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There are some things I had never heard before about one of the assumed Democrat candidates for the office of President of The United States.

I have a sneaking feeling I am going to be hearing a lot more as time goes on, whadda ya wanna bet?

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Short, sweet and to the point!

I Practice "Buy American" Wherever And Whenever I can!

I Practice “Buy American” Wherever And Whenever I can!

Any American Company that decides it is going to renounce its American Citizenship – – by any measures or means whatever – – in order to avoid paying taxes to The United States – – can forget about ever getting another dime of my money in patronage because that is not what I wore the Uniform of the Military Services of The United States for more than 7 years for.  I am an American and I darned well plan to “Buy American” and “Support American” whenever and wherever I can.

It is my money and I can spend it however and wherever and whenever I damned well please, can’t I?

Besides, I know something that I don’t think many folks hardly ever consider:  Every nickle in taxes that a company saves by becoming essentially a foreign corporation is going to be made up by me and all my Fellow Americans one way or another somewhere down the line.  You can take that to the bank as far as I am concerned.

Right Wingers Make Erroneous Claim Obama Will Not Deport Immigrants!


I guess some of the right wing Obama opposers never want anyone to  consider the fact that this president has already deported enough people that he is being called in some areas of the country, “Deporter-In-Chief.”  But this is something that seems to be totally beyond the comprehension of the low-information hordes and the low-informed masses that make up the often morosely intellectualy-substandard elite of the American Right Wing Extreme.

An article in “Mother Jones” says: ” . . .the Obama administration is either flirting with or has crossed the 2 million deportation mark. It took George W. Bush, whose administration faced greater political pressure to clamp down on immigration, nearly two full terms to reach that number; Obama hit it in slightly more than one. . . ” ( You can read the entire article in a link I have supplied below this post.)

Some conservative-minded political analysts are making the wild assertion that President Obama has no intention of seeing to the deportation of thousands of immigrant children flowing into this country illegally.

One website noted . . . and I quote: ” . . .It’s clear to adults that Barack Obama has no intentions of deporting these tens of thousands of illegals flooding the U.S. Even though Obama claims he needs $4 billion to expedite said deportations, it ain’t gonna happen. . . “

I am willing to wager this morning that if President Obama says he needs $4 billion to care for these children in a humane manner while they are here and to expedite their deportations then that is exactly what he means and exactly what he intends to do regardless of any claims from the Right Wing to the contrary.

I think we can find a grain of truth – – if we squint our eyes hard enough – –  in the right wing claims that the said deportations “ain’t gonna happen” but if they “ain’t gonna happen” it is not going to be because of something The President did or failed to do.  I think if the Righties are correct in their claim that the proposed deportations “ain’t gonna happen” it will be more likely because the intransigent obstructionists in Congress will refuse to approve the funds the President has requested to get the job done and he won’t be able to do as much toward expediting the deportations as he might have had in mind.

If you look at this right wing claim that the Obama-proposed deportations “ain’t gonna happen it will not be hard to discern the reason they “ain’t gonna happen” is because the Obama-Opposing Congress “ain’t gonna let it happen” so they will have something else to accuse the President about.  I can almost predict what some of them will be saying in days to come – – if they refuse to give Obama the money he has requested: “We are being flooded by Illegal Immigrants and Obama has failed on his promise to expedite deportations.”

I am certain when they start saying stuff like that they will use their selective memories to completely forget about the President requesting the funds to expedite the deportations and then the Congress refusing to approve the appropriations.

In my view that is the way the sons of ( expletives) go about twisting situations to make them look like the victims and to make the President look like the scoundrel.

It’s all dirty, filthy, reprehensible Right Wing political theater, role-playing and manipulating.  Period!

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Right Wing Planning To Sue Obama For Delaying Obamacare?



Presumption:  The Right Wingers in Congress plan to sue President Obama.

Why are they planning to sue Obama?  It is my understanding they are planning to sue Obama because he did not implement Obamacare fast enough for their liking.


Isn’t this the bunch that shut down the whole damned government just a little while back because they were pissed off about Obamacare?  Because they hated Obamacare?  Because they didn’t want Obamacare to be implemented at all?

Can somebody out there tell me in plain and simple English why the f***ing American Right Wing is not totally mindless?

Can anyone out there tell me a valid reason why any thinking person with their wits about them would ever consider voting for this brand of confusion cloaked in the robes of leadership?

Can somebody out there tell me why this crap the Righties are planning to do does not qualify for the “Loony” award for 2014?

Read this and then tell me why you do not think the American Right Wing has gone completely bonkers – – – RIGHT ABOUT HERE PLEASE.

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New Revelations About So-Called “IRS Scandal” Come To Light!



Remember when the Righties were doing all the screaming about how the Internal Revenue Service was inappropriately and unfairly “Targeting” Conservative groups and how the insanity we now know as “The IRS Scandal” began in earnest with the special committee investigating it?

As it turns out it seems there were more Progressive groups targeted by the IRS during the time in question than there were Rightie groups!  Oh well!  I guess “They” have to have something to spend the Taxpayers’ money on since they aren’t doing much actual “Governing.”  I think I know a new motto the Radical Right Wing in this country could use if they wanted to and it goes like this: “Why Govern When You Can Investigate Something?”

“Why” indeed!  Isn’t it much more exciting and fun for the Right Wing and Conservatives in Congress to try to cause trouble for someone than it is to try to help someone by passing an unemployment benefit extension or some new massive funding to help fix the mess at The Veterans’ Administration – – or to create jobs by fixing the infrastructure – – or a hundred and one other things besides bitching, moaning, complaining and groaning?

I think America understands the priorities a lot better than some of the Right Wingers and I hope this translates to big changes in the forthcoming elections.

Big question for some of America’s Conservative Legislators:  “How about doing something to help the People for a change instead of saying “No” to everything that is proposed just because some of you may not like the President or Liberals in general?  Hey, Righties! Where’s the jobs?” Righties are supposed to be all about jobs aren’t they?  So where’s the jobs?  If Conservative fiscal policies were worth the paper they’re written on wouldn’t America have more available jobs right now than could be filled?”

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The Old Christian “Back Of The Book” Thing!

When I was involved with a Pentecostalist Charismatic Evangelical Church in Michigan for a while back in the 1970s – – before I came to my senses and understood what their true agenda was . . . an agenda aimed at making America into some kind of psuedo-Christian-based Theocratic plutocracy or Oligarchy – – I used to brag to my fellow “Christians” and to those to whom I may have been witnessing and I always used a similar cliché that went like this: “I have read the back of the book and we win!”  (The “Book” I was referring to, of course, was none other than The King James Bible. Most of us Evangelicals depend on the inerrancy of old “King James, don’t we?).

Well folks, at the end of “The Book” God finally defeats all the evil in the world and takes the faithful to Heaven to live on streets of gold forevermore.  (Happy ending, right?)  In the same “Back of The Book” scene all the unfaithful are judged, damned and sent to a fiery Hell where they will burn with unimaginable fire for ever and ever, night and day without end.

As I was pondering all this a few days ago it occurred to me that all the nasty-assed hypocrites from the Radical Right Wing of American Politics – – the ones who have started all their illegal wars and caused the deaths of countless millions of people all over the world – – looking for non-existent WMDs and whatever else they used as an excuse to “Export” their “Democracy” to the “Heathen Nations . . . the very same Righties who would disenfranchise the middle class and the poor from the essentials of life sometimes – – the very culprits who sit in ivory towers in Washington, D.C., proclaiming themselves and their nation to be inerrantly Christian in all things . . . and who then cast their votes to refuse to extend unemployment benefits for millions who are out of work through no fault of their own and who are struggling to make it from day to day – – and those who cast their votes in Congress to refuse to fund health care for Veterans who have sacrificed so much for that “Chreeschun” Idealism of the Right-Tard Idiotology – – and a lot of other underhanded, crooked, fraudulent and nefarious deeds they have supported or perpetrated – – It occurred to me that a lot of them and their cronies are going to be in a world of hurt when we arrive at “The End Of The Book.”

And a lot of them are still peddling the lie that it is the Democrats and Liberals who are the agents of evil in this present world in which we all live.

I think Americans have given their birthright into the hands of the Radical Right Wing Beast far long enough now and that something ought to be changed at the very next available election!

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One Of The Biggest Jokes On America


Republicans are fond of claiming that they always do what is best for America. If doing nothing but obstructing the President and causing total government gridlock is “what is best for America” then I have to confess they have been doing one helluva job for the past few years!

I sometimes think the current crop of Conservatives in Washington,D.C., have spent more Taxpayer money (Billions of dollars) on trying to stop things from getting done for The American People and on trying to make things as hard as possible for The President of The United States than any elected bunch in the History of the Country.

Even with all that going on I do not hear much of an outcry from The American People.  Is this because the truth of what has been happening has been hidden from them by some corporate-owned and corporate-controlled mass media or is it simply that “We The People” feel discouraged enough and beat down enough that we ( They) ( Whoever) can’t be heard?  Or maybe they have decided it does no good to speak out because of a general feeling that no one listens to “The Little Guy” anyway?

My opinion is that if there are real live actual people out there somewhere who actually want to serve the best interests of The American People ( and if they have the guts, the grit, the determination and the qualifications) then they ought to stand up, be counted, run for offices and get elected and the obstructionists and intransigents in the incumbent crop ought to be identified, called out for who and what they are and voted out office just as soon as humanly and practically possible.

The “Do Nothings” and the “Do Littles” are making a laughingstock of our Great Nation and they need to face the music when citizens cast their votes again. ( If, in fact citizens are ever allowed to cast their votes again).

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Conspiracy Nuts May Have It Right After All



Some things are so glaringly obvious sometimes that it is really easy to simply overlook them or to gloss over them or to ignore them completely.

All these so-called “Conspiracies” that some of the more rabid Righties are always complaining about and calling for investigations about fall into that category.

I’m talking about such nonsense as “The IRS Scandal,” “The Benghazi Scandal,” and all the rest of the “Scandals” the Right Wing Extremists like to keep going over and over and over and getting the same answers to.

I have concluded . . . after listening to the complaints of the Right for all these years that there is, indeed, a scandal after all . . . and it is a big one!

The real “Scandal” in American Politics today is the continuing well-orchestrated and obviously well-funded efforts by the Right Wing and their allies to confuse Americans everywhere into accepting some cockamamie and obscenely ridiculous idea that President Obama is some kind of inept, inefficient and even corrupt scoundrel of some kind.

The political laundry of a significant portion of The American Radical Right Political Wing is so despoiled and dirtied by years of accumulated ideological defecation that I doubt it is possible ever to get it clean enough for general acceptance again.

That’s where the “Real” Scandal lies and I wish somebody would open a series of investigations into that!

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Celebrating “Brown Versus Board Of Education!”

Brown Versus Board Of Education was a landmark Supreme Court Case that changed American History . . . but . . . on reflection . . . so was The Voting Rights Act of 1965 and we all know what the Supreme Court did with that one, don’t we?  I am waiting to see if the SCOTUS ever gets around to gutting Brown Versus Board of Education in the same way they gutted The Voting Rights Act of 1965 – – – talk about changing History!  The currently seated Right Wing SCOTUS seems hell-bent on changing History what with the passage of Citizens United and all the other things they have been doing.  Am I right or not?

And does any of it make a difference? – – – RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

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Conservatives passed one of the first and farthest-reaching socialized medicine mandates in the United States under President Reagan in 1986!

Right Wingers seem to me to be the ones who do the most yowling about “Socialized”  Medicine in America but I will wager that not all that many of them are aware of what their own President Ronald Reagan did in 1986: He signed a socialized medicine-type bill into law called, “ Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)“. Continue reading

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