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The Wisconsin Republican Secession Vote Is Scheduled For May?

Hey!  Think of the billions of dollars that could be saved in social safety net monies if this were to happen!

Can you imagine having to have a passport to travel back and forth across the borders?

I think I would mourn the possible loss of my ability to get decent cheese, however.

One might have to drive an awfully long distance around the state to get to adjoining states . . . that wouldn’t be too cool to do all that extra driving, would it?

Do you think if they secede they might also have a “No Fly” zone over the state?

What do you think about Wisconsin Republicans who want to secede from the Union?

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Are Private Education Outfits Making A Profit Off Your Taxes?

I would love to know how it happens that some privately-owned and publicly traded schools who are in business to educate children for a profit and make money for their stockholders in the process can be entitled to taxpayer support? Continue reading

A parting of the ways may be coming I am afraid!

As I lay watching a television program last evening I noted the actual entertainment program played a maximum of 7 minutes followed by a barrage of at least 10 different commercials all in a row.

For this I am paying $79-a-month?

I am paying $79-a-month to subsidize commercials?

I don’t think so!

And to top it all off – - my monthly bill for the privilege of subsidizing commercials seems to be rising more and more often these days.

I think I am getting tired of it!

So I decided to turn on one of the available Free American Public Radio channels and guess what?  Same thing – - –  but not so much – - yet!

In between programming I get treated to some fairly unobtrusive little announcements about certain businesses and their products.

Later I will be listening to some fund-raiser on some of the Public Radio stations where they will be telling me they are “Commercial Free.”

I don’t think so.

I might be wrong but I don’t think so!

Economic sanctions against Russia may not be such a good idea!

My Opinion

There are some who warn that if the U.S. were to put economic sanctions on Russia because of the thing going on in Crimea right now, the Russians could retaliate with sanction of their own and in the long-run could probably do more economic damage to the United States than the United States could do to them. Continue reading

Snuffing The Ashes At The Altar!

I have a sneaking suspicion that if I failed to get my marriage license from the state back in 196l my kids would all be illegitimate today – -  is that about how the situation stacks up?  Is that the big picture?  The state has the power to decide who the church can marry and who they can’t?  The state has the power to decide who will be bast**ds  and who won’t?

Congress becomes the high priests at the altar where all who worship are constrained by chains of legalized convention given rationalized validity in the image of popular nationalism? Is that how things really are in America today?

If the state has power over the church by reason of some law then isn’t the state actually providing us with a state-sanctioned religion that does little more than use traditional churches as “Go-Fers” to do its secular bidding and have it all disguised as religious correctness?

I think anyone who reads and can understand where I am coming from and who may have some kind of agreement with what I am saying here ought to be putting up their own “Preserve Freedom Of Religion” signs in their front yards.

I think the intent of those signs ought probably to be to “Preserve Religion Free From The Interference Of Government” for any reason . . . for any purpose and for all circumstances.

There can be no “Freedom Of Religion” when government sticks its nose in – - – unless someone is ready to admit that government has become the religion – - and then it would be a different story altogether, wouldn’t it?

I am always going to be interested in asking the question, “Why do we need to get a license from a government in order to participate in something God has ordained? Why do we have to get the state’s permission? How can the state grant the right to marry when it is a God-Given Right? (Genesis 2: 18-24).

Colonial America saw no need for license for marriages – – all that was required was that the betrothed get their parent’s permission and post a public notice of their intentions. How is it that in these modern times we are now required to make our marriages a creature of the state thus giving secularism control over all facets of that marriage including property rights and I am sure that as time progresses some idiot in government will suggest that parents will be required to obtain a license for every child they intend to conceive as well.

Who can argue against the fact that the marriage license gives the state jurisdiction over the marriage and all the fruits of that marriage including children and if you find this hard to believe think about the fact that the state claims jurisdiction over all children in the educational system and feels itself responsible to see to the welfare of all the children as well and can actually punish parents if they should fall short – – whether intentionally or not – – in providing for the welfare of the children and in some cases such as this the state feels privileged to actually step in and remove children from the home. Marriage licenses and birth certificates are both instruments that give the state power over family, marriage and the fruits of marriage whether the participants like it or not.

Please somebody – – anybody – – tell me why I am wrong in believing these things.

The Right Wing seems so hot and bothered about getting the Big Government they pretend to hate so much to use its power and influence to stop government mandated coverage of contraception in health insurance policies – - – The Right Wing seems all fired up about having Big Government use its power and influence to stop Gay marriages and to end the practice of abortion – - –  The Right Wing seems a little conflicted about how they view Big Government sometimes don’t they?

When Big Government can get something done for them they want done then Big Government is all the rage with them isn’t it?  I guess it’s only when Big Government does things the Right Wing disapproves of that Big Government becomes the mud in the pig pen so to speak – - – things like providing food stamps for the poor for one example that I can think of.

And if the Right Wing is so hot about Freedom Of Religion why are they so willing to have Big Gubmint pass laws regulating things that should be the sole concern of the churches?

The utter hypocrisy is absolutely stunning sometimes.

Historical Disaster May Repeat!


 When I read this headline on the Internet today I found out they were talking about a movie about the volcano that destroyed the city of Pompeii a few thousand years ago.

When I first read the headline I thought they were talking about the founding of the GOP – - (“Grand Old Party”) – - (“The Republican Party”) – - but I kind of knew better because that is not a disaster that is set to “Return Again.”  That – - in my opinion – - is a disaster that will always be with us . . . at least until the time that might happen in the foreseeable future when it fragments . . explodes in a shower of brilliant sparks of internal strife and dissent . . . and fades into the dustbins of History for once and for all time.

Well . . . one can hope, can’t one?
That is the kind of hope and change that I . . . for one . . . could go for!