that I would have kicked my own ass for saying a couple of years ago ….”I don’t see the Democrats making much noise on the television set or in the papers …. The Republicans seem to be the ones that are ‘In your face’ with their campaigns …. and I have this gnawing gut feel this is time for another Republican Administration —- although I think it would do nothing but continue to bring the country down —- but I think it is time —- I think those are the cards that are being dealt to us and so I may have to just hunker down and get ready to get a clown car ass whipping once again.

On the other hand, I don’t have a drop of confidence in any of the Democrat candidates and I think the “Coronation” of Hillary Clinton that everybody was predicting and worrying about is probably not going to happen —- I think the Clinton Campaign is in irreversible defense mode right now and I think it will play out and simply fade away ….unless, that is …. unless big money and Wall Street has more power than I think they do —– and they do have a lot so we will have to bide our time patiently and see how this inning goes.

Even having said all this I do not know what I have to complain about. —– I am eating three meals a day —– I have a roof over my head —– I am not being forced to learn another language by my captors (Because there aren’t any captors yet. America still feels free as a bird to me every time I go out the door.) —– I can pretty much come and go as I please —– I do not see the dire circumstances being talked about by some of the meat head assholes who do nothing but complain no matter what —– So I am thinking that either I will not vote at all this year or I will toss caution to the winds and go with Donald Trump.

I watched the Repuke debates for two hours and all I saw was people attacking each other in various ways —– Few if any of them actually talked about the issues that concern Americans —– The fair-haired boy of the big money gang seemed weak, uncertain and ineffectual —– (Do we really need a replay of deers in headlights?) —– the rest of them …… well …. I went to bed after two hours because I wasn’t hearing anything …..

Good luck, America! —- You’re gonna need all you can get this time around!

Where would Conservatives be without that “Liberal Lunacy?”

December 5, 2014

Some of the wack-o conservascrewy wannabes say that Liberals are responsible for the decay and destruction of everything that is decent about America.  I suppose when they say this shit they are thinking of the following things introduced to Americans by Liberals: 

The New Deal – – – a program introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to provide relief for the poor from the effects of the Great Depression, for the reform of the national financial system to prevent a recurrence of that Great Depression and for recovery of the national economy to normal levels – – – after the previous Republican administration had nearly destroyed the country with their failed economic policies – – – the very policies that plunged the nation into depression in the first place.

I supposed that is some of the “Liberal” attempts that were made to bring about the destruction and decay of everything that is decent about America that some of the fascist filth on the super radical extreme faux patriot right side of politics is talking about.

Maybe the rightlumps are talking about The Federal Emergency Relief Administration that gave $500 million to help get towns, villages and cities back on their feet after the devastation of the Republican Depression.

Maybe the ungrateful sons of b*****s are talking about the relief given by the government to farmers during this period – – saving many family farms from going completely under – – or the assistance given to migrant workers who were in literal danger of starvation – – or maybe the wingnut c*** S****rs are still smarting over the Social Security Administration that makes sure elder Americans can at least find food and shelter in their declining years.  Maybe that is one of those “Liberal” attempts to destroy everything decent about America some of the Wingnut know-nothings is bitching about. – – – Strange though that it is some of the same Wingnuts who bitch and gripe about Liberal Programs who are the first ones to get their a**es into line with their tongues hanging out and their hands thrust forward to receive the very same “Liberal Handouts” they bitch the loudest about.  Hypocritical trashwads!

Maybe it was the Liberal programs designed to save the banks during that awful time – – – a program that worked wonderfully well  – – – that the Whack-Jobs on the Right are squealing about . . . the same Liberal program that brought us The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – – – the program that insures all individual bank deposits up to a $100,000 level so that if banks fail the depositors are not left out in the cold like they were under the Right Wing government that plunged them into depression in 1929 in the first place.

Righties like to get their jocularity off by calling  Liberals “Lunatics” and other kinds of nasty names but if the damnable Wingnut scumbaggery would think about it for just a minute they might find out that if it had not been for Liberals there might never have been a Constitution or a Bill of Rights or a country at all because the Founding Fathers were outrageously Liberal for their day and time and most of the ideas they came up with for founding The United States were as Liberal as any ideas could ever hope to be – – and for the times in which they were born these ideas were also radical as all hell – – – but they are the ideas on which the nation is founded.  So without the Liberals there is a very good possibility there would never have been any Wingnuts at all.

You don’t like the programs the Liberals have provided for you Righties?  Then just refuse to accept the freebies these programs offer and let someone who really appreciates have them.  Send those Social Security Checks back to Uncle Sam and tell him you don’t want any damned “Liberal” handouts.  Tell Uncle Sam you are a Right Winger and you can make it all by yourself without any help from anybody.

Tell Uncle Sugar, “Gawd supplies my every need and I don’t want no damned Gubmint help becuz I can make it on my own without no help from nobody!” 

Yeah, that’s it!  That’s what the bitching and moaning Right Wingnuts ought to do!  Attention all Wingnuts:  From now on you should do the moral thing . . . . the right and righteous thing and refuse those food stamps, those farm subsidies and that aid to dependent children.  You should forget about student loans and go out and wash dishes and mow lawns until you have earned your own damned money for college.

And the Righties who say this kind of shit want us to believe they are the smartest people in the world and that Liberals are all swine – – criminals – – takers – – leeches – – offal – – whatever filthy and nasty thing they can think of to call the Liberals?

Forget it!

My attitude is, “Let the asswads roar because that is all most of what they ever have to say is anyway – – noise . . . static . . . total bull crap.

If the Rightscumbaggerists don’t like Liberals and Liberal programs then I say let’s get them the hell off those programs so that people who really need them and who would appreciate them can have more of what it takes to make it through life when times get a little tough.

I am willing to bet that if the government ever decided to dump all the Liberal programs designed to give relief to those challenged by economic trials it would be the Conservacrud and their wannabe clones who would be screaming the loudest!

Ten cents more a day!

September 26, 2014


The Outrageous Liberal Pundit says:

Samuel Gompers knew the callousness of mind and the darkness of soul that defined the Radical Right Wing back in his day and we know that not much has changed in our own day . . . the words spoken by Samuel Gompers back then are just as applicable today as they ever were  . . .  because neither good nor evil ever changes!

The One Percent was just as spiteful toward the Forty-Seven Percent back in Sam Gompers’ day as it is our own day and this is a lesson that everyone who ever goes to a poll to cast a vote in an election ought to write in indelible ink on their own hearts, minds and souls.

That privileged hungry savage lion wearing the royal robes of the rich right wing elitists still roams the countryside searching for the unfortunate poor whom it may emasculate, eviscerate and . . . devour!

And no amount of revisionism . . . no amount of posturing and posing . . . no amount of lying . . . no amount of trying to deflect the real issue . . . no amount of projectionism . . . nothing is ever going to change the fact that today’s contemporary version of radical conservatism is a devouring beast that knows nothing of compassion or mercy and which will devour even its own kin if cornered.


Definition of “Projectionism”: The way I use this word is to suggest that many Righties will try to suggest that their own inadequacies and shortcomings are really not their own but are typical of someone else . . . usually their arch adversaries, the Liberals. When I use the word, “Projectionism” in this context I am saying that Righties tend to ignore their oun faults or even to deny their own faults and try to convince everyone who will listen that all fault lies with anyone who is different than they are or who disagree with them in any substantive manner on virtually limitless subjects and ideas.

Posted by The Outrageous Liberal Pundit at 8:42 PM

Quote by Samuel Gompers is from IZ Quotes.

Freedom for all or freedom for none!

September 19, 2014
Freedom For Everyone Or Freedom For Nobody!

Freedom For Everyone Or Freedom For Nobody!

 ( Friday, September 19, 2014 ) – – – I believe it was Susan B. Anthony who once said, “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.”

In the political arena I have heard more Republicans and other Right Wingers declaring not only that they know very well what God wants them to do but I have also heard them declaring that what God wants them to do is what God wants everybody else to do too.

In my mind there is something inherently wrong with one political faction trying to impose their idea of the Will of God onto another.

That – – in my mind – – is the inherent flaw in today’s brand of Conservative thinking – – and most especially that brand of Conservative thinking ordinarily and popularly referred to  – – usually erroneously in my opinion – – as “Christian” Conservatism.

I am something like Susan B. Anthony in this suspicion – – this mistrust if you will of our modern brand of Conservatism – – because I have a natural repulsion to being told that I must accept certain political ideas because those political ideas are aligned with somebody else’s religious beliefs.

This kind of admixture of religion and politics for the advantage of one political ideology over another is not only repulsive to me because it offends both my religious and moral sensibilities in what I perceive to be it’s inherent desire to have one ideology dominate another – – but also because it seems to me to be dangerous to the very precepts of a democratic system of governance.

I firmly believe that Liberals – – as well as Independents – – and everybody else in These United States of America should have complete freedom to pursue their own ideas of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness just the same as the Conservatives or anybody else and that the desires of one faction should never be allowed in our democratic form of government to dictate every detail of how others should be privileged to live out their own lives.

I also believe that Conservatism – – as it is constituted and as it operates in this time in which we all now live – – is totally and diametrically opposed to freedom for everybody unless such freedom is allowed and maintained on their terms alone.

If this exclusiveness of political privilege were to be allowed to become the accepted norm, then I believe the party pressing their beliefs onto the backs and shoulders of all others would constitute more of a dictatorship than it would a democratic form of government and in my opinion this state of affairs should – – must – – never be allowed to prevail here in America.

That is why I am firmly convinced that today’s brand of Conservatism serves nothing and no one except themselves and their big money benefactors who seem to me to have visions of ruling everything and everybody from their lofty perch at the top of the fiscal food chain at the expense of everything and everybody who are not as privileged and wealthy as themselves.

Posted by John at 5:24 AM

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Fruitless Enterprise

September 11, 2014



“Over the course of many years I have discovered one thing if I have discovered nothing else . . . It is totally useless . . . totally fruitless . . . almost totally impossible to convince Right Wing Conservatives to buy into such ridiculous things as facts and common sense reasoning. I have discovered that the more you try to reason with them, the harder and more stubbornly they cling to their fantasies.” (John Liming)

The spiral image above is from Pixabay where the author is said to be
Lichtgestoeber and where the image was avaiable for use as a Public Domain image on 9/11/2014 which is the date I first posted it to this blog.

Be not ensnared in your despairing times!

September 9, 2014
Beware The Right Wing Snare!

Beware The Right Wing Snare!

“At every crisis in one’s life, it is absolute salvation to have some sympathetic friend to whom you can think aloud without restraint or misgiving.” ―Woodrow Wilson

Commentary by John:  “And I think it is essential that if you wish to express the depth of your feelings . . . your “True” feelings . . . you need to make sure the person listening is not a radical right wing conservative because if it is I think you have lost all advantage from the first word uttered.”

Beware the Radical Rightie with the broad smile, the shiny perfect teeth and the outstretched hand because . . . most of the time I believe they want something from you rather than being there to offer something to you. (Lessons learned the hard way.)


Posted by John at 6:08 PM

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Learning from Right Wing wisdom!

August 6, 2014


By John

If you are interested in learning how dumb, absurd or asinine or ignorant the Liberal mindset is then you really need to be reading every radical right wing website you can click on to.

If you are interested in learning anything else then you really do not need to be wasting your time on radical right wing websites because I don’t believe there is much of anything else there!

Posted by John at 7:06 PM

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