Where would Conservatives be without that “Liberal Lunacy?”

Some of the wack-o conservascrewy wannabes say that Liberals are responsible for the decay and destruction of everything that is decent about America.  I suppose when they say this shit they are thinking of the following things introduced to Americans by Liberals: 

The New Deal – – – a program introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to provide relief for the poor from the effects of the Great Depression, for the reform of the national financial system to prevent a recurrence of that Great Depression and for recovery of the national economy to normal levels – – – after the previous Republican administration had nearly destroyed the country with their failed economic policies – – – the very policies that plunged the nation into depression in the first place.

I supposed that is some of the “Liberal” attempts that were made to bring about the destruction and decay of everything that is decent about America that some of the fascist filth on the super radical extreme faux patriot right side of politics is talking about.

Maybe the rightlumps are talking about The Federal Emergency Relief Administration that gave $500 million to help get towns, villages and cities back on their feet after the devastation of the Republican Depression.

Maybe the ungrateful sons of b*****s are talking about the relief given by the government to farmers during this period – – saving many family farms from going completely under – – or the assistance given to migrant workers who were in literal danger of starvation – – or maybe the wingnut c*** S****rs are still smarting over the Social Security Administration that makes sure elder Americans can at least find food and shelter in their declining years.  Maybe that is one of those “Liberal” attempts to destroy everything decent about America some of the Wingnut know-nothings is bitching about. – – – Strange though that it is some of the same Wingnuts who bitch and gripe about Liberal Programs who are the first ones to get their a**es into line with their tongues hanging out and their hands thrust forward to receive the very same “Liberal Handouts” they bitch the loudest about.  Hypocritical trashwads!

Maybe it was the Liberal programs designed to save the banks during that awful time – – – a program that worked wonderfully well  – – – that the Whack-Jobs on the Right are squealing about . . . the same Liberal program that brought us The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – – – the program that insures all individual bank deposits up to a $100,000 level so that if banks fail the depositors are not left out in the cold like they were under the Right Wing government that plunged them into depression in 1929 in the first place.

Righties like to get their jocularity off by calling  Liberals “Lunatics” and other kinds of nasty names but if the damnable Wingnut scumbaggery would think about it for just a minute they might find out that if it had not been for Liberals there might never have been a Constitution or a Bill of Rights or a country at all because the Founding Fathers were outrageously Liberal for their day and time and most of the ideas they came up with for founding The United States were as Liberal as any ideas could ever hope to be – – and for the times in which they were born these ideas were also radical as all hell – – – but they are the ideas on which the nation is founded.  So without the Liberals there is a very good possibility there would never have been any Wingnuts at all.

You don’t like the programs the Liberals have provided for you Righties?  Then just refuse to accept the freebies these programs offer and let someone who really appreciates have them.  Send those Social Security Checks back to Uncle Sam and tell him you don’t want any damned “Liberal” handouts.  Tell Uncle Sam you are a Right Winger and you can make it all by yourself without any help from anybody.

Tell Uncle Sugar, “Gawd supplies my every need and I don’t want no damned Gubmint help becuz I can make it on my own without no help from nobody!” 

Yeah, that’s it!  That’s what the bitching and moaning Right Wingnuts ought to do!  Attention all Wingnuts:  From now on you should do the moral thing . . . . the right and righteous thing and refuse those food stamps, those farm subsidies and that aid to dependent children.  You should forget about student loans and go out and wash dishes and mow lawns until you have earned your own damned money for college.

And the Righties who say this kind of shit want us to believe they are the smartest people in the world and that Liberals are all swine – – criminals – – takers – – leeches – – offal – – whatever filthy and nasty thing they can think of to call the Liberals?

Forget it!

My attitude is, “Let the asswads roar because that is all most of what they ever have to say is anyway – – noise . . . static . . . total bull crap.

If the Rightscumbaggerists don’t like Liberals and Liberal programs then I say let’s get them the hell off those programs so that people who really need them and who would appreciate them can have more of what it takes to make it through life when times get a little tough.

I am willing to bet that if the government ever decided to dump all the Liberal programs designed to give relief to those challenged by economic trials it would be the Conservacrud and their wannabe clones who would be screaming the loudest!